Thursday, February 21, 2008

BB9: Live Feeds Into the afternoon 2/21

Hey, if I have to suffer watching him pop his pimples when I'm sick, so do you.

Here's the lowdown from inside the Big Brother House of Mean People:

  • After their big HOH, James and Chelsia got all snuggly. His gay porn days might have been just for the money, I guess.
  • Chelsia later got drunk.
  • There were more whispers about the lesbian lovers. Most have really bought into the story. Have you? ;-)
  • Ryan and Adam realize the lesbian lovers bit is a lie and don't seem upset.
  • Sharon thinks the Allison/Sheila alliance is strong and needs to be broken up.
  • Sharon is wary of "screwing over" everyone and then not winning in the end.
  • Sunday is the bikini day, Monday is the margarita party.
  • Joshauh doesn't want to go on the block, not as a pawn, not as anything.
  • James didn't go up to the HOH room until the wee hours after falling asleep downstairs.
  • The HG really overdid it with the alcohol and many have headaches. Amanda doesn't think they'll get any more alcohol for a few days.
  • Matt told James that they almost shaved off his mohawk while he was passed out.
  • They don't like the no hot water, Sheila seems especially irked.
  • Nominations are today, but haven't been made yet as I get this written up.
  • James thinks Adam, Sheila, and Allison are playing the game dirty, spreading rumors and stuff.
  • The feeds were blocked for a food comp which was apparently quite physical.
  • Adam, Sheila, Amanda, and Alex are on slop.
  • Sheila is fussing about her health.
  • Alex thinks the table got smaller, but no one else does.


Sasha said...

Jackie, you're such a trooper for posting through the flu! Hope you feel better.

I found where I saw a pic of "Adam" that's different from the Adam on the show. Of all places...TV Squad!

Here's the link:

Anyone know the scoop?


Jackie said...

Sasha - That's not Adam, but I doubt it's any sort of conspiracy. I didn't create that particular gallery for TVS, but will report the error to get it fixed.

Sasha said...

Jackie: LOL...I wasn't thinking conspiracy, not my thing. Just was curious cause it shows the same bio basics as the Adam on the show.

I thought maybe it would explain the discrepancy between his saying he worked with autistic children vs. being a PR guy.

And, sorry, no implication that you had anything to do with it. I know you're the only one I read on TV Squad but I guess they do have other writers and such. ;) Definitely meant no offense!!

Thanks for the response.


Terry in CA said...

ahhhhh Slop again huh? I wondered when that would rear its ugly head.
Thanks Jackie for keeping us informed even though you are so sick!

mrsdobalena said...

Sasha - If you click on that wrong picture of Adam, the enlarged version is the actual guy we "know" on the show. Seems like just some sort of mistake.

joy n said...

Sounds like Sun. and late Mon. posts ought to be interesting. Margarita Day, in particular. They'll probably lie under the tipped margarita pitcher one at a time, pour some on their tummies and have everyone do belly shots. "WE DON'T NEED NO DIRTY DRINKING CUPS!!!!!!!!"

It finally hit them....."For REAL?......... No Hot Water????

At last, they've had a food comp. The poor four on ....slop....awwww. And Sheila thinks its not good for her health? Well, somehow, I'm sure her health will improve enough for the margarita party on Monday.

Terry in CA said...

JOY N,,,,ya think? yep,I totally agree....they will all be ready for long are they on slop? week?
Cant wait to see who james and Chelsia put on the block..this will get the juices flowing in that cage....