Friday, February 22, 2008

BB9: Live Feeds Into the Dawn - Feb. 22

James curls up alone just a little while ago. Since I took the screen cap, he's gotten up, gone through a half-dozen tissues sneezing, snorting, and popping a pimple on his back. Finally he headed into the HOH room. Everyone else is asleep.

As I mentioned briefly last night, the nominations are in -- Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie.

In other happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Brazen Buffoons:
  • The food challenge had something to do with fish and basketball, apparently.
  • Allison had what she thinks is an asthma attack. She's not asthmatic.
  • Alex and Amanda are the target this week and Natalie had volunteered to go up as a pawn. Matt is of the "pawns don't work and get voted out" school.
  • Alex complained about the slop. (Jolt my memory -- wasn't it Alex on the promos a while back scoffing at people who whined about slop?)
  • Amanda gave a hint that during the nominations ceremony, they made it sound like it was due to her that she and Alex were put on the block.
  • Adam told Matt he has his back. Matt told him he told Parker the same thing.
  • Sheila thinks Allison has changed since she got off the block.
  • They joked about how "expect the unexpected" this season might mean getting HIV from another houseguest.
  • Matt claims that he was a pimp, bringing women to houses for sexual liaisons and that the statute of limitations is over for his crime.
  • Allison told Matt that he has her vote to stay because Alex and Amanda crossed her.
  • Sheila is still hungry and isn't as thrilled with the slop as she was earlier. She wants a Tylenol PM so she can sleep.
  • Alex told the others that Amanda is a virgin.
  • Amanda got into some sort of crying streak.
  • Chelsia and James talked about winning POV to make an "epic" move -- removing Alex and Amanda from the block and voting out Natalie and Matt. They would make a deal with Amanda and Alex and it's supposed to be some sort of huge game move plan. I dunno.
  • They're all asleep as I get this posted.


Anonymous said...

I had just decided that at least Matt and Alex were the least annoying of the houseguests and somewhat tolerable. And is likely to go. Oh well, I will continue to watch and complain about the horrible contestants this season.

sharon said...

I agree,anon,that those two,at least,had some game play going on.So it will be interesting to see if James/Chelsia manage to do what they plan or if it's just to throw everybody off.I still think something is going on in that house,there are still hookups we may not know about.

I watch when there is nothing better on or to see who gets the axe. I should refuse to watch this dreck,cause bad ratings are all that will maybe get this back to what BB used to be. I still prefer to hear how Jackie sees all this foolishness.

Hope that flu is starting to let up,Jackie. The weather is getting miserable here and there. Hope you can stay home today.

meb said...

What's unfortunate about trying to get BB back to what it used to be Sharon is that when you read other comments on various sites, people seem to like this group of hgs. Go figure!

Terry in CA said...

the song may say it Never Rains in Sunny California, but its a pouring right now. No running out for smokes for these guys unless there is some kind of its gonna get ugly in there (well..uglier?) I would vote out Amanda and Alex cause she needs to watch and get a reality check..and PLEASE go to a decent hairdresser!

Donna in AL said...

If you guys will recall, every new season we all say this is the worse group ever but we stick in there and finally we find someone we like. This includes Survivor too, unless it is an All Star or Favorites season.

So we just need to wait until someone shows us they have game or humanity or something we can like in them.

Hard as it is, I am trying to be positive about this season.

meb said...

I agree donna in al... surely someone will emerge where we can finally say..."OK, I like and want so and so to win". Wishful thinking though.

You know what I'm missing from Jackie since she's been so sick is HER pictures. Hurry and get well Jackie. We miss you a lot.

meb said...

Guess I should explain that last comment Jackie. It's like you're still here, but we miss you anyway. Know what I mean?

debbie said...

I dont know about anyone else but watching Chelsia and James make out (kissing while they were drinking) and all over each other in the bed, I was almost physically ill!! Chelsia what were you thinking ??
James?? GROSS!!!
Someone please shave off that landing strip on his head!

Anonymous said...

donna in al...I know what you mean and agree somewhat. There are exceptions...I bowed out of Survivor the episode with the cow's blood and did not go back for over a year. I love this season's Survivor, though. It is as if we, the fan base, are on the side of the show and we try to support it more than the hgs or producer. And it often does improve...or at least make me want to find out who goes home or who throws iced tea at who. But, I don't know that will hold true with this group. The main reason isn't them, but me. I watch to relax, to feel good, to be entertained, and I don't feel so good about watching the people in the house. That doesn't mean I have stopped watching completely, but mostly I just come here to Jackie's. Because that does both entertain me and make me feel good. I hope you are feeling well, Jackie. Sue

Petals said...

I am still waiting for the next twist: I am sure that Parker & Jen will somehow come back.

There is something fishy...(no, not just Jen...)

I am expecting something unexpected to happen!

Delee said...

I have still not taken my "free 2 week trial", and not sure if I will. I watched last season because it was fun. This year it is like sex-addicts allowed to run free without any rules. For me nothing I want to report from the feeds or to see under the sheets.

I agree what is going on this year is not relaxing...can we say sexual-tension!

I wish we could see if there is a drop in Real Player revenue from other seasons. As I said I doubt I will contribute to it.

Like today (from Jokers), the buzz is Sheila has a yeast infection. Yuck who wants to know that and all the hamsters are talking about it. I sure hope a shake-up is coming soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if Dani and Nick from last season are still together??? Thanks!

delee said...

No they broke up months ago. SS

Anonymous said...

I am just read on that Lowe's pulled their ads of CBS, due to Adam's comment.

Patty said...

Sorry, it should have read: I just read on that Lowe's pulled their ads on CBS, due to Adam's comment...sorry

Anonymous said...

Lowe's will not run ads on CBS BB slot time.

Anonymous said...

Patty, thanks for posting that, I went there and read the article that included BB's response. Sue

Petals said...

Two week free trial of what? Am I missing something?

joy n said...

Amanda still doesn't get the hint; in that sweet little dreamworld she lives in.

It's unbelievable that after all the shenanigans that have gone on in that house, that they would find an HIV joke humorous. Unbelievable, but not surprising.

So finally, the reality of "slop" is hitting them.

And Matt has something else added to his resu'me - Pimp!

Idiots and crybabies.

Jackie, hope you're symptoms are easing up some. Did you ever try that Vicks on the foot advice? If you did, how'd it work?

debbie said...

Well I just got caught up on the feeds last week
I almost vomited watching James tongue kiss Chelsia

And then as Ryan (the night before Jen left) was massaging Jen and he told her she had a white spot on her underware by her "you know what" and she said "its probably my discharge", just cover it up with a towell!!! Do they not know they are on TV?

meb said...

Anon 5:23... Evel Dick was commenting and giving his opinion about the guests on this show and later in the write-up said that Nick was now dating Jen (you know Vanna White's nanny). Jen was originally after Nick in the beginning of BB8 before he went into heat for Danielle.

As for Chelsia and James... I'm assuming that Chelsia doesn't know that James was a male porn star. We only learned that by reading all the junk that's going around.
Does make you sort of sick to think about it tho

meb said... know, the free 14 days of live feeds before you have to start paying for them if you keep them. I can't even stand to watch the BB After Dark anymore. Don't even both to tivo it. I've decided to read here and watch the regular hour shows...that's as much as I can handle.

debbie said...

I have my predictions, if there are secrets
I will go for
Sheila is James's mother (both in sex pics)
Sheila and Adam are married in real life
You know like the Adamm's Family!!
I could not resist! But please mark it down as my predictions, Yes I know Adam is too young to be the daddy of James, but could be step dad. Ok, I am rolling around laughing and kicking right now!!

Petals said...

Thanks Meb - I think you're right, and I'll pass on the freebie.

Anonymous said...


debbie said...

I just found the porn that James did with men on the internet!!

sharon said...

Oh,Debbie,I like how your mind works.....LOL!I don't know,it just seems like something is off with this bunch(other than they are all hoochies). But then again,the show usually lets us in on the twists,so maybe not. Maybe we are just wishful thinking that there has to be some explanation for these twits. I know,meb,what you say about others loving this show,I guess our group in here just has better taste......LOL!

Anonymous said...

Concerning AI and BB on at the same time remember you can watch BB on the next day if you can not tape it!

joy n said...

Jackie, just read your Survivor post on TV Squad. Really humorous, but thought I should point out that your calling Cirie, "the Queen" may p-o Aretha again. Just sayin'........

Anonymous said...

Joy N

I tried the Vicks on my 6 year olds foot about a year ago and it DID work. Go figure....Thats funny I saw it here.