Saturday, February 23, 2008

BB9: Live Feeds Into the Dawn - Feb. 23

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Quick! Call the medics! Have the guys in the little white coats respond to the Big Brother house immediately!

Send therapists! Send psychiatrists! Send people with sharp needles and straight jackets!

Oh, wait. It seems they'll only come for medical emergencies, not psychiatric ones. If they came for the latter we'd be down to a houseguest or two ... maybe.

Here's what happened after all of the excitement last night:
  • Sharon told Matt and Natalie that they were the pawns. (Of course, the EPIC and RUTHLESS plan of James and Chelsia where they're going to vote them out includes leading Natalie and Matt on!)
  • Sheila once again wants Tylenol PM -- probably her head wants to explode from screaming and ranting so much. She claims it's from all the snoring and BB won't even give her ear plugs.
  • Joshuah and Ryan want Alex/Amanda and Adam/Sheila on the block next week (taking in the idea that Matt and Natalie go home this week).
  • There was a brief gathering of all the HG in the Diary Room with the producer's voice saying that Amanda and Allison would return and they have the flowers requested by the HG for them.
  • Natalie doesn't feel well. She has a horrible headache and no appetite.
  • Amanda came back into the house first -- at about 10 PM their time.
  • Amanda still isn't feeling well; Natalie feels sicker.
  • Amanda said that she and Allison were in different rooms for treatment.
  • Sheila continued to fuss and moan. She wants Joshuah to use the POV so she can be put on the block and go home.
  • Sheila cried because she left her son to be in the house. (Shouldn't she thought of that before now?)
  • Allison came back about 20 minutes after Amanda. It might not have been a peanut allergy -- she has to have more tests to see what caused the reaction although it was definitely an allergic reaction to something, not an illness.
  • Matt doesn't want to share the bed with Natalie in case she's contagious.
  • Sheila, Amanda, and Amanda all made up with each other. Sheila wants BB to change the slop back to PB&J -- she thinks it's why people are getting sick.
  • James thinks Sheila is bipolar.
  • Joshuah practiced his Veto speech -- "let the house decide."
  • Ryan thinks Sheila is too touchy to talk anything about the game.
  • James and Chelsia talked small talk getting to know each other even better.
  • He didn't tell her about the gay porn appearances.
  • James and Chelsia couldn't sleep for the longest time, but all are asleep as I get this posted.


debbie said...

I hope you feeling better, I seem to have caught what you have/had! The BB9 Houseguests are doing not better, I see, passing out all over the place, and now Natalie sick too? THink it might have something to do with all the time she spends in the sauna? She should have all her "impurities" washed away by now, as she puts it, I think her impurities are concentrating on one area and then MULTIPLYING!!

debbie said...

One more thing,


Petals said...

I just don't know... I'm a pretty loyal viewer to the shows I choose to love & follow. I watched Joanie Loves Chachi, I followed my "friend" over to Joey; Heck, I even stayed with Little House, The Early Years!
But I may have to abandon this ship.

Anonymous said...

Okay all...I've missed something along the way and have been away from a computer for a few days. Why are the hamsters all drinking from bowls now?????


Terry in CA said...

Petals please dont go! I feel like Sonny and Cher " Baby dont go...."
I know this is the craziest so far...the drama, the producer (yikes that girl needs a new vocation!) the people,oy vey, but please, we all need you here...your insight..your commentary....hang in with us to the bitter end ok?
It is like watching a train wreck I know...but maybe its because we all feel so grandly normal when we watch them?
Reconsider please!!!

Petals said...

Terry ~ Oh, I won't leave this blog, never! This is like family.
I mean the show... It's not even a fun guilty pleasure anymore.
Wait, I feel another reality who in the making: "Addiction: Reality Show Addicts Revealed!"

Petals said...

haha - that made me think of last season. I was dating this new guy, breaking him in to my idiosyncratic lifestyle. I urged him to watch an ep or 2 of last season, and I saw him visibly cringe. I could see the respect he had for me drain from his face.
This season, I can feel my own self respect draining...
But hey, it's just TV! When's the next elimination???

debbie said...

The hamsters are drinking from bowls now due to the last comp. No washer for 2 weeks, do drinking cups and some are on slop

Petals said...

Debbie - Pretty soon, the HGs will be sleeping on cedar shavings & the producers will take away all the exercise equipment except for a large spinning wheel...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation Debbie. I was watching BBAD last night and saw all the drinking from the bowls going on. I thought maybe they had gotten pretty wild at some point and destroyed all the drinking glasses or something!


JB said...

I really miss the original BB when there was a mix of different-aged people in the house, and an actual, occcasional "adult". BB9 is incredibly bad and uninteresting.

RyzandShyn said...

Jackie...I had the uncontrollable sneezes too, twice in the last couple of weeks and for a few hours each time. My eyes were killing me from it. No idea why, no other symptoms, no allergies.
Go figure.

Didn't Jen complain about a rash on her leg just before she left?
Something is not right in the house.

Petals...I feel the exact same way. This is not a guilty pleasure anymore, it's more like a painful chore. Keeping tabs on the hamsters is getting depressing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Petals,
I do not find BB9 interesting, either. I've been tivo-ing the show, and try to watch the entire thing. I'm quickly running out of interest and patience with the houseguests.
I still do not know the houseguests except for Sheila and Matt. I love Jackie's blog, and Zoetawny's whimsical graphics. But the show itself, is a loser.
Jackie, keep blogging. This is the best part of the BB9.


Michael said...

After Sheila, Amanda, and Allison all apologized to each other and promised to remain strong, Sheila started griping about Adam, how his actions are causing her to lose sleep and to start losing it mentally. She said she's put up with it for long enough and put on a happy face in the house for too long. So I'm yelling at the TV "did you bring any of this up to him or are you trying to be a martyr?" Finally, as the SHO feeds left last night, she started talking to him about how she needs him to shape up and calm down.

Anonymous said...


I ditto everything you say. By now I know everyone by name, Have my favorites, etc. This season I could care less. Past seasons I could not wait till BB was on. Now it seems i find myself saying when does it come on?

Thanks Jackie for enduring it for us.

Delee said...

Just a thought...wouldn't it be funny if all ended up in the hospital with the flu or whatever!Hamsters that is not us.

Wonder what AG would do then.

Jackie continue to get well and to others who may be gettin it...take care.

If Allison is allergic to peanuts then they could not have PBJ in the house. Also I can not begin to imagine the germs that will be in the house with no laundry for 2 weeks. Yuck the towels and sheets. If there was a huge soup pot, I would do like the olden days and boil my clothes.

Sunday is bikini day, I would call that off if too many are ill. Just what they need is too be chilled! Forecast for Sun is 56/43 and 70% rain.

PlaidChick said...

As I watched Amanda and Allison come into the house and Sheila go on and on about it "had to be a peanut allergy" after Allison said a million times she has no allergy to peanuts and then the group hug that made Amanda come to her senses not to fight anymore, I had to turn it off.

The only good thing about the show are the blogs. I mean seriously, I don't know who chose the schedule, the real shows are still in repeats until April, but what has happened will be old news by Tuesday and Wednesday. I guess they thought they could compete with American Idol-- they can't BB is in 3rd and 4th place each Tuesday and Wednesday.

Petals don't go, I think we should all apply for BB. I can be the girl in plaid :)

PS: I don't think Dick and Sheila are of any relation. He is on Housecalls and would of said something by now. He doesn't like any of them

Petals said...

Plaid - Yes, let's all apply for the show! I want to be the man-hating pseudo lesbain. haha

Zoetawny said...

Happy Saturday all! It's gloomy and rainy here in sunny CA. ;)

I know, the show isn't what it used to be or should be and the only thing keeping us watching is being a part of the family on this blog. I've been watching thinking it's a stupid comedy rather than a drama...or should I say a comedy of errors...the hamsters being the errors.

I'm sure there was a lot of drama in the ER last night. I'm curious to know which hospital they were taken to. Amanda and Allison were probably disappointed that they didn't get asked for their autographs. ;) You know they all think they're TV stars now. NOT!

Kudos to Jackie for enduring as one poster expressed it. Jackie's posts are by far better than the show itself.

Hope everyone who's ill is feeling better soon. Maybe I should wipe my monitor with some of that hand sanitizer so I don't catch that nasty flu bug. LOL


debbie said...

Amanda has fallen down!
Who is the first one to help, yes its the clown!
James is the name
porn is the game,
Natty and her tacky dance,
Her and the pimp dont stand a chance!
For you have Joshuah and his queen Ali with the hive,
Or Adam looking like Frankenstein, saying, "yes I am ALIVE"
what can I do
I would much rather see a team with just you 2
Ryan stop your cryin
and go after Ali , she is a cutie and she has NO rash on her patootie.

PlaidChick said...

:::Applause:::: to Debbie!!

nancy in pa said...

petals, don't positively crack me up! this bb is the most pathetic thing.....i read the blogs, want to "check in" with y'all, then sit and stare at the screen...what can possibly be said about these people? someone at CBS should be fired.

Anonymous said...

Why do you all say James has done gay porn? Have you watched the videos?

Anonymous said...

Why do you all say James has done gay porn? Have you watched the videos?

Gayle said...

anon 7:53 PM

Reality BBQ has a gay porn video that James did.

Sydney said...

I tried to write in for the last several posts but I could not due to probs getting my wireless internet working in the new apt. I can read things on my iphone but it won't give me word verification so I can't comment on it. And I paid how much for that thing (actually, it's an amazing device and this is my ONLY complaint).

I almost fell over reading last night about Amanda and then Allison. I saw it the second Jackie posted it but could not reply...

Sydney said...

What's up. this is the third time I've tried to post a comment today and this time only half my comment posted. ARRRRGH.

Petals, you crack me up too, you can't leave. Also, if you did get my e-mail can you let me know? I left it twice here in the last few days. would love to hear from you.

Debbie -- loved your poem/rap/song. See, we can entertain ourselves just fine here.

And yes, I saw James porn thing last week thru RealityBBQ... I didn't mention it here because I didn't want anyone to think I'd gone too far, lol. Just doing my research now. It' shim, you can't mistake those tattoos, even tho his hair is different. Still mohawk-like but platinum with hair grown in at the sides. He kisses a boy but is the one to get the BJ from the guy. In a little, mess room that looks like the dressing room for a tanning salon or something.

Looks to me like this is something a very young kid will do for quick cash when he has no responsible adult around or stable home life. I still think he's got a sweetness and innocence and he's my current fave. I don' t think he'll win tho.

Anonymous said...

How could James keep that a secret? Do you think it will ever come out?