Friday, February 15, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Into the Day - Feb. 15

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Yes, it is indeed another Zoetawny graphic! She's one busy little bee these days, isn't she?

I probably won't be getting to my Lost review until tomorrow as I haven't watched the episode yet. My apologies to those who are waiting.

But you're not here at this post just to get Lost, right? Nope!

You want the latest scuttlebutt from that Big Brother House of Maliciously Mingling Malcontents!

So let's get to the events of the day --

  • Horrors. BB woke them up shortly before 9 AM their time and made them all go upstairs.
  • Matt told Parker that even if he (Parker and Jen) win PoV, Ryan will probably stay. It seems like the intended PoV replacement remains Adam and Sheila. They would have fewer on their side than Ryan and Allison.
  • Matt told Parker he wants Allison out of the house. He's previously said how much he supports Parker and doesn't like Ryan.
  • After all the whining about the cold, they're delighted that it's warm there today.
  • Matt and Natalie were the couple pulled from the hat to compete for PoV with the HoH couple (Alex and Amanda) and the two nominated couples -- Ryan/Allison and Jen/Parker.
  • After extensive small talk sessions and a period of blocked feeds, the PoV was finished. I request they don't do trivia but give us the Guinea Pig Cam instead for extended blocks.
  • As I mentioned earlier, Matt and Natalie won PoV.
  • Amanda told Chelsia that they won't use it because Ryan and Jen must be split up.
  • Joshuah hosted the comp and it had something to do with stamina.
  • Sheila trusts no one.
  • She also thinks they won't air a lot of her tantrum about Adam because she cussed too much. (That never stopped the show before!)
  • Allison told Sharon that during the HOH comp (already televised with Eric and whats-her-name), Jen was giving her the answers as they apply to Ryan. But Jen was giving her the wrong answers!
  • Chelsia said that Natalie told James, Josh, and Sharon that she and Matt would not use the veto.
  • Matt told Parker about getting his Monica Lewinsky on last night. Stupid, stupid Natalie!
  • More small talk and I'm outta here for now!

May Adam watch over us all in his gentle gaze ...

* Screen cap taken by me for use in this blog and is © CBS/RealNetworks


joy n said...

Eeeeew, those eyes! Make them go away!

Great graphic again, Zoetawny!

That picture below it really creeps me out. NOT a particularly handsome man.

Terry in CA said...

eeuuuuuwwww I cant take it, make it go away!!
the teeth! Zoetawny, my CA homegirl, great job as always!
Yes, it went from 40 degree one day to 80 degrees the next out here in So Cal.....
this is the worst group ever...can I hear a "new Producer plea?"

delee said... em...keep up the wonderful graphics!!!

Darn my blogger is not working again.

Agree Terry, do not like how this is playing out. I want to watch BB not a brothel in Nevada

Lars Eller said...

Funny how the editing likes to show Adams facial expressions, my younger sister said Adam is her favorite, i wonder if shes serious

Sydney said...

Hi Lars! GOod to see you back.

Anonymous said...

FREAK! And walking around in the US. UGH! In Calif.

Nana in the NW said...

Glad to hear other people are confused, too. I think it's the coupling that is making it hard to remember them each individually.

Zoetawny, you rock!!! These graphics are great! You and Jackie are the Dynamic Duo.

Sydney-thanks for the offer but I got a DVR at Christmas and between the dual recorder on it and my VCR I think I've got it covered. I am sooooo ready to go!!!! I need a break from the rain! But where are you moving? Didn't you just move to Texas last year?

Welcome back we need to hear from Barbwire and some of you others.......

Tom S said...

Anonymous said...
FREAK! And walking around in the US. UGH! In Calif.
2/16/2008 1:28 AM

Who is a freak walking around the US?
UGH in Texas


Mike said...

kewl, we can use google name.

I too think I can't remember names do to teams. Only those with the spotlight on them can I remember...which is about 4 teams...and 1 of them gone. I wonder if some of this content can even be shown on youtube this year

Anonymous said...

That screen cap of Adam is just plain creepy.

I am loving Zoetawney's graphics. I keep scrolling down just to see Ryan's shifty eyes. LOL.

I am not too thrilled with this season so far. One it's winter, it will get lost for me. Two, the couples thing is boring.


Sue said...

A show has to offer something to be watched...right? Usually, for me, it has to be entertaining or educational. BB used to be both. I can't get the names of the hgs or make up nicknames for them because they haven't made me care about them...either bad or good. The jealous one is Ryan, so I remember him. Not sure what word to use for Jen, Sharon is the 'one who returned' and her guy is the only self proclaimed gay in the house. Yes, I do remember Adam's name, for several reasons. Bottom line, I don't like any of them. So why would CBS want me to watch people I don't want to see? What were casting/producing thinking? Are they impressed by these choices? I still watch (or will when I get some DVR time) just so I can keep up with you all here at Jackie's. I like you guys! Sue

Anonymous said...

How is this show going to last for 3 months if they evict 2 people every week? I am not loving this group yet...hope it will get better.

Anonymous said...

I am not happy with this season of BB at all. To me it seems as if it is just a mix of MTV's Real World and Big Brother. A bunch of self obsessed 20 somethings, too much alcohol and indscrimnate sex. This might be the first season I actually stop watching BB.

Terry in CA said...

deelee----yes! "Live from Parrumph,Nev, featuring Heidi Fleiss at her laundromat..oh yes and BB"
lars--have that girl checked out!

Jackie you and Zoetawny are the only reason to keep caring how this pans out....without your witty commentary this would all seem so.....whats the word..oh yes...boring

nancy in pa said...

i wish bb would bag the whole "couple" thing and get it back to individuals. obviously the matchmaker-soulmate situation is WAY off base. tells me if you want to find a mate, try the old fashioned way.....get to know someone and then decide if you like them or not. DUH.
i find this season confusing in trying to keep straight who is who. but i will hang in there and hope it gets better. come on bb....don't screw with a formula that already works!!

sharon said...

What did casting do,put the call out for the horniest firm bodies in the area? Was loose morals the other requirement? I thought last season was the straw,but am thinking now this may be the one. I can't stand to watch(or I should say listen to)the live feeds and besides,Jackie makes it sound so,SO much better than it is. Since there are better choices of what to watch when this is on,I will just catch up here with Jackie and the gang.It's good to see so many of the old group popping in,one by one!

Anonymous said...

Yuck I'm so disgusted with the whole bunch of them! I would be so embarassed if any of them were my offspring... I totally agree, it all smacks of MTV and I'm not too sure either how long I'll last.
If there was even one we could love to hate!!


debbie said...

I think this is the weirdest bunch yet, One of them looks high on drugs? most of the time, I cant get into it, a big group of idiots, I have always loved big brother, but this group seems to have no self respect, and this early in the season? What is the end going to be like? These people are not even likable, IMHO.

Lucy said...

It seems every season of BB starts out with viewers vowing to not watch but somehow we are all pulled into the madness. This is one show where a true love/hate dichotomy is part of the lure.

In a few weeks there will be a paradigm shift in the comments here and most people posting will have a favorite they are hoping will make it to the end.

Hang in there folks and let the hamsters spin in their wheels for a bit. Historically BB gets getter the more we tune in and discuss the show. Keep watching and posting - the good times are just ahead.

Sydney said...

Lucy - I put this on Jakcie's TV Squad post but I actually do have 2 I like -- James and Joshua. James seems fairly level headed and collected. He came off as the way out there wacky one in the promos but he seems somewhat sane in his interactions with others. Including when he didn't want to answer Amanda's questions about where he was born and it broke into a hoedown of suspicion that he and Chelsia are brother and sister (they're not)>

Joshua, after he stopped crying a little too much about Neil leaving, is someone who I can at least listen to. He's not brownnosing to death like Sharon, is not inciting drama with everyone in the house like Amanda, and if he has a beef like Shelia or Parker, he keeps it to himself and a confidant or two. Has some awareness of how it affects his game.

That said, I really am not enjoying BRR... Big Romper Room. Youire right that ppl ususally follow that pattern. Seems also with SUrvivor lots of people say how boring it is and complain the first 5-6 weeks and by week 7 it's down to numbers we can sink our teeth into and we know enough about who's left to be invested.

Happy Sat All!

Petals said...

Syd - if you could, please check out my last post to you in the last thread...(too lazy to re-type).
So am I the only one that doesn't hate Adam? Not even his teeth. It just looks like he got Lumineers that don't quite fit.
I didn't get After Dark this season, so please fill me in, anyone.

Petals said...

I like James, too. Maybe there isn't a brother/sister combo, because that would be too much like last year. Maybe it could be brother/brother or even just cousins?
Also, I don't think the Sharon thing was staged. CBS wouldn't go to that much trouble to find 2 gay guys, only to boot remove one after 1 ep and being back a dull, whine-y mallrat like Sharon.
As always, JMO