Monday, February 18, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Into the Evening - Feb. 18

Argh. I woke up today with the world's worst cold. Right now I'm pumped up with Dayquil, but blech. So it this seems a bit short and sweet, it's me not them. Well, it could be them. Yeah, I'll blame them.

Here's the real basics of what happened in the Big Brother House of Those Who Can't Make it With Real Jobs:
  • Ryan said he doesn't believe in interracial relationships (yet Jen is partnered with Parker).
  • Parker says he will refuse to talk in the DR or at media appearances. He says the contract says he has to show up, but doesn't address actual talking.
  • Joshuah and Sheila tried to figure out who's more hateful -- Amanda or Jen.
  • Alex told Matt that BB was begging Parker to go to the DR and he refused.
  • Jen seems irked that the cameras are watching her. Well, duh.
  • Parker is still mad that he was coupled with Jen.
  • Amanda said she cried all night and had planned to stay in the HOH room all day.
  • Amanda told Natalie they can't trust Jen and she's probably going home.
  • Someone poured water on Allison/Ryan's bed last night and they have all kinds of theories.
  • Jen has a rashon the back of her legs and asked that the BB doctor check it out.
  • BB gave them a scale so they can weigh themselves. Joy, joy.
  • Amanda is still upset at Josh and went on about she had never even kissed Parker yet.
  • Lots of small talk and that's about it. No fireworks today ... yet.


Sydney said...

Jackie -- Augh. I sure do hope you feel better. It will be a few days. Do you have ice cream/Advil/a deep bathtub? I had a bonafide flu for about 2 weeks and that was my cure-all. But it you don't get a fever, it won't be too bad. Nice of it to come once you've gone BACK to work, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better, jackie!

Tom`S said...

Jackie, Thanks for BB updates, drink plenty of OJ, Apply vicks, this works for me, knock on wood, I generally don't get the flu, although I'll get a hoarse voice, where others will ask me if I have a cold, its due to my constant talking ( thats what my daughter said tonight ) I work with loud music/ noises all day, afterwards my voice is stressed, hope you feel better, Petals, my sister is going through similiar circumstances, she and I have become closer, the advice I give her is usually different from any other; cursing, flip your ex the bird, music and pets are great, of course all in a joking manner, I wanted to write something funny, however my brain isn't functioning, hang in there,

Tom` S

monty924 said...

Hey Jackie - Hope you get to feeling better soon. I keep winter colds the entire winter. Well colds and allergies. I feel for you!

The house is SO MUCH more calm tonight, but SHO2 hasn't hit yet. We'll see if they explode again past midnight (EST not BBT). I finally caught up on last night's shenanigans with YouTube and I sort of felt sorry for Amanda. She instigated a lot of it herself with running her mouth, but Josh and Chelsia sort of stepped over the line for me. Chelsia at least apologized about the "noose" comment. I'm not sure if Amanda accepted it, but she did apologize.

I'll be glad when this week is finally over. So much drama... not that I don't like drama in the BB house, but come on. I'm starting to not like Parker so much. He seems to be a little to whiney for me.

Still hanging on to my James and Chelsia, although her actions last night brought my rating down a notch or two. I think once Jen and Ryan are broken up the house may calm down a bit. Or maybe that is just wishful thinking.

jef said...

My mother and I have always been prone to losing our voices (as my pediatrician said, "Croupy baby, croupy adult."). Many years ago my father came up with the idea that the good Lord only allots us so many words and when we run out of that allotment, that's when laryngitis strikes. He always went on to say that it is by grace we get another allotment.

Feel better soon Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is sick with this flu. Feel better Jackie...chill out and get some rest. After last night, not much is going to happen tonight, well probably not. JV in KC

Sydney said...

For those who said this season made them actually wish for ED again, here's his take on the show so far...

Terry in CA said...

Oh Jackie, so sorry you are husband puts vicks on my forehead,chest and up my nose..makes me bundle up...and drink plenty of juices and water. Me, I go to the doctor and get drugs.
Im really wishing Jen goes home. I liked Parker, but she drives me nuts...and since a couple has to go...unless they bring some weird twist again...
maybe Sharons ex will come back ? YIKES!
You cant be sick long with all of us pulling for you!

Anonymous said...

Ive been thinking about this today dont ya think that Allison is just stupid in her game play. She threatens to tell and then doesn't, she claims she is a lesbian and isn't. Hum, me thinks she came on the show to have a hook up and lost out on Ryan so she's switching teams. At least until one of the dudes hits on her.
Angie in KC

Tom`S said...

Ive been thinking about this today dont ya think that Allison is just stupid in her game play. She threatens to tell and then doesn't, she claims she is a lesbian and isn't. Hum, me thinks she came on the show to have a hook up and lost out on Ryan so she's switching teams. At least until one of the dudes hits on her.
Angie in KC

ICAM - Angie,
Allison wasn't to bright, however neither was Parker and Jen, by revealing just so they wouldn't have to feel threaten by Allison was silly on their part, they could have played her bluff, its a game, they could have at least gambled, perhaps having had Ryan pretend to dislike Jen and pretending to romance Allison, IMO Allsion being that she's not that bright probably would have believed any tale given to her.
Good morning to all.

Petals said...

Morning all! \~/ Cup of hot tea to Jackie.
Sd, I read the ED thing (thanks), but I must've missed when Natalie was being so.. generous. When did she service Matt?

delee said...

Dang Petals, Good Morning.

Petals said...

g'morning Delee! I read that you are a fellow Anglo-phile!?

Sydney said...

DWTS news again---

A surprise to me that this person is doing it.. Pricilla Presley!

sharon said...

Healing thoughts and hugs go out to Jackie.

Well,there goes two of the hamsters I thought I might be able to tolerate.Chelsia and Josh were just a little slow to show their colors,I guess. I only am holding out hope for James at this point.
You know,this is what we get when the bar was so lowered by ED last season. The disgusting vile words just flow like lava out of their mouths,because ED did it and got away with it. But I do have to say these seem to be going for the record.

I feel sorry for Amanda,cause it's never fun when one person gets ganged up on and NOBODY comes to their aid(shades of last season)! But she brings so much of it on herself,because she never shuts up. I would have never spilled my guts and told such personal things to a bunch of idiots that I'd just met. Is she so desperate for friends she trusts these yahoos right out of the gate? Bad,bad idea.

I kept jumping back to Dance Wars last night to see the DWTS roster and it's pretty good,though some of them I don't have a clue to who they are.I'm most excited about Kristi Yamaguchi,Monica Seles and Priscilla Presley.The men...not so much....Christian De La Fuente looks the best to me,but not even sure who he is. I think they said he's a Latin show star. He's a hottie. The way they announced the dancers was a hoot. Kenny Maine was hilarious(loved his eye shadow) and so were Lisa Rinna and Jerry Rice.That was better than the whole total sum of Dance Wars. All they did for two hours was relive that horrible show,almost every moment of it. I'm glad that Bruno won,he was the underdog with only four left.

Loren said...

Hope you feel better Jackie...

I'm not sure if it has been mentioned here or anywhere else, but isn't Natalie the spitting image of Cheri Oteri from Saturday Night Live?? She was on it in the 90's and did the Spartan Cheerleader bit with Will Ferrell. She even sounds like her with the raspy voice.

Chauncey said...

Someone needs to stir the pot, this season is boring so far. I did not like Evel Dick but at least he was provoking and made me want to watch to see if anyone would do anything to him.

Brent McKee said...

Cristian De La Fuente is a Chilean actor who has done some telenovellas for Univision and Telemundo. He's had small continuing roles in the Anglo-American series Family Law and CSI: Miami. Interestingly he's an officer in the Chilean Air Force Reserve and flies with the Chilean Air Force aerobatics team Los Halcones.

I suspect it makes sense to get someone who is pretty well known to Hispanic American audiences on the show to build on that demographic.

joy n said...

Now Autism United has said that, besides wanting an apology from CBS, and BB9 taken off the air, they want Adam off the show immediately. They feel he should suffer the same repercussions as Dom Imus. Can you believe Adam is a Public Relations Manager?

There is a lot of diversity in this new group of dancers for DWTS. They're sayin Marlee Matlin will have an earpiece to emphasize the beat for her. Priscilla Presley should be interesting to watch. Christian De La Fuente is another Latin heartthrob to swoon over. An Olympic gold medalist, a couple of comedians, an actor and a couple of actresses, an NFL player, a tennis pro and a hip hop artist. Sounds very good to me.

Alas, Maxsim changed his mind again, and is taking the season off.

BB9 - Now they're throwing water on people's beds? Sounds like an out-of-control 6th grade sleepover. Well, I guess that's basically what it is.

Poor Jen has a rash. In that house, I think I'd really worry about that.

Jackie, on top of everything else going on right now, you catch a cold! Life can be so unfair. Here's hoping it's a short and not severe one.

Anonymous said...

wow, i just wantched the you tube segement and could only watch for 2+ minutes. i usually lurk here and don't say much but i cannot believe this is a cross slice of america! i am 45 and married. it's scary....karin

joy n said...

Jackie, I almost forgot. You had mentioned there were no interviews anywhere in re Mary Sartain, who was booted off Survivor last week.
In case you haven't seen it, there's a very good one over on realitytvworld.

Patty said...

Jackie, I sure do hope you feel better soon. I had the crud a few weeks ago and my ears are still plugged.

Loren, I too thought of Cheri Oteri when I seen Natalie.

I finally was able to get all caught up on watching BB9. I cannot say I care for it so far or have anyone I like this season. I think there has to be some type of twist to all of this, since they are leaving as couples. With any luck it will be the shorest season of any BB.

These people are just little brats and are thinking this is some type of popularity contest rather being there to show their competitive abilities to out do or out smart those among them. Just a bitch/sex session.

I do not understand BB thinking when they paired Jen and Ryan up with different partners, but paired Sharon and Jacob up. It makes no sense to me...whatever, it's such a silly season so far.

Maybe the producers are hoping for next years BB to be a show of how many get knocked up from BB9 and call it "BB Lovefest Leftovers". Go figure!

Sydney said...

DWTS -- one of the other guys is Adam Corolla who has or had a show on cable called the Man show... a kind of drink a beer and grunt comedy. Previously he was on a great MTV love advice show called Love Line hosting with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Diane Farr.

joy n said...

I just saw a pic of Christian de la Fuente over on AOL. HE'S GORGEOUS!

Margo said...

I'm taking BB9 off season pass onmy TIVO. These people are disgusting - I'm not wasting my time since the writers strike ended and my shows will be back soon enough. I can always read up on the house happening if I want. I don't find anyone of these spoiled brats to root for - so I quit.

Anonymous said...

some freak on jdate ( posing as Christian De la Fuente

his username is LiveMsAiden1969 and his member number is 112356700

Anonymous said...

By the way..Christian De LeFuente is the famous South American actor who is on Dancing from the Stars. The guy is married with a child.