Friday, February 29, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds - Power of Veto

I have a new feeds report over at TVS, but here's the big news:

Adam and Sheila were the random couple in the power of veto. Matt and Natalie won and intend to remove themselves from the block. Whoever goes up, it's Allison who's going home. And Ryan.

The plan is to put Sheila and Adam in Mattalie's place, target remains Allison.


Anonymous said...

Their is NO WAY I would lay next to Adam as he "pleasured" himself..
that makes me want to throw up!!!!!!!!!

joy n said...

Adam grosses me out more everyday. Was Sheila aware of his "action"? Plus he's still throwing the "R" word around. He's a disgusting pig! I hope he faces a lot more than just losing his job when he leaves the house.

debbie said...

Adam is gross, he sat outside talking , picking his nose, putting his hands down his pants, constantly. And James, what is up with him being half naked, and constantly rubbing on the girls, talking about his Oscar Meyer Weiner, aka "Monster" as they put it. Bragging about the size of the Monster? He walked around with his underwear the other night, saying "I am not hard" this is gross, and he is gross, I think him and Adam should become a couple!! GROSS!
And the way Sheila is,
she deserved to be laying next to him during that gross act!!!
I couldn't resist!! They deserve each other

Terry in CA said...

This is sure a bunch of sad,sad examples of humanity.

I think Adam and Allison should go. Ryan can team up with Sheila.

joy n said...

Well. I just watched James newest clip on U Tube, "The Green Boner". Sorry, Sydney, I take back what I said about him having a personality. They are ALL disgusting. If only these people would be as obsessed about playing the game as they are about sex.

joy n said...

The heck with them.

It's after midnight and officially my birthday. Being 60 last year was one thing, now I'm actually IN my sixties. Well, at least I'm still kicking. Not as high, but kicking nonetheless.

Going out to dinner with my husband for some lobster much later today.

Good night, all.

monty924 said...

HAPPY B-Day Joyn!

I will be so happy when they finally split these HGs up. And we know its about to happen. Matt is a horn dog, Natalie is a skank, after just witnessing Matt kissing on Sharon - I say she ranks up there as well. He was at it with Chelsea in the storage room just a few hours (well maybe more than a few) ago.

I've never had a season like this trying to find someone, anyone, in the cast that I actually like and want to root for. It was Sharon until two minutes ago. Ick!

What I have noticed, and its just my opinion, is that I like half of each pair. I liked Parker (minus the attitude), I liked Alex, same for Ryan, Sharon (until she sucked face with Matt), and I like Chelsea (James is grossing me out lately). I think the producers picked the opposites and called them the "soulmates". How could I like one out of nearly every couple and not like the other?

Please oh please BREAK THEM UP next week and let us watch a real game of BB.


PS... I hate Allison!

Missy said...

Monty924 - I think you are so right. I thought from the beginning that there was no way these could be "soul mates". BB just paired up complete opposites. Why these people have never figured it out is beyond me - guess they have more important things on their minds. I just wish someone would play the game.

dla said...

joy n,

Happy Birthday to you!! I hope your day is as special as you are.


dla said...

Regarding BB...

I know we joke about it often, but can you even IMAGINE being the parent of these houseguests?

There has been some weird stuff go down in the house in previous seasons, but this group wins top honors for being most embarrassing to family and friends...

Tom`S said...

There has been some weird stuff go down in the house in previous seasons, but this group wins top honors for being most embarrassing to family and friends...

3/01/2008 5:14 AM


Haha -- Appears as if these HG's are attempting to Top MTVS'S Real World, Adam pleasuring himself while Shelia slept next to him is disgusting..I don't know which couple I prefer, perhaps Josh/sharon..

Anonymous said...

I know that everyone hates Allison at this point, but I just CANNOT stand Adam one second longer! I would really rather watch Allison than have Adam and Sheila there for even one more show. Allison is what she is, but at least she doesn't make me want to vomit!!

Jazz in NJ

debbie said...

Happy Birthday Joy N !!!!!
Does anyone know,
Did Ryan and Allison kiss?

Delee said...

Joyn...Happy Happy Happy and enjoy the lobster!

dla I know I have said if one of my kid's was in that house I would storm it and drag'em home.

Delee said...

Joyn...Happy Happy Happy and enjoy the lobster!

dla I know I have said if one of my kid's was in that house I would storm it and drag'em home.

RyzandShyn said...

When I look at Adam's eyes I get a bit freaked-out because they look a bit crazed-glazed.
They seem to be nominating and voting out biggest threats..unlike other seasons where WE knew who they should nominate and vote out, but that person always stayed.
Happy B-day joy n...I hope your lobster was sweet and that your year will be too!
I agree, dla, I'd DIE if I was one of their parents. Can you imagine telling everyone to watch the show because your kid was going to be on it, and then this is what everyone sees? Oh My!!

Sydney said...

Terry -- Adam and Allison gone would be just TOO great!

sharon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Joy,and enjoy your day to the fullest!

I guess the biggest problem I have with this show is the way that CBS portrays these people,when we(thanks to Jackie)know what they really are!!And,if they didn't have this 24/7 feed,we wouldn't know things so far ahead and see what a snow job they are selling the viewing public. The only problem with breaking them up now,is that most of them don't even know how to play the game. Maybe the rutting and slobbering all over each other will quit and they will realize they need to try and stay in the game.The worst thing they ever did was start that SHOW/BBAD,now they all think they have to audition to become porn stars!

I can't stand to look at Adam and it sounds as if James is getting just as bad. Won't Chelsia be so ashamed when she finds out what James really is(at least I hope she'll be ashamed)and where that tongue and "monster" have already been? YIKES!!!! Gosh,I hope she doesn't do the deed with him!

Jackie said...

Happy birthday, Joy!

lynn1 said...

Happy Birthday Joy n! Enjoy your lobster. Yum!

I don't want to sound smug but I gave up on BB9 early on. From reading Jackie's reports and all of your posts I am very glad I did.

I have been consumed with BB in past years. I was wondering if I would suffer with withdrawal by giving up on BB9. I have not missed watching the show but have been missing making comments on the hamsters.
Thank Goodness with AI, Lost and Project Runway I have been entertained.
I wish all of you better times ahead with BB9. Certainly since it has hit rock bottom or nearly has, it can only improve.

Sydney said...


joy n said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! My hubby thinks you are all very thoughtful and that this a very cool blog. I agree whole-heartedly!