Thursday, February 28, 2008

BB9: Live Feeds Through the Night

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Yes, Zoetawny got that one right -- it's a shame Alex couldn't have rid himself of Amanda.

With Julie's cryptic mention of changes next week, I can only assume that the couples will break up and they're not going to voted out two by two.

Alas, a week too late to save Alex.

Here are the happenings since the end of the live show last night:
  • Allison thinks that she's always getting [bleeped] over in the house. Now she means with Joshuah as one of the HOH couple.
  • Matt wants Joshuah to be civil to Allison for the sake of the house. Apparently there was some big blow-up between Allison and Joshuah yesterday during the blocked feeds.
  • Adam latched onto Joshuah.
  • Alex and Amanda left their bed area in a mess.
  • Allison thinks all the shadiness in the house is due to Matt and Natalie.
  • Allison told Ryan that Joshuah threatened to slit her throat and threw the HOH key at her.
  • Joshuah says he's never hit a woman and all he did was get in her face.
  • Allison was called into the DR, then Joshuah. Sharon got worried they'd expel him from the house.
  • While Joshuah was in the DR, there was an audio leak (I always find those a bit conveniently mysterious) with Joshuah telling them he understood that Allison felt physically intimidated.
  • After he came out of the DR, Joshuah said he had to stay five feet away from Allison.
  • Adam doesn't think Matt is smart enough to win a HOH comp.
  • Joshuah promised Adam and Sheila that they wouldn't be going this week.
  • Ryan is sure that he and Allison will go on the block. He asked Adam to use the POV on him if he wins it. Adam didn't commit.
  • Allison is sick of the house, the drama. After all, she has a real life on the outside.
  • Allison thinks Joshuah is unstable and "lots of people have killed when they're unstable."
  • Allison also confronted Sheila about what she said on the live show to Julie Chen about their fight. Sheila said she never said anything bad about Allison.
  • Allison claims she doesn't know what set Joshuah off on her.
  • She also reminded Matt that the only reason they're still in the house is because of her and Ryan. @@
  • Joshuah thinks Ryan is scared of him.
  • Adam and Joshuah told Matt not to worry because Operation Gardener is in effect -- get rid of Allison because she's always planting seeds.
  • Allison thinks Joshuah and Sharon will backdoor her so she won't even have a chance.
  • James worried about the Hudson River Virus thinking it might flood the house. That's the first mention I've heard of it on the feeds and I'm surprised that James doesn't remember the Hudson is in NY -- he was picked up for the show in Brooklyn!
  • Joshuah said he "took a page from Dick's book and it worked."
  • Allison is going all kinds of hyper -- confronting Sharon, Joshuah, and even Ryan!
  • She wants out of the house if BB isn't going to take threats seriously.
  • Chelsia talked with Ryan telling him Allison is just selfish if she leaves, everyone knows Joshuah isn't going to kill anybody.
  • Chelsia went into detail with Ryan about the lesbian lie. He thinks that Allison is strong, but breaking under the pressure.
  • Allison called Ryan names to Matt in the boat room. She thinks he's spineless for not defending her (Ryan, not Matt).
  • Ryan found out Allison's talking about him and wanted to use Adam as a mediator to find out what was said.
  • Adam didn't want to get involved.
  • Ryan told Allison no one in the house liked her, they like him.
  • He said they're in a bad place in the house because of the way she acts. (Memories of Alex and Amanda drift through my mind.)
  • Natalie told Matt he never talks to her.
  • Joshuah got called into the DR again and told Sharon he has a gag order and can't talk about it.
  • All are in bed as I post this.
Can you feel the love?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I've never like Allison from the get go. I watched the whole scene with her and Sheila. She is a control freak. She is starting to get a little nutty. She kinda scares me.

Erica from Ohio

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling most of this group hasn't watched much TV..let alone many of the past BB's..I wonder if any of them have heard of Jericho? Seeing their complete lack of interest in the clues of the game amazes me. But, it is obvious by now that the game of BB has changed and whatever I thought worked doesn't mean anything now.

Interesting, Jackie, to hear of the BB style restraining order placed on J, I was just thinking last night how he and Sharon seemed to be playing old school BB. Didn't he say he staged that first big blow up he had with Amanda just to "turn the game around". I thought that was as ill-advised move as the pseudo lesbian thing. (it does sort of sound like Sheila was beginning to believe her own lie...not lesbian, but A being her one and only)

There is no telling what the twist will be, maybe the couples will have a choice of voting out their partner or someone else. I do remember that Julie, at the first episode, kept saying that Jen and partner were 'the first power couple'..maybe there will be another power couple.

Thanks Jackie, Sue

sharon said...

I am soooo sick of this game! And,I miss that Jackie is having to miss blogging AI in favor of this house of porn stars! I only caught the last minutes,enough to see Josh/Sharon were HOH. I'm sorry,too,that Nasty Natalie(good name)will be around for another week.From the posts,it's looks like Allison is on her way out of the house for sure.My take.....who cares.

Anonymous said...

lol sharon, im missing jackie blogging AI too!!
debi in calif

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear about Adam getting fired from is job b/c of the comment he made about "autistic children being retards"...i saw this on Jokers today.. here it link that Jokers had to the new york post that it was printed in.


meb said...

Crap! Another week of Natalie... And now they're talking about possibly keeping her again and putting up two other couples. PLEASE! Get rid of Natalie!

Josh has turned out to be really mean. I thought he would possibly be a good game player. Did you hear Sharon say they only studied those quotes 20 minutes before the show went on. As I mentioned before, they need to be aware of things around them... you know those hall of fame pictures will figure into one of the competitions somehow. I thought it was hysterical that when Julie announced what the competition would be, all of them had looks of "duh...what plaques?" Only Sharon and Josh were prepared, and admittedly last minute prep.

Does anyone know what really happened between Josh and Allison. What reason wuld they have to argue?

Anonymous said...

All the players on Big Brother 9 and on Survivor are despicable--greedy, whining, backstabbing, lying, immoral, etc. They are poor examples of Americans. If people from other countries see these shows, no wonder many of them despise us.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that Allison is mad because nobody took up for her during her fight with Josh. None of them took up for Amanda when Josh went off on her, including "All About Me" Allison. Yet when Josh turned his temper on her she gets bent out of shape because the houseguests didn't stand up for HER? She needs to reach out with both hands and grab a clue.

Anonymous said...

I want allison to go with the rest of you...but i like ryan...but i like alex too!!! and i don't like sharon or josh!!

Anonymous said...

fIt really is amazing that no one in that house is really likable. I thought, too, that maybe Ryan was OK, but I just saw a teaser for the show stating that his real girlfriend was voted out of the house, and hinting that he might be starting to have feelings for Allison. If true, and he could forget his girlfriend that quick, he's right up there with the rest of the pack!

Jackie, I have your flu! Do you think we caught germs just watching those nasty people? LOL


Delee said...

Jennasmom...if that was so that we caught the flu from the hamsters...I just want to say thank God it was only the flu. IMAO

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever found out what happened to Neil? Why did he have to suddenly leave?

Thanks Jackie

monty924 said...

I so hope Allison goes home this week, sorry Ryan. If I have to hear her say, "I adore you", or "You're so adorable" one more time, I'll scream!

Anonymous said...

Can't find who suggested that maybe the evicted couple would be the HOH--great idea, but might be unfair to Sharon and Josh. I think this is a tie-breaker week, so if they were to decide the fate of the evicted couple, they would be immediate targets. But then again, all is fair in love, war and big brother.

Jennasmom--I didn't think very highly of Jen. Remember how she was telling others that Ryan is a racist, and then denied saying it. I wouldn't blame Ryan in the least if he dumped her immediately. On the other hand, the bits and pieces I've seen of Allison on BBAD make me not think very highly of her either. Is she paranoid or what? Seems she feels slighted by everyone. I'm thinking Ryan could do better than either of them.

And what's with the girls crying upon eviction? I don't recall that in the past. Both Jen and Amanda couldn't quite keep it together. Poor things.

K in WI

Anonymous said...

i posted about adam being fired early last week. -jeannemarie