Sunday, February 17, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Upate - Into the Evening 2/17

I've already told you the biggest news -- the nominations are remaining the same. Here's more from that Big Brother House of Dastardly Dawgs and the Bimbos Who Fall For Them:
  • Matt and Parker would like to see James go. Of course, Parker might be gone long before James is even on the block.
  • Ryan admitted he likes Allison and could see hanging with her, but Jen thinks she's a goody-two-shoes.
  • Parker spent most of the day moping around.
  • Parker and Amanda talked. He told her it's unattractive to keep being reminded of his faults. He also told her that he didn't go into the hot tub last night because James was in there with his "nasty ass."
  • Amanda and Parker kissed.
  • Natalie thinks that Amanda has backstabbed her (by telling Matt that she's interested in him after the game?) and let Joshuah, Sharon, and Ryan know that she's only pretended to be her friend since the first day.
  • Allison told Amanda that she asked Ryan who the biggest threat in the house is and he told her Parker (not surprising since he's up on the block against Parker, eh?). He then said the second biggest threat is Amanda/Alex. Mind you, she's telling Amanda this.
  • Sharon thinks Jen is a backstabber.
  • Both Sheila and Sharon talked about how stupid it was for Jen and Ryan to tell anyone they're a couple. Duh.
  • They're mad that Parker said the women in the house are only a 6.
  • Parker thinks that the only attractive woman in the house is Amanda.
  • Jackie thinks Parker has bad taste.
  • Sheila thought Alex was attractive until he said how much he wanted Amanda (?) but said she wouldn't "do" any of the guys in the house.
  • Parker thinks that Sheila might have been an 8 in her Penthouse days.
  • A big brouhaha broke out over Parker and his 6 call. @@
  • Jen told Allison that she hopes America realizes that she's on the block because she wouldn't vote out her boyfriend ... she's just that loyal to him! Yeah, right.
  • Jen also indicated that she's sure to win and she was so sorry Allison would have to go.
  • The HG think that the $750 a week stipend isn't enough. I think the viewers should all be paid $750 a week to watch!
  • Matt talked to Alex and Adam about his sexual opinion of the girls. I pity any woman in his life. He's a dawg pig!
  • He claimed to the camera for his ex-girlfriend that he wouldn't and didn't "sex" anyone. Um. Lost cause boy here. There, not here. Thankfully.
  • Adam told Matt and Alex he would keep his word to vote out Allison and Ryan, but he wasn't sure of Sheila.
  • Jen told Parker and Sharon that Sheila told Allison she'd vote her out.
  • Meanwhile, Allison and Sheila are all kinds of chummy with the exception of lesbian lover chummy.
  • Matt told Parker he's playing Allison.
  • Amanda and Natalie are in the hot tub as I get this posted. They think James and Matt are fighting, but Alex said they weren't when they asked.
  • Apparently there is something going on -- Sharon just confirmed it. Natalie ran off saying she had to talk to "Matty." @@
These people are whacked.


Terry in CA said...

Jackie you are truly the best...that was hysterical!
this season is really extra hard for you, and you are awesome for tackling it with such expertise...

Tom`S said...

Hahahaaaaaaa - Jackie ~ After viewing Adam's Photo, I accidentally knocked my drink over on my desk, Its Adam's best photo taken yet.. Haha Ouch ! Goodnight to All, Early Wake Up..Thanks Jackie you made me laugh..


Anonymous said...

Jackie...I hope you caught the huge fight on Showtime AD. Wow. Amanda took major heat! Finally the big blow up. And yeah, when will they kick annoying Allison (I am running the house and no one is listening) and Sharon out of the house. Yuck and ugg. Thanks for getting up going while Lost is going on. Don't know how you do all this, you are amazing.
jv in kc

monty924 said...

"Jackie thinks Parker has bad taste." Another priceless comment!

You crack me up so much, and thus the reason I've loved your blog since the old AOL days.

These folks are indeed WHACKED!

I missed most of the backyard brawl but I'm sure I can find it on YouTube in the morning. I believe these people love drama and turn it on big time for SHO2. This is such a crazy season.

dla said...

"Jackie thinks Parker has bad taste." Another priceless comment!"

I am laughing so hard I am tearing up... I literally could not figure out who "Jackie" was, as I can't keep any of them straight this season cuz I don't like them enough and they all look alike and act alike, so I thought I had completely forgotten a HG... Clearly a possibility, but thanks for the laugh!!

And I will be checking my mailbox for that $750 check for watching, although I don't believe that is enough for our torture, either.

@@ (c Jackie!)

sharon said...

Such pithy comments from the master,Jackie!(I love pithy like you love brouhaha)!I will say again,if not for you and your wittiness,I would not be watching this dreck at all.They are like a bunch of horny second graders.For me,I think Chelsia is the cutest and most down to earth girl in there and hope she doesn't fall for Matt the Rat. I also like James and Josh and that's about it.

I watched Dexter last night and I LOVE it!!! I so enjoyed Hall in Six Feet Under and he is great in this.We also just rented The Tudors,season one and the whole family is hooked,so may have to sign up for Showtime now. I know the Tudors play fast and loose with historical facts,and Henry VIII could not have been as good looking as JRM,but it's very well done.

So glad to hear SYTYCD will be back in May. At least that awful Dance Wars will be over tonight. What a big disappointment that was!

debbie said...

If I hear Amanda say one more time about how she resembles Janelle I will scream!! Natalie, keep your clothes on and your mouth shut! Chelsia, there is hope for you, please block your ears and dont listen to them!!

Deb said...

"The HG think that the $750 a week stipend isn't enough. I think the viewers should all be paid $750a week to watch!"

Ha! Will that check come with the tax rebate?

As always, I love your blog Jackie. You make me want to stay interested. I'm still having difficulty with finding someone to root for in this group. I still miss Dr. Will and his antics. He was so fun to watch.

Oh, by the way, still have Big Brother 8 listed at the the top intro of the blog. I'm thinking you may want to update that to Big Brother 9. Have there really been 9 of these seasons?

Thanks for all your work, Jackie!


Deb said...

Oh, I forgot to ask...

Was any comment made about the Neil OUT, Sharon IN on the program last night? I was trying to listen for it, but couldn't stay focused with the entire show. I was hoping for a better explanation of what happened! Is it that they just are not at that point in catching up with the blogs? I sure hope CBS says something to the audience about it!


joy n said...

Jen said straight out last night that she hopes Ryan and Allison go because she wants to stay. She wants to have her cake and eat it too.

meb said...

Yes Deb... since they showed the Nomination Ceremony and Johshua was still there, they didn't mention it. (Sorry for repeating myself, someone else asked a similar question on the last post and I answered there too).

And maybe the BB8 is wishful thinking for Jackie and why she didn't change it previously...

sharon said...

In the
time of the TV airing,Neil had not left yet by the nomination ceremony. In "house" time,that's old news and he's been gone long enough for most of the house to really want Sharon gone again. All we saw at first of her was the put upon poor ex of a cheater who couldn't keep his yap shut,but now she's just as mean and back biting and mouthy as the rest of them.

Amanda better shut up about the Janelle references or Jani may show up and take her down!She's like Jani like Boogie wants to be Will.......NOT!!!

TB said...

So far I just can't get into any of these guests. I think there all goof balls. Yeah I'll keep viewing, but geeze..

Anonymous said...

Good grief!
This is one sad group of young adults! What kind of parents raised these jerks! I hope they all had their HIV shots!

And what is up with bringing those two idiots back from last season?

Let's get Dr. Will and Dick back as a would be great!!

I don't know how much longer I'll watch this show...I was so excited to hear we were going to have a winter version. If this is what the producers give us let's NOT have a season 10! Thanks Jackie this must be a tough one for you!

Anonymous said...

so...i was using an old link to this page and only a few of the blogs were showing up...i'm all "why am i missing such huge chunks of what's happening?"...i've updated my favorites and now i've got some catching up to do:) thanks jackie for all your hard work! :)


debbie said...

I hope Parker and Jenn go
I want to see Allison dive right in and snag that big ole Ryan!
And Jenn will be at home watching!

debbie said...

Did anyone else feel a little bad for Amanda after they all attacked her last night?

Anonymous said...

BB8 came thisclose to the shark. BB9 has already jumped it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel like I was watching Real World from 10+ years ago. I am also having difficulty differentiating these people. I guess when a few are gone it will get easier. I missed the first couple of episodes and knew I could get caught up with you, Jackie. Like an old friend;-)

Nancy B., Houston, TX said...

I decided I had to subscribe to SHO to watch after dark. OMG!!!! I watched Sunday night's episode yesterday. I got my entire monthly subscription amount's worth watching. What a fight! It was spectacular. I about fell off the couch when Joshuah went off on Amanda. Although, the addition of "like your dad" by him after Chelsia said "or a noose" was totally uncalled for. I'm so enjoying this new addition to my viewing line up! :)