Friday, February 15, 2008

BB9 Live Feeds Update Flash - POV

Matthew and Natalie have won the Power of Veto. Matt has already said Parker's the only one he trusts in the game. Will he and Natalie take Jen and Parker off the block?

A full update will be posted later!


Sydney said...

A choice I'm sure they will live to regret if they do.

Another day in BRR --Big Romper Room, lol.

sharon said...

I swear this is like a peepshow!I agree with the fact that CBS made such a big deal over one teeny tiny glimpse of JJ's boob,but here it's sex in every room,AND,at a time when young ones are still up.I know I sound like a broken record,but wish they would get a new producer for this show. You can find this kind of stuff on MTV most any time,I'd sure prefer that than this.

I am so sure Jen won't be sorry to see Ryan go,it will up her game. Ryan will probably have a coronary when he sees the rest of the show.

At this point,with the strike over,I hope they decide to really do a short version of this BB and knock them off two by two,the faster the better. Last season and this is so not what BB used to be,it used to be fun.

Gayle said...

Sharon, I agree with you - this is not what Big Brother used to be about. I'm having a very hard time finding someone to root for. Maybe the coupling or theme for this season has changed their focus.

Anonymous said...

this season is horrible. it isn't fair some people will be penalized for their partner's mistakes.