Friday, February 15, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Update - Into the Evening 2/14

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Yeah, Ryan is worried. He's worried about Jen being near another man and he's worried that he'll be evicted.

What a heavy burden to bear!

(Thanks to Zoetawny for the graphic!)

Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother house of Dubious Duos since I last reported:

  • Once again I'm amazed about the lack of personal responsibility expected from the houseguests. BB had an outdoor lockdown so that they could clean the guinea pig cage. I know 7-year-olds who do that. Perhaps it's best that the HG don't handle the guinea pigs. They might corrupt them.

  • Allison and Sheila think Alex is aligning with the wrong women in the house. Sheila told Allison that Parker talked about suicide. (Now, I didn't catch him actually doing that ... it's possible that Sheila is embellishing things a bit.)
  • Sheila thinks Jen is the boss in the Jen/Ryan relationship.
  • Sheila also thinks that Jen threw her own boyfriend under the bus and thinks that Jen and Parker are master manipulators. (Puppetmasters? No way!)
  • If Allison leaves, Sheila plans to ally with Sharon.
  • Sharon's picture is now on the Memory Wall.
  • Parker thinks it's the most unfair season ever.
  • Allison complained to Parker that Ryan isn't even talking to her. (Too involved having sex in the stall with Jen, I guess.)
  • Parker and James think that eviction might be on Sunday.
  • There's still no hint of any upcoming food comps.
  • Amanda is tiring of Alex. She told Parker that Alex thinks he's smarter than her and wants to do all the talking, make all the decisions.
  • Alex is suspicious that Amanda knew Parker before the house. She denies it.
  • Alex and Amanda screamed at each other in the yard. He doesn't want her talking to James and Chelsia or Sheila and Adam.

    • Alex is really on an anti-James rant.
    • Amanda is even madder at Alex.
    • This bunch gets into huge blow-ups over the most stupid things -- down to the point of yelling about who swore at whom first.
    • James and Adam both want to vote out Jen and Parker. The only problem? James and Adam aren't partners!
    • They all dressed up for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner in the House of Hate.
    • They said grace and each said what the day meant to them. BLECH. If they actually liked each other, that would be different.
    • Parker and James shook hands and said they will handle things better without going off at each other.
    • Matt said he only trusts Parker.
    • Amanda thinks it's a woman's job to clean up after her man. @@
    • Amanda and Alex went at it again. No, not sex ... arguing!
    • Alex is still on the You Hang Out With Parker Too Much rag. It's as if he thinks Amanda is his real girlfriend.
    • BB gave them more alcohol, just what they need!
    • Amanda and Alex, after Amanda visited the Diary Room, read the PoV instructions to everyone.
    • Still no Power of Veto comp yet, though.
    • Chelsia is upset because others are saying that James is her brother.
    • James put more fuel in the fire by walking away from the accusations.
    • James and Chelsia think Matt started the rumor.
    • Tears, drama, and more ensue. Such stupidity.
    * Screen caps featured were taken by me for exclusive use on this site. All screen caps are © CBS/RealNetworks


    Tom` S said...

    I believe in the house of hate ( haha I like how you worded it ) anyway I'm only speculating, its possible two of the rumors are correct, I'm uncertain if there isn't a brother and sister duo. I originally thought two other individuals did know each other prior, I wanna say Sharon and Jacob little drama was staged.

    Sydney said...

    Parker seems to have been keeping a pretty cool head and a distance from much of the drama so far that I've watched but apparently this has changed overnight? Don't know why Parker is seeming such the cool kid on the block. I thought he was a complete babay/idiot when he went stomping all around the house calling Jen a bitch and being angry she'd ruined his chances on the show. I mean, he can be real angry about that, but the way he did it, it went on for as long (and was as annoying) as Sharon's diatribe once she was back in the house. UGH, I don't even want to turn on Sho2 this morning to see more of this.

    Sydney said...

    You may be right Tom... good speculation!

    Sydney said...

    SORRY -- Should have said this FIRST -- GREAT graphic of shifty eyed nail biting Ryan ZOE!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Thank goodness I found you, Jackie. I had been a regular in past shows, but lost you and went to other blogs looking this year.

    Things seem to have gone more quickly than I expected. I watched the show Tuesday and then Wednesday it was as though they were all in the house for more than a day or so.

    but, now that I have you all to keep me up to date, I'll be able to stay current. No favorites yet. I need more time. These are a bunch all right!


    sue said...

    This is going to be the @@ season, I think. More than any other. They need a Felix the Cat clock in the kitchen to count all the occasions that require eye rolling. What a bunch. I think BB wants to prove everyone wrong who suggested the ED season was the worst. Someone said to me this BB is the sleazy version of Real World...which is really funny when you think of how bad Real World gets. Could they have done away with food comps? Perhaps instead they will have comps for liquor and anti-anxiety prescriptions instead? Thanks Jackie, Sue

    sharon said...

    Zoetawny,you rock! Love the Ryan
    pix,it does fit him to a T.

    I am not sure how much longer I will hang in and watch this. There are too many other shows out there to watch instead of reliving my days of raising two teenagers. I hate there is no diversity this time and whomever it was that said this belongs on MTV hit the nail right on the head. And can't people their age speak a sentence that isn't laced with the F word or profanities? I could not even stomach listening to the stuff they were talking about on the feeds last night. Disgusting! Jackie,you have my sympathy and thanks for going beyond the norm to listne and report this dreck.

    Sydney said...

    Sharon -- I agree, I feel like my own teens and very early 20's weren't that fun to live through, and I have not found one person who said they'd trade their aches and pains in the joints or their wrinkles for that time period of their lives again. To watch it tiring and makes you just want to wince, glad it's all behind you. My 56 year old husband turned Sho2 on the second night and within 5 minutes of Amanda and Sharon yakking pulled out his book. I laughed.

    Anonymous said...

    This is Caligirl again. I am the one who said it feels like an MTV show this season and am so disappointed that I probably won't watch. It really isn't all the skin that I am opposed to it is the complete lack of diversity. Were is the Kaysar? I find many types of people of all ages, sizes, backgrounds etc. interesting. I am not interested in Barbie & Ken dolls. The funny thing is that my 24 yr. old son who grew up watching real world thinks this is the best season ever. Now if that doesn't prove my point. I am going to miss chatting with you all and reading Jackie's quirky musings.

    Tom`S said...

    Great updates!

    Testing ` 1-2-3-

    Tom` S