Saturday, February 16, 2008

BB9 - Through the Day - Saturday, Feb. 16

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Yes, graphic artist Zoetawny nailed it with this one, didn't she?

Remember ... we wanted this season. It's all our own darn fault for getting so hyped up for an out of the ordinary winter season.

The couples just aren't working for me (nor for most whose comments I've read). I guess if you're a teenager yourself or into quasi-porn, maybe it's fine with you. But most adults are getting turned off, at least from the feeds. It's possible they'll show just enough to up the ratings for the aired shows, I guess.

Anyhow, here are the events from inside that Big Brother House of Low Morals Embarrass Yo' Mama Nincompoops since I last reported:
  • I'm under the firm impression that the HG should be told that BBAD (ShoToo live feeds coverage) is canceled. They act like bigger jerks during that time because they think it makes for "good TV."
  • Parker, Amanda, and Matt joked about Matt "doing" Allison, then she goes home and he'll "do" the next one, then eviction.
  • Allison didn't fall for it. Good.
  • Natalie is still all agog over Matt and he couldn't care less about her.
  • Jen and Parker think that Matt will convince Natalie to use the veto to save them.
  • Alex and Amanda aren't happy together, but we knew that. And, I'm sure it's not going to improve any.
  • Parker is worried about Alex campaigning to get him and Jen gone.
  • He really wants Matt to use the veto. Of course, Matt AND Natalie have to agree on that and it would mean that the couple (non-coupling on the show) Jen and Ryan would both remain. I think everyone in the house wants to split them up no matter whose side they're on. The actual couple is too strong of a basic alliance to keep together in the house.
  • Amanda and Chelsia talked about Sheila growing on them and Allison causing issues.
  • Matt is worried that if he uses the veto it'll put a target on his back.
  • Sheila was up first again, must be an older generation thing, eh?
  • Matt thinks the difference between him and Natalie vs. Alex and Amanda is that his partner likes him and he can "puppetmaster" her. Alas, he's probably right. Natalie's a bimbo. I can see why she's a bikini barista.
  • Parker thinks that Big Brother is racist and complained that he hasn't received anything he's requested.
  • Sheila, the ex-Penthouse Pet (whatever), told the others she would never have sex on television. My respect for her has increased although I don't particularly care for her.
  • Amanda told Matt that Alex was touching her as he thought she was sleeping. True? I personally doubt it unless he's just some kind of sex fiend. He doesn't like her.
  • She asked Matt to tell her if Alex says anything mean about her. Oh, my God ... it's gone from 5th grade down to 3rd.
  • Joshuah and Sharon also know of her "touching" story and think if Alex knew she was saying it, he'd go crazy.
  • Matt thinks the ratings for the show will be in the top ten. Yeah, right. I don't think so!
  • Amanda and Alex are not talking to each other, very pointedly. @@
  • Nataie's all upset that Allison told Matt that she (Nat) could see herself dating after the show. "She wasn't supposed to tell!" Oh, geez.
  • It's finally dawned on them that eviction isn't Sunday, it's Wednesday.
  • Natalie told James and Adam that she doesn't want to use the veto -- one of them (Jen or Ryan) has to go. (But will her personal puppetmaster try to change her mind? Or is he just telling Parker he may use it and doesn't plan to do so at all?)
  • When Natalie went crying to Matt about Allison, he told her not to worry -- he doesn't believe anything anyone says about her unless it comes from her. She was relieved. He turned to the camera, winked, and smiled.
  • Amanda now wants to go home because of Alex. She, of course, ran to Parker with her woes.
  • Allison is sure she'll stay if the nominations remain the same. She and Sheila agree that Alex is running the show (of Amanda and Alex).
  • Josh and Sharon think it will be fun to watch the reactions when Jen and Parker are sent packing. Then they talked about dropping a hints they might go so Amanda doesn't freak out about losing her Parker.
  • They both think Amanda is a whacko.
  • In an Alex/Amanda discussion, Amanda told him that she thinks they have the votes for Ryan and Allison to be evicted. She said although Parker is getting her mad (huh?), Allison hates her so she wants her gone.
  • Amanda says that she and Alex are the only two in the house who have never done any drugs. (Obviously, drug use or not doesn't matter when you're WHACKO!)
And that's all she wrote.


Sydney said...

Jackie-- Great recap -- got quite a chuckle over Embarrass Yo' Mama.

I don't know how Amanda can seem to hate Alex when I winced and watched thru my fingers while I fast forwarded thru my Sho 2 last night. All it was (til I stopped and deleted it) was Amanda and Alex flirting in bed, her wearing basically a bikini to bed and starting with throwing her bare legs over his, scooting really close right up to him. She and he were totally doing all that sexual teasing and tension.

Then they hate each other? And again, I saw the first 10 mins of last night's today. Nat, Adam, James and Amanda and Paker were sweating it out in the sauna. Amanda was definitely petting Parker, and the camera at one point zoomed in on a cringingly suggestive mutual finger twirl between them. AUGH. Again, I cut it off... but not before Amanda confessed that she threw the competition.. something about spinning 300 rotations and needing to keep your finger pressed on a button in teams, and that for all Allison's talk about never giving up, she and Ryan were out first, so she threw it then.

OK, can you tell all I've been doing for this week is packing to move and hence, have the TV on?

Petals said...

Help me: Is Amanda the butter face? And Matt is the dumb accent guy? Are they a couple? Or is she a couple w/Parker?

Sydney said...

Oh, and in this same few minutes, when the boys left, Natalie described how much Matt is into her (OMG is she out of touch, really, it's painful to see). She said, "I'll look deep into his eyes like this (she imitates it), and he's like, he has to look away." She seems to think that he does this because he's got big feelings for her brewing, instead of because he's so turned off by it. So sad.

Petals said...

So is Amanda a butterface slut, wince she is always with the guys? And if she is so "all that", why does her partner, Alex?, dislike her?
I am so lost. I have no idea who is who, except James (bike/hair), Parker (duh), and Shar-dam.

Anonymous said...

Best part of BB9...Jackie's recaps and Zoetawny's graphics! What a bunch of morons this group has turned out to be. Maybe BB needs a new producer!
Donna in FL

Petals said...

Natalie is the pony-tail, knee sox, bikini chick, right?

Sydney said...

Petals, Amanda is the girl with long Black hair, and she talks a little with a baby doll thing. She's in the HOH right now. Matt is one of the black haired boys -- I think there are just two... I couldn't tell you who is Matt and who is Alex unless we were looking at a TV, but if you scroll back to the beginning of the week in Jackie's blog she has a cheat sheet of pics and names.

Sydney said...

Yes that's Nat.

Petals said...

Donna - I've beleived that, at least for the past 2 years, Les Moonves (CBS prez) has kept the show going SOLELY as a project for his celestial trophy wife, Julie Chen.
Otherwise, I think poor BB would've been sent to the island of misfit dating shows, with likes of Paradise Cruise 2, and There's Something About Merriam.

Sydney said...

Parker is paired with blonde Jen, the one who is in a real -life relationship of 9 mo with Ryan.. he's the big teddy bear, paired with Allison. Both couples are on the block this week to break up Jen and Ryan in the house.

Jackie said...

I think Amanda is indeed the "butterface" one although she thinks she's beautiful. She's partnered with Alex.

Matt is indeed the one with the Massachusetts accent although Alex has a NY one. Matt has the rounder face of the two guys and definitely more accent.

Natalie is the one with the huge fake boobs, partnered with Matt.

Sydney said...

Good call about that Petals.

Petals said...

Thanks Syd. There were alot of brunettes this year...rather unusual. And alot of Mid-Westerners,too! Did you notice the lack of "Coasters"? The past few seasons have been built with Californians & South Floridians.

At least I can remember the ones I sort of like: James, Adam and...what're the guinea pigs' names?

PlaidChick said...

For those who thought BB8 had a bunch of rejects from season's past-- good Lord this must be the rejects of the rejects pile. While I was stoked about a winter edition, some of these characters remind me of the people from BB8 {Jen err Amanda}

Dear BB--
Stop picking characters & choose people to play this game. It's too much third grade going on.

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie! Oh, and a double thank you to YOU for incorporating too-little-used words & phrases into your recaps, ie "agog" and "curiouser and curiouser". Yours is an erudite blog.

Petals said...
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Petals said...

SO in Zoe's pics, is that Amanda kissing on Matt?

Anonymous said...

I agree Petals it does seem so MTVish. I suppose it would be difficult for normal people to leave their lives for a few months....but for this age bracket it might be easier. This group seems worse than ever. They are an immature bunch. They should look at the couples as duos and to form alliances but they are too shallow/horny to see that. BB should have put all strangers in there, forget the exs, dating couples and only one person over 30
I'm with you I'm finding it hard to remember who is who and pairs...Phef
Donna in FL

Anonymous said...

I think they scrapped the bottom of the barrel to get these people. Too bad they were not on the show with Evel Dick, they seem to have the same morality.

To bad they can't get some people like Kayser, Dr. Will and others who gave the show a little class. If we want to see porn then we can go rent a movie. Glad I am not paying for feeds to see this trash.

These people must make their parents proud.

Now for a good note. Jackie you are doing a great job considering the subjects you have to work with. You always make me smile.
Keep up the good work.

dla said...

Good grief, I can barely watch. Either I am getting too "mature" for this, or these kids are way too immature to keep us entertained. I absolutey agree that this is extremely MTV, and I was over that in the 80's. :)

Sydney, where are you moving?!?

monty924 said...

Jackie quote: Obviously, drug use or not doesn't matter when you're WHACKO!

Priceless! I'm having a really hard time, as are so many, getting into these people. Where did they get them? Did they run an ad in that weekly/or was it monthly mag we had in grade school, Highlights or something like that? Remember the one where there was always a find the picture hidden in the picture page? I'm blanking on the name of the magazine. Oh well, us old folks do that. Sigh!

These folks are boring me to tears right now. I rarely watch the feeds because of this cast. None of the partners have really gelled and are actually doing stupid stuff that will jeopardize their own ability to remain in the house. Duh! How does trashing your partner or cozy'n up to another help you when if he/she goes, YOU GO? Amanda is a full blown trip and a half on that front.

Natalie is as delusional as Amber was. And speaking of Natalie, that is one sleazy little Bible Thumper! Something about her bio struck me odd before we ever met the HGs and her actions have just blown me away. I was expecting a Kail or Jameka, in a bikini serving coffee, and instead I get an adolescent with hormones running on overdrive.


I'm still liking James and Chelsia and they are laying sort of low and might just fly under the radar far together. Sheila has redeemed herself and that pairing is an under the radar duo as well, for this week. I hesitate to even think what next week will bring. I'm praying BB will break the duos up by at least mid season and just let them play as individuals... because these people have no idea how to play as partners! If they do indeed do that, many of the really good players may just be gone because their partners were STUPID!

monty924 said...

PS. Zoetawny, awesome graphic with Amanda and Alex!

Sydney said...

Hi Dla- Nana wrote to ask the same thing! It's just across the street. Lease was up and am saving lots to get a similar place with a better view, so seemed worth it. It's an excuse to throw out more stuff, organize the rest. Here in Houston for at least two more years, but it's always been a temporary thing, so assume we will be moving out of state after that. Tomorrow is the big day to take stuff to storage, then the rest to the new apt on Friday.

Petals, yes, that's who Amanda is kissing in Zoe's ever-entertaining graphics. Really Jackie and Zoe and the comenters highly improve the BB experience, as usual.

In the background on SHo2 I heard the words lap dance and stripper pole. zzzzzz Certainly cures one of any stray regrets about not being 20 anymore, lol.

Sydney said...

Woops Petals, as someone already said, that's ALEX not Matt in the graphic... sorry.

Sydney said...

Monty-- I remember that hunting for the missing thing and it was in Highlights mag. Nice little memory.

monty924 said...

Thanks Sydney! I wasn't sure but it sounded right. :)

Zoetawny said...

Why oh why am I watching this show??????? OK, I figured it out. I'm enjoying reading all the commente's and Jackie's amazing writing talent on this blog. ;) Even though I don't have the live feeds or Showtime there's so much material for creating stupid graphics. I could get really distasteful but I'm restraining myself. LOL


"that Big Brother House of Low Morals Embarrass Yo' Mama Nincompoops"

Your way with words is totally cracking me up. Even though the show is an embarrassment for CBS (or should be) you are still entertaining us with your humor.

Will this Winter season's fiasco kill the BB Summer season?

Have a good weekend all!

Anonymous said...

1:28 AM BBT Sheila yells over, I hate to tell you, but uncircumcised is much better. Parker is chiding Sheila saying 8-ball is banging her guts... NT
1:25 AM BBT We had flames for a few & came back to Matt lying in Alli's bed in between Alli & Chels.. (More...)
1:05 AM BBT Adam is taking this opportunity to tell Sheila that's a good reason to vote Parker out NT
1:03 AM BBT Josh told Sheila & Alli that they're both beautiful or they wouldn't be in the house; Sheila said at least there's one gentleman in this house.. (More...)
1:00 AM BBT Alli just said...right in front of Adam...I wish there was just one decent, single guy in here NT
12:53 AM BBT Sheila calls Alli in and says, "can you believe we're mother f-ing 6's", Alli starts giving the reasons they're so much more NT
12:52 AM BBT Alex walked over to Amanda & asked if she was ok after the wrestling match. Amanda said, "I like to fight, but I'd prefer it be a girl" NT
12:51 AM BBT As Sharon attaches Amanda's mic Amanda tells her she likes Parker. She then said it's obvious isn't it, Sharon shakes her head yes NT
12:49 AM BBT As Amanda is leaving, as soon as she closes the door everyone screams... (More...)
12:42 AM BBT Alex is kind of ragging on Amanda, but everyone is making fun of "Bueno!" Alex also told Chels that whaever feelings he had for Amanda are gone NT

I like this year...can't wait to watch some online clips


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with all of the negative and strange comments about this season. What and where did this people come from. By now I am usually liking one or two people but I hate all of them.
One thing for sure is that these people know exactly when to turn it on for the camera's. Watching showtime proves it. Last night one of the first comments from Chelsi was can you swear on Showtime and proceeded to let it fly. Also, am sick of the naked people in the hot tub. There was some really gross stuff going on last night, especially from the bike guy.

Thanks Jackie for your great comments, glad to be back with everyone again this season.


Terry in CA said...

I want to shout out to Petals who is spot on with comments, and to Sydney to helped me so much last year! love you girl!
Its SO true, this blog and the network of "friends" Jackie and Zoetawny keep us educated and entertained far more than the actual show.
I am still confused as to who is who, they all sort of look alike after a while.
I know we are in CA but bikini's in winter is getting to me....these all do seem like rejects from other seasons...wonder if they can get a Dr Will commentary on this season, and Jani too.
Hey, I just thought of something..This season would have been heaven on earth for Boogie wouldnt it?
thanks again and again jackie, you suffer through this for all of us, thanks again!!!

sharon said...

Jackie,you are our salvation! We don't have to watch this crap to know all that goes on.Loved,loved,loved your more than fitting title of the last post.

Where,oh where is a Chicken George,Marci or Dr. Will or anybody that has a personality? Where is a person with a brain,that knows how to play this game and won't leave this house with a STD? I'd even take a Maggot or Crappy,just somebody to hate or a Jani,somebody to root for!This is like MTV Spring Break and I wish they'd come and take it back.And you're right,Jackie,they are like little thrid graders,with the run and tattle or ask him if he likes me.

Natalie needs a few sessions with Amber on religion when she gets booted out!

Nana in the NW said...

The comments about a lap dance and pole dancing probably came from the girl who was a stripper to help pay for college(I think it was Nat. or Amanda). The only was I know who Matt is by the tattoo on most of his left arm.

For those who don't have the live feeds or ShoToo just go to Youtube and search for BB9. Many clips will come up and you can get a sampling of what's happening. It is all either borderline porn or so childish--you tell me what he says and I'll run tell her and so on and so on......

I am definitely getting old. Is this really the way the young 20-somethings act in the real world??

Syd-I watched the video of Amanda/Alex in bed. They were BOTH totally doing that sexual teasing and rubbing and touching. Then she gets mad at him and goes to Parker and tells him that Matt touched her inappropiately!! She was mad because Matt said if they were not going to be "involved" they shouldn't hook-up with anyone else because they need to be committed to each other to progress in the game. And we all know she plans on hooking up with Parker! My guess would be if Parker goes home Amanda/Alex will be doing the deed in no time.

Petals--you are so funny. Trying to figure out who's who! I've watched all the shows and still am confused. These are the ones I've figured out:

Matt-accent guy with tattoo
Amanda-black hair,looks like a guy
Natatle-big boobs
Sharon-blonde who won't shut up
Jen-Ryan's girlfriend,also blonde
James-red streak in hair
Josh-gay guy
Parker-african-american guy
Sheila-the mom
Adam-the ogre with buggy eyes
Ryan-the teddy bear
Chelsia-cute girl with short hair

the rest I'm lost on and I still don't have the couple thing straight!! Obviously, the houseguests don't either.

I must share a comment I heard on video clip...
Matt is talking with Chel. and said "You're cute, I bet you're good in bed. I'd like to do you." She looked at him laughed and said, "maybe" that's life in the BB House!

Have a good Sunday. I'm off on vacation for the next 10 days--will be back here to catch up.

debbie said...

This group of Big Brother needs to use their minds , instead of their bodies! As far as Amanda looking like Jenelle? Janelle has class, Amanda looks more like a man instead of a lady, (ok I will stop being caddy) class is something I see in none of this group so far. She is trying to act like Janelle, and I also think this whole group is "acting" too much. Natalie better slow down, she is not going to like the image America is going to have of her! I think the woman can represent better than they are doing now.IMHO

debbie said...

Oh My Gosh
No!! Not Chelsia too!! Matt you are a male ho!!! Please girls use your brain, do not listen to him!! Quick
Someone hire an airplane with a banner to warn Chelsia!! Dont fall for the wolf!

Laurie said...

I know I'm old but still ....
Do those "women" think the phrase "I want to do you" is flattering??

My response to that would be "go do yourself horndog".

debbie said...

I just watched last night feeds and Natalie was totally naked in the hot tub and all the other girls took off their bottoms. What is left?

joy n said...

Once again, Zoetawny, great graphic. I vote "dogs in heat".

This BB house is a regular little Peyton Place.

Why is Parker crying "racism"
because BB is not fulfilling his requests fast enough?