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'Big Brother 9' - Live Blogged from the East Coast - Feb. 19

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Another great graphic from Zoetawny!

The show has started here on the east coast. I'll be constantly updating this post as it airs. Please be warned that I'm somewhat under the weather -- my typing speed and accuracy (in typing) might be a bit off tonight.

Of course, you're welcome to comment. I swear I won't pass on the flu to you!

Recap city. It's too bad they didn't show Joshuah running again to tell Neil the lesbian secret. That was the best part of that!

Jen's all weepy and it's her own darn fault. Had they kept a secret it would be diffrent. Parker and Allison are both blaming thir partners for being on the block ... as they should at this point.

Amanda ... bueno is NOT a greeting.

There. I got that out of my system.

Parker and Amanda have a thing for each other, but we already knew that. Joshuah explains how he chose Sharon to replace Neil. And all they said was "family emergency." When Sharon found out that Jen lied (basically) on the first day when she said (or omitted) that she knew no one in the house.

Amanda thinks Alex is mean to her. Alex thinks she "flaunts her stuff." So Parker massages her. Alex thinks she's letting her emotions interfere with her game.

Lovebirds ... Jen and Ryan. Jen tells us how cuddly and touchy-feely her relationship with Ryan is. "We are human. We have needs." Oh, great. We're going to get the sex in the bathroom stall bit.

Sheila and Allison are back on thir lesbian lovers story. Chelsia tells James. He falls for it and thinks that's why Sheila has been mean to Adam and there could be other couples.

When James voices his suspicions to Alex, Alex thinks Amandar (as he says it) and Parker have a previous relationship. Amanda freaks out at Alex because she put her hand on the Bible!

Parker gets bent out of shape and confronts James ... and it was never James who even said Parker and Amanda! Preschool! Amanda thinks Alex created the whole drama-fest out of jealousy. @@

My God. These people all deserve each other.

Alex tells Amanda that it bothers him that she walks around like a slut. She gets upset. I'm not sure why he has feelings for her. What is wrong with the cast? These are not love matches! Sheesh.

It's onto picking players for the veto comp. Joshuah will host, and Matt and Natalie were randomly selected to participate. Matt told Parker he'd use it to save him, but told us he won't.

The yard is all hearts. One is on a heart and the partner will spin while the spinning person holds a panic button. I'm getting sick watching them spin. Allison's finger came off the button. Amanda deliberately let go of her button. Alex is ticked off at her. Matt and Natalie won. Jen blames the loss on Parker.

Matt is still playing Parker in that he'll use the veto to save him. Silly Parker.

Amanda walks out on Alex because he told her he doesn't want to cuddle and wants to concentrate on his game. He's definitely not keen on her relationship with Parker ... and I know from watching the feeds, she's all over Parker!

It's time for the POV ceremony. It bothers Matt that Parker is paired with Jen. He'd save Parker by himself in a moment. With the couples thing, if the winning POV holders can't agree, it's not used. They don't use it claiming Alex and Amanda put them up in the best interest of the house. Parker tells us whatever. Jen is ready to fight.

Parker just looks so dejected.


joy n said...

A lot of energy in that graphic, Zoetawny. Too bad they don't put it to better use.

joy n said...

Ryan, there are a lot of human beings on this planet that "have needs". But most seek some privacy and wouldn't dream of fulfilling them on national television.

PlaidChick said...

I can't believe they showed the sex in the bathroom. Loved how Ryan had to cover himself up as he walked over there.

If Allison and Shelia are lesbians don't you think someone would of caught them being touchy feely? How stupid are these people!!!

Just like everything else that stupid story is going to backfire because eventually they will tell someone and Joshuah will go off.

So ready for Amanda to go. I like Alex though.

joy n said...

Insult Amanda's integrity? Does she have any? Spare me.

PlaidChick said...

LOL Joy!

Alex--- you could do better...

joy n said...

The more I see of these creatures, the less I like them. Give the guinea pigs a storyline.

But I'll watch til the end. Can't help myself.

PlaidChick said...

I'm with you Joy, we're a week in and I still don't have a favorite

PlaidChick said...

Good Lord is Amanda a Price is Right chick in the way she is showing the magic ping pong bag???

She has got to go

joy n said...

Duh, Alex, it's not working? How many days have you and Amanda known each other? It's only love of the testosterone kind.

joy n said...

Plaidchick, I really think it's gonna be difficult finding a favorite this time around.

maryanne said...

am i showing my age here? i just can't get into these "kids" and their antics.

i'm still not sure i like the theme this year - forced relationships?

the collective mouths on each of these players is unbelievable. and amanda's voice is one of the worse i have ever heard.

so, what's everyone's take on the hamster puzzle. if the pretend lesbian lovers are just that - pretend - i wonder what the puzzle means.

joy n said...

Maybe it's just a hampster toy. It's not surprising to me that these HG are getting more paranoid every minute.

Sydney said...

Plaidchick & Joy, wonder if they'll show the sex that Ryan and Jen had in the bedroom, with her on top of him... I think they'll be tempted, but that will be the true show of where CBS will go with this material.

God this is hard to watch. I just hope once they all have to vote and 2 ppl go home and the next couple wins HOH and things go on a normal schedule within the week, they will get with it and realize it's a game. They've just had too long with this weird set up of evicting a couple with no vote and then the HOH couple being in the room longer than anyone ever has... they've had nothing TO do but play all this time....

Sydney said...

Parker as usual, goes stomping off....

Sydney said...

So far my favorite is James, but Matt, dawg that he is with the ladies, seems to have some sense of game play.

joy n said...

Tomorrow is eviction and the new HOH comp, right?

Petals said...

Hello all! Jackie, I'm mentally sending you some TheraFlu...
I must thank God for this seasons' cast of funky junk monkeys. If not for them, I'd have only my own sordid life events to think about.
How sad is it when the most decent person in the house is... is...(Buehler? Buehler? Anyone?)

Petals said...

Plaid - I assume your question abuot how stupid these people are was rhetorical? haha

PlaidChick said...


It wouldn't surprise me if they show Jen and Ryan and their AM romp fest. Everyone says they weren't doing anything-- I would say they were. It's not like the first time someone has had sex in the BB house, but Jen could care less about the cameras.

The producers have to be reading what we think of this season. There's talk the season could be over in 8 weeks-- the couple idea sucks. They've had no food competitions, they need to do something to stir the pot up a bit.

I do like evel dick's take on the season.

Feel better Jackie!

Petals said...

Syd - thanks for your kind thoughts last night, and we never have to mention it again ? :) {syd} {blog}
I like James, too. But all this I'm reading about him being in gay porn really rubs me the wrong way... oops, pun intended, I guess.

PlaidChick said...

Petals-- stupid is as stupid does ;)

Clementine said...

Me, me, me, me, me.
Me, me.
Me, me, me.

(OK, Amanda, we get it! It's all about you.)

We interrupt this unbelievably crap-tastic season of BB for a few Idol comments:

David Archuleta is amazing. And Aussie Michael Johns is HOT!


The only good thing about BB is Jackie on the front lines blogging, so I can keep up without losing too many I.Q. points. Thanks for taking one for the team, Jackie! Feel better soon!

Petals said...

Someone in another BB blog said that AManda is a brunette Janelle. I nearly choked. No way. No WAY! (right?)

Petals said...

Isn't my Edward the most adorable baby? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ >

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie and BB friends,

I commented a few times during BB8 but usually read during work and not free to comment--too tired at night.

Anywasy, have to get a few things off my chest.

1st, Jackie, thank you for all you do and hope you feel better real soon.

Have been a bb fan since day one--my absolute favorite show.

A few critiques for this season's guests:

1. Nominee for most stupid: Jen for letting out her relationship with Ryan, but she is only first runner up. How stupid is it for Allison to paint TWO targets on her back by being half of the Jen & Ryan relationship and the MAKING ONE UP with Sheila.?????

2. Most conceited: Jen stupid AND conceited) and Amanda (sorry but I don't find her the least bit attractive OAr SMART as she painted herself in her pre-show publicity).

3. Most pathetic: Without a doubt poor Natalie. I am the mother of 3 daughters age 18, 20 and 22. I cannot imagine being the mother of Natalie who is making an absolute fool of herself. I can't imagine what her parents must think much less what she will feel about herself when she sees how she has portrayed herself--how her "affections" have been abused. And shame on Matt for his part in that as well.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

Thanks again Jackie.

Karen in Wisconsin

Loren said...

Plaidchick-I noticed Ryan trying to cover "something" as he galloped to meet Jen in the bathroom, as well!! Too funny. I dunno, they are young and immature (and a bit stupid) but I'm being entertained.

Petals said...

Karen ~ ^5, girl. You pegged it, especially #3, with Natalie. She needs a red cape with a big "P" on it (but then again, that would comfuse her, and make matters worse...)

anybodybuthillary said...

OMG, I hate her voice!!! She is the Janelle of this season!!!

Petals said...

{Anybody} Honey, why don't you talk to me? Did you forget me?

Petals said...

Seriously...Anybody. We need to talk.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness ABH..... Amanda would just love to hear you comment since she already thinks she looks like and can play the game as well as or better than Janelle. Only in her dreams!

Terry in CA (rainy) said...

I just dont get it...these people arent the least bit interested in all the house signs and clues...things they should be memorizing or trying to analyze...usually in the past the smarter ones would be studying things even without comment to others...so have all the pheramones completely blinded these hamsters? They need to get serious and play this game...
Zoetawny love the graphic! It truly captures the whole concept BB has layed out for them.
Jackie..sending hugs..get well..good job...

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember their names! By now in a season, even if I can't remember their given name, I know who is who (the crying one, the one who sleeps all day, etc). They all freak out about the smallest most minor details, I think that bothers me the most. I watched Paw-ker wake everyone up in the middle of the night because someone called him a name???! omg Wait until he reads the boards, he'll have us all in time out. And their shock that BB ruined their chances in the game by making them couples. BB can do whatever to whomever...that is part of the game. Didn't any of these hyperbolic irrational simpletons watch past seasons. Or were they all out partying instead of watching primetime? Were they recruited or did they apply? I hope instead of a Mime or Sheryl Crow visiting the house that they bring in SuperNanny. Okay, that rant relaxed me somewhat. I only have one more question...do you think the producer is proud of her work?
Jackie, I am sending good thoughts your way. I used to think the Citrus Alka Seltzer was the best when I had what you have...but I am not sure they still make it. Sue

Donna in AL said...

Is anything happening on the live feeds right now?

Sydney said...

OMG Sue! You get best line of the night! Bring in Supernanny!!! No more spot on words were spoken. ZOe -- can you make a graphic of THAT??? LoL!

Donna in AL said...

I am having memory lapses . . . is Julie not usually on the Tuesday night show?

Petals said...

Donna - I have no clue. I didn't see the show..she wasn't on? Wa sit all recap?

Donna in AL said...

I didn't see her but I was flipping back and forth to American Idol. I would flip back before the commercial ended in some cases and she wasn't hosting.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I left you a solution on how to get rid of your cough on a comment below this. I'll do it again. Now I'm not crazy, it does work. Take some Vicks Vapor Rub and put on the botton of your feet (cover botton of feet). Then put some socks on and go to bed or whatever you want to do. This is something that was used long ago.
Jackie from N.C. (retired)

Petals said...


Petals said...


Sydney said...

Petals -- I'm confused. You mention each time you haven't seen the show. How come?

Petals said...

I am never home when it's on. I have to catch eps On Demand, but they're available one day later. Last season I had the After Dark, so I could keep up with everything 24/7.
I hate being a day late & dollar short. :(

Anonymous said...

Omigod, bring on the puzzles, the memory games and the IQ tests. I want someone to root for, I will settle for two brain cells.

monty924 said...

Anon 11:33,

I've actually heard of that one too. My parents had all sorts of home remedies for things. Believe it or not, I've heard that this one works for cold symptoms.

Now onto BB... They just get childisher and childisher (is childisher a word?).

I think things may mellow out next week once one of Jen or Ryan is gone. I'm praying so! The shows have been good for the casual veiwer who doesn't watch the feeds or check the internet, but I'm still so luke warm on how I feel about the whole thing.

Hope the flu bug only visits for a very short while Jackie. I'm sending 'virtual' homemade chicken noodle soup, jello, ice cream, lots of liquids, and a warm water bottle in support. Thanks for blogging, even when you feel like this, and take care!

monty924 said...

Okay, I've totally been surfing too long this morning and have to hit the hay, but... I happened onto THEWHATTHEBUCKSHOW on youtube and had completely forgot about his clips. He is so funny and you should check it out.

Again, I have no idea how to embed a link so here's my attempt to link you to some funny stuff concerning BB and other reality TV.



monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Here Jackie... @@ I found your eyes rolling around my laptop. Sure hope you feel better soon!
LMAO, bring on supernanny!! I agree with everyone of y'all...this is one sorry azz bunch. I feel most for Natalies Dad. Her Mom must be disappointed, but her poor Daddy must be horrorifed at her behavior!

As far as Shelia and Allison being a "lesbo couple" gag me... just saying it makes for another target on their backs...Silly people.

I hate to say it but Matt IS the only one in there with game! Dog that he is, he is thinking.

Forgive me ED haters but I loved his take on this season...kudos to whomever it was that posted the link.

Forever Addicted to BB,

RyzandShyn said...

Petals - Thanks for the you tube links on Amanda and Josh making up. I tried to watch it, really I did, but I just couldn't get past the fact that he was throwing the "c" word around with such anger at her not so long ago.
I can't imagine she'd speak to him at all at this point, she must have BIG issues with self worth.
I'm aboard the Supernanny train....Jo-Jo would have a field day.

Petals said...

Hey Syd! jlm1031@comcast.net

Petals said...

ryz - You may or may not believe this, but I have been spoken (ranted) to like that for years. I even joked to my ex husband that I was going to legally change my first name to "C". To me, it's like any other word. I guess I always figured that the men that've said that to me were just trying really hard to get my goat, and when it never worked, they went to the "C" word. That never worked either. It was desperate.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch last night. I have to keep up by lurking over here though!!

Jackie - I hope you are feeling better. Let me know if the vicks on the feet works...that sounds like an interesting remedy.

Love the Supernanny comment. She would restore order in a matter on minutes!

Take care everyone.


RyzandShyn said...

petals - I guess you're right...the power in a word comes from the power we allow it to have. If it hurts us, it's only because we allowed it to.
Still...there are two words (that "C" one and the "N" one) that I find so ugly when used in angry rants that it's hard to regain respect for the one who used it. Joshua lost me on that one.
I'm glad he's your ex-husband now if he was a ranter of those proportions. I'm glad your "goat" remain intact!

Anonymous said...

i quit watching for the first season ever. i can have more fun reading a comic book. let me know when cbs gets back to great bog brother casting. yuck, ewe and i'm DONE! karin in cleveland

Anonymous said...

Is it just show editing or does it seem that Chelsia and James are flying under the radar so far?

Elisha said...

I didn't catch the most recent show, but in some areas of Latin America, they will answer the phone by saying "Bueno" or they'll say it when they're coming up to someone's house and the front door is open.

So yeah, it is a greeting.

Of course, this could all be pointless to say if she did something entirely different, but yeah.

sharon said...

Yuck,yuck and double yuck! I am with Karin in that I caught very little of this train wreck last night.The Biggest Loser was much,much better to watch.The problem with this season is....we are all such BB addicts,CBS figures we'll still all watch and as long as their ratings don't tank,this is going to go on. And I,for one,will stop watching if this is what it's going to be like from now on.

Again,I have to question why Amanda was cast. She does obviously have big,big issues in her life(shades of Amber) and because of her Dad's dying,is looking for something out there and is using her body to try and get "love". She needs serious mental help and not to be exploited on national tv.

I'm hoping that it's Parker/Jen that get the axe tonight. Parker is a big,big baby(aren't they all) and I'm tired of his hissy fits and I just don't like Jen. It may change the atmosphere in the house,who knows. A little less drama from those two would be nice.
And,Allsion has already puched her ticket home with the lesbian story. Whoever said they will spill the beans about it soon was right. They can't keep their mouths shut for two seconds.

I have to take exception with Anybody....Amanda's voice is like Jenn from last season more than Janelle's. It's that baby talk that drives you up a wall.

Terry in CA said...

Donnal in AL...you and me American Idol/BB9 all night.
This train wreck of a show better get better tonight after the eviction of JEN & PARKER I hope! I dont like the way they are flaunting their love life now that everyone knows. I ws glad James at least is looking for some kind of clues and understandings...but heck all those writings on the wal, do they think that is just decoration???

Anonymous said...

I can't find the link on Evel Dick's take on the season, can someone re-post it please, I am dying to read it..

RBennie said...

Hope your feeling better today Jackie. I'm in NYC and people at work are dropping like flies from this flu that's going around. So far so good for me. I get the flu shot every year and its been working for me so far.

Loren said...


All the BB links and info you could possibly want can be found here:


Click on the older "BBUSA News and Rumors" for links to ED and Erics blogs.

Sydney said...

After the giant fight between Amanda and Josh/Chelsia where both of the latter RAGED at Amanda and then even made fun of Amanda's father's recent suicide, I read that both had apologized to Amanda. That makes sense... they should have, no matter how annoying she is, as they are possibly living with her (and needing her vote) for up to 3 more months.

But it's gone too far. Petals found links pt 1&2 of a heart to heart between Amanda and Josh, where it seems SHE is trying to get HIM on her side, while he seems there, but reserved and still a little bitchy. THEN, always in need of attention, on Sho2 last night, you can watch as Amanda and Josh concoct a second, fake fight in the backyard. Amanda cannot WAIT to go do it, to the point of asking Jen, who is coming inside, to just go back outside for " 5 more minutes" (Needs her audeince... now how is that not going to look staged Amanda?).

They have the fight and she pushes him in the pool as planned. The only one who seems to care is sweet-natured James who runs over as Josh is getting out to act like he's coming after Amanda, and gets between them to stop it.

Then you see Amanda jumping up and down with theatrical glee. She races to follow Josh into the shower, then tries to stretch out this 60 second gig out, re-telling and re-telling it for Josh and somehow Chelsia, who is in there with them laughing. Now they're all best buds? The self esteem thing is just so low for her, it's sad to watch.

Speaking of sad to watch, on the CBS site some commenter pointed to the James porn stuff and I admit it, I followed the links to realityBBQ and saw that indeed, this boy has done a little more than riding bikes and panhandling to get some pizza money. He's still my fave for now. Though the meek don't inherit the $500,000... I'm wondering if Matt will take it.

Sydney said...

Petals: NwYrkRock@aol.com

meb said...

Anon Sue: Too funny... your comment about bringing in the SuperNanny! Perfect!

Oh Petals...so sorry you had to endure the rant of a jerk. I'm assuming you got rid of him a long time ago! I had the same deal, only he came with punches!

Amanda is nothing like Janelle... What an insult to Janie.. Amanda's baby talk is too much like Danielle's last season. How can any of the guys think that's attractive...I don't care what her body looks like. MEN!!!!

Jackie...get better real quick. This flu is a bummer!

aspalmertree said...

Hope you feel better soon Jackie.
I have been a BB fan for a long time, but I just can't seem to stomach this crew. I couldn't watch last night... Biggest Loser Couples is much better.

Margo said...

I'm taking BB9 off season pass on my TIVO. These people are disgusting - I'm not wasting my time since the writers strike ended and my shows will be back soon enough. I can always read up on the house happening if I want. I don't find anyone of these spoiled brats to root for - so I quit.

Anonymous said...

I just watched last night's show. I haven't seen any of the live feeds, so have only read Jackie's wonderful and filtered commentary and watched the edited show. I don't know why Nat's parents should be ashamed or why Amanda's partner is possessive of her. If it hadn't been so infuriating to listen to, I would have laughed that he thought her clothing inappropriate while he was wearing the crude "love stinks" T-shirt. Was there a wedding ceremony I missed? They are acting like they are in an abusive marriage with him telling her why she 'deserves' his anger.
I also missed why Sheila and her pseudo partner thought pretending to be long time lovers was a 'brilliant' move when they were evicting a couple to break up a team. Some puzzle piece is missing for me and it isn't in the bottom of the g. pig's cage.
I couldn't see why they all made such a huge deal out of Jen saying her photo meant she would win first....why didn't one of them say, no it means you will be the first to go...which is what I am hoping. And one more thing, has there been any explanation of why Sharon chews on her lip all the time?
Jackie, I hope you'll be well again soon. I am signing this Sue, as always, but heading it with Anon, since I can't get it to take my comment any other way. Something I am doing wrong, I know. Sue

Susan in FL said...

Jackie, Sorry you got the flu. Hubby got it January 29 and I got it February 9. We both had flu shots. Hubby is all okay and I am almost all okay.

Anonymous said...

I think Natalies parents are disappointed and horrorifed by the fact that she is throwing herself at Matt...giving him head on live feeds, all while Matt, at best is indifferent to her.
I just realized the kids on KidNation were far more mature than this bunch...smarter too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steff, that does explain a few of the comments. Sort of makes the Jack Shack seem like the good old days. : ) Sue