Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bloggy Stuff, Big Brother 9, Etc.

Blech. I don't believe it's a cold which hit me so quickly and hard. I think I have the flu. I feel horrible, didn't go into work today because I can barely hold my head up (except to cough).

At least the houseguests are cooperating. Nothing much has gone down in the past 24 hours. I have a new report up on TV Squad.

I plan to live blog tonight's show (unless I conk out beforehand), so please stop back during the show!

Oh ... I did love Dexter the other night and plan to watch it each week. However, I won't be blogging about it on a regular basis because it's on late at night and Monday mornings can be a bear at work.


Sydney said...

OH Jackie -- that sounds miserable! Do you have a fever??? I did, and also had to get a Z pack (antibiotics) to take on day 3 so my couhgh would get gone quicker and not turn into something worse. Something to keep in mind.

In the Freudian slip of the fingers dept: I accidentally wrote Dear HACKie, which I hope makes you laugh a little... (but not too much because it will make you cough!)

It's just good to hear from you. How you can write the TV Squad when your congested I do not know!

PS: So glad you liked Dexter!! Maybe when you're feeling better you can set up a Dexter chat link for us, (and you'll come over and add your opinion there too?).


Tom`S said...

Thanks Jackie, Hang in there!

Delee said...

Jackie, so sorry, didn't you have a cold about 2 weeks ago? My son had the flu over a week ago, he was miserable. This is the time of year flu hits its stride (peaks), wish it had avoided you!!! Lots and lots of fluid and hot soup is a winner! Remember clear fluids only!

The hamsters have been quite, but plotting and plotting. Did not Julie say it would be a live vote?

Can not wait to see what they show tonight!

People.com has the pairings/partners for DWTS. Both the Hough's will be there. Oprah will have past winners on and I am not sure who else on Thurs.

joy n said...

Jackie, sorry it's turned out to be the flu which is worse than a lousy cold. Sydney's right, antibiotics sound like a good idea. Check with your doctor. You don't need for pneumonia to develop. Try hard to get some sleep, too, although I don't imagine that will be easy to do with your schedule. If you need to skip a few posts here, we'll survive. Truly hope you feel better soon.

nancy in pa said...

hope you feel better jackie!! perhaps the hamsters will provide enough entertainment tonight to get your mind off the blahs.

Gayle said...

Jackie, thanks for your dedication in spite of being sick. I hope the medicine helps you feel better real soon!

Sydney said...

Yes, If you need us to we will update here inbetween shows, so you can get your TV Squad stuff done wiht what energy you may have. JoN, you did a great job of live blogging that once for ... DWTS was it?

I avoid antibiotics at all costs (so they'll work when I really need them to) and I could not fill this presc. fast enough. I don't think I would have gotten better within a few days had I not. Truthfully I didn't feel decent for a week, but that was better than the usual 2 weeks or more. What distinguishes a flu from a bad cold is that it comes on very fast and you have a temp too. But they did say it could turn into pneumonia easily unless I did the antibiotics. Day 2 my fever started and was rising very fast, could not get it below 100 before it went back up to almost 103. Docs said take 2 Advil then 2 hrs later take 2 Tylenol, keep alternating both every 2 hrs to help keep the temp and horrible body aches that accompany it under control til the antibiotics kick in. I felt markedly better in 24 hrs.

Sydney said...

I do think that now that someone is being voted out of the house, these people will stop partying and get down to business. I think it will hit them that there is a short time before four more of them are nominated, and they will have a few days to play POV and a few days to get out.

Now 3 people are gone (if you don't count Neil) and they have all had to vote. Until now, no one has had to do anything but party in this prolonged wait for the show to catch up to life in the house. Let's hope at least.

Zoetawny said...


Sooooooo sorry you're down with the flu. Please don't stress yourself out trying to keep up with the blog when you can hardly hold your head up. You know we will understand. Of course we will miss you but you need to get your rest.

I'll be peeking to read all the comments before the show starts here. I always do. LOL

Anonymous said...

Jackie I know you said you had a bad cough and I have the solution for you. I know you will think I'm crazy, but it does work. This was used many moons ago. Take some Vicks Vapor Rub and put it all over the botton of your feet. Then put some socks on. That's it. Jackie from N.C. (I'm retired)