Thursday, February 28, 2008

Latest BB9 Feeds and Tonight's Blogging

My latest Big Brother 9 live feeds report can be found over on TV Squad.

I'll be putting up an East Coast Update post for Survivor when it starts here. While my full review of the show will be on TV Squad, the post here will have the major news and discussion in the comments section.

My upstairs neighbors are playing doo-wop songs ... loudly.

I'll be taping Lost for viewing probably on Sunday. As I write up my Survivor review for TVS, I'll have an East Coast Updates post for Celebrity Apprentice and, of course, comments are welcome.

I'm going to try to catch the boot for American Idol (if you watch, tell me in comments on the Survivor post) and I'll try to get that news out to the masses, too.


Anonymous said...

OK, now I'm convinced Allison is a real nut case! Maybe she's allergic to herself.

K in WI

Petals said...

Did I mention that I am going to marry Ozzy? Just thought you all should know..

Sydney said...

petals -- We have that in common. Yum-boy. Oh wait, I just got married... OK, I guess you get to have him! But I want details!

Anonymous said...

ty ty ty jackie for all that u do for us!!
debi in calif