Sunday, February 17, 2008

Latest BB9 Feeds Schtuff

My most recent feeds report is over on TV Squad.

Although that was written hours ago and since then the hamsters have all arisen, there really isn't a heck of a lot of new news.

The PoV ceremony was supposed to go down at 12 noon their time, but may or may not have happened. The feeds have been blocked for a few intervals, but there's been no concrete confirmation that the event has occurred. The current indications seem to be that the nominations will probably not be changed.

Natalie is upset that Amanda called her a whore. Um, well, too bad, so sad. Not that Amanda's all that much better, but you make your bed, you lie in it, Natalie. Open your eyes ... Matt cares nothing about you no matter what you do under the covers!

I'll be live-blogging tonight's show from here on the east coast and will post another feeds report here later this evening.

UPDATE: PoV was NOT used, noms remain Parker/Jen and Ryan/Allison.


joy n said...

OMG! Remember when a girl's reputation meant everything? How does Natalie in good conscience call herself a Christian?

Families, friends and co-workers of these people must be cringing.

My oldest step-son (in ND) and I, usually discuss over the phone, the goings-on in BB and Survivor. He's the one who got me interested in the first place. I think we're both too embarrassed to talk about this season of BB, in particular. They definitely need a new producer.

Anonymous said...

Totaly agree. Don't know where they got these people from, but they can go back into the hole they crawled out of. I'd rather have 14 Evel Dicks. Boogie wasn't that bad last year. Even the trashiest girl that has been on BB wasn't as bad as these girls. And they think it makes for good TV. Bring back BB6.

debbie said...

I agree
I will take all the big brothers! Even this early, I always have a favorite. This group is into nothing but sex talk all the time. Natalie was totally naked in the hot tub and then bragging about the tricks her blankety blank can do , shooting out water etc. This is like watching porn. I want to see good old fashion big brother fun, some back stabbing and some sneaky manipulation!! Not a bunch of dogs in heat!

Nancy said...

I can only say this so diappointing. I guess with 2 of them going a week it should be a short season and they can get back on track for the summer. At least their is survivor to watch.