Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BB9 Live Feeds Not Much of an Update

I know I haven't posted since this morning, but not much has happened. Ryan and Adam are gloating because they're sure they'll be the final two. Sheila knows they're planning to win, not sure if the idea will increase her performance on today's part two of the HOH. Ryan and Adam even came up with a special winning handshake. Sheila discussed the possibility of Adam, her, Ryan and Jen getting together to do something for autistic children.

Then it went into a feeds block more than a few hours ago.


RyzandShyn said...

Well, maybe Ryan, Jen and Sheila could get together to do something for children affected by autism..:)

sue said...

Thank you Jackie, What do you feel about a possibility of Sheila being in F2?

We have storms almost over us. Drat. They should be fast moving, which is better than the huge one that just hung around the other night. It is mid 80s tempwise right now and almost 6pm central time.

Here is a quote I heard Adam use today to Sheila as they congratulated themselves on getting so far. They waited until Ryan was not with them to have their happy talk. And my apologies if I got any of Adam's words wrong, I have tried, but he won't listen to me when I ask him to repeat it slower and clearer.

"estimate a quality support system' is the method he/they used to 'win'. They haven't won yet, but if my math is right then at least one of them will at least be 2nd place. Win Place and Show in the house now.

RyzandShyn said...

The more I think about it, the more amazed I am at how all the houseguests let their guard down and do/say things on national television that, if they thought about it, they wouldn't want people to know or hear or see.

I'm pretty sure Jameka realized what Amber was doing as the words came out of Amber's mouth, but that's the only case like that I can think of.

With all the ranting Sheila did about Adam using "that word" and his attitude while doing so, I guess it didn't occur to her what the bigger ramifications might be for him.

I wish BB would do a reunion show like Bravo does for it's shows. We couold see footage of them watching the tapes, being confronted by friends and family....ya know, all that juicy stuff we wish we were flies on the wall for.
(I'm thinking when Gnat sees her You Tube footage...oh my)

Anonymous said...

I will believe it when it actually happens regarding anyone but Adam really helping with the Autism. I think some of them are just trying to seem like something they really are not. I hope I am wrong. It could really be a BIG GIVE!

Laurie said...

RyzandShyn, a reunion show like Project Runway does would be awesome. Oh to see Gnat's face to see her Valentine gift or any of the many shots of Matt mugging to the camera at her expense. Remember the "massage" and how he kept looking at himself in the mirror. That was priceless.

RyzandShyn said...

laurie...I know it's terrible to wish to know those things, to watch when it happens, but I do, I really do.

Maybe if enough of us write in for a reunion, they'll do it. One week after the finale would be perfect!

Laurie said...

RyzandShyn, I know it's not the good part of me that wants to see those things. *hangs head* But, it is good to know I'm not alone. You know, we see this crap and watch people go on blindly believing what they want to believe. If I could see a dawn of realization on Natalie's face then it would be worth slogging through this game all this time. If she walked over and slapped him I'd buy us all drinks!