Sunday, April 20, 2008

BB9 Live Feeds Update

I took this screen cap before a feeds block. I thought it might be the POV meeting, but it returned to the HG eating dinner. BB told them the preexisting relationship was that the guinea pigs are sisters.

It looks pretty definite that Ryan will keep the noms the same and Adam will vote Sheila out. Adam and Ryan had a blow-up, but they're buddies once again. It sounds like all the real action will probably go down tomorrow.


Sydney said...

Why do I still feel bad for Shelia somehow? Maybe because she's been such a good sport for all the tricks that have been played on her. I believe she really has developed great affection for Adam and she has worked her butt off cleaning that house all this time.

She's been annoying as hell and has been all but worthless in all the comps, but I guess I feel bad for her... all this time in the house and nothin, nothing but the $750 for each week, and with a kid I'm sure she'd have liked to have sent to college, that just doesn't seem to do much more than pay for her bills in the time she was there.

I don't think this will do much for her book deal past getting her the tiniest whif of momentary consideration by publishers that she'd otherwise have absolutely NO chance with.

monty924 said...

I love all the guinea pigs action going on right now on the feeds. They are so cute!

RyzandShyn said...

Do they realize they are finishing up this week?

Gayle said...

They were talking about BB speeding thing up earlier today. They know that they are having the POV meeting, eviction and a comp tomorrow.

Tom`S said...

Darn I was hoping for POV tonight, I have mixed feeling regarding Sheila, however she does treat Adam like crap, although he's annoying at times, she basically told Sharon last week she didn't belong in TC alliance.

All & All Sheila should have been evicted before James!

Goodnight Thanks to everyone, you all are the best! Thanks Jackie..

Laurie said...

I think it dawned on them today that this is the last week.

RyzandShyn said...

Me too sometimes. She's a hot mess in that house, but seems like a good egg.

RyzandShyn said...

Goody, it's on now as promised. Not sure if I'll watch or DVR it. Either which way, I'll talk to you good people tomorrow. Take care, sleep well.

Gayle said...

Good night everybody!

PlaidChick said...

Just when I get my second wind (and my husband calling to say there is an outage in the UK and may be home later than usual) you guys go to bed!

I know, life, work, kids.

Nana in the NW said...

Hey Plaidchick, I'm still up but not for long. I really do well with about 8-9 hrs. of sleep a night and Josie has only been allowing me 5-6 hrs. for over a month now. My hubby and I tried to take turns getting up this weekend....worked well for him he went right back to sleep after I took care of he took care of her and I layed awake for about 2 hours then just got up. Next weekend I'm going to a different bedroom!!

ryzandshyn--the hg know things are speeding up but still think the F2 will be together for a week. They believe the finale is April 29th.

PlaidChick said...


Here is a Sheila tribute over on Jokers...


If you go to and do a search for sheila there are lots of screen catches of her there.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight, all. I tivo-ed the show earlier tonight and was trying to watch it after everyone else went to sleep, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. I ran it back four times & kept falling asleep during the luxury comp. I give up! Tomorrow is another day!


dla said...


You nailed it re: Sheila... :)

She is one hot mess, and annoying as all get out, but it will be a shame if it ends up Adam that ensures she is out of the game.

Sydney, I also find myself feeling like it is not quite right, and I feel bad for her.

And, Ryan really really needs to pull up his pants or get a belt that works. lol

formerly anon said...

So now that they know it was the guinea pigs, I wonder if they have apologized to Sheila for suspecting her so vehemently? Probably not. If I were Sheila I think I would make the point to them, how all of them were absolutely CONVINCED that she was lying to them about it, that they should consider how good their instincts are.

Nana in the NW said...

So who do I want to win this mess? I have reasons why and why not for everyone:

Sharon--least despicable, seems like the most normal,
BUT she has not really played well in the comps(except early on) and is pretty sneaky.

Sheila--could use the money,is a single mom(sorry, I had to) BUT she has no gameplay mentally and physically. Her whining drives me crazy!

Adam--he would probably do some good things with the money and I think outside the house is probably a good guy, BUT he is gross,disrespects females, and hasn't played well in comps.

Ryan--I'm having a hard time finding a reason I want him to win....he lies, was a floater most of the game,seems to have no ethics and would probably waste the money.

Just my opinion....

Plaidchick--you and I both suffer from two chronic afflictions: migraines and motion sickness. I've had motion sickness as long as I can remember and the migraines started when I was about 21. My doctor thought when I went through menopause they would go away but no such luck! Thank God for drugs!!

Time for bed-sounds like tomorrow is going to be a long day/night in the BB house.

Patty said...

NanaNW& Plaidchick-stick me in your group of severe motion sickness and migraines.

I had so many earaches when I was younger. I think motion sickness and ear problems go hand in hand. I have had shots before traveling. I have also done shots along with wearing a patch, that did not conquer it all the way either. They helps a tad, but not much. Dramaine and all the tablets you buy at the drugstore don't do a thing for me.

I have taken the maxalt, but it caused such racing of my heart to the point I could feel and hear it in my ears. I thought I was having a heart attack. They said I had a reaction to it. I have taken Midrin for sometime now. I feel the Excedrin Migraine works just as good as any RX I have been on. It is cheaper. I get sick every time when I have a migraine.

When I went south of Cancun about a year ago, I tried the ginger root tablets. I can say it settled the tummy a little bit, but I was still did not feel well.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for the migraine and motion sickness team. I have had motion sickness since I was a child and migraines since I was 19. I have tried Midrin, Imitrex nose spray and now I am using Maxalt. Excedrin works sometimes, but not usually. As for the motion sickness, I tried all of the standard remedies with little success. I even get sick in elevators. And I have had to fly twice for business and it did not go well. I get vertigo when I fly.
As to the 'game' it will be interesting to see if Adam keeps his word about voting Shelia out. I seriously doubt that he will, but he could surprise me. At this point, he would be a fool (IMO) to go against Ryan.

RyzandShyn said...

Happy Monday Morning!
UGH...I stayed up to watch the episode played late in the NYC area, but kept falling asleep, kept hitting the DVR button to go back, and finally just gave up I think. I don't remember much, but I woke up on the couch this morning, fully dressed from Oh Well.
Sharon's whooping and a'hollering blew my eardrums out. The comp was very funny.
Ok, I gotta get moving, am late because of all that. Have a good one!

sharon said...

Sharon's voice has always bothered me,almost as much as Amanda's, right from the start. She seems to yell about everything and that whooping last night was the worst!

I am a little late in catching up with the previous postings,but we still have a drive-in movie here about a half mile from our house. The AutoRama and it does a booming business. Only one drawback,it's right by the railroad tracks and that's a pain! We've gone to it since I was in high school,over 45 yrs now. We had some funny adventures there,too. I remember calling my Dad out one night when the car wouldn't start,at about 1 AM,and when he got there,I had left the car in park and that's why it wouldn't start. Uh,he wasn't very happy with me! Another time,my brother lost the car keys and we couldn't find them,so had to call poor ole Dad for the extra keys and go back the next day to find them!Way back further,one of my earliest memories of a drive-in,being in my pj's,hanging my head out the window cause I was crying at "Old Yeller" and knew my brother would make fun of me for crying!

I'm betting they are voting out Sheila and I kinda feel sorry for her too. I DON'T want Ryan to win,so he probably will! (sigh)

TerryinCA said...

ok, Ive read all the comments and we all seem to be in agreement...I cringe everytime Sheila says "annoying" cause well, it is! And Sharons screaming, her loud timbre in her voice....yikes! Adams gross habits,bug eyed stare when confronted..yet his over all tender heart...Ryan you are so right, he was a floater a promiser of all things to all people..and I think he'd blow the money marrying Jen...and I want him to review the whole tape first before going back to her....she will dismiss it all as gameplay Im sure....
bottom line....I'd give the money to Sharon or Adam......AND I'd make BB make Ryan give up the $10,000 he stole from Sheila that Adam gave her...especially if he wins!