Monday, April 21, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds Into Monday Morning

Adam and Ryan talking about voting out Sheila last night.

Yesterday was an odd day in the house. The hamsters were locked inside all day due to HOH construction in the yard. The one event usually held on Sunday -- the POV meeting -- wasn't held. And, they found that there will be a HOH comp today (Monday). They keep calling it live, but it will only be live to them. It will show taped on Tuesday's show. It will most likely be blocked from the feeds, but we'll see.

Here's the excitement from the late night and overnight hours in the Big Brother House of Beebies Love:
  • During a feeds block, the HG received Chinese food.
  • Since BB called them each into the Diary Room to tell them that the guinea pigs are the remaining preexisting relationship, that was a topic of discussion.
  • They taped their goodbye messages for Adam, Sharon, and Sheila yesterday as Ryan has not yet either used or not used the veto. All three had to pack just in case.
  • But it seems Sheila is the one with a ticket to ride ... right on out the door.
  • They know BB is speeding things up, but aren't sure how many days they have. From what they're saying it sounds like they think the finale is next Tuesday or Wednesday when it's indeed this coming Sunday.
  • Sharon told Adam she's sure Ryan won't be using the veto and putting him on the block.
  • They discovered a place where Matt carved his name in the rail. I wonder if BB will deduct from his stipend for the damages?
  • Ryan and Adam teased both Sharon and Sheila saying they both had crushes on Alex.
  • They all think Sharon should have gotten the HOH question right because the guinea pigs are her fur-iends, her beebies.
  • Adam said he had a meltdown over his cigarettes. He had a secret stash hidden and it's gone.
  • Sheila told Adam he probably still has his cigarettes somewhere and will probably find them when he packs.
  • Whatever the Diary Room was doing late last night when they called the HG in one by one was fun according to Sharon. That's all we got before the BB voice admonished her -- "Sharon, you are not allowed to discuss your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests!"
  • Ryan once again told Adam he has to vote "Big She" out. Adam agreed to do so.
  • Ryan thinks that Sheila's an idiot because she's not sucking up to Adam for the vote. Adam thinks it's easier that she's not.
  • Adam is worried that Sharon might beat them in the HOH comp. Ryan is sure she won't.
  • I'd like to see her beat Ryan just because he's so darn smug about how great he'll do!
  • The guys practiced hanging by their arms from the staircase just in case the HOH comp had them hanging from their arms. @@
  • They all headed to bed, but Adam and Ryan got up and snacked again before returning to their beds with visions of HOH wins in the heads.


Tom`S said...

The guys practiced hanging by their arms from the staircase just in case the HOH comp had them hanging from their arms. @@
ROTFLMAO Jackie's >> @@@ <<-- EyeRolls cracked me up..

Patty said...

It coming to an end. It will be interesting to see who keeps their word with whom and who ends up leaving...I know this is BB, so expect the unexpected out of any of the HGS. I just hope the votes do not get personal. They have all turned on each other at some point in the game.

Does anyone think that Ryan will be smart enough to wear the hand grips/gloves that were sent to him in his basket? If he is smart he will be wearing them, for sure if he has to hang on to anything for a long period of time.

I have watched the feed off and on over the last few nights. The house sure is boring since Gnat left. Sharon's voice is very piercing to say the least. I noticed Adam's voice can reach a point where it makes one hit the volume button when he gets excited. He is loud. Sharon makes you hit mute!

It should be great to see the reactions and expressions when BB tells them about the hamsters being sisters. They put in so much time trying to figure that one out. I am glad now that they know about it before casting any votes.

Have a great day everyone!

Sydney said...

fepfsceiWhen's this show over? I want it over.

Then we could pull up Dancing With The Stars, Deadliest Catch, Dexter, Dirt, Bachelor, Oprah, Basketball playoffs, SOMETHING ELSE to talk about!!! Don't know if FNL, Jericho, Journeyman, etc, will come back. Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck etc.. should be back with BB10 this summer. Is there a Biggest Loser summer edition?

PURPOSELY OFF TOPIPC: Last night was the finale of John Adams. They had an all day replay of the first 6 parts of the 7 part series. I should have mentioned it but I was busy all that day, my first day volunteering at the ZOO. It was so much fun for me as an animal LOVER who is too allergic to have any at home.

There are many things I've l really enjoyed doing with my time in my life, but nothing has made me want to get up in the morning like doing this. I go back again today, several times in the next 2 weeks. Am trying to get in enough hours to start docent training. Though that takes almost a year, the first set of classes starts May 3.

Tom`S said...

my first day volunteering at the ZOO. It was so much fun for me as an animal LOVER who is too allergic to have any at home.
Sydney have you been to San Antonio Zoo? It's a great place, I love S.A Zoo .. Nice Staff, just a really wonderful place. I was reviewing old photo's last week, I have a lot of memories at San Antonio Zoo.

Donna in AL said...

I wish I had known about he John Adams repeats yesterday. I may could have gotten my brother to tape it for me. If anyone, has it and can put it on dvd, I would gladly pay them to send me a copy.

I have read all the comments all weekend but have not felt like joining in. The bronkitis has just zapped all my energy and I have layed around and napped most of the weekend...something I absolutely never do! I was going back to the doctor today but I seems to be a little better.

We have three drive ins within a 75 mile radius here. Four of us went to one a couple years ago, we sat in the backset and could not see without craning our necks compeltely sideways. I do not know if it was the type vehicle we were in or the hill or how we parked but I don't care about going back!

I don't really know who I want to win either except I do not want Ryan too. I have liked Sheila a little more in the last couple of weeks. She has a nice laugh and if she is not complaining, her voice isn't bad, it's just the whining. I like Sharon but her voice has always bothered me. She sounds like she needs to blow her nose all the time plus the squealling.

sue said...

Ryan is counting on Sharon winning one of the HOH comps...even the endurance. That is the reason for his long term alliance with her. He made certain yesterday to tell Adam that he (Ryan) and Sharon don't have an alliance.

About the only laugh for me yesterday was when Sharon was trying to talk to Adam about
voting out Sheila and Sharon couldn't understand a word Adam was saying.

Her laugh reminds me of the girl in "Oklahoma" the musical. Maybe it is the /I can't say no' one. Although the laugh in the play is for intentional humor and not so much when it comes from Sharon.

Sharon keeps using (as per James game plan) that James will vote for Sheila or Adam at the end. Yeah, sure, he will.

Sharon saying to Ryan she didn't want to lie and then making up reasons to vote someone out and make it look real was a look into her soul. Too bad Ryan didn't seem to put the two together.

Sharon it is lying every time you change a conversation and pretend you weren't talking behind someone's back. It is lying when you have an alliance with Ryan and say you don't. It is lying if you are living in the BB house and pretending to be Mama to some g pigs who you didn't even know well enough to know they were sisters. Sharon, enough of the you are too good to lie. Be proud of your lying, own your lying, it is what got you this far in the game that you want to win.

Did the hgs even know the g pigs were female?

nancy in pa said...

i too have gotten on the "feeling sorry a bit for sheila" wagon. maybe its also because of my geat dislike for sharon. i would love to see adam and sheila as the F2. it would be cool in the sense that they are original couples, it would be cool in the sense that ryan would be OUT, and cool in the way that they each could be a deserving win.

Laurie said...

Good morning! I'm in the anybody but Ryan camp. His smug mug and bullying ways make me think of Gnat when she was in power. Ugh!

joy n said...

I don't want to see Ryan win, either. His cockiness is getting almost as bad as Gnat's.

I was for Sharon winning for a bit, but have changed my mind. She doesn't deserve to win for any reason I can think of. She is the ultimate floater.

I'm also hoping for an f2of Adam and Sheila. As disgusting as Adam can be, he kept his word to James. Sheila drives me up a wall at times, but she got Gnat out of the house. These are the best reasons that I can come up with for this motley group.

It's too bad the sisters can't REALLY win this.

sue said...

I don't want any of them to win. The only fun left is seeing plans toppled. Ryan has it all worked out. If Adam decided to override Ryan and then would have to evict Ryan immediately, at least we would have the surprise to see. Sharon seems to think it at least possible and that is what prompted her frentic campaigning yesterday.

A few days ago those left in the house were talking about the Vegas gift trip. Before Chelsia and James left, they, too, had made plans to go to Vegas. James said that he wouldn't have any cash for that kind of trip (since they won't receive their pay from BB for a while) and Chelsia responded that she would have her credit card. In reference to that earlier conversation, when Ryan and Sharon won their trip, Adam said James and Cheilsia were already going to be there and he (Adam) would come (bearing illegal gifts) and they could all party in Ryan's room. I just kept thinking, wouldn't it be a great reality show tie in if Cops was filming that week in Vegas?

meb said...

Good one Sue... I can't believe how easily these hgs forget they are telling world (and the police) that they will have drugs wherever they go. Stupido!

While I can't bear Sharon's voice, I have to give her credit for still being there. Being a floater and still remaining in the house after being on the block 5 or 6 times in a row has to be some sort of game play. She convinced everyone up to this point that she's not a threat. Isn't that game play?

I don't want Ryan to win... and I'm in between the other three. None deserving and yet all deserving just as much as the other...

By the way, if we get to see Nat getting to Sequester at all, I'll be it'll only be when Julie is there to announce it. They have to give her something to do.

We're almost there folks! YAY!

Nana in the NW said...

"the guys practiced hanging by their arms from the staircase"....ROTFL

They truly are trapped in a time warp--junior high!!

Do you think Ryan will pick up on the hint about the gloves?? You know Jen was behind sending those after watching the comps. and probably reading blogs about the HG not having any.

Somebody help me--Pt. 1 is endurance but what is Pt. 2 and 3? They have not done a comp. about how much they know about each other yet....have they?

Sorry any guys reading if you find this TMI--but Sheila seems to have a lot of periods....maybe she is peri-menopausal. No way, that would mean She-Rock is getting old and not the hot chick Evil Dick is waiting to date! LOL

Sooo many of us with motion sickness and migraines. I do wonder if there is a connection and inner ear problems....I also have vertigo and chronic ear infections.

Jackie--I loved Sheila's "ticket to ride". Yep, her turn on this roller coaster is almost over(I think).

I hope the feeds aren't blocked. At least they will be on for the endurance comp.

Everybody take a nap or go back to could be a late night!

Laurie said...

I think I'm gonna be sad,
I think it's today, yeah.
The girl that's driving me mad
Is going away.

Thanks for the great reference, Jackie. This is a nice song to have in our heads today! If only they were all going away today.

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC: Tom's is right about the San Antonio Zoo. It was built in an old quarry and is beautiful. Right next to the zoo is the Japanese Tea Garden which just reopened. It, too, was built in part of the old quarry. Both are in Brackenridge Park on the river -- before the river goes into downtown and the Riverwalk. S.A. is a beautiful city. Of course, I'm prejudiced! I'm from there! This week is Fiesta week and the Spurs are in the playoffs. A busy time down here and the weather is perfect. Glad BB is winding up. Time to get back outside! Of course, will be checking in here from time to time until BB10. Please CBS give us some more likable people!


sue said...

It is 8:20am in the house and the flames/music are on. Last I looked they were all sleeping, so it must be blocking wake up music.

One part of the questions, at some point, involves jury questioning. Or do they still do that?

I keep wondering about Sheila and Adam being the only couple left. Will Adam fight to keep that rather than Sheila herself. He seems a man of his word.

Sheila talks a lot (ya think?!) but I noticed recently that seems to be more a hatred of silence on her part. She cannot seem to be quite in any way, not just with her voice. Noise agitates me, but silence does that to some people.

Flames off and lights are on in the house. Their day has begun.

sue said...

The hgs are getting ready for the day. Sheila asked Sharon 'what time did they say?" Sharon said, the music was too loud to hear, but I think they said 9". Sheila says I thought they said 90 minutes. Either way, this morning something will happen. Sharon and Sheila deciding how to dress, for an athletic comp or dressy for a show. With Sharon's answer, Sheila responds with one of her evil laughs to Sharon. "so you are planning on staying?"

delee said...

Sydney, Biggest Loser, ready for this??? Families, yep but yuck!

I want Adam to realise that Ryan is in an alliance with Sharon. Is that too much to ask? Maybe if Adam had his nose in the Bible less he would realise that Sharon DOES talk to Ryan! If I was there, a clue would have been that Ryan or Sharon walk off when another hamster approaches. Gheeeez!

If noms stay the same, I hope that Adam gets rid of Sharon. Let that bit Ryan in the butt! At that point what does it matter?

PlaidChick said...

All you motion sick peepers and migraine suffers.

Had chronic ear infections as a kid, got tubes in my ears at age 4. Got bad headaches at age 15. Took Midrin, Fiornial, Firocet. Imitrex and Frova didn't work. I had a nightmare of an experience of trying Topamax. I lost my eyesite for 3 days last March. The nurologists said it couldn't possibly be the Topamax (read the patient information, it's there) but they hand it out like candy, they wanted to say it was some kind of weird optic nuritis, yet I had no indictions of lesions on my brain for MS. Then they said they really didn't know what caused it. After massive steroids my eyesight came back and I had no residual side effects from the drug thank God. My FIL takes 400 mg of it for seizures, and his thought process is extremely slow.

This is going to be the only semi-interesting day in the house, and I would kind of like to see Adam pull a fast one, but he won't. I'm ready for Ryan to hit the door. I'm tired of his cockiness, yet plain stupidity "Butthead" personality.

Becky said...

OFF TOPIC: Tom's is right about the San Antonio Zoo. It was built in an old quarry and is beautiful. Right next to the zoo is the Japanese Tea Garden which just reopened. It, too, was built in part of the old quarry. Both are in Brackenridge Park on the river -- before the river goes into downtown and the Riverwalk. S.A. is a beautiful city.

I will agree to this statement. I love San Antonio. We sent four children to college in San Antonio and they all stayed there after graduation. We hope to retire there someday. I promised my almost 90 year old mother that as long as she is alive and living on her own I will stay in this city with her (she lives one street over).

Now -- BB - The only way Ryan will have a snow balls chance in he** to win is to take Shelia to the finals.

Frankly, I hope he takes Adam. Then he can kiss the money goodbye. I was pulling for Adam and Sharon in the finals, but not anymore. If I could pick, it would be Shelia and Adam. I think Adam would win, but at least Shelia would get the second place money. Actually, my pick for the winners would be the sisters!

Patty said...

Sue- we will either see them on COPS or Taxicab Confessions.

Nana NW- I posted previously about the gloves...I too wonder if Ryan will think of putting them on for the comp.

I don;t really care who wins, but I am leaning toward Adam. He has played it the best. I think Shelia also has played her part in swaying from side to side. As for Sharon and Ryan, they have floated down the river on the raft long's time to tip their tube over and swim to shore.

Tom`S said...

I'm also hoping for an f2of Adam and Sheila. As disgusting as Adam can be, he kept his word to James.
Part of me would love to see Adam vote out Sharon, simply because he suspects Ryan has lied various times in regards to Sharon.

Becky, your right about SA Zoo. I have family in San Antonio, it's a great city.

Go Spurs!

TerryinCA said...

sue..yes the mayors daughter! hysterical!!

and I dont want any of them to win, except maybe the Sister Act in the cage....

Anonymous said...

Sharon for the win. LOL!