Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning

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Yo, yo, yo ... check it out, dawgs. I think I've been watching too much Randy Jackson on American Idol, eh? Last night (and the Saturday before) I watched Groomer Has It on Animal Planet. And now today, I'm posting Zoetawny's graphic of the BB9 houseguests as the dogs they might be. (Our apologies to the good dogs of the world.)

If I don't get off this dog kick, my cat is going to need a little cat psychiatrist. She's going to have a complex. But, she should feel better that no cats were harmed or mocked in the production of this blog. It's a dogs world for the houseguests!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of When Good Dogs Go Bad:
  • As I mentioned in my last update (over on TVS), they napped a lot. They have been napping more than is good for man or dog.
  • Sheila played with the oversized golf stuff all alone because the rest were napping. Maybe they're just avoiding her.
  • Sheila took a sauna alone and then painted one of the Easter craft things they had.
  • All alone.
  • At least she doesn't keep talking when alone although I enjoyed Evel Dick talking to the cameras when he was alone. I just don't want to hear Sheila's voice and all she'd do is complain, whine, and fuss anyway.
  • Sheila cleaned the cabinets. (Okay, I guess she can come over here if she wants to clean stuff. I could use a hand. She'd have to be muzzled, though.)
  • Adam reported to Ryan that the girls are both telling him all kinds of "crap."
  • Adam and Ryan played with the golf stuff.
  • Adam told Ryan about different scenarios Sharon is coming up with the jury votes.
  • Ryan told Adam that Sharon hung out with the wrong group too long and she's wrong, too.
  • They think that all Sharon has is a guaranteed three votes -- James, Joshuah, and Chelsia.
  • Sheila has been trying to use those three votes as a reason for Sharon to go this week.
  • Adam is down to two cigarettes left.
  • Sheila thinks she deserves to win. After all, she's not a gold-digger! (This coming from someone who lived in a big shot's mansion for a few years.)
  • Sheila seems envious that Sharon will go to a spa, on a shopping spree, and to a movie premiere. Apparently since she won all of that, she doesn't need to win the game, right?
  • Sheila and Sharon think they've both been the last to know anything and everything in the house throughout the season.
  • Ryan ran laps around the yard. I'm surprised the BB voice didn't remind him how many laps it takes to make up a mile. No, they never say that when it's useful!
  • Sheila went on an anti-Natalie rant saying that Natalie grew mean towards her after Matt was evicted.
  • Both Adam and Ryan want to avoid talking game with Sheila.
  • Sheila and Sharon once again tried to figure out the third pre-existing couple.
  • They have all forgotten about the Hudson River Virus (or whatever it was!).
  • Sharon and Sheila don't think they can win against the boys. They believe that whoever leaves this week will see the other seven days later.
  • They're wrong.
  • Oh, not about not winning ... just about the length of time between when they lose.
  • All are asleep as I get this posted.


RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
If Adam uses cigs to keep calm, then I'm very afraid of him only having 2 left...I mean if that was him calm,
I'm having a hard time imagining Adam voting Sheila out. I think she is sincere about the final two being him and her, and I think Adam believes her.

I think it's very funny that no one here is posting with any kind of passion about the game. I guess it's true that none of us really cares who wins, we're just watching. I think we could get more excited about voting for a seasickness cure than BB.

I've written down the suggestions. I've never been on a cruise because I get sick watching video games, but it sounds like there's plenty of help for us motion sickness queens. Thanks.

Jackie said...

I haven't been passionate about cheering on any of the houseguests this season. Not a one was I able to support all the way. I'm still a fan of the show itself, but can't identify or really like any of the HG this season.

I can't even help with seasickness remedies. I love lurching ships on the ocean! I know, I'm an odd duck.

TerryinCA said...

ryzandshyn - Ive been on 5 cruises and oly was ill once....that is when the captain just had the boat sit there out at seas while people crammed in all the gambling they could in a 6 hour time span, then thankfully once it started moving again I was fine. They are so huge it doesnt take long to adjust. The first one I went on I had a patch, a bracelet, box of pils and really,it was a waste of money for me.,,,
but on to the hamsters.....we are allso done with them arent we? I do hope AG Productions leanredsomething reading this cbs hire another production company!

RyzandShyn said...

Terry...thanks for the info. A cruise does seem do-able after reading all the posts here over the last couple of days.

Jackie...You're not an odd duck for that, you're a lucky duck!

Jackie said...

ryzandshyn - I've never been on a cruise, but from the time I was a child I used to go deep sea fishing on boats much smaller than the cruiselines, sometimes in rough waters. My biggest problem was that I'd develop "sea legs" to stay up on the boat and have trouble adapting to "land legs" once on shore. I don't think the cruise ships are that lurchy ... or they wouldn't be as popular as they are!

Nowadays I just develop "train legs."

RyzandShyn said...

You can always close your eyes and trade your "train legs" for the "sea legs" of your memories. Must of been fun as a kid.
As long as none of us are on our "last legs", I guess all is well :).

Anonymous said...

This is so sad that this season's contestants are so annoying and boring that we are discussing seasickness rather than the show. Let's hope the summer show is better.

By the way---the best way to prevent seasickness is to drink beer. Cheers!

nancy in pa said...

i wonder what went wrong in the casting department. i can understand getting a clunker or two in the did they ever manage to get 100% duds all at once? amazing when you think about it. are def. a lucky duck when it comes to the whole dizzy thing. funny how you used the analogy of a duck with it being water and all. just made me laugh.

you know there is someting wrong when a blog set up to discuss a tv show spends its time talking about motion sickness, pets, local weather....don't get me wrong...i have come to LOVE this site and talking with one another. i want it to continue...but it should be a red flag from cbs's standpoint and the powers that be that they need to do SOMETHING different regarding this screen cast members a little better. i think they feel like the raunchier the hg, the more we will watch. unfortunatley, that says a lot about how they feel about their watching audience.

wow...sorry about that little soapbox rendition. i don't know what brought that on!

oh, and jackie, i know people tell you all the time, but just wanted to say again...thank you for all you do!!

zoetawny...your graphics are hysterical!

Laurie said...

lGood morning everyone. Is it over yet?

Terry, I hope the powers that be are reading this blog (and others) and will do something about the show.

Of course, the Natalie eviction had the most posts in history but not because we liked the show.

We are addicted to reading what Jackie says, what Zoetawny creates and chatting with each other!

Laurie said...
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Anonymous said...

I totally agree this is the worst casting season ever. I find it very humerous that they sit and talk about how they think they are the best season ever!! OMG!!!!!
I could care less who wins.

Fire the casting person CBS!!

Anonymous said...

don't these idiots realizr sharon will kick their ass in the ury

SharonS said...

Maybe Jen from last year did the casting??!

delee said...

Loved the ED chats after everyone was asleep.

Most female's voices are irritating on this show. Why is that? I prefer men's singing voices to female and most on BB drive me bonkers.

Most modern cruise ships have stabilizers that are supposed to lessen the yah and pitch of the ship. But I know seasickness and it is lousy and to know you are still on the ship with no relief in sight, ugh! Also not a cruise fan, want more time on land to explore and not be dictated to the amount of time to do that.

Nancy, yes this couple stuff was a stinker from day one, and I hope they never repeat it. Some who should have or would have stayed left early. Now we are stuck with the dregs. I could care less who wins.

Sheila and her single mom crap makes me sick! The whole world would have use of the $$$ and to hear that over and over makes me hope she does not win. As if we do not know at this point she is a single mom!

If Sharon is not gone this week, I do believe she will kick it up a notch and win the whole thing. I know some will differ but she should have gone last week, not the Gnat. She is flying so under the radar and has pulled the wool over all that remains eyes. Wish the hamsters knew what we know!

Nana in the NW said...

Jackie-even on the big criuse ships you get "sea legs". But there is nothing like being rocked to sleep at night on a criuse! It's some of the best sleep I've had(and no I didn't drink before bed).

While I am off-topic(because who really cares about the topic?).....It is very cold here and some local areas had 6-8 inches of snow yesterday!! What the heck is going on?? TOM S'--I need you to figure out this pattern so I know if I will ever be able to wear my sandals!

Jackie-I loved your post this gave me a good laugh with all the dog references. You certainly have a way with words!

Nancy in pa--congrats. on having such good luck in your family....maybe yours is just around the corner.
Does BB have a casting dept.?? Judging from the latest patch of HG I thought they just layed out everyone who audtioned pics. and went "eeny-meeny-minny-mo...this is one that has to go". Whoever was left were the lucky "winners?".
The house is boring--I don't know how all those cameramen stay awake! I mean many times can you watch Sheila cleaning and whining, Sharon stroking her blanket and reading the Bible, Adam scratching and smoking, and Ryan lifting weights and sleeping?!

Only a few more days and the 3-part comp. should begin....

Will check back later...

Nana in the NW said...

laurie--re:most posts in history....last year during the endurance comp. with ED, Zach and Dani(which started at 8p.m. PST and lasted 6 hrs.) there were 388 posts. I stayed up with Jackie, a young man from NY(forgot his name) and someone else(?) till the end!! It was fun for me because I don't work but I felt REALLY sorry for Jackie!

Hope BB10 will have that kind of excitement and anticipation!!

Laurie--the most letters I've had in word verification is 10.

Laurie said...

Nana, thanks for the history lesson.

I think I hung in here for quite awhile during one comp this, but not 6 hours!

I really hope BB10 will have some interesting people and some excitement. I'd love to see real mean and real women of all ages use their brains to stay in the competition.

joy n said...

Enjoying the beautiful upstate NY weather. 86 degrees yesterday and 78 right now. After such a very long and cold winter, this is fantastic! I'm loving the fresh country air thru the open windows.

Zoetawny, you've been busy! Very cool graphics!

Jackie, hope your weekends been a little quieter than usual.

It does seem weird that it's been kind of quiet at this point of BB's season. With only 4 shows left, during any other season, this blog would be jumping with comments. I'm really looking forward to BB9's ending and hoping BB10 will be better. It almost has to be.

Not that this time around hasn't had its moments, it just seems like less of them.

Still, I'll be watching tonight like most everyone here and hoping for some excitement in spite of these boring leftover HGs.

Anonymous said...

i still think the last bb was the worst ever, mainly because evel dick was a bully and it was allowed and probably encouraged by cbs but if you've ever been the one bullied you remember it always. not a fond memory. this bb is just boring. pat in fl

joy n said...

The last thing anyone could say about BB8 is that it was boring. It made for a very interesting season to say the least.

I'd vote this season as the worst. I could do without the bible thumper in BB10.

Gayle said...

From the live feeds ~

The HGs are on an all day inside lockdown while they build (probably the endurance comp) in the backyard.

Tom`S said...

I believe HG's are aware there probably won't be a POV meeting today. Sheila sure thought it was funny when Adam called Natalie a B, however she's ranting & raving non stop after Adam jokingly said she's cranky B this morning.

It appears Ryan won't be using POV, Sheila perhaps is making it easier for Adam to send her packing.
Reminds me of Sheila's speech to Natalie, regarding how it made it much easier to evict Nat.

Careful what you ask for; you might just get it.
I hope Sheila is evicted, time for her to join Natalie!

Gayle said...


You're so right about Sheila - she's making it easier for Adam to evict her being grouchy, but I also think he provoked her by calling her a B.

Anonymous said...

The casting for this Big Brother House this time was just awful. I wonder if it was hastily put together because of the strike. They had to find people who could leave their jobs from the winter into the spring and not the summer months. And they have their summer crew lined now, I think, for the July BB? Perhaps this bunch was not their original choices, some of them at least..but due to the strike? As they never have 2 BBS per year.


Zoetawny said...

Wish I could say yo, yo, check it out, dawgs, like Jackie does. LOL
Instead I'll just say whazzup? Heck, I can't even say that right.

Is R still not using the POV? I didn't think he would but you never know. Will A actually vote out Sheila? I hope they show some clips of Nat arriving at the SH. It will be the best part of the show.

Thanks, Jackie, for keeping your passion for writing about BB9. If it weren't for this blog many of us would not be watching BB9.

Happy Sunday!

Sydney said...

You;re right Ryzandshyn, I was far more passionate about the argument for Bonnine as the best than that show.

Can someone set me straight: Does Ryan want ot be in the F2 with Ryan or Sharon?

Does he think he can win against either of them? If so, CAN he?

I am totally lost in this house of flip flopin', jaw flappin, no-longer-flirtin', floating group.

Anonymous said...

Sheila & her singe mom stuff -- geesh! The way they all carried on in the house, who knows....there may be another single mother before long! What a disgusting bunch!

Gayle said...

Sydney, Ryan tells Adam that they are going to be the F2. But I have also heard him say the same thing to Sharon. I think Sharon feels her only chance of being F2 is if Adam is on the block and she can evict him. Ryan just made a derogatory remark about girls, so I think he really wants to go to the end with Adam. As it stands now, Sheila will be evicted.

Sydney said...

Sorry, obviously I meant does ryan want to be int eh F2 with ADAM or Sharon....

WAnd after reading some of the comments,I hope all you BB folks don't go away once BB ends... we hang out here all year!

Nana, I got up about 4 times in the middle of the night to check on th at comp last year, though I don't think I commented during it. It was fun.

Gayle said...

I believe Ryan thinks he can win against Adam and that's why he's planning on choosing him, if he gets to choose. Adam isn't as vocal about winning in the end. As I see it, he just wants to be in the F2.

Tom`S said...

Ryan is getting nervous, he and Adam realize it's possible a fast forward is in BB's plan's following POV, ( if there is a POV ) however Ryan is getting upset stated BB better not pull any S**t because he won POV.

Gayle said...

BB is speeding things up. Ryan got the HOH camera and is going to write his blog. Sharon and Sheila got kicked out of the HOH room. I wonder if they are going to do the POV ceremony and eviction today. That would explain the inside lockdown and them building the comp in the backyard.

Tom`S said...

I wonder if they are going to do the POV ceremony and eviction today.
Yes It's highly likely that is what is about to occur. I'll call Julie have her do a special Sunday live addition of BB. J/K.. LOL I suppose HG's should realize by now it's a fast forward.

Gayle said...

Yes Tom's, they suspect something is up they think the eviction is today and the comp starts tomorrow.

formerly anon said...

Regarding who Ryan really wants to be in F2 with: he and Adam made a deal of sorts, that whichever of them wins, they do something nice for the other (to the tune of 30-50k, in addition to the 50k the 2nd place winner would get). I think this assumed they would both be F2. So, in that case, Ryan is somewhat covered if Adam is F2 with him, because not only would Ryan win 2nd place 50k, but whatever else Adam would give him. I think Ryan should know that jury-wise, Adam would win.

If Ryan is F2 with Sharon and she wins, he *only* gets the 50k.

I'm ambivalent about what Adam is doing right now. I understand that in order to protect himself, he has to vigorously convince Ryan that Sheila is OUT, O-U-triple-T, which he seems to be doing a good job of, at Sheila's expense. Thing is, she's reciprocating, perhaps knowing or not knowing what Adam is doing, and could inadvertantly give Adam his excuse for booting her for real. I think Adam is truly struggling with this one, and if he boots Sheila, I'm sure he'll throw some $$ her way after the show - he might even whisper that to her so that in jury house she campaigns for him to win (which she might do anyway, suspecting he'd do that).

As much as I want Adam to keep Sheila this week, just to give her one last shot since she has not won ANYTHING, he himself told Ryan that he knows how he is and that he'd have a tough time living in the house for a week with Ryan if he betrayed him. He'd probably rather betray Sheila who then will be gone at least.

I'm really disliking Ryan and Sharon, much more than any other time this season, and at one point I was hoping Sharon would win.

Now I really want Sheila to win.

It friggen bugs me how they keep saying that Sheila "hasn't done ANYTHING, nothing!" as an excuse to get rid of her.

HELLO?? Typical typical typical attitude toward the ONE person in the house who CLEANS up after their messy disgusting selves! She's constantly cleaning up after them, doing things for them, and they just grunt and eat and drink and blow snot around, and scratch and burp and fart. They are grade-A selfish pigs.

Yeah so friggen what they win those stupid competitions, like what, that makes them "deserving" to win? I don't think that really should be the criteria - those comps only entitle them to a brief dose of power, but "deserve" to win? No, not imho.

Argh, why do I even care? LOL

formerly anon said...

If Adam really wants to, Sharon has given him a good reason to evict her instead of Sheila, and Adam could argue it quite reasonable to Ryan!!

Sharon apparently peeked at the setup outside and saw something, and the boys are concerned it will give her an advantage.

All Adam has to do is play that card, and tell Ryan that it was too risky to keep Sharon now.

PlaidChick said...

These HG's are a bunch of dumb a$$'s... They still can't figure out that a fast forward is happening..

Ryan did his HOH pics today. The computer is out in the HOH room. I would have to say POV Ceremony will happen, then an eviction. Part one of the HOH comp may begin tonight, I have no idea how they can start it tomorrow or Tuesday-- since it starts on the show and continues on the feeds, and be back live for Wednesday's show.

Sheila is in a bad mood, and I think her time is up, and I think she knows it. There has been no talk of the 2 packing, but usually in a FF they don't pack ahead of time.

I need a nap this is too "frikkin" confusing.

PlaidChick said...

Fromly Anon-- I still have no idea how Adam will go. If he and Ryan truly want to be F2, then they need to get rid of Sharon now. Sheila may hold up for the endurance, but she doesn't do well in mental comps.

Tom`S said...

All Adam has to do is play that card, and tell Ryan that it was too risky to keep Sharon now.
4/20/2008 6:00 PM
That's possible, also Sheila apparently is cramping, probably not very strong or she could actually have more fire in her.

I want Adam to make final 2, it doesn't matter who else is in there.

Gayle said...

I want Adam in the F2 also.

Gayle said...

BB had them to make their goodbye speeches. Adam told Sheila that the live eviction and comp is tomorrow.

formerly anon said...

Wheels may be spinning in Adams head. First, the thing I said earlier about Sharon having an advantage on the comp giving him a reason (to tell Ryan) to vote her out and second, if he has wind of a fast-forward type thing, and that his issue about having to stay in the house with Ryan if he betrays him may not be an issue after all, he might at last minute go with his conscience and keep Sheila and just deal with it. He'd earn my respect if he did that. Sheila got my respect when she voted Gnat out. Now it's Adam's turn (and we all know how much they covet MY respect! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Adam is going to vote out Sheila? Why? What if he doesn't? How does the vote go?

Anonymous said...

Tom says, sheila is cramping.. Whaa? LOL

formerly anon said...

Also, wouldn't it have been brilliant if Sheila had indeed stolen a pack of Adam's cigs, and told him at the last minute that if he wants them back, he has to keep her?

formerly anon said...

I remember checking the TV schedule listings on my cable yesterday and it said today was nominations and Wednesday show was live eviction. Why would they want to fool us? We can't tell anyone in the house.

Unless there will be another live eviction on Wed?

And I didn't see a listing for BB on Monday, so it won't be a "live" eviction, although they may pretend it is.

Gayle said...

There will be 2 live evictions. They usually block out the feeds so that we can't see one. So 1 eviction is taped.

formerly anon said...

Oh boy, Adam just gave Sharon the ammo she needs to get Ryan to put Adam up and take her down. If she gets to Ryan's ear before it all goes down, that is.

Adam tried to cut a F2 deal with Sharon, and WE KNOW she is going to run to Ryan with that info.

I guess they're going to have the POV ceremony followed by an immediate eviction tomorrow, and then another eviction on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much interested in the HGs either. Since I live in Ohio, I'm rooting for Ryan; but these people are not fun to watch!

Love the graphics Zoetawny!!!


formerly anon said...

btw, you guys all know you can see the BB house on the satellite map pages, right?

formerly anon said...

Go to:

and copy and paste this into the search box:

34.14445, -118.38905

monty924 said...

First, love the doggy graphic Zoetawny. Too cute and hilarious.

My head is spinning with the possibilities that this production crew has created with their 'expect the unexpected'. I could use some dramamine or anything else at this point, and I'm sitting still.

I think the big stuff (eviction to final 3 and first endurance HOH) will go down tomorrow. I hope they let us watch it on the feeds. :(

They'll tape part 2 on Tuesday and show it on Wednesday, then the live part 3 and eviction to final 2.

I'm so ready for BB9 to end and BB10 to begin in July. Oh, and I'm also hoping that we get to see NN's entry into the SH on tonight's show. :)

Anonymous said...

I also live in Ohio, so I am voting for Ryan to win just because he is my hometown boy. I would like to see Sharon in the F2 with Ryan. Now it is not that I like Sharon that much (actually I don't like any of them that much), but I can't stand Shelia (whiney,annoying and I am tired of hearing about her being a single mom) And Adam has bothered me since day one with his bad hygene and his bleeding heart.
Now in life, I appreciate a kind heart, but for BB it is boring. I really think that Ryan needs to use the POV and take Sharon off the block. He can't trust Adam to get rid of Shelia and he knows that Sharon will vote to get rid of Adam. I personally would go with the sure thing.

monty924 said...

I don't think Ryan wants to be stuck in a house alone with Sharon and SHEila.