Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shh ... BB9 Three are Sleeping

After I wrote my last report here, I stayed up (with the feeds on) and wrote up the report for TV Squad, complete with a gallery of screen caps. That went up sometime ago, but then I was asleep. I slept until past 10. Yikes, I haven't slept that late in a few years!

At least the houseguests were going to sleep as I headed to bed and they're still asleep.


Sydney said...

Glad you got some sleep Jackie -- I know it's hard once you become a grown up and your body gets on that working clock to sleep past 6 or 7 even when you CAN. Even when you've stayed up quite late... I've always found that aggravating, lol. But really, you deserve it!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

RBennie said...

Good Morning Jackie! You deserved to sleep late today. Go back to bed if you can. I really wish I could take a nap right about now, but they tend to frown upon that at work, LOL.

Laurie said...

Good morning Jackie! I'm glad you got some sleep and hope you get lots more of that this week.

It's a lovely early morning here on the west coast and the final 3 should have great weather for the next part of their competition.

Nana in the NW said...

CBS is really stupid!! They spend two days building a set for a comp. that lasted 15 mins.?? Didn't they learn from the Volcano a few seasons ago? Maybe that's Karma for blocking the feeds :]

I think the deal R/A made is done now. The goal was to get Ryan to Pt. 3.

I'm having waffles for breakfast because at this point I want Sheila to win!
The boys have have acted she is a pawn in their game of chess for weeks--I would love to hear her say "Check-mate"....not those boys down a notch or two.

When do we think Pt. 2 will happen today? Is it another endurance?

Nana in the NW said...

OK so it's early and I'm tired....let me correct what I was TRYING to say.

The boys have acted like she is a pawn in their game of chess for weeks. I would love to hear her say
"Check-mate" and knock those boys down a notch or two.

rbennie--have a good lunch. Nothing like a nice steak when someone else is paying for it....order dessert too. LOL

My weather....COLD. We are climbing out of the 30's today but just barely!! Who turned the world upside down and created this weather mess??

boo said...

Off topic:

dla---Thanks for hint on pulling up Jackie's sidebar. I find that clicking on the time posted works to pull up the personal information and BB links, but I still can't get to DWTS or The Bachelor.

I, too, hope the F2 will be Shelia and Adam. Not excited about any of them, but, to see the two I hated most in the beginning make it to the end is somehow comforting!

Laurie said...

Nana, I'm with you (and I imagine a lot of us are). It would be so rewarding to see Sheila come through in the next competition and win on her own, fair and square, done deal, that's it. Just once, Sheila, just once! You gotta believe ... clap your hands .... come on give it the extra push!
Whew ... I'm exhausted as a cheerleader. I need breakfast.

Sydney said...

Nana -- I can't believe it's so cold and still dumping snow where you are, and just starting to feel a little of that summer stickiness here. It's slowly warmed up in the last few months, as in Houston it does get into the 20's or 30's in the winter months, believe it or not... So for me, who is used to where the seasons change, it has felt like we've made the transition from winter, thru spring and now it's just on the edge of summer.

Then Nana gets socked by snow and it's' going to hit a high fo 30 degrees today! Wild.

Sydney said...
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Sydney said...

Take a look at the Google logo up today... It's nice.

I probably should know the meaning but I don't offhand.

PlaidChick said...

Hi Sydney!! It's Earth Day!

Nana and Laurie-- yep yep EXACTLY. I can't deal with Ryan winning this thing. And I cannot believe Adam is throwing it all to him! Why is he doing this? Because that's his bro and Adam is OK with getting 50,000 while Ryan won comps through plain luck or given to him by others???! Someone on the Jury is going to ask them that question if they're F2. IF Adam wins Part 2, he has told Ryan he will throw Part 3 and give it to Ryan to choose who he wants in F2. AND... "To insure the bros pact, Ryan mentions that if either of them goes south on the pact, the other will vote for Sheila to win."

Adam why don't you just bend over and let Ryan at it-- wouldn't that be easier??!

I'm so irritated with the lack of game-play-- because throwing comps IS NOT game play. It's like frikkin summer outside 80's and humid, and I have to go get a filling. I'll be back tonight to blog with the show.

Donna in AL said...

Hi all, I've just been lurking around lately... I've have lost all excitement about BB and haven't had anything to comment on. I would like to see Sheila and Adam in the final. I do not think Ryan has had a game plan at any point except to go along with Natalie or whoever else seems to be leading at the time.

At least in Sheila's non-stop talking, she has come up with a couple of idea's, although she did not even recognize them. Ryan has done nothing but "uh huh, uh huh" and "yeah bro, yeah, yeah".

I don't think Adam cares if it is Sheila or Ryan with him in the end, he just doesn't want to be the one to have to choose.

It is hot here today, in the 80's and not a cloud in the sky. I just wish I were at home working around the house instead of in this office.

Tonight's show will be "Faux Live Eviction".

Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney, From the previous thread question about Ryan and his plan. I am not saying he is a mastermind, just that he seemed to have an idea where he wanted to go and who he wanted to step on to get there. The first time I thought Ryan was playing the game was when I noticed he and Sharon had an alliance. That was just a few weeks ago. Then I noticed little things, like he was in at every conversation about eviction..whether at the pool table or HOH or the chess board. Just a line or two would be said. Someone will remember correctly and let me know if I am wrong, but I think the house was saying they would keep Josh and send Sharon home that week, but Ryan kept making points of how much Josh needed to go. He didn't make a big deal out of it, but he kept at it until the house was voting for Josh to go. I am not saying it was singlehandedly Ryan, but I felt he was working it, and kept telling Sharon to just wait it out. Then the meeting week, was definitely, imo, Ryan's fast talking that kept himself safe. Adam wanted to confront 'the girls' and Ryan talked him into a formal meeting and to wait until after veto (so Ryan wouldn't be put up). Ryan did some fancy footwork during those days to keep his Sharon alliance from coming out. All of the above made me wonder if Ryan had been working it all game and I just missed it earlier.

For the record, I am not pulling for Ryan. I guess I would choose Adam with Sheila, but I am not happy with any of them. And I said that from the beginning, so I can't even say that I would want one of the evictees to win. : )

All just my opinion

And I lost my name in black, so will sign this Sue

sue said...

Feeds are back and no game talk, but they all seem very polite and in good moods. Sheila said they got them up about '10 something', Adam is talking a the most 'perverted dream' of anyone. I agree with Sheila when she says she doesn't want to hear it.

One more comment about game playing. After last year with Dick and Dani and now this year with a couple making it to end, it seems to me that the game has to be played in teams to win. Adam and Sheila weren't together outside of the game, like Dick and Danielle, but they started playing as a team from the first hour in the house. Drew did that, too. Were there times that Sheila would have gone home without Adam to protect her? I don't remember, but I think teamwork is interesting.

formerly anon said...

Regarding the Jen factor - can someone remind us of who on the jury really hates Jen and why? That could play a big part in the final decision.

I also really don't want Ryan to win, and I'm not even sure why. It may have started when he took the 10k from Sheila, because that was about as low as a person can get, and that's not game play, that's just unabashed greed. I want Ryan to walk out of there with his door prizes and that's all.

I hope Adam did not agree to throw all parts of the HOH comp. If so, then Sheila really is screwed, unless a miracle happens. But even so, Adam might be able to throw it to Sheila if he wants to, and it could be undetected.

I hope that Adam is thinking that, as long as he is willing to settle for 2nd place, that he should opt to let Sheila take the win rather than Ryan. Just out of principle, because they were an original couple and that has got to play into his thinking. Relatively speaking, of all the "hard" decisions he has struggled with, this would be a relatively easy one, because he can do it without even telling anyone or anyone knowing for sure that he did it. He's smart, and he might recognize that.

I think Sheila will win this 2nd comp, somehow, whether we see Adam deliberately throw it or not - but I will always believe that Adam gave it to her, no matter what he says to Ryan.

Then it's left to Sheila and Ryan to battle for HOH, just the scenario that suits Adam because no hard decisions left for him.

Then Sheila just has to pull ONE win out of the air, just one, to put Ryan in his well deserved 3rd place win.

Fingers crossed.

formerly anon said...

You know, I seem to have forgotten somewhere along the line that Ryan does not even play in this 2nd comp, so Adam CAN'T throw it to him, lol. But he can throw it to Sheila, and the task will be to make it a convincing job, in the event that Ryan does win final comp and retaliates against Adam by taking Sheila F2. In fact, I think that if Sheila wins this round, no matter what Adam does, whether he throws it or not, Ryan will suspect that he did and will use it as an excuse to not take him F2, because I bet Ryan thinks he has a better chance against Shiela than against Adam (and that's true, but I bet he will still lose)

let's see what I think in 5 minutes, it could change, lol

formerly anon said...

If Ryan is thinking ahead, he will tell Adam and Sheila that whoever wins this 2nd comp is going F2 with him. That's the only way to get Adam to play it for real and not throw it to Sheila.

sue said...

Kind of a nice moment just happened in the house. Nice, at least all things considered. Sheila said she knew she was still there thanks to Adam and Ryan. Ryan said, she owed it all to Adam that he was leaning the other way. (meaning Sharon) Sheila says I knew that because I can read people's faces and I knew when you (Ryan) wouldn't look at me that you weren't going for me. Ryan laughs and says it really came down to the wire (the veto vote). It was pretty honest, as far as BB standards.

They are recording their 'final goodbye' messages and Sheila and Adam are joking about going against each other in the next comp.

formerly anon said...

Sue, yeah, I saw that too, it was nice. I'm a bit worried though that Sheila can still get Adam in trouble, but so far she hasn't - all she has to do is say something like (in front of Ryan) "Adam, I trust you, I KNEW you would never vote me out!" and boom, Ryan knows they are still aligned. It's a good thing she didn't do that. Actually the only reason she didn't is because Adam really WAS going to vote her out, and I think she may know that.

It's funny that Ryan had to tape his goodbyes now, before the 2nd comp - because his attitude might change drastically depending on whether Sheila wins it - no doubt he assumes she won't, but I still think Adam can give it to her in such a way that Ryan doesn't know.

formerly anon said...

Wait a minute, when Ryan came out of DR and told them he was saying his goodbyes, Adam said something like, oh, they did you first because you're guaranteed.

Guaranteed? How? Did he just tip his hand to Sheila?

Doesn't the winner of the 3rd comp become HOH? Because that could still be Sheila, and Sheila could still opt to take Adam F2 (which of course she would do).

Not sure if Ryan and Sheila were both present and aware when Adam said that. Too bad Sheila isn't more aware, if so, because she still has time to get into Adam's ear!

RBennie said...

At this point Ryan can't threaten Adam about who he will take to F2 because he hasn't won the HOH yet and, of course, might not win it. I'm sure he thinks he's golden to win it, but I'm still hoping Adam will pull it off. This is the home stretch now and Adam has got to stop worrying about making people mad at him and try his damnedest to win it all! Sure, I prefer people to like me too, but give me the choice of $500,000 or making a new BFF and I'll take the cash!

Patty said...

Jackie-Any news that the comp consist of sitting on "boogie board" and Shelia going down pretty fast? Also, any truth to them making bracelets?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone watch A Haunting on the Discovery Channel? I love this show. It's about ghosts and comes on every weekday from 2 to 4 p.m. These two women were alone in a house and they hear this crash. So, they immediately grab two shotguns and go to investigate. Too funny.

back to game: I want Sheila and A in the final two with an Adam win. Crossing my fingers and toes.

formerly anon said...

You know, Sheila is really her own strongest competitor. Seriously. If anyone can sink her, she can.

She's so giddy about yesterday that she has lost sight of the real prize, and she could well walk out with a big fat zero, nada.

She's talking to Ryan about him getting on board with the Autism foundation thing - doh, well, that's nice, but maybe she should wait til *after* he wins to discuss it? All she is accomplishing is giving Ryan the chance to show Adam that he also would be supportive of that (as Sheila had already professed about herself). She just does not know when to keep her slim advantage to herself, does she?

Nobody can say that she deserves to win because of game play, that's for sure. If anything, if she wins, it will be because she had the most anti-game play of anyone in the history of BB. Sharon had non-game play, but Sheila actually has *anti* game play.

I believe Baller will throw the challenge to her.

Sydney said...

Deadliest Catch Season premiere tonight I think

Donna in AL said...

Maybe we need to start a chant for Sheila:

Win Sheila win
Go Sheila go
Slip, fall, let go, Adam
Let Sheila win!

Nana in the NW said...

I think Adam will throw the comp. too. It's a win-win for him. Regardless if Ryan or Sheila win Pt. 3 they will take Adam to F2. Hopefully he is smart enough to figure that out.

Sheila is very happy today and very appreciative. Adam keeps telling her it's him and her in F2. I wonder if Ryan is starting to worry and that is why he asked Adam if there was anything else he wanted to add to their deal.....Adam said "No, I'm good. It's official".

Does anyone remember from last year what Pt.2 was of the comp.?

Donna in AL said...

Can someone out on the west coast send a plane over telling Adam and Sheila they will be double rewards if they are F2. Not really but we could hope.

Laurie said...

Sheila actually has *anti* game play.

That made me laugh and it's so true. She is her own competition and I think that's the story of her life.

When one reaches the peak of their life so young and it's based on their looks, it can't be a good thing for their future. Youth and looks fade and if there's not something deeper going on, well, you just keep living that same way and it leads you nowhere.

Yes, she's a single mom and she dropped out of school. Hello? What has she done with the years since then? She's made a career out of being a caretaker and a victim, and really knows no other way.

My hope would be that she would somehow come shining through, win the money, and then use it to educate herself so she can make the next 46 years really count for something.

Guess I got on rant there but I see this so much with women from 40 to 80. I get it, I was there in my own way but I didn't stay there for the rest of my life.

A few weeks ago I posted that it would be fun if they filled the house with voluntary teams, like Amazing Race. I still think that's a winning idea.

formerly anon said...

Ryan has one last chance move to make, and how he plays this will, to me, reveal everything about how he has played the whole game.

He has absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by telling Adam and Sheila (or even just Adam) that the winner of this comp (#2) goes to F2.

If Ryan does not do this, he does not deserve to win.

Ryan is taking Adam around the house and doing a Gnat, showing him stuff, details of the house, in case the comp is about that. LOL, it's very Gnataliesque

f said...

Right now Ryan is trying to delicately probe Adam about which, if any, comps he has thrown in the past. Ryan wants to be able to accurately gauge Adam's play in this comp.

I think it's happening right now

RBennie said...

I really don't want Adam to throw any more comps. If Sheila wins part 2 on her own merit that's fine, but her only win in this game was handed to her - let her at least fight hard to win for herself. I'm not as sure as everyone else here that either Ryan or Sheila would take Adam to F2. I mean why would they? I don't see how either of them can beat him.

formerly anon (or f) said...

rbennie, even if Adam does throw this comp, then Sheila still would have to pull out a bona fide win against Ryan in the last comp.

I think Adam will throw it, but very carefully - hopefully Sheila will do her part and play her ass off.

sue said...

former anon Said: Nobody can say that she deserves to win because of game play, that's for sure.


except for Sheila. She will say it, if she gets a chance. Yesterday she was making fun of Natalie for saying she 'gave' the HOH to Sheila. Sheila then went on about how she won it on her own. I think she talks things over so long that she begins to believe them.

Ryan's plan was to take Sharon and that was because Sharon was in his alliance and with three she would have owed him and been on his side. Ryan even told Sheila this morning that it had been up to him, he would have kept Sharon. Did Ryan get so confident that he lost his poker face and game judgment? He is sure Adam will take him, but actions speak louder than words and every thing Adam has ever done in the game was to take care of him and Sheila.

I hope we get a shocked look as Ryan is voted out...they talked about Sharon's eviction, so we should get to see her reaction when she thought Sheila was going.

Feeds are flames with music (1:17 in the house.

I am typing quickly (and messing up, sorry) because I can't stay at the keyboard.

On a weather note, it is around 80 today and I just turned on our AC for the first time. Then I remembered it is Earth Day and turned it off.

sue said...

I wrote:

He is sure Adam will take him, but actions speak louder than words and every thing Adam has ever done in the game was to take care of him and Sheila.

To be clear I should have said that Ryan must be confident he will win or if he loses that Adam will take him.

Ryan got his suitcase today, too, and that told them all that it was an eviction tonight and that the end is near.

monty924 said...

I don't think Ryan has a snowball's chance in h*ll to win this, but if he did it would make 2 winners out of 9 from Columbus, OH.

Drew S5 and Ryan S9

I wouldn't mind hopping on the Sheila to win train. The boys are too sure of themselves and Sheila would definitely beat Ryan. I don't think she'd beat Adam, but one never knows.


Laurie said...

Sheila! Sheila! Sheila!

I hear the chant across the country!

Donna in AL said...

I have been waiting on you Laurie, I knew you would be the one to let go a chant... thank you

go Sheila go
old lady of the house time to get down and dirty!!

PlaidChick said...

Thus group cracks me up--- we all went from Anyone BUT Sheila, to wanting her to take the whole thing...

too funny

Laurie said...

I took me that long to decide on Sheila. I've decided that it's worth going for her to see Ryan lose and I honestly don't think Adam cares all that much.

It is ironic that the most annoying couple of all, the one most of us wanted out in week one, could be the final two. Just goes to show you that we've had nothing to choose from this time!

SHE-la! SHE-la! SHE-la! SHE-la!

Brent McKee said...

Nana in NW - I posted that statistical info that you asked about in the comments of the post where you asked it. General summary: stable to slight growth from week to week in the Wednesday and Sunday shows, Sunday occassionally being altered due to sports.

Brent McKee said...

Sorry, that was the Sunday and Tuesday shows.

meb said...

I guess I can get on the Shiela bandwagon, especially since I've learned that she's a single mom... did ya all know that?

Really, it would be nice for her to win the whole thing, but I sure hope she has a plan for the earnings. Believe me when I say it isn't that much when you need everything and start to spend it. Next thing you know it's gone. That's also what they say about the people who win the lottery. Their winnings are gone within a year or two.

Anything happening as we speak?

Gayle said...

Trivia is on the feeds.

delee said...

Deadliest Catch started last week Sydney, they had 2 hours on.

meb said...

Maybe now really is time for that chant!


Man, I hope this works.

sharon said...

I don't want these two(A/S) to let Ryan walk to the finish and take all the money! He has won enough in my opinion and I don't want him to win. I hope Sharon or Sheila or somebody can let the jury know that Ryan has won all he has already. So,as I said,Ryan will probably win. (sigh)

meb said...

Will Sharon make it to the Sequester House. I know that usually in the end, someone doesn't get there. Or is it the final 3 person who doesn't make it to the F-2 who doesn't get sent to sequester because of time constraints?

I always think I'm going to remember all this the next BB I watch, and of course, I forget it every time.

Nana in the NW said...

Good afternoon--

Brent-thanks so much for the info. I knew you'd have the answers.

meb.-I think it's only the last one evicted that doesn't make it to SH so we should see Sharon.

Sheila is a single mom?? OMG I didn't know that...it so changes my opinion of her!! LOL

Plaidchick-we are a fickle bunch aren't we?? LOL
I think it's the best of the worst that we are rooting for.

Sue-Earth Day? That was too funny! I guess I shouldn't cook tonight because that is using up unnecessary energy.

Laurie-I'm chanting for the the northern part of our country....Go Sheila Go.

I have many friends who know I have an "inside track" on the happenings in the house and wonder why everyone hates Ryan...my response is "Where do I begin" and then proceed to tell them.

going to check Joker's I'll be back later.

Tom`S said...

Off Topic --

Sydney -- Docents are at the heart of the San Antonio Zoo experience. Docents lead schoolchildren and other visitors through the SA Zoo, LBJ Library alongside State Capitol of Austin have excellent docent training programs, I have photo's of San Antonio Zoo ( although their over 14 years old ) I'll upload into a new blog.
It's been awhile since I've been at SA Zoo, we begin spending a lot of our Summer's at San Antonio's Sea World, I believe they also have a wonderful docent training program. No formal training or experience is required to become a docent for MoMS exhibitions.

Enthusiasm and commitment are the main qualifications needed. Usually, MoMS docents volunteer for the run of the exhibition, but some sites have groups of docents, paid or volunteer, already on staff.

Basically Tour guides, PR spokesman's are in demand, it's difficult for some individuals to speak in a Enthusiasm commitment sound voice to an overly eager anxious crowd.

I feel for one of my brother's, he has to deal with the public on a daily basis, Back to BB - I'm continent with either Sheila or Ryan, however I prefer Adam in F2

Zoetawny said...


Good for you sleeping late. You more than deserve it. Thanks so much for staying up late and posting that Sharon was gone. I really didn't think I'd find out until today. It helped me sleep better last night. ;)

Looks like we've got the comp going on now but no feeds. I'm hoping against all odds that A changes his mind and doesn't throw it. Ryan seems to have a lot of influence on A. I think A is the type of guy who is loyal to the end with his buddies. I don't like that R is using him.

I just don't know if I can get on the Sheila bandwagon. I don't like the way she played the game and I don't like her. But then, there isn't anyone's game play that I did like. Guess it's "slim pickings" and I'm in a "pickle" as to who I want to win. OK, somebody convince me to root for Sheila. I still want the hamster sisters to win.

If A wins I think he would be the most generous with his $$$. Sheila would spend a lot of it on plastic surgery and a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. Not to be too hard on her, she probably would get some cool toys for her son. If Ryan wins, Jen will spend all his money. VBG

Since we're in waiting mode now, how do you think R, A, and S will spend their $$$$ if they win?