Saturday, September 20, 2008

Checking Out the Survivor Gabon Castaways: Part 2

Carrying on with what I started yesterday, I continue to explore the castaways we'll be seeing this Thursday when Survivor Gabon premieres. When you compare and contrast the casting between Big Brother and Survivor, you generally find folks with more stable careers on Survivor. I think that might have something to do with the time away from the job needed. Survivor is just over a month while BB is around three months. Oh sure, you still get the bartenders and the Hollywood wannabes represented on Survivor; that's the nature of the reality TV beast. Part 1 of my look at the Survivor Gabon cast can be found right here.

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Randy Bailey, age 49, Eagle Rock, Missouri
I don't know. I think I'm getting sappy as I age. He's 49, thus I want him to do well. Yeah, I know that's not a great reason, but there you go. He does seem capable enough on the mental level. But on a physical level for challenges, I'm not so sure. He's a wedding videographer, not generally an all too physically demanding job. In a bio segment elsewhere, he describes himself as a bully and a train wreck. Uh-oh. I'm not liking him so much now. But he does do marathons and such. He might have what it takes to make it to the end if he doesn't brush too many folks the wrong way.

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Paloma Soto-Castillo, age 24, Downey, California
Close your eyes as she talks and notice the Keesha-esque quality to her voice! Like, wow, like she should be blond. But this girl seems to have much loftier goals than Hooters. If she wins, she wants to build a school in Kenya for students with whom she previously worked. Yes, she works part-time as a waitress, but she is still a full-time college student with a B.A. already in pocket. She has experience living in Africa and I think she'll do very well in that aspect. If she can be cut-throat enough and think ahead, I think she could be a strong player.

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Michelle Chase, age 24, Los Angeles, California
Ohhh ... I like her and I don't. What I don't like is that she's very smug and arrogant. But that can play well in the game. She seems to have adopted the strategy of Dan the Man in BB -- she's very strong and plans to come off as weak as long as she can to stay in the game. She's spunky, has lots of personal survival skills, has been on her own since the age of 16, married and divorced by 19. Plus, she boxes and is into triathlons. She's going to be one to watch, methinks.

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Matty Whitmore, age 29, Pacific Palisades, California
Okay, I'm glad he's so proud of being self-sufficient and on his own at the age of 29. I guess it's a generational thing, but I was proud of the same things at the age of 17. Well, no dog, but I had a cat! It will be interesting to see if there is a showmance or a snake in his days in Africa. Heh. I'm tossing around with whether he'll do well or not. For some reason, I'm thinking not. But I can't tell you why. Maybe it's the young male physically fit bit. I'm thinking he might be an early target. I could be wrong, though.

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Marcus Lehman, age 28, Atlanta, Georgia
Is there a doctor in the tribe? Medic! Medic! Yep, we have an actual doctor in the cast and not too bad on the eyes either. In 2006, he was named Georgia's Hottest Bachelor by Cosmopolitan magazine. He went to Harvard. I liked him in his interview. I think I'm gah-gah goo-goo over this one. How well will he do? Well, he has both the mind and the physique to go far. I only worry about that target thing. I wouldn't mind watching him for most or all of the season. Yeah, I'm being shallow.

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Kelly Czarnecki, age 22, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
We're talking a self-proclaimed "denim expert" who, unless I'm hearing wrong, likes to "snooze" her customers to make them buy more. Um, that would be "schmooze." While I think she's probably got some good things going for her, I'm not all that sure she'll do too well. For some reason, I can see her coming on with MY doctor.

Stay tuned for part three. What can I say? It's a big cast.


PDX Granny said...

Yahoo!! Not only are there more bios to read, but am I first too!?!

LAURIE, WHERE ARE YOU??? Terryinca, you need to get her hooked! :)

Delee said...

Wonder if the Doctor will tell the rest he is a DR. Considering he probably needs the $$$ as much of any of them (loans), I feel it would be a mistake. Maybe he will play the EMS card, yet have the expertise to tend to the flock.

Many thin girls so far, wonder how emaciated they will become.

I can not believe how lucky we are to get 2 hours on Thurs. Yippee Also excited to see who I get matched up with! Just hope not the 50'ish guy who looks 70.

RBennie said...

Thanks for the vids Jackie. Out of this batch I think I like Paloma and Marcus the most. But, of course, all opinions can change once the show actually starts. The boxer girl definitely has a strategy all planned out, but sometimes those strategies go right out the window.

Orkmommy, let us know when you have the 18 people - I need to know who my competition is, LOL.

Anonymous said...

It's fun to see how strong and confident they all talk with full bellies.

Nana in the NW said...

This is an interesting bunch....a dr., wedding videographer(that says he a bully), and lots of skinny young things!

I remembered Orkmommy doesn't have a computer at home so I won't know if I got in the pool until Monday. ;{

Terryinca--I hope you got through to Ork because I know your a Survivor addict.

delee--I agree about the dr. will he just downplay it to being an EMT? Others might evict him early thinking he doesn't need the money.

Has anybody heard how the tribes will be divided or if they will be given a few more supplies this year?

I'm going to a wedding tonight and was told that Jason(the Bachleor)is suppose to be there! I'll let you all know tomorrow.

nancy in nj said...

jackie, your editorials on the vids are really funny! YOUR dr. intrigues me....i hope he speaks intelligently....but i will keep my distance and know that he is already taken. :)

don't know if i can take another bimbo blonde on a reality show.

i have not watched ther last two survivors but plan on watching this one.

going to the flyers game monday night...preseason...i think playing the rangers. can't wait!

Petals said...

Hey, a Missouri guy to root for.

Sydney said...

Well, in readin that other bio of the 49 year old, I wonder if it's true (in his own assessment) or a joke answer. he'd be the first to be booted if he's as cranky as he describes himself.

And I didn't like MIchelle from watching her. Anyone who can sit in the pin-up position for a whole interview just rubs me the wrong way, lol

Thank you for doing these clips and giving us your opinion Jackie -- how did I ever watch Survivor (diehard since season one) without YOU????

Sydney said...

Now we have a chant for Laurie -


You MUST watch with us, you must you must you must!

Delee said...

I agree with Sydney


Survivor and all at Jackie's is calling YOU

joy n said...

Nana, you travel in a nice circle; you may actually have met Jason! Hope you had a chance to tell him of all his fans here at Jackie's place.

Randy; something about him I don't like, kinda creepy.

Paloma; just may have what it takes.

Michelle; may play well, but don't think she'll be very likable.

Matty; sounds like a teenager who's trying to sound like an adult.

Marcus; cute, but not very muscular.

Kelly; LAY OFF Jackie's doctor!

Nana in the NW said...

Well, darn!! I'm home from the wedding and NO Jason sighting!! I guess he had another committment.

I'm carrying on the chant in the NW:

You must watch with us, you must, you must, you must!

C'mon pdx...let's chant together!!!

Tom`S said...

Interesting Survivor
cast, although my most busiest timeframe, I'll tune in to this years Survivor..
Here's a some what off topic, although partly relates to Survivor.

The 12 drivers participating in the Chase for the Championship had a great time in New York City promoting their next 12 races for the Sprint Cup. They delivered the "Top 12" list on the Letterman show, participated in other talk shows like Regis and Kelly, and did multiple media events.

One of the fan favorite events during the week is the fan interaction luncheon, this year at the Hard Rock Cafe. 50 fans had the unique opportunity to ask questions and dialogue directly with their favorite driver.

During that event and the other media tours, the drivers were asked several times what they would do to spice up the Chase. One of the funniest moments occurred when four-time Champion Jeff Gordon decided to tackle that question.

"I think we should just vote someone off the island," said Gordon. His idea was to have a Survivor like contest each week, not just racing, but then also voting to send someone packing each week.

Jackie would make a great Jeff Probst,

Thanks everyone,
Darn my ear aches and headache have slowly returned, new problem my eyesight hasn't tolerated the sun, ( I'm not a vampire Haha )J/K I am a night person, sometimes I'm a day person..
I'll catch you all after the race today.
Love this blog!

Anonymous said...

The girl totally said snooze instead of shmooze. Little things like that annoy me the most!

Good catch, Jackie!! Too funny.

Laurie said...

Whoa! What is all the racket over here? Are you all trying to snooze me into watching another reality show? The chant is working!

I have to say that as I scrolled down the contestants in round two I did a double-take on the picture of Kelly. For a moment I thought it was Keesha with her tooth fixed! If you need to float in this game (like in real water) she may make it.

I loved that one 29 year old is proud to be on his own and another not quite that age is already a doctor. Now there's something to be proud of!

Oh dear... I feel a new tv addiction coming on. When's the next meeting?

Anonymous said...

There is a promo program running on TV Guide Channel about the new Survivor season. Nothing about how the tribes are divided, unless I missed it. Lots about production problems - couldn't buy anything locally so they had to ship everything - lumber, equipment, etc. so challenges will be more about the landscape than elaborate sets. Jeff Probst gives his take on each of the participants which is interesting!