Friday, September 26, 2008

Survivor Review up on TV Squad

I want to thank everyone for the fun evening on the Survivor post here! What a great bunch we are, aren't we? My sympathies to those who ended up with Gillian and Michelle in Orkmommy's pool. I see I have Charlie. I don't think he's going to win it, but I think he's in a good bunch with Marcus, Jacquie, and Corinne. If they do get Bob in there, that's going to be the alliance to watch.

Overall, I'm most impressed with Bob. Heck, I even like the bowtie.

My Survivor premiere review is up over on TV Squad. They almost weren't going to cover it this season, so I hope you can all take a gander at it. I'd appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Didn't get to watch the show until late due to a board meeting. Imagine the nerve of scheduling a meeting on Survivor night! When I first saw that Orkmommy & I had Bob, I thought, "oh, great - we get the old guy." But Bob rocks! Looks like my 10th grade math teacher, though. Go, KOTA!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was first! Maybe that is a sign! Orkmommy, maybe our boy Bob will win it all! LOL

Nana - keep us updated on your mom.
Jackie - hope your doc appts went well.


Jackie said...

Yes, it looks like Bob is going to be the real standout guy this season despite the fact he looks old for his age.

And, I just posted a comment on my post with the last castaways, but I want to mention here too that Nana and her mother are in my thoughts and prayers.

As for my doc visit, my work release date has been changed from this coming Wednesday to October 27th. I have to be 100% to go back and my job is safe for six months. The October date is still within that. But I'll have to go back then even if it isn't 100%.

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, I'm glad you're able to put off going back to work for a bit longer. As long as your job allows it, and your doc approves it, take all the time you need to get back as close to 100% as you can!

Nana, I'm glad you reported that you Mom is doing better. I'll continue to keep her in my prayers.

((Laurie)) Glad to see you joined us! I knew our enabling ways would draw you in. :)

They just interviewed GC on the local news. He's an aspiring musician here in Portland. He's working on his 3rd album and said he just might write a rap song about his Survivor experience. It sounds like he did a lot of studying about Africa and survival skills, as well as watched everything about Survivor that he could find. He sounds like a real nice young man.

Monty, he may not make it to the end, but I think we just might be able to be happy with him being our guy.

Tom`S said...

My sympathies to those who ended up with Gillian and Michelle in Orkmommy's pool.


I wasn't able to watch entire Epi, although I did view each tribes, Haha - I second the sympathies..

Jackie -
Many Thanks for ALL the hard work you provide for all of us..

My goodness yet another wedding to attend, Hmmm Excuses anyone?
My body does ache badly, my ears are numb, my voice is raw, hmm perhaps I have a slight cold. Wedding is on Saturday Sept 27, 2008 -- Haha I'm not knocking marriage however this particular wedding is a 4th --Haha for both parties, Ouch

Tom`S said...

Hey, I was first! Maybe that is a sign! Orkmommy, maybe our boy Bob will win it all! LOL


I believe - I know who won it all, I better not spoil it..Although I did hear Bob's name a lot, I'm unsure if he's the guy who used his glasses?? I didn't read nor watch entire Epi.

Tom`S said...

I did pick Marcus The doctor,

Hahaha - Jackie's young fella,
I have doc's in my family thus a Medic - Cal Field for the win!

lynn1 said...

Barbwire and I had Michelle as our player in the pool but I was not sad to see her go first. She was not a likeable person with her personality. She made a few comments that I found offensive so bye bye Michelle hope you learn some interpersonal skills.

I enjoyed the show alot. I think it won't be too long before we see some of Kota team members head over to team Fang just to balance the teams up.

I don't have a favorite person yet but I think when I do it is going to be one of the guys. I'm leaning towards Bob.

Nana, I hope your mom continues to improve.

Jackie, glad to hear your Dr gave you another month to recover.

M.R.B said...


Hope all is well with your health.

There's yet another tropical storm " KYLE " within your path.

We are very grateful to you and Sydney.


Linked per RR via Sat

Anonymous said...

I loved the one comment last night - I don't know the player - but after their team made some bad choices, they said "now we're playing Stupid Survivor."

I think this show often proves that sometimes people are selfish to the point of stupidity. You are there to win a million dollars. What must you do to win a million dollars? I out a stronger physical person (Michelle) and keep the weaker one (Gillian) because Michelle gets on your nerves. You know what? The whole 39 days is designed to be uncomfortable. Hot, itchy, dirty, bugs, no sleep, no food, etc. Living next to someone I don't really like, or even despise, is just one more discomfort. But by doing it, maybe we'll win some challenges and get some other things that help make us comfortable. Or at least get closer to $1MM. But people go straight for the petty.

I can understand voting out a strong physical player a little later in the game, when they are between you and your chance to win. But it's too early to be making those calls now.

Stupid Survivor. I love it.

Margo said...

Yea - My player is in the "onion" alliance! GO ONION for the final 4!

Laurie said...

Jackie, I just posted at TV Squad. Do they count your replies as a measure of your success or are they tracking visits to your original posting? Do you use any analytics on your site?

PDX, yes you enabled me right into another addiction. I'm sure I will be screaming at the TV on Thursday nights very soon!

Nana, I hope the night went well for your mom and she got the rest she needed. Hope you got some sleep, too! Prayers are still going your way.

Happy Friday everyone ... yippeee!

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jackie said...

Laurie - Glad you're enabled now. As for TVS, comments are always good but I believe they make the decisions based on traffic. It's corporate AOL running the show so I don't have much say or anything except to write my stuff and hope it entertains folks.

Sydney said...

How could they almost NOT cover Survivor???? I mean, it's SUCH a great show. I could see if they decided to not cover Flav of Love/ NewYork/ BrettMichaels type shows or deal or no deal but not Survivor.

Jackie, I have 55 year old a girlfriend who had a double knee replacement and is about 300 lbs. Six weeks after her surgery I came to visit her at work and she was standing at the xerox machine as if nothing had happened. I can't figure out how she did that. Granted, she didn't have a blood clot and was not on rat posion, lol, but seriously! I am now wondering what's up with that!

Nana, thinking of you!


Two days ago I wrote Sharon's e-mail and asked in the subject line that someone reply in case a family member was just cruising the e-mail titles. No word as of yet.

Jackie said...

Sydney - If I had strictly an office job where I could go between sitting and standing, I'd probably be fine. But I have to be able to be on my feet without the opportunity to sit at all for most of my working day. Plus, I have to go back full time - can't live on part time pay. I also don't want to go back, then have issues. Your friend is very lucky. Each knee replacement tends to heal differently. It actually takes a year or more to fully recover even for folks who have good recoveries. At 300 pounds, it's a miracle she didn't have more issues. Actually I can walk and stand like I never had a knee replacement. I just can't do it for 10 hours a day five days a week just yet.

ORKMommy said...

The results are in and the tribe voted lynn1 & Barbwire (Michelle) out first and Lars Eller & Donna in AL (Gillian) second. Sorry to see you folks go first, but that's how the cookie crumbles! :-)

To recap, here's how the teams stand now...

Ace Gordon - Rbennie & Nancy in NJ
Bob Crowley - ORKMommy & Jennasmom
Charlie Herschel - Jackie & Katie in Chi
Corinne Kaplan - Margo & Caroline - NJ
Crystal Cox - Sydney & Laurie
Dan Kay - Joy N & Terry in CA
Danny "GC" Brown - Pdx Granny & Monty924
Jacquie Berg - Delee & Zoetawny
Sugar Kiper - Petals & Gayle
Kelly Czarnecki - Lucy & Albglinka
Ken Hoang - TXrednekgirl & Clementine
Marcus Lehman - Meb & Sue
Matty Whitmore - RJM in SC & EileenM
Paloma Soto-Castillo - Tessa
Randy Bailey - tbc
Suzie Smith - Nana in the NW

Jennasmom - I'm glad we ended up with Bob. The teams were totally random, but don't you think it's funny that two of the moms ended up with the same guy!

Until next week...

Nana in the NW said...

Morning all--I loved watching 2 hrs. of Survivor the first night. It helped me contact names with faces easier and get to know each contestant.

Laurie-what did you think of your 1st Survivor?

Jackie--glad to hear you get a few extra weeks to be 100% before back to work.

pdx--lucky for got a homegrown boy to root for!!

I think the Onion alliance will go far in this game, however, Charlie needs to get his hormones under control or Marcus will rally the troops to get him out of there.

Although she is recovering from the infection her Dr. was in this morning and told us that the biopsies they took on Mon. show advanced lung cancer and that it's in her lymph nodes,also. He said it is untreatable and we will be lucky if she live until Christmas. The oncologist will be in today to talk about oral meds. to ease the process. She is not able to have chemo or radiation because of prev. cancer.

Sometimes life really sucks!! Didn't mean to be a downer but many of you have prayed and we tend to share our happiness and sadness here at Jackie's.

I will check in later today-off to the hospital.

ORKMommy said...

Awwww Nana, I'm so sorry to hear your news. I will pray that your mom makes it through Christmas so you can enjoy as many "last moments" with her as you can. Just know that we're all thinking of you and we love you!

tbc said...

At first, I thought, oh no Randy!!! Then he got hurt...OMG. Although, he didn't whine and make a big deal over it, so I was o.k. Then, the glasses into the fishing hook. WTG, Randy. I wish he weren't such a "Negative Nancy" as they called Michelle last night. LOL.

Nan, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

I think of you all and the goings-on all the time.

Have a great day, all.

Anonymous said...

Nana -
Even more prayers coming your way. Our thoughts and love are with you & your mom.

Jackie -
Glad you got some extra time. I went back to work too soon after shoulder surgery one time. Wasn't a smart move. Ended up missing more work than if I had waited to go back!


nancy in nj said...

orkmommy.....sorry..i have been away......i am nancy in nj, and there is someone else who posts just as nancy. nana was right when she wrote that everytime i post i post as "nancy in nj" so sorry for the confusion.

i have much to catch up on (tv wise) much has been going on in my life...son got engaged, daughter is pregnant with number 4 (in 4 years!) same daughter moved into new house, other daughter working on pregnancy :) mom with alzheimers......just had a full plate lately.i see i am ace gordon..will spend the weekend trying to catch up best i can. thanks again orkmommy!!

sue said...

orkmommy, what a great idea your pool was! I haven't seen Survivor, but feel like I kept track by reading here and I could feel the enthusiam coming through the keyboard as people supported/lamented their own player.


Nana, I was in your place several years ago. I have no advice to offer, but know that you have many with you in spirit and in person. That will help both you and your mom. I tried to ask as many questions as I could and my mother and I had some very revealing conversations that we had not had at any other point in our lives. Talking didn't make any of it easier or better, but afterward, I was very glad we had talked and I felt I understood her better than I ever had before.

monty924 said...

Pdx Granny, that's really interesting about Danny. I'd love to hear some of his music one day. I already like him, so if he goes far in the game I'm satisfied.

Nana, again my heart and prayers are with you. Hold tight to your faith and cherish your moments with your Mom. Also, remember to continue taking care of you along the way.

Laurie, glad you enjoyed our little addiction and welcome to the club. :)

Thanks for the info on TV Squad Jackie. I'll visit your write-ups multiple times if it helps with the traffic. I don't post replies there but I can sure hit refresh, refresh, refresh, and from multiple computers, lol. Hugs!

Anyone going to watch the Keesha live chat on RealPlayer tonight? I'm a BB nerd so you know I'm going to be watching, lol.

Have a great Friday all!

joy n said...

Nana, I am so sad to hear the latest news of your Mom. I know you will savor every precious moment you have. I wish for her many sunny days without pain, many moments of laughter. And I pray that God gives you the courage to see this thru with her.

lynn1 said...

So sorry to hear the bad news about your Mother. I will continue to pray for you both.
I am sure it must be a comfort and a blessing for your Mother to have you by her side giving her love and support. I honestly believe that is the best gift we can give our parents when they get seriously ill.
May God bless both of you.

Gayle said...

Nana, I'll also be praying for your Mother and the family. God Bless you!

Petals said...

Ork - thank you for the list, I'd forgotten my castmate. Guess I should say GO SUGAR!!!

Petals said...

{{Laurie}} SO glad to hear you like the show! Welcome to the tribe!

Nana in the NW said...

I didn't catch the beginning last night...the immunity idols that GC and Marcus got for being first up the hill, were they only good for the first tribal council or can they use them throughout the game?

I also meant to comment earlier about how Crsytal, Michelle, and Randy were digging in the comp. and GC and Ken sat there(because they were tired)! I was glad to see them called out at Tribal Council.

Who do you think this season's showmance is going to be????

Thanks for all the love....I feel it and it helps!

Donna in AL said...

Does anyone know what the song is and who sings it on the commercials for Dexter? It is an interesting song.

Nana, I'll be thinking of you and your mom.

Lucy said...

Hi Gang
Sorry I wasn't able to comment during the show. I, like my Survivor cast member Kelly, was not visible last night. Every time I thought I saw her it turned out to be another blond. Hopefully next week she will have some air time.

Africa was beautiful in the show last night and I can't wait to see more.

Delee said...

Nana, my heart is crying for you and prayers are being sent to you and your family. Enjoy your time together, hug, cry and love one another.

Still have to watch last nights show...maybe Sat am...

meb said...

nana in the nw... I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I posted something on my was just something I needed for myself, but it might help if you would like to read it. Just click on my meb and then at the bottom of my blog, click on whatnuwitu... it'll come up.

God loves you and so do I!

Lucy said...

Donna, the Dexter commercial music is performed by The Pierces and the song is "Secret." Here's a YouTube link for it:

Donna in AL said...

Cool, Lucy thank you!! My sons and I all like it so much but of course don't hear the whole song.

PDX Granny said...

I am so bad!! We have the presidential debates going on, and here I am catching up on all your comments from the day. I keep hitting re-wind on my DVR. I think I'm just going to pause it for a few minutes!

Nana, my heart goes out to you. My dad had prostate cancer for 8 years, but did great. That is until the doc said the treatments weren't working anymore and suggested we call hospice. We were so surprised because he was feeling and looking real good. It was 3 months to the day that the hospice nurse came to our house to talk to us that he passed. Those three months were hard, but I felt it an honor to be able to care for my dad during that time. My daughter was a freshman in college at the time, and she came home as often as possible to be with him. The bond we developed in those short 3 months is something that can only be imagined by someone else who has gone thru it. Yes, there will be some tough times ahead for you and your family, but there will also be a lot of love.... from each other, and from us. That you can count on!

You're in my prayers.

Sydney said...

could you imagine trying to live blog these debates Jackie?

PDX Granny said...

A live blog of the debate would certainly be a challenge! I thought it was pretty good. Probably not many minds changed, but it was interesting to see.

On another topic near and dear to many of us, I just heard that the end of Amazing Race was here in Portland!

I just read this on a local papers website (Willamette Week):

SPOILER ALERT : While fan forums were at first dismissive of the notion that The Amazing Race 13 was in town, it looks, at least from the blogs, that Portland, Ore. is not only on the itinerary, but is THE FINAL DESTINATION. And better yet, it's all going down at O'Bryant Square, aka Paranoid Park, the inspiration for Gus Van Sant's poetic film about punky, Portland skaters.

Here is a post from someone who is supposedly in the "know"

I can confirm this is 100% real!! I now know the EXACT location of the finale, but with my love of the race am not willing to subject them to a media frenzy--oh what's a girl to do. "georgia peach"

If this is all true, the location is pretty close to the hotel Laurie stayed in while here. If the article is to be believed, this all happened back in May.

meb said...

I just finished watching Grey's Anatomy and posted on the old post area. Didn't want to talk to myself, so didn't say much, but if anyone wants to chat, go there and let's talk.

meb said...

Tomorrow that is... I'm going to bed! Nite!

PDX Granny said...

meb, you're funny! :)

Nana in the NW said...

Ok--I just got caught up on the prev. post....If we're going to let the castaways join another team then hop on board with me!! Syd and Laurie no fair, loading up your team....LOL....I'm all be myself!

I have The Mentalist on DVR and hope to watch it this weekend.

PDX--I think I remember reading about TAR ending in Portland.....a few years ago it ended in Seattle but no one here knew about it until the show was airing.

I should have watched the debate but was too worn out to listen and comprehend what was being said.

Jennasmom said...

I finally have my name on here! No more anonymous!

PDX Granny said...

Welcome to the world of the blue letters, jennasmom!!

The next step is remembering your password! :)

nancy in nj said...

nana.....i have just finished catching up on the blogs...i am so very sorry to hear about your mom. please know that i will be praying for both of you as you travel this road you have been given. as i have shared in the mom has alzheimers so there are times (few) she is lucid..most times she can't totally connect that i am her daughter. i miss her terribly. there are times i sit across from her at a table and wish so badly i could have her back to talk to her about some things...

moms and daughters have this attatchment that is hard to explain. i am so sincere when i tell you that i feel for you, your pain, and all emotions that will surely surface.

cherish each day...say what you need to say...and hug her often.
luv, me

meb said...

jennasmom...thanks for checking out my blog. I left you a comment there as well.

The post is short, but I think it says it all.

Nana in the NW said...

meb--I just had a chance to read your blog. Thanks so much for that. I copied it and will post in Mom's room. Hope it will provide encouragement for the her and the rest of my family.

I tried to comment on your blog but couldn't because I don't have a google acct.
(can't retrieve my password and they won't let me create a new one!) More hassle than I need so I remain in black....:-(

Off to a soccer game and the hospital. We're trying to catch a dr. and get some info. on when she might go home.

meb said...

nana in the nw... I have it facing me on my bulletin board here at my computer, and I read it often. It's comforting to me.

I've since, posted another silly post, if you feel like you need a chuckle. It's cute.

I hope your mom is comfortable and can come home when you're ready. Don't hesitate to call hospice, they'll be very helpful through all this for you and the family as well as your mom.

My prayers are with you!

TerryinCA said...

(((Nana in NW))) My love goes out to you. Enjoy her while you can.

Jackie, I thought the first show was great, and was happy since Laurie is a novice, she was able to see such a good show.

Im still concerned about the animals, although so far, at least, they dont seem interested in them.
Gosh I wish we could get more updates like BB, a week between thursday is too long!!

Sydney said...

terry -- the good thing is that on the website they have added the ponderosa clips -- that's footage of their version of sequester house where each castmate on the jury goes after they've been evicted... maybe you know that, but that helps.

And joyN turned me on to where there are daily articles added on current reality shows -- so they get exit interviews and gossip on castmates... ditto Bachelor, TAR, etc...

I assume we're watching bachelor this season as the guy from the last final two is the bach this year, PLUS Petals knows one of the hopefuls on it!

For anyone with Showtime, DEXTER's new season starts this SUNDAY!!!!

Sydney said...

I lied -- that's

Sydney said...

Nana -

How are you doing today? I read that you heard news about your mom, and people here have said such beautiful things. I don't know how I could add to that sentiment but to join in and give it strength.

Having my own mother still with us but severely demented/alz for 14+ years, I've often wondered if it would have been better to have her lucid if here for far fewer days...

Coming from that place, I see and wish you whatever blessings are to be had that fact that your mom is able to take time with those close to her to laugh or talk or cry, while being as comfortable as possible with modern medicine.

I pray she will be with you for the holidays, but no matter how long you have her with you on earth, I hope you all share sweetness in the hours each day. Guess that's the big goal for all of us, one of the true secrets of life.

PDX Granny said...

Syndey, thanks for the reminder about the Ponderosa clips. I need to check those out!

Did I miss it, or did they not have Michelle's comments after her torch was extinguished? With her having such a negative attitude, I was really wanting to see what she had to say.

Sydney said...

PDX -- there actually is an article on that site about Michele:

Jennasmom said...

PDX - there was a quick flash of a caption that said for Michelle's comments & vote results to go online. But if you blinked, you missed it. Guess they wanted to make it look like one long show instead of two.

joy n said...

Sydney, we switched from HBO to SHO recently and although I've never watched Dexter before, I plan to watch it this season. I admit that Jimmy Smits being added to the cast has lured me into checking it out. The more I hear about the show, the more I wished I'd paid more attention earlier. If it's really good, I may buy the first two seasons.

Isn't it sad to hear of Paul Newman's death today? 83 years old and cancer. This guy was so talented, so humane, so down-to-earth, so gorgeous! He was married faithfully to Joanne Woodward for 50 years! I remember a quote from years ago. A reporter asked him why he stayed faithful. "Why fool around with hamburger when you have steak at home?" Ya gotta love him.

My first drive-in: My aunt and her boyfriend were going to a drive-in and my sister and I (at about ages 11 and 12) begged her to take us with them. They did. My sister promptly fell asleep, but I watched every minute of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and fell in love with Paul Newman that night. My mom wanted to kill my aunt the next day.

Anyway, he was a good man and he will be sorely missed.

Sydney said...

Thank you Joy for the news about Paul Newman. I know there were rumors he was sick with cancer, but he was still seen around, still driving the race car at least on practice runs until very recently. I had no idea he passed away today. That is really a loss.

PDX Granny said...

RIP Paul Neuman

One of those great men who made my heart go pitter pat more than once. :)

Sydney said...

Hi all -- if it's a slow weekend for you and you want to see some silly stuff check out the post I put up -- a little video. Jackie, if you get a chance, something tells me it might make you chuckle. Hope so.

Just click on my name and scroll down to Adventures In Nature.... Wish I could post the link to a word here like Orkmommy does to her posts...

And PDX, I left you a message on Meb's blog in the comments. Meb, you have a good blog!

joy n said...

What a delightful video, Sydney. Everyone should take a look. It'll make your day a little nicer.

meb said...

pdx granny... I responded to your post over on my blog. Thanks for the kind words.

meb said...

Sydney... love the video. I've watched it twice. You continue to amaze me how you've picked up on pictures and videos.

I just finally figured out how to put a picture on mine.

Zoetawny said...

Happy Saturday!


I know you're looking forward to the day you can stop taking the "rat poison", Coumadin. I'm sure your doctor will know when the time is appropriate. You have been very brave dealing with it all. But, I'm sure you're not anxious to return to work. Too bad your work hours can't be increased to full-time gradually. It's good to know your doctors have your best interest at heart and aren't pushing you too fast.


Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and your Mom. I was saddened to hear about your Mom. Please keep us posted. Anytime you need to express your feelings we are here to listen and offer comfort and support.


Thank you for organizing our pool and posting the teams. I just printed it out so I can refer to it. I still don't have all of their names down with the faces just yet. ;)

It sure looks like it will be a good season. I already have someone to dislike and someone to root for. Michelle (negative Nancy as Jackie named her) was first on my list to dislike but she's gone already. My next choice is Randy, talk about negative energy. "Randy describes himself as angry, blunt, mean and sarcastic (yet charming), and admits he's a train wreck." I think he lied about the charming part. I was hoping to like Gillian but I can see how she could have been annoying with her over exuberant good cheer. She meant well with the positive attitude but her lack of athletic ability was too apparent.

Bob is one of my "likes" so far. "Robert Crowley considers himself a hybrid of Indiana Jones and Robinson Crusoe." I can totally see that but neither one wore a bow tie. ;) I'm with you, Jackie, don't mind the bow tie at all. I would have liked to have had Bob as my physics teacher.


Looks like you and I got lucky with Jacquie. I'm thinking her full name might be Jacquelynn, hence the spelling. She seems likeable and a strong athletic girl. Coincidentally, Jacquie lives right up the street from me...well, a little farther. Santa Barbara is about an hour north of me.

Have you listened to JP's Q&A over on CBS? It was quite interesting. I was surprised when he said that Corinne was not likeable. He said that Matty was the most likeable. JP seems to have more liberty to voice his personal opinions this season. He said he has grown up on Survivior so maybe he has more confidence in himself to speak his mind off the script. He had some brusque comments at tribal council and was spot on.

I also like Marcus, Charlie and Dan. Ace seems much too arrogant but I'll have to see more of him and the others to decide. I'm not disliking Sugar as much as I thought I would. She might surprise me with a more down to earth attitude in spite of her leopard bikini. ;) Chrystal didn't seem to be as physically fit as I expected considering her gold medal in track. Think she was faking when she struggled to get up the side of the mountain?

I just don't get why they don't dress more appropriately for Survivor since it's not the first time a photo shoot turns directly into playing the game. A jacket and tie can be taken off and used for other purposes but why would you wear a strapless dress?

Just in case you missed it, Heroes is repeating tonight. I'm definitely going to watch again.

Can't wait for TAR tomorrow!