Friday, October 24, 2008

OFF TOPIC: I'm So Vein, I Thought This Clot Was About Me

The sign outside my pharmacy. Er, okay. It's a pest control place I walked by today. But it reminds me of my Coumadin! Hmm ... maybe I can give them my leftovers when I ... get off Coumadin in three weeks! Yes, I'm leaving the rat poison and vampires behind in just three more weeks. The good news is that no new clots have formed. The bad news is that there is a bit of vein damage and an increased possibility of blood clots in the future. The doctor said that the risks of continuing on with it at this point are more dangerous than the possibility of another clot when mine was directly connected to the knee replacement.

Below is a shot I took of knee replacement parts and other knee implements of destruction. I took that at the orthopedic surgeon's office yesterday. Yes, I do have a metal stake down my tibia and some of those parts.

Thank you all for your concern.


Margo said...

Yea First!

Yea Jackie - 3 more weeks.


Nana in the NW said...

Oh darn!! I was hoping to me first to say...YES! GOOD NEWS!!

Three more weeks, and then do they taper you off or your just done?

That's a very funny sign!! I love that you can laugh about something that had caused you feeling ill for so long.

Jackie said...

I'm just done. They said if I have any concerns to give them a call.

monty924 said...

Yay Jackie, thats great news! Implements of destruction cracked me up. I'm surprised that our bodies don't reject all that metal. Yikes!

Great write-up of Survivor over at TV Squad. Next week will be very interesting to see who they target from each tribe. I say Crystal and Dan. Just a guess.

Clementine said...

Jackie, the title of your post is hysterical!

Congrats on the good news. What a weight off your mind. Now I'm wishing you an easy transition back to work.

PDX Granny said...

What wonderful news!!

And what an appropriate sign! LOL

Jennasmom said...

Yea!!!! No more rat poison! Are they putting you on aspirin therapy or anything to prevent future clots?

Donna in AL said...

Yeah Jackie, I am so happy for you!!

I got a security warning when going to your site a few minutes ago. Is it because of the spam you have been getting?

meb said...

Terrific news Jackie... Just make sure you have some kind of regiment that will keep the blood flowing (doctor recommended). But you're home free... or at work in bondage... whichever the case, I'm so glad you're finished with all this.

donna in al.. exactly what does the security warning say??? I don't get anything.

Nana in the NW said...

I always get a security warning. It says "Security Information" Do you want to display non-secure information.....

Is the warnings you see different?

BTW--I hope Survivor does just an immunity challenge, sends both tribes to council and then merges them. In the past when there has been a double elim. the winning tribe gets to observe the losing tribe at council. I'm afraid my Susie may be on the block next week. I agree about the Fang tribe; Crystal is the odd man out on that tribe....unless Ace convinces everyone to vote off Sugar(would she be dumb enough not to use the Idol?)

Jackie--I agree with Jennasmom, I hope they at least put you on a aspirin regimen. If you are at risk for clots it's best to keep your blood thinned.

I'm sooooo tired of all the political advertisement and phone calls. I can't wait for Nov. 4th!!!

Donna in AL said...

That is what it said Nana...but I don't usually get it with any sites I visit.

I am painting my house tomorrow but some of my help has backed out. There will still be my two sons, me and 2 friends. Maybe we can get most done in one day.

Delee, your pictures are great. You did a wonderful job of photographing everything.

Laurie said...

Oh Jackie, this is most excellent news. Hooray for you!!

joy n said...

Loved your "Headline", Jackie!

Sounds like kind of a good news - bad news kind of thing. The aspirin, even low-dose, sounds like a good idea.

All that metal looks like props from some old Frankenstein movie.

I hope getting back to work, works out well for you. Hopefully, you can ease back into it at a pace that your knee can adjust to.

My wv is wayin.

joy n said...

Reality TV World has an article about bachelor Matt Grant. (Shayna's ex) He has announced he is "in love" with his British publicist, Sarah Robarts, age 39. He's 28.

Seems that little devil has gone from a sex kitten to a cougar. Meow!

lynn1 said...

Sorry to be so late in sending my congrats to you on the good news your Doc told you.
Hopefully now that you will be off the rat poison you will be feeling even better. I'm sure even though it is a prescription drug it has had some effect on your stamina and energy levels.

Nana in the NW said...

donna--I'm surprised that's the first time you got the security warning. I get it here and on anybody else's blog.

Hopefully, with your help you can get most of the painting done in one day. Just keep food coming and usually boys will keep working.

laurie--love your avitar. The tree is beautiful. I love fall because of all the colors. I look out my family room window and see the most beautiful maple tree...the colors are magnificent.

It was good to get out and dance with my friends. The dance was Halloween costumes....I went as a kitten. The costume was easy to do and found a great headpiece at the craft store.

Off to bed....I'm tired.

dla said...

Jackie, that is just terrific news!! I am sure that put a big smile on your face after all the uncomfortable issues associated with the rat poison!

Laurie said...

re: the security warning
I used to get it all the time when I used Internet Explorer (IE). When I switched to Firefox it went away.

TerryinCA said...

I loved the title Jackie, but more than that the great news!
I am so thrilled about the freedom from the vampires and the rat poison!!!
my word verification is hospel....

Dan S said...

Looks like sex toys

RBennie said...

Congrats Jackie. That's great news! You always find the perfect picture.

Zoetawny said...


I'm so glad to hear the good news. I know you've been anxious to get off that "rat poison" with all of it's side effects. How funny that you happened to see that sign advertising rat poison. Now I'm wondering what kind of people shop there. ;)

The photo of those knee implements of destruction are very scary. They look like they should be in some slasher Halloween movie. I hope you didn't see them before your surgery. My husband almost passed out the first time he saw his x-ray of the two steel rods screwed right into his spine. The first thing I noticed was that one of the screws was put in crooked. Isn't that just like a Virgo?

I hope you keep getting more good news and all goes fine your first week back at work.

Have a good weekend all!

PDX Granny said...

I've read several comments from some here who have seen the movie Mamma Mia. I joined the group last night. It was so much fun!! If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

My daughter and I went to one of the local neighborhood theaters where we got the movie, pizza and beer for just over $10.

It was a great mommy/daughter date night!!