Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Reminder: Bonnie Hunt Ultimate Quiz Prize Giveaway Ends Tomorrow

This is an older photo I took and messed with. He's not waiting for the subway train -- he's waiting for you to enter my Ultimate Bonnie Hunt Quiz Prize Giveaway! So far I have over a dozen correct entries in the punch bowl and, if you haven't entered already, you have until midnight ET tomorrow to get in the running!


Laurie said...

I'm going to copy rbennie and be first just because I can!
I'm working from home today. That means I can watch Bonnie hunt this afternoon. Cool beans.

RBennie said...

Well they say imitation is the ultimate form of flattery (or something like that), so I guess I'm flattered. I'm feeling lucky Jackie. I think you will be pulling my name out of that bowl.

Tom`S said...

Good Morning everyone,

Jackie how large is your punch bowl?

Laurie said...

Dang! I thought Bonnie was on at 3 but it's on at 2. Just missed the first half hour.

Right now she is introducing my TAR couple who got Philiminated last week. ha! He's wearing a hat similar to what Memphis wore. He seems nice enough and so does she.

According to them, they bicker all the time and it's just the way they are. They will marry when they can afford it. Not a big deal, just something the show wanted to promote as their issue.

Tom`S said...

Haha the Memphis hat,
I watched a few bits and pieces of Bonnie's show this morning,

Jackie let us know how your doctors appointment went.

~ I have one final appointment scheduled for Thursday Oct.9, 2008 ~
I'm having head pains but worse is my right ear throbbing pains,
but we want to celebrate ~ Finally ~

One more family members birthday this week, it'll be better than Christmas.
I gotta tell ya'll about the " famous 1971 Memphis car " giveaway " most important I think Jackie deserves lots of credit.

Sydney said...

LOL Laurie re; beating Rbennie

Mkese me miss rydnshyne

Another debate on tonight -- though it's actually a town meeting I just learned, where ppl in the audience get to ask questions.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite photo so far! Love it, Jackie.


sue said...

I heard some of the debate rules today, Sydney. Audience members ask their question, but are not allowed to ask a follow up and the camera is not to go back to that audience member. Both campaigns have negotiated the rules. I guess I will watch to see if anyone breaks any rules. : )

I wonder who will play Tom Brokaw on SNL?

joy n said...

More sad news! Zoetawny has left a comment at the end of Jackie's Blog Announcements and Stuff post. (About 3 posts back) You might want to read it.

Sydney said...

Zoe, you got a few messages about your news back on the yellow flowers post. I guess you got definitive news. I can totally understand your shock and sadness right now. Just walk one step at a time through these days and count what is precious... the way I suppose we should live every day!

dla said...

Jackie, I am just stuck on the final question. Grrrr...

I will give it one more try tonight or tomorrow, but may need to say "uncle" on this one. I breezed through all but the final question re: Bonnie. ;(

Laure, which falls are in your avatar? Is that Multnomah or one of the others along the way? The picture is beautiful!

Laurie said...

It is indeed Multnomah Falls! Good eye! I have pictures of other falls along the way but haven't done anything with them yet. I need to get to that!

Tom`S said...

More sad news! Zoetawny has left a comment at the end of Jackie's Blog Announcements and Stuff post. (About 3 posts back) You might want to read it.


Is Jackie okay? My computer is freezing, I'm unable to open various posts,
I have a bad habit of zooming through the blog.

I hope all is well with everyone..

Ouch - Did you all see the long zipper back of Mitchell Obama's dress?

It's Wed Oct 8, 2008
6:08 P.M NZ time

RBennie said...

I would give you a hint on that last question DLA, but I'm too scared that Jackie will throw out my entry for cheating, LOL.

Margo said...

Pick me! Pick me!


dla said...

rbennie, I appreciate that you would be willing to share! :)

Nana in the NW said...

zoe--so sad to hear about your son. Now is the time for you to be with your family and gather strength from each other. Remember we are all praying for him and have you in our thoughts.

Patty said...

Jackie-This is such an awesome picture. I love it!

To everyone who is enduring some difficult times, please take care. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Tom`S said...

Happy Birthday to me..Hahaha it's not until tomorrow..

Thanks everyone you all ROCK..


Tom`S said...

I apologize if I upset anyone..
I'm still unable to open / Read various posts..
I don't want to cheerful if someone in here is hurting,
I hope everyone is okay..My body is aching along with my eyes and ears but I'll be okay because I made it one more year and it's great to be here for the 10th of October 2008 birthday..

I'll send Jackie E-mail..



meb said...

Happy Birthday tom's. Have a great day!

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday Tom's.

We need to have some happiness in the midst of hard times and sorrow. It reminds us that life does go on.

Enjoy your birthday!

Sydney said...

I agree with Laurie Tom's... we celebrate ups and hang in there with the downs and talk trash TV in between it all!

I hope you are pain free on the 10th and have a great time, then come here and tell us all about it!

dla said...

Happy birthday, tom's!!

Enjoy your special day!

PDX Granny said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Tom S.
Happy Birthday to you . . . .and many more!

My birthday gift to you is sparing you the agony of having to hear me sing this. If you think your ears are hurting now, you wouldn't want to feel them after listening to me sing!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

PDX Granny said...

With this being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it appropriate to forward this gentle reminder I received from a friend that it's time for my annual mammo squeeze . . . .

I actually kept my mammogram appointment. I was met with, 'Hi! I'm Belinda!'

This! perky clipboard carrier smiled from ear to ear, tilted her head to one side and crooned, 'All I need you to do is step into this room right hereee, strip to the waist, thennnn slip on this gown. Everything clearrrr?'

I'm thinking, 'Belinda, try decaf. This ain't rocket science.'

Belinda skipped away to prepare the chamber of horrors.
Call me crazy, but I suspect a man invented this machine. It takes a perfectly healthy cup size of 36-B to a size 38-LONG in less than 60 seconds.

Also, girls aren't made of sugar and spice and eve ything nice....
it's Spandex. We can be stretched, pulled and twisted over a cold 4-inch piece of square glass and still pop back into shape.

With the right side finished, Belinda flipped me (literally!) to the left and said, ''mmmm. Can you stand on your tippy toes and lean in a tad so we get everything?'

Fine, I answered. I was freezing, bruised, and out of air, so why not use the remaining circulation in my legs and neck and finish me off?

My body was in a holding pattern that defied gravity (with my other boob wedged between those two 4' pieces of square glass) when we heard, then felt a zap!

Complete darkness and the power went off!

'What?' I yelled.

'Oh, maintenance is working. Bet they hit a snag.' Belinda headed for the door

'Excuse me! You're not leaving me in this vise alone, are you?' I shouted.

Belinda kept going and said, 'Oh, you fussy puppy ... the door's wide open so you'll have the emergency hall lights. I'll be righttttt backkkk.'

Before I could shout 'N OOOO!' she disappeared.
And that's exactly how Bubba and Earl, maintenance men extraordinarine, found me, half-naked and part of me dangling from the Jaws of Life and the other part smashed between glass!

After exchanging polite 'Hi, how's it going ' type greetings, Bubba (or possibly Earl) asked, to my utter disbelief, if I knew the power was off.

Trying to disguise my hysteria, I replied with as much calmness as possible. 'Uh, yes, yes I did. Thanks.' !

'You bet, take care', Bubba replied and waved good-bye as though I'd been standing in the line at the grocery store.

Two hours later, Belinda breezes in wearing a sheepish grin and making no attempt to suppress her amusement, she said , 'Oh I am soooo sorry! The power came back on and I totally forgot a bout you! And silly me, I went to
lunch. Are we upset?'

'And that, Your Honor, is exactly how her head ended up between the clamps.'

Sydney said...

OMG PDX -- please tell me that this isn't a true story? And that she didn't leave you for 2 hours....

When I lived in LA and there were earthquakes a lot, I joked with the technician about this EXACT scenario... my worst/comedic fear, to have the electricity go off with my boob smashed flat within a centimeter of my life. They need to have a default release on these machines for that instance. Can you imagine being caught in a MRI machine?????????????? I'd need VALIUM

BTW, this is an EXCELLENT piece of writing. Have you thought of submitting it to a shorts section in a women's magazine? Hysterical and flawlesly written! I'm your fan1

PDX Granny said...

Hey, Syd! I'd love to take credit for my mammo story. However, I can't. : (

It was sent to me from a friend and I just had to pass it on. As I read it I was picturing an episode of I Love Lucy, with Ethel playing Belinda and Desi & Fred playing the maintenance guys. Which would leave Lucy as the main squeeze.

I tried to highlight it so it was obviously separate from my initial greeting, but I don't know how to format the fonts in my comments to be anything other than the default.

joy n said...

pdx granny, that story is priceless!