Friday, October 03, 2008

Stuff and Some TV Stuff, too

Nope, this isn't a television image. I took my older Pentax digital camera with me yesterday as I went to the vampires for my weekly blood draw. It has a filter in it for illustration photos and I really like the effect. You can click on the photo to enlarge it. So here are some fall flowers for everyone!

If you haven't kept up with the comments, blog reader Sharon has been located and has been having some severe health issues. Sydney is acting as a go-between and is the one who finally found her. Kudos to Sydney!

I got the bad news that AOL is closing Hometown, the FTP space for members, and all AOL Journals. I'm looking into relocating the content of a few of my older blogs. But the more immediate problem is that I've been using my AOL FTP space for all of the animated Zoetawny graphics as Blogger won't support GIF files. The shutdown is scheduled for November 1st. I've already backed up my files to an external hard drive but have to figure out how to get them actually showing on a new web host I have. But this news means I'll have to go back through all of the posts to change the image addresses. So we might have some missing graphics and I apologize in advance. Plus, folks using any of my AOL Journals or the web pages I made with AOL to get here will have problems after November 1.

I want thank all of the commenters discussing the VP debate for being respectful to others. I was wondering how the Survivor episode generated that much discussion! (Especially with no exposed bananas!)

I have new posts up over on both TV Squad and CliqueClack TV if you're moved to take a peek.

Don't forget to enter my Bonnie Hunt Giveaway if you haven't already done so. I've decided to give a bit of leeway in the movie counts as there seem to be discrepancies. I have lots of names already sitting in the punch bowl for the drawing and I'd like even more!

Let's see ... tonight's TV ... hmm. For me, Friday nights are almost like a night off from writing. I might try out The Ex List tonight and will probably watch Life although I've missed most of that series. How about you?


Laurie said...

Jackie, it is Sharon who was located and so ill, not meb. Can you change that for us?

I was very happy with the respectful tone we all used during the debate, too. We are a good group of intelligent people, if I do say so myself. And ... we do like our bananas!

Jackie said...

ACK - had MEB on my mind! fIXED!

Tom`S said...

Oh my the flowers,

I like them..

My dad loved flowers, I found a old flower plate yesterday with the exact coloring in which you've posted.

My heart sank when I saw the flowers, much better
maybe a good sign!

Petals said...

BEEEE-autiful mums, Miss Jackie - you have a great eye! Isn't autumn perfect for photos? And the Northeast is the best, enjoy!

dla said...

Jackie, the flowers are just beautiful! That definitely put a smile on this old face. ;)

I plan to give The Ex List a try. Friday night is such an odd night for TV viewing... I typically watch Numbers at 10PM if my TV is on and I am actually paying attention.

Enjoy your weekend!

Petals said...

Laurie - I had departed prior to the debate blog, but I have to add that Ms Palin did a wonderful job. I'm a right-winger, so I was worried. (please don't throw things at me, peeps!)

RBennie said...

Love the flowers Jackie. Thanks for the bouquet! Friday night tv is pretty dismal. I sometimes watch Ghost Whisperer, but that's about it. It's a good night for Netflix.

lynn1 said...

I won't be watching any shows tonight! My hubby and I will be going to a golden oldies concert at a nearby casino. The casino is giving us free concert tickets and a free night in the hotel.
I am really hyped and showing my age about this concert. It is called the orginal stars of American Bandstand. The stars are
Fabian, Bobby Vee, Brian Hyland and the Chiffons.
I hope we get aisle seats cause I may need the room to dance around and act the fool! LOL

RBennie said...

Wow Lynn are all those guys still alive? Just kidding. I hope you have a great time. What did you do to cop free tickets anyway?

meb said...

Loved Life last year Jackie, so I definitely will be watching that. I also DVR'd ExList... I'll check it out since there's not much on.

Petals...I'm with you kid! I was reading, but I didn't join in the debate at the time. Not good at that sort of thing. Glad it wasn't a requirement of Jackie's blog. LOL! As a woman I wanted Palin to do well and I thught she did just that! Good for her!

Loved the flowers too Jackie. I didn't read your comments until I guess you changed it from meb, so I had to read Laurie's post a couple of times to figure out what she was talking about. Funny!

I need to go read your other posts now.


meb said...

rbennie... I forgot Ghost Whisperer... always watch that! Thanks for reminding me. long as you're back in time for the next TAR... we have to cheer our team on! Have fun tonight!

lynn1 said...

We are frequent customers of several of the Mississippi Gulf coast casinoes.
We are NOT high stakes players but we go often enough and spend enough that we get nice offers from several of the casinoes.
Once in a while we even win a little bit.
We get free buffets, hotel rooms and show offers every month.

lynn1 said...

meb, I will be watching TAR on Sunday night right along with you. We will definitely be cheering our team Nick and Starr on to victory.

I wouldn't at all be surprised if Jackie could hear us yelling and screaming up in NJ.

I think we have a shot for the whole enchilada with our team! WOO HOO

meb said...

I agree lynn1... I just went over and read some of the odds for the different shows and Nick and Star are #1 pick for TAR. Of course that and a $2.00 will get you a cup of coffee.

Hmmm...remember when you could say "that and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee".

RBennie said...

MEB & Lynn, you guys can just forget about it. Terence & Sarah are going to lead me, Sydney & Orkmommy to victory!

Petals said...

Lynn1 - Your casino/concert night out sounds like a blast! Pretend you & your busband are 16 again & makeout in the backseat, huh?

RBennie said...

They have a perfectly good hotel room Petals, why waste it? LOL

Petals said...

oooh - yeah! Then pretend it's prom night.

Donna in AL said...

Oh geez, I read that as porn night at first!! ha

lynn1 said...

Now Girls this is a family site!LOL

sue said...

I saw a notice that Broadway will dim their lights tonight at curtain time in memory of Paul Newman. I like the thought of that.

Delee said...

8p Toughest Jobs
9p Ex List tivo E Hollywood Story (Kimora Simmons)
10p Numbers cbs

I read along while the debates were on and I agree all behaved like adults...LOL!

Fall is here today and will be in the 30's tonight. I still have not bought oil and the price did drop to $3.59 a gallon from $3.89, today. That is still $1 a gallon more than this time last year. So now I have rice pudding in the oven at 300 degrees that takes 2 1/2 hr for a little heat and a small elec heater more for the rabbit than me. Yes, I can afford the fill-up, but just do not want to be p-o'ed if the price drops lower.

Gas at one station today was $3.52 so that is dropping too...

Delee said...

Dang got on the cost of fuels and forgot the mum picture. Beautiful!!! That photo reminded me of a photo used on Project Runway this week.

Delee said...

Lynn, have a marvelous time...our travels will have us in Biloxi for 2 nights (comped) end of the month. Love the comps!!!

meb said...

rbennie... Terence and Sarah who? Are they in TAR. They're not the old couple are they. Well now, you just hang in there... just in case they make it to the pit stop. Lynn1 and I will be pulling for you guys (not)!

meb said...

oh petals... prom night? You just made mothers of teenage girls suffer rapid heart rate. LOL

Petals said...

Delee - where are you? I'm paying less than $3 per gallon for gas! I'm in KCMO area.

TerryinCA said...

The flowers are awesome, what a welcome sight!
I love that shade....very lovely, THANK YOU!!
As far as gas prices, I never thought I would say " $3.51 a gallon, yay better fill up" As an oldie who paid 25 cents per gallon back in the day, I shake my head.
Love all you guys!

monty924 said...

You all have it wrong... Mark and Bill will win TAR. :) Now if I could only say that for my Survivor alter ego. Sigh! Yes, GC just plain quit during the reward challenge last night. Could it be his plan to appear weak?

Beautiful picture of the flowers. I love Fall mums.

Clementine said...

Jackie, your flower power is awesome!

I really enjoy Life! It's not the best show ever (can be a little slow at times), but it's quirky in just the right way for me. And I love Damian Lewis, who plays the lead. He was in a great PBS miniseries, The Forsyte Saga, and also played Major Winters in Band of Brothers. A very talented actor. I highly recommend either or both miniseries for a DVD rental on those long winter nights.

I guess we decided not to have a Prison Break post? Shucks :)

lynn1: thanks for the website! I will definitely check it out.

Oh, no! My randomly assigned TAR team are the Southern Belles. I don't know if I can muster up any team cheer for those two. I think they'll be Philiminated soon.

Speaking of TAR, as the designated blog PQ, I have news to report! Did you all see the naked pic of Dallas (from the mom/son) team? Apparently, he snapped it himself and posted it somewhere on the Internet a few years ago. Most sites have taken it back down, as his lawyer claims it was taken when he was 17, which falls under child porn laws. He really doesn't look 17. Don't the show minders ask people about this stuff? Anyway, if you can't find it on your own, I could be persuaded to give up the link on the next TAR post. But I have to be careful or Jackie's gonna ban me for being a banana-maniac!

Delee said...

Petals, I am in central PA. Can not believe it is that low where you are.

Clementine said...

Saw this earlier on the news, and found it so interesting:

Mental Health Insurance

What strange bedfellows are grouped together in these congressional bills! We'll all need some good psych meds to make it through this economic crisis, so it's a perfect fit!!

But seriously, through my profession, I know many, many, many people who go without necessary treatment or medication for mental health issues because their insurance severly limits the approved number of visits and/or charges a steep co-pay. What a blessing this may be (if insurance companies don't find more ways to hide/deny coverage).

Sydney said...

Friday Night Lights is supposed to be coming back -- just wonder if it will be on Friday Nights again this year. Last season Swingtown was on Fri nights, wasn't it? I actually got hooked by that show. I know there were many of us who tuned in mostly for the walk down 70's lane -- but I'm wondering if any of you ended up like I did. I'm looking forward to it being renewed.

Clem, could you drop me a line at I had a question for you...

Jackie said...

Clementine - I was planning to put a Prison Break post up before the show airs on Monday. It is Monday that it's on, right?

Zoetawny said...


Thanks for sharing the gorgeous flowers with us. You do have an amazing eye for photography.
BTW, we do have autumn/fall in CA. LOL


Once again, thanks for all the research regarding Sharon and more importantly for all your caring. Off topic...I just viewed the videos on your blog. I wasn't aware that I was saying, "awwwwww" so much until my hub came in the room to find out what I was doing.


Sorry if I missed it, how's your mother doing now?



((((?)))) Anyone else need a hug? Just so you know, prayers and positive thoughts always go with the hugs.

Oh brother, AOL is closing more features to "enhance our experience". Jackie, sounds like you're prepared backing up your files to an external hard drive but I know it's time consuming. If there's anything I can do to help please let me know. I do have most of the graphics for this blog saved on a disk, just in case. Also, I don't have to create animated (.gif) graphics for you if it's going to cause a problem and more work for you. I usually come here using I.E and don't bother to sign on to my AOL account. Will there be any problems finding your blog this way?

Of course I did watch the VP debate last night. I had to be careful with my comments since my hub and I are not on the same political page. I'm not sure when it changed but it did. I think he needs to change his voter registration. ;) Too bad we can't take the best of both parties and put them together into one candidate.

Back to TV...

I probably will watch "Ghost Whisperer" just to see the first episode of the new season. I am getting a little tired of it. I do want to check out the "Ex List". I'm also a "Numbers" fan and have been since the first season.

I'm running out of time but wanted to post about Survivor. Hope it's ok if I make a brief mention here. I'm really surprised at how how well Sugar is doing. I never thought I was going to like her but I do. She moved me when talking about her father and was very brave tiptoeing through the infested waters to finally find the idol. I hope her alliance with Ace doesn't come back to bite her. It was inevitable that Paloma got the boot and I don't feel badly about it.

Gotta run. Have a good weekend all!

Star-R--Mindless~Carbone said...

My heart sank when I saw the flowers, much better
maybe a good sign!

10/03/2008 2:56 PM

(((((((( Smile ))))))))

It's Friday


Clementine said...

Syd: sent you an email!

Jackie, hip-hip-hooray for a Prison Break post! Yes, it's on Mondays at 9pm on FOX. Come one, come all! But that night is killer tv overload for me. I usually flip back and forth between PB and DWTS. And I record Heroes. Can I blog at the same time? You betcha (as Gayle's favorite candidate would say, LOL!)

Clementine said...

Oh, and Friday Night Lights is coming back only on DirectTV for now (which, of course, I don't get!) There's some plan to re-air the season on NBC in Jan/Feb, but it was getting poor ratings to begin with, so we'll see.

If it's on DirectTV, do you think it will be available online anywhere after it airs, like on Hulu? Boy, do I hope so! I need my Coach Tim Taylor fix!

Clementine said...

I know I'm being a blog-hog tonight, but I just had to share this...

Letterman's Sarah Palin Debate Recap

Jackie said...

Zoetawny - THIS blog and coming in via a saved link to it won't change as it's not AOL. What is AOL are the stored GIF file addresses. So I have to redo the images storing them elsewhere and changing the HTML I use to post them. Any animated future images won't be an issue.

I know from my sitemeter that some folks must have my old BB6 blog and Jackie's Stuff AOL web page to get to this blog's links. They show up as referring links in the sitemeter.

Of course, anyone losing this blog's link need only Google "Jackie's TV Blog."

Sydney said...

Dla - I decided to watch the Ex list when I was posting some stuff on my blog and I think I may really like it. It was sharp, funny and though many shows seem to try for what they are, they seem to nail it.

What did you think?

I don't want to have more shows to watch, lol!

Gayle said...

Jackie thank you for the beautiful flowers!

Oh Clementine! Thanks for this link: "Letterman's Sarah Palin Debate Recap" it gave me a very hearty laugh! It truly captured her essence! LOL

Gayle said...

Sydney ~

CBS sold "Swingtown" to the Bravo network. According to TV, there wont be any new episodes made. The sale was for those episodes that aired this summer only.

Delee said...

Sydney, I watched Ex List too, and I enjoyed it. Cute premise, but wonder if her trying too hard to find her "soulmate" from her ex's may get old. I did like the seer and maybe she will have more of a role in the future.

DO you want a Hilter or a Gandhi? LOL from the show all who did not see it!!!

Sydney said...

Arrgh, darn about Swingtonw Gayle! They really left some great cliffhangers in all the story lines. Were you watching it or are you just a crack researcher?

Clementine, I loved the Letterman Palin stuff too, so thanks for that. I have forwarded it to my husband, nyuk nyuk

Sydney said...

oh, an hello! Why didn't I mention this FIRST? Jackie, I love the color of those flowers. Gorgeous.

Sydney said...

Gas here has stayed the same for about a month $3.49 give or take a few for regular.

Lynn! -- thanks so much for your posts and the website. I learned quite a bit today thanks to you

Zoe -- I think you are not at all alone in wishing we could take parts, strengths from several folks and make the right candidate to take the helm at this most critical point across the board for our country.

PDX Granny said...

I love this place!! Jackie, I have to give it up to you one more time for giving us such a great place to gather and share thoughts and bits of our lives.

Reading all the debate comments was great! I watched, and read later. I wish I had known about the CNN "line". I saw it later on a replay but I wasn't so interested that I wanted to watch the whole thing again. : )

As far as Survivor goes, I think Monty and I need to have a talk with our guy. GC needs to get the lead out and get with the program! I'm really surprised at the way he's acting. When I saw the interview with him on our local station he said he had studied the game by watching everything he could get his hands on. Too bad he didn't retain much of what he read. :(

I'm really liking Sugar tho! I hope she dumps Ace and goes far.

I know I was going to say more in response to some of the comments I read, but I don't remember what now. Another Senior Moment!

PDX Granny said...

Oh, I just remembered one thing - The lowest gas here in Portland was $3.29 this morning. It was at ARCO. Then I drove by another station on the way to work that was $3.63. I don't get it! How can one be so much higher than the other?? The low was ARCO, and the high was Chevron.

Gayle said...

Sydney, I watched a few episodes of "Swingtown." I knew it was only going to be a summer show so I didn't let myself get too into it. I get daily emails from TV and remember reading from one of them that "Swingtown" had been sold.

dla said...

Hi all!

Sydney, I watched The Ex List, and think I may like it for a Friday evening's entertainment. :) It just may have potential!

I know what you mean about yet another show to watch, but my Friday nights are a bit slow, so I think I may bite on this one for a while to see how it goes.

Regarding Swingtown... I was completely hooked by end of summer!! When I read that no more episodes have been ordered, I was very disappointed. :(

Maybe Bravo will step up and put it on their schedule. You just never know these days! lol

Jackie, thanks so much for the Prison Break post!! YEAH! I am liking this season so far.

David Letterman is good tonight!

Have a great weekend!

PS: Has anyone seen Nights in Rodanthe? Is it worth going to the theater to see?

meb said...

Good Morning all...

OK those of you who are getting lower gas prices??? Ours (NC) are still in the $3.89's or more and a lot of our stations have no gas. What's that all about if you're all getting better prices. Hmmmmm

Zoetawny... thanks for the hugs, I always need them!

Gonna go read Sydney's blog... she said she posted something. Love this place... so much to do.

Jackie, I did go to TV Squad and Clique/Clack and read and read. Enjoyed them all.

Anonymous said...

Can someone point me in the direction of the news on Sharon? I have went through all the posts twice and can not find mention of it. thanks in advance for any help.

meb said...

RJM .. We learned that Sharon is and has been in the hospital.
Sydney was able to locate her husband who gave us her address so we could all send cards. You can email Syd or myself for more information including how to contact her.

monty924 said...

Happy Saturday!

Jackie, loved your Survivor review and your other article. I'm one of those pesky apostrophe users. :( I did it twice in one blog entry... Petal's and Hank's. argh I'm sure I've done it more times than not. :) I have to watch those stuttering fingers or clear the fog out of my brain. I'm going to go sit in time out now. :)

I'm taking Mom out for a day on the town. Maybe a little shopping and dinner. Catch you all later.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have time to read all the comments thursday,
But I have to say that I was blown away when I saw how many survivor comments there were. I realy enjoyed reading everyones comments on the debate. Everyone is so respectful of each other.
Hope to be able to get back to reading while the show is on
I got off my schedule. The hospital is trying to get me back to work. They do not understand the term Retired. I guess nurses can't do that.