Monday, November 24, 2008

DWTS Stuff, Lance on Bonnie Hunt, and Stuff

Park ONLY your tattoos here. Nothing else. No excuses. No Fords or Volkswagens!

I have just a few things I want to touch on. First, a quote of mine from the other day has been made part of the AOL Dancing With the Stars predictions feature. It looks like Lance Bass is leading the predictions from most of the other sites. Oh, well!

Speaking of Lance Bass ... he was on The Bonnie Hunt Show today. She has the old Dean Martin style fireman's pole which some guests choose to use for their entrance. When he went down the pole, he pretended he hurt his ankle. She bought it. I felt so sorry for her! You could tell she was genuinely worried.

And, last but not least ... I have a new Reality Clack column and new The Big Bang Theory review up over on CliqueClack TV if you wish to take a gander. In the former, you can tell I don't watch America's Next Top Model. Heh.


meb said...

Hey Jackie... I think I'm first. I know Bonnie is very sincere and felt sorry for her too.

Laurie said...

Bonny is such a sweet person, isn't she? I'll read your post on the Big Bang Theory tomorrow since we are taping the show tonight. Love the tat sign!

dla said...

Darn, I tried to catch your quote on AOL, but I have not been able to get on that site since this afternoon... Is it just me??

I will head over to the DWTS comments now to see what everyone thought of tonight's show.

See ya there!

Lars going in circles? said...

Hate That model show its bogus, alongside ABC

we are ready for surgery,

My shoulder
StarRia Rt. leg, Rt knee

T'ST.ewart- Lt. leg, left ankle

Ryan surgery inner ear

bb & 5T. Rt. leg

Have a great St. Stewart's Day- Just kidding- Happy Bay Justin on the 14th

RBennie said...

Poor Bonnie. Bad Lance, LOL. Can you imagine if he had really hurt himself, tragic. He's got to be in top form to win tonight. Go Lancey!

lynn1 said...

The Tattoo parking sign made me think of Tattoo from the TV show I think it was Fantasy Island. You know the guy who always said De Plane De Plane.
What a goof ball I am! LOL

ORKMommy said...

Finally got to watch the video. Boy, that Lance is such a kidder! :-)

Did you see Bonnie doing the hip shimmy before she sat down? I think she should do DWTS next season!

dla said...

Off Topic:

For all my compadres who watch Real Housewives on Bravo, the OC ladies are back for a new season tonight. :)

I will use my DVR, so may not see it for a few days.

They also have the Atlanta crew back for the reunion show tonight... with what appears to be several screaming catfights along the way. lol

I had not seen any of Atlanta until last weekend when they ran a marathon on Bravo. I have never seen such a bunch of posing in my life!! Since when does the wife of an (injured & retiring) NBA player need an "estate manager", executive chef, etc etc?!!

And the blogs say that Sheree took out a loan to pay for what we saw at "her" house during the show, and that none of them have any help at home outside of the show.

And, don't even get me going about KIM, Big Pappa, and her singing!! Mercy me, they are one hot mess, and I look forward to the implosion! Seriously...

joy n said...

Kim has an interview over on RTVW and still swears up and down that she really can sing. NO, NO, NO, she can't.

Also, a new season of Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen channel starts on Dec. 2. I'm a secret fan.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm with you. I like watching "Housewives" and Bad Girls.

Donna in AL said...

Is Bad Girls the one about women in jail or something?

joy n said...

Donna, no, Bad Girls Club is sorta like Real World, except it's about seven girls (strangers) living together in a nice house. They all have BAD, tough and usually slutty reps. They are supposed to learn from each other and sometimes that works and sometimes, it doesn't. Last season was, I think, the most disgusting yet. You wouldn't believe what they did to each other. It's that car wreck kind of a thing. Just can't stop watching.

dla said...

Oh my hell, I am watching the Atlanta reunion right now! LOL We definitely need to chat about this one!!

Dallas Austin posted specifically on his myspace page that he was NOT working with Kim, and that his involvement was exclusively for TV. Girlfriend canNOT sing a note.
(Not that I can, but I am also not trying to become a country star.)

My sister loves Bad Girls, but I have never watched... As I am losing my Lipstick Jungle and Dirty Sexy Money soon, and DWTS is now over, there may be room on my DVR to check it out! :)

sizzie said...

Jackie, I love Big Bang Theory but I haven't watched this week's show yet. As soon as I do I will read your recap, because it is always good. There is less on TV lately and I still can't keep up with the shows I recorded!

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and by some miracle end up thinner after instead of the usual outcome, LOL. I am having DVR installed on Friday, and I can't wait. No more whiplash from channel switching. If I have any trouble figuring it out, I will be asking you guys.

sizzie said...

rbennie. YaY! I love ours. It might be different from yours (it came with the cable company and is already outdated) It will record two shows at once, but when it does that you can only flip between those two channels. If I only record one show, then the flipping is unlimited. On Demand comes with that same cable company and 'they' have stopped offering some of the movie channels and those movies are only offered On Demand. another new thing for me to learn. I think you will like your new DVR. Let us know.

RBennie said...

Thanks Sue, or should I say Sizzie (I'm still getting used to the new name). My DVR is through my cable company also, so it might be the same kind of deal you have. Wow, my wv is an actual word "crown". I always thought I was meant to wear one of those, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Real Housewives of Atlanta were the most disgusting yet. Disliked NeNe during the season but have come to like her the best now. I just can not deal with Sheree and Kim with that wig!!They are both so dislusional concerning their "fashion line" and "singing career". I love the housewives of OC the best and happy they are finally back on. First episode last night was good but I missed the house wife that had the boy toy last year and was wanting her boyfriend to commit. Hope she comes back too.
Was good to hear that some of you also like these "train wreck" shows. My husband just can not understand my interest in them.

Anonymous said...

Also, dying to know who "Big Pappa" is ( Kim's mysterious boyfriend and the one footing her lavish lifestyle in Real House wives of Atlanta). Has anyone heard who he is? Supposedley he is famous ( according to Kim)

RBennie said...

Ne Ne was always my favorite. As much as she has a very big mouth, she was never phony and you always knew where she stood. I like Lisa a lot too. She's gorgeous and successful in her own right (wow, I guess I should hate her, LOL). I'm not loving Kim or Sheree, but that's okay, because they love themselves more than enough to make up for it.

RBennie said...

P.S. I would also love to know who Big Pappa is!

sizzie said...

This goes in the 'and Stuff' catagory. Does anyone have a good hostess gift idea for Thanksgiving dinner?

my wv is fitho...It certainly isn't talking to me, since I am not that physcially fit.

dla said...

RJM, the blogs say that Big Papa is a (married) real estate developer from Atlanta named Lee Najjar... And that they are no longer together, but, who knows?!? Rumor has it that you could see text messages from "Lee" saying "I Miss You" on her phone during one of the episodes that aired during the season.

Lisa was married to R&B singer Keith Sweat, and has older children with him who were not on the show because Keith would not sign the release. Probably a very smart move on his part. Keith has full custody of the older kids??

I did some research on google after watching the marathon because I could not believe what a mess these women were... All the Housewives shows can be a bit staged, but apparently the Atlanta season was just a total sham, if you can believe anything you read.

I also like the OC show the best. I missed last season, but caught the reunion show as a rerun last week. Did anyone else notice how "chilly" the ladies were toward Jo De La Rosa when she popped in??

Jennasmom said...

Just want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Probably won't have time to get on the computer tomorrow. Will be too busy cooking, cleaning & EATING! Hope you all have a great one!

Sydney said...

Just want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Though we've been going through rough times, I hope all feel they can still count many blessings.

Sometimes the most simple things are the ones we can be most grateful for...

meb said...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I'll probably check in once in a while tomorrow... just in case there are some great stories floating around. But I'll be cooking part of the day. While the turkey cooks, I do relax a little, then it's time to start all the sides.

Gayle said...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Clementine said...

RBennie said:
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and by some miracle end up thinner after instead of the usual outcome

Oh, thank you, that's the best wish anyone has wished me all year. LOL!

Happy Turkey Day, my cyber friends! Wishing you safe travels, good company, and delicious dining.

sizzie said...

Jackie, Thank you for an entertaining year of TV watching. You went through a lot, but were kind enough to let us take some of the journey with you. I hope you have good people and good food to share your day with tomorrow.

Sydney said...

Well Sizzie --

I am getting you this answer late -- maybe yuou've already found your stuff but if not, what can you get at a store that's open tomorrow I'm thinking???

Well, you could bring the centerpiece, low so ppl can see over themselves. Even if she already has flowers, I find as a hostess that a lovely bunch of cut flowers are always nice - you can never have enough around because it's such a luxury to buy them for yourself.

Bubbly for toasting? A decent medium priced bottle -- Moet White Star or even Shramsberg.

You can always get Godiva Truffles at your local Barnes and Noble...

Last resort I think those Pepperidge Farm assorted cookie boxes are a nice thing to bring to any party. Adding Haagendaas Vanilla Swiss Almond is decadent.

And if a hostess gift is something not to be consumed at the party but something for her to keep, then you might find a pretty box of blank note cards to give...

Also Candles -- I know this might seem like a common gift, but none are burned more than at holiday time. For Thx the kind that smell of pumpkin spices, or you could move on to the pine scented ones. For sensitive noses, either beeswax (long burning but no scent but the slightest tinge of sweet honey) or Soy candles are best -- and technically they do not have any of the carbon smoke when burning or when doused. Even two white pillar candles can be gotten tomorrow AM at any Walgreens or CVS.

The best hostess gift is that you come of course, but and no matter what you bring, ringing with your elbows (because your hands are full of goodies) is just plain nice. Have a great turkey day!

Sydney said...

BTW ALL -- Having been a gift buyer for my clients that I also dressed, I have a zillion gift ideas for even the toughest person on your list. If you need ideas.... let me know!

I am going to start something about this on my blog called Looky Here -- if you have an interest or a need, come there and drop me a line in the comments area.

Nana in the NW said...


I'll be up early getting the turkey and stuffing ready for the oven. With Mom gone I have to try and make her stuffing...nothing was ever written down. I'm hoping to keep the day upbeat for my dad and try not to have a sad occasion.

My question for all of you is this:

Does anyone do the Day After Thanksgiving shopping at 5a.m.??

Not me, I give my list to my daughter who is up and at the stores when they open!

Will try to check in tomorrow.

My wv is a real word....spread....that's what will happen to my backside after tomorrow's feast!! LOL

Zoetawny said...

Taking a short break from cooking and cleaning to stop by. It's the cleaning I don't like especially after working all day.


I always enjoy what you post and wish I had more time to watch TV with you. You know what I thought of when I saw the tattoo parking sign...the butterfly tattoo graphic (on your knee scar) I made right after your surgery. I hope you have great food with great friends tomorrow. Oh, I don't think you've read the email I sent you this past weekend with the Thanksgiving graphic for your blog. I hope you find it before it's too late.

Wishing all of you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. I am blessed and thankful to have all of you as my friend.

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
and your pies take the prize,
and may your Thanksgiving dinner
stay off your thighs!

dla said...

Nana, I am not a morning person, so have never been enticed by the Black Friday deals and insanity for personal shopping. I have, however, worked in retail (executive multi store management) for many years, so I have been on the other side of the event for much of my adult life...

The Chelsea Premium Outlet group started something new last year that continues this year. They open their centers at midnight on the night of Thanksgiving (officially the "day after" on the clock), and I did visit a center last year to get an idea of the traffic and the potential of the event. It was INSANITY!!! The Coach outlet store had actual stansions and crowd control, and, when I arrived at about 12:40 AM, there were over 200 people in line to get in their store... My friend is VP of Retail for Coach, and I had to send her an e mail the next morning to describe the scene. The entire center was crazed, and the deals were amazing! I talked to customers who planned to shop there all night, and then head to the other big box retailers when they opened at 5 AM, etc...

For any night owls, if you have a Chelsea Premium outlet near you, it was a fun event.

Jennasmom said...

Okay, Sydney! I'm taking you up on your offer! What in the world can I get my 92 yr old MIL who is in the latter stages of Alzheimer's? She will only wear clothes that look like the ones she wore years ago (camp shirts - have you tried to find those lately?) She doesn't use any makeup, lotions, or cosmetics of any kind anymore. She doesn't read, write, cook, watch TV or anything. She doesn't even know who we are anymore. It's really sad, but we still have to have gifts for her. She doesn't know it is Christmas, but they have a big family party at her nursing home each year. I used to get her a cute stuffed animal for her room, but her room is full of them now. Can't get her any sweet treats because she is also diabetic. Any ideas?

LOL - my wv is "spent" -- as in my ideas!

sizzie said...

Sydney, you wrote: The best hostess gift is that you come of course, but and no matter what you bring, ringing with your elbows (because your hands are full of goodies) is just plain nice. Have a great turkey day!


What a great sentiment! Thank you. I am staying at home to cook, but was helping someone else buy a hostess gift. I liked all your suggestions, we bought chocolate truffles...not Godiva, but made by a local candy company that not only are wonderful but as fresh as if from my own kitchen.

I look forward to reading your gift suggestions post on Looky.

sizzie said...

I don't go to the stores the Day After. But, back in the dark ages, before malls and supercenters, my husband and I worked at a store whose Christmas Sale started ON Thanksgiving Day. We were up and at work and extremely busy from early to late. Thanksgiving was the longest day of the year for us. Of course, we also worked in time to eat a big TG dinner at two (count them..two) houses. And looking back that all still seems easier than getting my house clean for company. : )