Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Amazing Race - 11/30 Show

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Yes, the show is starting late here in the NYC area once again. 60 Minutes started at a bit after 7:40 PM ET. So we should be up and running in a half-hour or so. I'll be putting the major updates here and my full show review will be posted over on TV Squad later tonight. But the real fun is in the comments and you're all invited to join in!

8:41 PM ET and it's starting here.

Nick and Starr are number one to the pit stop. They win yet another trip.

OMG - Dandrew is number two (THUNK)
Ken and Tina didn't get the clue and need to go back. Toni and Dallas way behind.

Ken and Tina made it -- one oif the final three teams. Sigh. Dallas and Toni eliminated in a tearjerker.

Off Topic: Roofus the Cat and My Own

Yep, this is my own cat Scherzo pretending to be a lolcat. A personal bailout would be nice. After all, I'm not a business who's supposed to know what I'm doing and how to be a profitable business.

Yesterday morning, despite rather raw temperatures and cloudy skies, I spotted Roofus the Cat taking a cat nap way up high. Someone mentioned in previous comments that people live in the building.

Yes, there are folks living in all of the buildings whose roofs Roofus roams except the one condemned one. However, Roofus has outlasted all of the tenancies. The apartments in the buildings seem to mainly rent to seasonal immigrants. Right now many are empty and might not be filled for the winter.

I've seen Roofus go up there -- he goes from an abandoned vehicle to a garage top to the back fire escapes of this same building, then accesses the roof from the back similar to how he gets on the fire escapes in the front. He's generally cleaner and healthier looking than the other local feral cats, but I credit that to his smart ways. The elderly man is still feeding all of the ferals (including Roofus) at the defunct Budget Rental Car place. The interior is stacked with huge bags of cat food and cats seem to come and go from inside to out somehow.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 11/27 Show Post

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The show has started here on the East Coast. I believe it's all clips tonight, but thought I'd open up the post for discussion.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jackie's TV Blog, holidays

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Zoetawny made us a nifty new graphic. Gee, my cat doesn't really need a holiday to look chubby and zonked out. But, I'll admit ... she only wears Pilgrim hats for the holiday. I'll be back later with tonight's Survivor post. Enjoy your day with family, food, and love.

Monday, November 24, 2008

DWTS Stuff, Lance on Bonnie Hunt, and Stuff

Park ONLY your tattoos here. Nothing else. No excuses. No Fords or Volkswagens!

I have just a few things I want to touch on. First, a quote of mine from the other day has been made part of the AOL Dancing With the Stars predictions feature. It looks like Lance Bass is leading the predictions from most of the other sites. Oh, well!

Speaking of Lance Bass ... he was on The Bonnie Hunt Show today. She has the old Dean Martin style fireman's pole which some guests choose to use for their entrance. When he went down the pole, he pretended he hurt his ankle. She bought it. I felt so sorry for her! You could tell she was genuinely worried.

And, last but not least ... I have a new Reality Clack column and new The Big Bang Theory review up over on CliqueClack TV if you wish to take a gander. In the former, you can tell I don't watch America's Next Top Model. Heh.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Amazing Race - 11/23 Show Post

jackie's tv blog, the amazing race

Yes, the show is starting ON TIME here in the NYC area! I'll be putting the major updates here and my full show review will be posted over on TV Squad later tonight. But the real fun is in the comments and you're all invited to join in!

YAY! Toni and Dallas came in first at the Pit Stop! They won a trip to the Dominican Republic.

2. Ken and Tina
3. Nick and Starr
4. Andrew and Dan ... it's a non-Philimination, so they remain. Speed bump next leg.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 11/20 Show Post

jackie's tv blog, survivor

The show has started here on the East Coast. While I won't be live-blogging it per se, I will update this entry with the big news. My full review will be going up on TV Squad later tonight. As always, have fun in the comments!

Bob's at Exile Island again thanks to Kenny picking him during the auction and Sugar is upping her anti-Randy game.

Kenny wins individual immunity!

Bwhahaha! Randy played Bob's fake immunity idol and was voted out! Oh, happy day!

DWTS - The Final Three and My Predictions

Yep, yep, yep ... the season is drawing to a close. Every year they have a star or two who shouldn't be on a dance show. Without exception, this year it was Cloris Leachman. While she gets my kudos for being as active and agile as she is at her age, she belongs on a "serious" dance show as much as I do. And, no. You do not want me on a dance show. By the way, if you haven't heard, Cloris Leachman has been ill, but she refutes that it's anything serious.

After this week's dramatic elimination of Julianne Hough and Cody Linley, it seems to be anyone's game. Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer are both very talented dancers. Heck, he danced in the boy band, so he has a bit of a background in choreographed moves. Then there's Brooke Burke and her partner Derek Hough (Julianne's brother). Technically, I think she's the best dancer on the star side of things.

But I want Warren Sapp to win. Yeah, you heard me. There's just something about his performances, albeit not technical perfection, that entertain me. He plays to the audience and is just such a paradox of a man that I feel I must cheer him on. Big, gruff-looking, and used to only choreographed football moves, I've found him delightful to watch on stage. Glitter and glam, he's so there even though it seems so incongruous.

Y'see, my main goal in watching any television at all (other than news) is entertainment. Warren Sapp entertains me, thus and therefore ... he should be declared the winner this season. Nah, he's not a polished dancer. But for his size and lack of a dancing background, as well as his personality, he's a winner for me.

I have spoken. Make it happen.

Not Tony Soprano's New Jersey

Nope, it's not Soprano's territory here where I live in New Jersey. It's Roofus the Cat territory! He rules the roosts and the roofs. I took these yesterday morning on my way to work. I had just been thinking it was a perfect day for him to be up there -- cold, yet the sun shining on the building front. He wasn't there when I arrived to the train station, but showed up just as the train was coming.

I managed to come down with a case of gastroenteritis last night and well into today (my day off from work). I'm not sure if it's related to the boil water advisory here in this area -- huge broken water main the other day, but I've followed the rules -- or I just ate something funky or picked up a bug (but no one I know has had it). But I was so violently ill for about 18 hours that I'd almost prefer knee replacement again! I'm feeling better now, but I missed all my TV shows last night -- Bones, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, as well as Letterman. Blech. Plus now I have to be on antibiotics for a period so the knee replacement doesn't get infected. Perhaps my immunity defenses are still down from the surgery. One good thing ... now I have a bottle of Pepto-Bismo which hasn't expired two years ago!

I've watched my Bonnie Hunt Show recording from yesterday as well as today's show. She had Terence and Sarah from TAR on yesterday and he got all taken with her not liking him. Today she showed the perfect example -- when the couple came out to the stage yesterday, he was first and let the door slam on Sarah. I noticed it on the show, but I was thrilled Bonnie repeated the bit on today's show!

This last shot isn't Roofus the Cat, but I found the bike with the bad grafitti around it kind of interesting.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Amazing Race - 11/16 Show Post

jackie's tv blog, the amazing race

Yes, the show is starting late here in the NYC area once again. 60 Minutes started at a bit after 7:30 PM ET. So we should be up and running in a half-hour or so. I'll be putting the major updates here and my full show review will be posted over on TV Squad later tonight. But the real fun is in the comments and you're all invited to join in!

8:31 PM ET and it's AWN!

Nick and Starr did the FF and came in first again. They each won a waverunner. The others are on the detour or trying to get to the detour.

2. Toni and Dallas
3. Ken and Tina

Dandrew arrived 4th but had to go back to the detour as they didn't follow their clue.

4. (Again) Dandrew
5 Terence and Sarah -- Philiminated

Just Some Stuff

Dateline New Jersey: What some are saying appears to be an alien abduction happened earlier this morning on the gritty urban streets of Plainfield, NJ. According to witnesses, a group of people were innocently standing on a street corner near the Friends Shaker Meeting House when a bright light ensconced them, leaving only their shoes behind. Bystander Jorge Garcia said, "It was a blinding light. I had to close my eyes. When I opened them, there were only shoes where there once were people."

Okay, to be honest ... I saw these shoes and had to photograph them. I know. I'm an odd duck.

I'll be back later tonight with The Amazing Race post and hope to see you there!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gray Friday and Not Much on TV (for me)

Today's weather here started off foggy and gray. Then it became misty and gray. The ornamental kale above shows the misty effect. In the winter, it will look like cabbage and has been called snow cabbage. It will lose its color. (Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.)

It's one of the first nights this week with the exception of Big Bang and Survivor nights that I haven't felt like immediately napping after I got home from work. The problem is, when I do that I tend to wake up several hours later instead of my planned half-hour nap. Hopefully that will change since I'm now off the Coumadin as of last night.

Alas, there isn't much I'm interested in watching on TV tonight. Not to fear, I can watch the shows I recorded and catch up a bit!

I have the Survivor review up over on TV Squad and a new TV Shows Off the Beaten Path column up over on CliqueClack TV.

As much as I didn't care for the divorcees on The Amazing Race, I must give them kudos for being caring people. They've set up a charity called The Amazing Grace which will accept donations for an impoverished country visited by TAR each season. This season's start off country is Cambodia. Both women were struck by the poverty in the country.

Today's musical non sequitur:
The city lights, the pretty lights

They can warm the coldest nights
All the people going places
Smiling with electric faces
What they find the glow erases
What they've lost the glow replaces.
-- "Neon Rainbow" by The Boxtops

I leave you in the morning fog of the local train station.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 11/13 Show Post

jackie's tv blog, survivor

The show has started here on the East Coast. While I won't be live-blogging it per se, I will update this entry with the big news. My full review will be going up on TV Squad later tonight. As always, have fun in the comments!

Fang won reward and send Bob to Exile Island.

Merge on! Susie wins the first individual immunity building fire.

Whoops! Lost my pool player -- Charlie was voted out in yet another blindside by Kenny.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Amazing Race - 11/09 Show

jackie's tv blog, the amazing race

I know I'm a few minutes late getting this posted. But, once again, we're on a delay here. I don't know how late the show will start but I'm watching 60 Minutes now. Hopefully soon. I'll update when it starts here in the NYC area. My full review of the show will be posted later on TV Squad, but I'll get the important updates posted here.

8:25 PM ET - The show is finally starting here.

@@ at Kelly in the Roadblock.

First to Pit Stop are Nick and Starr -- they won a trip to Hawaii.
2. Toni and Dallas
3. Terence and Sarah
4. Ken and Tina
5. Andrew and Dan
6. Kelly and Christy -- Philiminated

NEWEST 'Dancing With the Stars' Blog Discussion

Boy, lots to talk about this season, eh? Here's your latest blog discussion post for Dancing With the Stars -- a place for you to talk about the show with your friends from the blog.

(At least Cloris Leachman is gone.)

NEW 'Grey's Anatomy' Blog Discussion Post

Folks have been asking for it, so here it is -- your new home for discussion of Grey's Anatomy. The official website for the show is here. But right here on the blog, you can gather in your comfy chairs with snacks discussing it with your friends. Have fun!

Friday, November 07, 2008

No Criminal Intent Tonight, Yet Tagged

Angry much? I found this poor pay phone in Plainfield, NJ.

Alas, I was looking forward to the debut of Jeff Goldblum on Law and Order: Criminal Intent tonight. Sniffle. They've decided to push it back until 2009 so they can air all sixteen new episodes in a row. Now, that doesn't matter to me with a show like L&O. I hate the long hiatus periods between mini-seasons on shows with continuity like Lost or Heroes. Grr.

Later tonight I'll get up new discussion posts for DWTS and Grey's. Do we need anything else?

An odd note: They're renaming the Triborough Bridge to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Yes, a worthy tribute. But it's going to be hard to remember -- they should have done it a few decades ago, don't you think?

Lastly, Donna in Al has tagged me with a meme. I usually don't get too involved with the tagging stuff as it can get overwhelming. But since most I know to tag have already been tagged, I'll answer and not tag anyone else. (Unless you want to get in it.) Here we go:

1. Clothes shopping. Hmm, I'm not so huge on this. Given my druthers I'm a jeans or slacks, sweaters and polo shirts, and sneakers kind of person. I do enjoy sweater shopping. I argue with high heels.

2. Furniture shopping. I'll occasionally buy a piece, but unless something breaks I don't have room. None of my furniture will be heirlooms and few pieces actually match. Hey, I like it that way!

3. Sweets. I'm a chocoholic. I like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate ... as long as you don't mix nuts in it. I'm not so fond of cake unless it's chocolate. I refuse to admit I have a problem and you can't make me!

4. City. I live close to my lifetime all time favorite city in the world -- New York City. Unfortunately, I can't afford to live IN the city itself. What I pay for my apartment here wouldn't get me a tiny one-room studio in any sort of decent neighborhood in Manhattan or Brooklyn (the two places I would be if I could). Where I live now is a city, albeit small scale and Jersey-rough. But I enjoy my city. Even though it has a bad reputation, I find the folks friendly, polite, and I've never had any sort of problems at all. There are many good people here but folks tend to lump it in with a Newark or Elizabeth. Perhaps even an Orange. But I like the diversity and conveniences of living here. I can go to the top of the nearby hill and see the Manhattan skyline.

5. Drinks. I'm not a big drinker -- usually going months without alcohol. I like to try out micro-brew beers or drink things like frozen strawberry margaritas in the summertime. I can't stomach Scotch, hard bourbon or whiskey drinks, and never have had a martini in my life. More than a few glasses of wine tend to give me a headache. I learned my lesson about Rusty Nails when I was 19. (Drinking age was 18.) Talking non-alcoholic, I'm enjoying Coke Zero these days, but also like a good ginger beer, too.

6. Music. Eclectic. I have a bit of everything in my collection in every medium from vinyl to cassettes to 8-tracks (yes, I still can play them and tell myself I have to record them to another medium) to CDs and MP3s. Old jazz, rock, some country, even a bit of rap, lots of folk music, plenty of classical, a bit of gospel, you name it.

7. TV Series. Many too many to name.

8. Film. I'm a big Alfred Hitchcock buff. I have a gazillion movies on VHS and DVD ranging about all the genres except porno. Well, I have Midnight Cowboy which was originally rated X back when I was too young to see it. In today's world it only rates an R. I don't go to the movies much but do tend to collect them when the video stores sell 'em cheap.

9. Workout. I used to ski, rollerskate, and do all kinds of outdoor sports before my knees rebelled. Now I do about fifteen minutes a day on my stationary bike and do some exercises meant to rebuild the muscles in my knee. I also walk a lot.

10. Pastries. Mmm ... yes! I don't really have them often, but (of course) anything with chocolate is good. I also like things like apple turnovers and such.

11. Coffee. Yes, please. I grind my own beans and like to try different kinds. But I rarely buy the fancy ones at Starbucks unless it's beans to bring home.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Survivor Gabon - 11/06 Show Post

True, this isn't my Survivor logo -- it's an update on that ornamental kale I photographed a few weeks ago. I am alive, my apologies for not posting much. I'm still fighting extreme fatigue and I'm tending to fall asleep after getting home from work.

Tonight's musical non-sequitur which I meant to post on election day:
It's time for a new direction
It's time for jazz to die
On the fourth day of November
We need a purple high.
-- Prince "All the Critics Love You in New York"

The show has started here on the east coast. I'll update this with major events and post my review on TVS later. Everyone is welcome in comments!

Ohhh ... not a merge, a reshuffle with numbered stones, odd and even. New Kota: Bob, Marcus, Susie, Crystal, and Ken. New Fang: Sugar, Charlie, Matty, Randy, and Corinne.

Matty won Immunity for the new Fang tribe, good thing as he would have been the target had Fang lost.

Whoa ... Kenny worked his mojo on Susie and Marcus was voted off!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Amazing Race - 11/02 Show

jackie's tv blog, the amazing race

Oh my, the show is actually starting on time here tonight. That's two weeks in a row. They're spoiling us! While I won't be live-blogging tonight's show per se, I will update this post with important events. Later on tonight or early tomorrow morning, my review of tonight's episode will be up over on TV Squad.

Nick and Starr made it first to the Pit Stop, each won an electric car.
2. Kelly and Christy
3. Toni and Dallas
4. Terence and Sarah
5. Andrew and Dan
6. Ken and Tina -- Still in -- non-Philimination

They will encounter a speed bump in the next leg -- a task only they will have to do.