Friday, January 09, 2009

TV Shows Continue the Return

Before I talk about TV, just a bit of off topic rambling! I found an ornamental kale not in my patch o' kale I've been photographing. This one is further along in the winter phase and to the point where it's often called snow cabbage. It has lost its color and is closing up like a cabbage. Also, I spotted Roofus the cat today. I was on the train home, but was going a few stops further to run some errands. So I didn't have my camera ready as I caught sight of him in his usual place just before sunset this evening.

Onto television!

I received a screener for the upcoming season premiere of The Closer (TNT) which I'll hopefully get to viewing on Sunday. It's set to air Monday, January 26 at 9 PM ET/PT. So if I don't get to it this week, next week will do. I also received another screener copy from TNT -- Gifted Hands, the Ben Carson Story. That one is a movie based on the life of Dr. Benjamin Carson, a man who became the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Childrens' Center. He also won the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It looks quite interesting. I have more time on that one as it will air on February 7.

Closer to date --
This coming Monday marks a big TV night. 24 returns to FOX in a two-hour premiere starting at 8 PM ET/PT. The CBS regular Monday primetime line-up is all new episodes. The Superstars of Dance (which didn't really rock my socks) is new and two hours starting at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC. Of course, The Bachelor (ABC) is also new as are all the network shows in the 10 PM ET/PT slot, too.

On Tuesday, the madness which is American Idol begins with a two-hour show on FOX starting at 8 PM ET/PT. The Biggest Loser also has its season premiere at the same time on NBC. All of the other network shows are brand-spanking new, too. I see we have back-to-back new Scrubs running head-to-head against The Mentalist.

Wednesday has the entire primetime block on ABC taken up with Lost. However, the season premiere isn't until the following week. On FOX, American Idol has another two-hour show. NBC has crammed an old L&O: SVU in between a new Knight Rider and a new Law and Order. The CBS primetime block is all new episodes of the usual Wednesday night suspects.

On Thursday, CBS starts of with a CSI repeat, but then into new episodes of CSI and Eleventh Hour. NBC has all new Thursday episodes of its regular line-up. FOX has a new Bones, then the season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares. ABC is all new, too! Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice.

I'm still finding Friday a bit disappointing, but will post more on that night later on. And, mind you ... I didn't even go into the cable listings. Perhaps on Friday, I can watch some of the stuff I recorded earlier in the week.

What will you be watching or recording?


Clementine said...

Thanks, Jackie!

The kale looks kind of like a rose (if you squint.) We don't have any, so it's interesting to see it evolve.

I'll definitely be watching 24 and Lost. I tried Superstars of Dance and was also not impressed, so that's off the list. I'll watch the Bachelor, but probably not on Mondays. Don't usually get into AI until top 12. And don't think I'll like the 4th judge. Thursdays I like Ugly Betty and ER (final season!)

I know quite a few people gave up on Lost, but it's my favorite show. If anyone else is still watching, this Weds 1/14 is a repeat of the last eps from last season and each one is "enhanced" with new scenes. A great way to get caught up AND see new stuff!

Some other shows on my list: Desperate Housewives, Fringe, Burn Notice, Life on Mars, True Blood (that won't be back on HBO until summer), Life, The Starter Wife, Heroes (still hanging in there), Terminator, and Prison Break. Lucky for me, everything isn't coming back at once! Also, I watch most everything online or recorded, so as not to sit through commercials. I have a little laptop that I can take from room to room, so I actually get stuff done while catching up on my shows.

Oh, no. I just remembered Survivor and TAR are back in February, too! Hello, my name is Clementine and I'm addicted to tv! Gee, wonder why I hang out here :)

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Anonymous said...

Is it Margo that I have to thank for me sitting here on my couch - addicted to this silly game on - when I have about 7 other things I should be doing instead?

This game - though a very basic concept - is ADDICTIVE!!!

Though my dirty dishes and vacuuming is on hold - I thank you.

PDX Granny said...

First I have Nana in NW to blame because she sent me here to find Margo's game. i should be in bed!! I've been up since 5 AM, put in 11.5 hours work, and it's now 12:30AM. And here I sit feeding another addiction!

Flip's, you blame Margo, and I'll blame Nana. That way we have them both covered!!

I'm glad there's no TV on Friday. That gives me a chance to get caught up a little on what I've recorded all week.

Chris said...

I'm really looking forward to that new 24 episode--isn't it called Redemption or something like that. And John Voight will be entering the fray as some sort of dubious new evil character. Gonna be good!

Susan in FL said...

We have converted to DTV via a new antenna on the roof. And our NBC station - analog Channel 8 - is sending us the regular NBC shows on digital 8.1 and the Retro Television Network on digital 8.2! Retro haas stuff like Incredible Hulk, The A-Team, Twilight Zone, Dragnet, Emergency and Magnum PI. LOVE Magnum PI with a young Tom Selleck. So hubby and I watch really old stuff we like when the newer old stuff palls. Our PBS stations both have four feeds on digital which is almost more This Old House than anyone should watch. Lots of cooking shows too.

Delee said...

Friday Night Lights returns this coming Friday the 16th at 9p. Not a fan but know many here are. Never have watched 24 either. Oh well.

Snow is falling heavily right this moment, at least it is not ice.

Anonymous said...


Tom'S is in JACK'S HAT

M.R.Blue October ------Green said...


Anonymous said...

Just a slight update to the list given--Biggest Loser is not the season premiere, but the second episode this week.

As far as what I am enjoying watching right now, I checked out Boston Legal from the library and am on season 4 now. I think I laugh out loud at least once in almost every episode.

sizzie said...

Jackie, I love the kale. I had this wild idea last week that all of your followers should each snap a kale and use it by their name when they comment to you. Then I remembered I never have my camera with me when I see something! Yours are beautiful and the photos are making me aware of the ones around here.

Here is a new reality show. It is about youngsters and beauty pageants. I live in the south and that means I know about the pageant world. It doens't mean I like what I know. I will watch, but maybe only the first episode. Anyone else have beauty pageant thoughts?

Thanks Jackie.

Nana in the NW said...

Happy Saturday to everyone! Delee sorry you have snow....we have enough to last a few years! Then the warm weather came, melted the snow and caused horrendous flooding. Our passes and main freeway were closed for 3 days!

I would blame Margo for the game....she got me hooked and I just had to pass it on to some of my blogging friends. Only problem was I forgot to give them the website(sorry PDX)! lol

It took me over 40 tries to get through Level 12. But it is fun :)

As for TV:

I am excited for Friday Night Lights to be back....and on Friday Night! I also watch all the Law&Orders, Leverage, NCIS, Amer. Idol(although not faithfully until they go to Hollywood), the Bachelor among others.

I tried Lost and after the 1st season was LOST so I gave it up.

Patrick Swayze's new show "The Beast" starts on A&E this week...I'm going to give it a try. The trailers look pretty good.

I've never been a follower of Biggest Loser, however, since I started a contest within my family(there are 20 of us) to lose weight and get healthy I think I will DVR the show and watch it on Saturdays.

I am going to see The Curious Life of Benjamin Button today. I hope it's as good as the reports have been.

meb said...

Damages came back and on and surprised me, so I missed the first episode and had to go find it, which they repeated in the early a.m. hours. Yay... I'll watch that tonight.

Flashpoint had it's premiere last night. It was awesome.

What happens when so many shows come back on that I can't tape or watch them all... How upsetting would that be. I don't like watching them on-line... but I will if I have to.

24 and Lost will definitely be keepers for me. Superstars of Dance... I lasted half of a show...not for me.

I haven't seen Bachelor yet... AI I will watch. The Closer is a given... wouldn't miss that one. Hope Friday Night Lights picks up where it left off... hasn't it been showing on direct TV???

Anyway, that's it for now... can't think of the zillion other shows that I watch.

sizzie said...

there is a huge full moon tonight. It was even visible while there was enough light to take its picture. It is worth going out to look, if you don't have a cloud cover where you are.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I am a very bad girl. I LOVE NIP TUCk!!. I know it probably shouldn't be on regular tv but I am addicted to it. I love all the nastiness. Does that make me bad? lol Its fun to be bad sometimes.

meb said...

Flashpoint is something you could get into Jackie on Friday night. It is really an excellent show. This is it's second year (or at least it is for me) and it's very dramatic. Just a FYI

Sydney said...

RJM-- right there with you on Nip Tuck, and I know Petals joins us on that one... you are not alone!

becky said...

There was an article in our paper that Friday Night Lights will be back and actually on Friday nights. Anyone who lives in TX, has ever lived in TX or knows someone in TX know that actual Friday night lights are a must in any town, especially the small ones. We spent so much time on the road when our kids were in high school traveling to out of town games. I am glad this will be on Friday nights. I don't know what it was opposite last year, but I have never seen it.

Loved Boston Legal. THAT was the show I would have chosen if I had been told I could only see one TV show a week.

Thanks Jackie for the Roofus updates and the kale pictures. I don't think I have ever seen kale growing, and I was a country girl with a garden for many years.

becky said...

Here is a new reality show. It is about youngsters and beauty pageants..... Anyone else have beauty pageant thoughts?

Beauty pageants for all ages are big in the South. Don't know that I will watch this one.

Funny but true story.... when our daughter was in the 4th grade we lived in Ft. Stockton, TX. Ft. Stockton is in West Texas in a very arid country. Amazingly they did have a hugh natural spring Olympic size swimming pool. They started having an annual celebration of this pool (can't remember what they called it). Our daughter wanted to enter the beauty pageant because her friends were doing so. Not knowing how dedicated pageant moms could be, we entered our daughter, she wore the bathing suit she had swam in all summer -- and she won Little Miss Ft. Stockton. Most of the others in her group had cute brand new bathing suits, wore makeup, had their hair professionally done and our daughter had none of these. Go figure. That was the first, last and only beauty pageant she entered.

Sydney said...

Hi Jackie -- I am chuckling at Sizzie's suggestion because I just wrote you about seeing decorative Kale in NYc when it was snowing lightly on Jan2. I thought of you and had to take a snap, and said I might just have to post it on my Looky Here blog as an homage to you.

Apparently I am not the only one of your readers with Kale on her mind! Here's the link to make it easy to stop by.

Sydney said...

Has anyone been a fan of lipstick Jungle?

dla said...

Hi Sydney! Yes, I have watched Lipstick Jungle from the beginning. :(

Reporting online has conflicting reports as the fate of the show. Some say the show is, indeed, canceled. Others say there may be possible life after all. I assumed they planned to cancel when they moved it to Friday nights, which seems to be the curse of death for most.

I hope it comes back. What did you think?

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Small correction, I noticed that Jackie said 24's new season starts today, but actually it started last night with a 2 hour show. I hope anyone who wanted to watch it knew that already. As usual, it started off with a bang and kept escalating from there. It will be on tonight for 2 hours also, but will be a new episode and not a repeat of last night's opener. It also helps if you saw the 24 Redemption movie that was on a couple of weeks ago, because that ties into what's going on now. In case I didn't make it obvious by now, I'm a diehard 24 fan.

RBennie said...

Too funny, my VW was obuma - just a mispelling you think?

Margo said...

i'm sorry to have fed the addictive gene of some. But I thought the game was fun and the colors are so pretty.
My TV list is huge I won't bore you all - but I LOVE Psych which returned on friday.


RBennie said...

Margo, your mention of Psych - which I've watched a few times and enjoyed - made me think of Monk. Does anyone watch that? It's a really funny show and its cool how he always figures out who done it. I just have trouble keeping up with when its on.

Margo said...

I watch Monk also - but it is getting old. I've heard season 8 will be the last.


Petals said...

Jax, you know what is so cool? That Roofus and Kale have no idea how famous they've become through your photos. Sure, that one shot was of a different kale, but still...
You're great.

Bachelor is tonight. Not sure if my pal gets eliminated tonight or next week.

Can we talk about the Globes? Mickey? Kate? WOW! I was wondering about Ms Syd's take on the velvet overload.

Petals said...

(just catching up)
Nana - if you liked Gump then you;ll maybe enjoy Benjamin Button.

RJM - yes, you are a BAD girl. But it's so good to be bad with Christian Troy, isn't it? It is a naughty hour, but so fun. We can live vicariously through the Nip/Tuckers.

sizzie said...

Petals, I told my daughter about the list you made comparing Gump and Button. She saw the movie and said, that Yes, she saw it,too. But, she added, she would not have noticed without your help. Thanks, she said to say.