Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Amazing Race 14: Meet the Teams, Part Two

Yep, I'm here to take a look at the next group of teams we'll see next Sunday (February 15) on The Amazing Race. You can find the first group's videos and my commentary in my earlier post. Without further ado:

Christie Volkmer (age 37) and Jodi Wincheski (age 40) are flight attendants from Choctaw (Oklahoma) and Houston (Texas) respectively. Y'know, I think I must have personal issues with blond female teams on the show. Thinking back over the teams, none of the all-blond females ever struck me right. I suppose it might be a psychological thing -- with blond being more fun and all that. Heh. But I think I like these two. Here's why: They're a bit older, but not old enough for it to be way too challenging. And, I think they're absolutely right. They're going to have an edge at the airports. Hmm ... I'll have to see them in action, but I think I might be cheering them on!

Ah, the spoilers were right -- there is a deaf racer on a team this season! But, contrary to the rumors, it's a guy, not a woman. Margie and Luke Adams are a mother and son team hailing from Denver, Colorado. She's a clinical research associate while he's a college grad. She's 50 years old. He's 22. She can hear and sign. He's deaf. She never personally aspired to be on the show, he's wanted to do it just biding the time until he hit 21 years of age. From their video clip, I have to say I like them. They seem like nice people. I hope they do well.

Tammy and Victor Jih, age 26 and 35, San Francisco and Los Angeles, are a brother and sister team. They're both lawyers. They're first generation Americans and both went to Harvard Law School. Yeah, they're probably pretty smart. But, aside from that, their video made me smile ... a lot. I don't know what it is about them, but I think they'll be a strong team despite any sibling rivalry. What is it with casting getting so many nice folks? I want someone to sneer at and it's not going to be these two!

Another sibling team is Mark and Michael Munoz. Mark is 48, living in Los Angeles, a jockey and a stuntman. Michael is 51, a stuntman and actor living in Maui, Hawaii. Little did they know that the shaka hand sign they started off their video with would be something President Obama did at the Inaugural Parade, eh? These two are the "little people" from the spoilers, but they're not really little people, per se. They're just short. Although they didn't irk me in their clip, they came across a bit more so-so than some of the other teams so far. They have a lot of strengths for running the race, so they could do just fine. I just hope to see more personality from them.

Stay tuned for the final three teams coming soon!


sizzie said...

Thanks for the profiles, Jackie. I had to take a break to go find out where Choctaw Oklahoma is (near Oklahoma City). I hope we have an AR pool.

Delee said...

Flight attendants will be interesting when it comes to finding flights. Hope they keep that piece of info to themselves (not be the helping-type).

Sometimes "smart" people are not practical/common sense people. That could be a problem for Tammy and Victor.

Mark and Michael are stuntman, tasks should come easy to them. I wonder if Michael is a stuntman in Hawaii if he has worked on LOST?
Racehorses must carry under 120 pounds and Kentucky Derby- 126 pounds, so Mark is tiny.

Thanks for the profiles, Jackie

Took out Starry this morning and went ahhh how nice it is, temp was24, but it felt like 50 after the bone-chilling temps we have had lately!

Sydney said...

HI Jackie -- Just got back from being out of town AGAIN for a week. It was odd to arrive back home as early as 8:15 and feel I'd been through a whole day already! This whole month I kept my bag packed on the floor of the bedroom, gone 3 of the last 5 weeks! Very glad to empty it out, do the laundry, get thru the pile of mail, pay bills, get to the grocery store and SETTLE IN!.

I am thrilled that Survivor and TAR, my favorite shows to view with you and all the great commenters on your blog, are starting up in a week. (Though I found you through BB, it's not my favorite). Now if only Project Runway could get straight which network they will be on, I would want for nothing, TV-wise.

It is so much work, these reviews that you do for us. Thank you for such a great, GREAT job getting us ready for this!

Thanks too to ORKMOMMY for doing the pool again this year. Have I missed it or are we doing one again for TAR too?

Jennasmom said...

If there's a pool for TAR - count me in, too! That was fun last season!

(My WV is "psycodsh" - sometimes the race seems like a psychodash!)

Petals said...

After the last bro/sis team totally rolled over everyone else last season, I hesitate to cheer for another sibling team. I wanna shake it up!