Friday, February 06, 2009

Survivor Tocantins Castaways Part Two

Yep, it's sneaking up on us! Next Thursday is the season premiere of Survivor 18 or ... Survivor: Tocantins. I'm SO ready! I covered some of the castaways in Part One and I'm here to continue taking a peek at those we will love, hate, or be ambivalent about this season:

Jerry Sims, age 49, is a US Army sergeant from Rock Hill, South Carolina. I had really hoped I wouldn't have to talk about chests again. Sigh. Jerry should really cover up those man-boobs. They're verging on the edge of soft core porn. That aside, I think Jerry seems to have it all as far as chances to win in the game. He's in good physical shape enough to be competition for men half his age. He seems to have his head right in that he will have to be devious in the game. I only wonder if being a leader of army folks might be a drawback or a blessing in the game. Time will tell.

Joe Dowdle, age 26, is a real estate salesman from Austin, Texas. While I think he has a game plan and all (persuade and evade), I'm not getting great vibes about how he'll get along with the others in the game. He just reminds me of so many strong physical young guys who have been on the show in the past. He's young, confident, probably very physically fit, good-looking ... and a threat just because. I think he might end up being a target just for those reasons.

James (JT) Thomas, Jr., age 24, is a cattle rancher from Samson, Alabama. Hmmm. He is probably going to be very strong at surviving the outdoors element of the show due to the fact that he's an outdoorsy camping and fishing kind of guy. I think his fellow castaways might underestimate him. He comes across in the video as a nice guy and much less threatening than Joe. I'm going to have my eye on this one.

Sandy Burgin, age 53, is a school bus driver from Louisville, Kentucky. If for nothing but the age and woman factors, I'd love to see her shine in the game. Her game plan is a bit confusing, though. She says she doesn't want to be a Mom, but will mother people if needed. Um. Okay. She does know that older folks are often the target and she seems to have a lot of spunk. On the other hand, she claims she's a bit zany. I've seen perceived wackiness cost folks the game. Another "I just don't know." First one out? Could be, then again she might go far.

Sierra Reed, age 23, is a model from Hollywood, California (not that there's anything wrong with that). Well, if she keeps rocking from one foot to the other on the show like she does on the video, I want her gone. She's reminding me of Drew Barrymore for some reason. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. She doesn't have the explosive chest, but could she wear anything more low-cut? I think she may end up being annoying. I hope I'm wrong but for some reason I found her video annoying. Maybe it was the rocking bit.

Stay tuned for the final castaways soon! We all just might have to cheer on the one named SYDNEY.


Delee said...

I agree about Jerry, sergeants yell out orders and other must follow/obey. Hope he uses restraint!
Donna in AL has a fellow state mate, is that a first? Sierra is too skinny already, here is our scarecrow.

I just can not wait to see who I get or who I am teamed with, BRING IT ON!!!

Jennasmom said...

Can't wait! Thanks, Jackie, for giving us a preview of what's to come! Now, if I could just find something I want to watch tonight........guess I'll watch Spongebob.

Donna in AL said...

It's not a first Delee, a guy from Mobile was on one season. His name was James is all I remember. There is lady from Auburn, Alabama on this time too. I haven't listened to the video yet but I want to see if they have the same accent!

Margo said...

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sizzie said...

Okay Jackie, I watched Sierra's and am now sea sick! Her motion along with the water behind her did me in. I saw the Drew thing a little, too. She also sort of made me think of Portia (Ellen's mate) and what Ellen Barkin used to look like. Really, sea sick. I'll be back later.

Laurie said...

Hi Jackie and all. I'm excited to see the show next week. No opinions yet on the contestants but I know we will have great fun when the competition begins!

nomad said...

Love it. Thanks for the reporting, looking forward to talking about everything together after the show - and during the show - and between shows!!

Sydney said...

OMG -- I just read that last line! lol!