Monday, February 02, 2009

Tonight, Tonight ... on TV

We're back to a dilemma for me tonight. First off, have I ever mentioned how I hate this fall/winter season with an extended break in between programming bit? Heroes returns tonight (9 PM ET/PT) and I can't remember what was happening in the last episode. It seems like it was a good six years ago or so!

I'll be watching the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother in the 8 PM hour. I'll be writing up the BBT episode for CliqueClack TV, but not before I watch Heroes.

NBC has a new Chuck on at 8 PM ET/PT and a new Medium on at 10 PM ET/PT. The CBS line-up is all new episodes tonight. FOX has a new House followed by a new 24. ABC has a new 2-hour The Bachelor followed by a new True Beauty. TNT has The Closer (new - 9 PM ET/PT), then a new Trust Me.

I'll be watching the 8 PM CBS hour, then Heroes, then True Beauty as I write up TBBT. I don't really have to think for True Beauty. I'll record The Closer and Trust Me. Gack, too much TV and too little time to watch it all!

What are you watching?


dla said...

Happy Monday! I will be watching The Bachelor followed by Trust Me. A nice night of TV for me!

Donna in AL said...

I watched TBBT and HIMYM and now 24. Darn it, I didn't know Heroes was returning tonight too! I'll have to try to watch online.
I found the Super Bowl commercials on you-Tube.

Caroline said...

Yeah, Mondays just got rough with the return of Heroes. Thank God for On Demand. I Tivo'd TBBT, HIMYM & 24. I watched The Bachelor. Now tonight I'll watch Heroes through On Demand and then the start of Hollywood week on Idol.

I hope we get a week or two week break between The Bachelor ending and Dancing with the Stars starting.

Thurs nights won't be any easier for me cause next week there will be Survivor, Idol, Grey's & Hell's Kitchen all from 8-10. Sheesh.

Btw, for all the Grey's watchers...Don't forget this week is the crossover with Private Practice. If you normally Tivo Grey's and watch it later, make sure you Tivo them both.

Petals said...

I am watching alot of trash! I've seen all the Oscar-worthy movies, my friend is off her show, the Australian Open is over. What do do? My guilty, dirty sorta-pleasures are reality trash like Sober House and Rock of Love Tour Bus. Nothing I set my TiVo on.
I used to love Nip/Tuck, but they jumped the shark last season when they moved to LA. Can't wait for the new season of Breaking Bad! Oscars on 2/22, French Open starts in March...dry spell until then.

sizzie said...

I missed Monday completely, watched Big Bang in three sittings (for a 30 min show!) on tape. Medium is back, but I recorded and haven't seen it. Last week I finally watched some of the movies, etc I recorded in December. Early December! One of those recorded movies was The Two Mr. Kissels. Did anyone see it way back when it was on?

Thanks for the heads up about Grey's. I never watch Private Practice, so would have missed the cross over. I have been watching old House episodes on USA, though. (I just reread that sentence. Not This Old House (lol) but House in reruns.)

Margo said...

lookie i'm blue

dla said...

Go Margo!! :)

Nana in the NW said...

Petals--don't you watch Survivor and Amazing Race??
How 'bout American Idol?

I love the Law & Order shows and there always seems to be one!

Of course, my secret vice is General Hospital. The problem is I'm never home during the day so I DVR it, then I end up a week behind. But it is REALLY good right now!!

Since I'm in a Biggest Loser contest I have started watching that show. I hate that they make the weigh-ins sooooo dramatic. It took 45 mins. to 12 people last night!

Tonight I will be watching AI and then Criminal Minds...I love that show.

sizzie said...

Yay Margo! It took me a long time to go blue, but I am glad I did.

I also like Criminal Minds, I just started watching it, so catch the older ones on A & E on Friday nights. I can see it has changed some since the beginning.

I know Petals has watched Survivor because her Ozzie comments were the funniest I ever read. : )

ORKMommy said...

Hi everyone!!! Work has been so hectic lately and I haven't had a chance to stop in and "see" everyone!

I did put together the list for the Survivor Pool and here's who I have so far...

Terry in CA
PDX Granny

If you want in the pool, email me at orkmommy at Please include your screen name that you post with here. I'll accept entries until Noon CST on Wednesday, Feb. 11. This will give me enough time to get everyone assigned to a Survivor & post the list here.


Petals said...

Nana - I love Survivor and the race, but they aren't on right now, so I just listed the stupid stuff that fills the time until the good stuff:

Sizzie - mmm...Ozzie.... mmmm. I sure miss him. Thank goodness for the Spanish Davis Cup team (have you SEEN Feliciano Lopez?? Google him, but have a bib on!)

ORK! Throw me in the pool. Thank you (cute new pic, too!)

Donna in AL said...

Orkmommy, I emailed you, so throw me in the pool too.