Sunday, March 01, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice, Amazing Race, Survivor, Roofus the Cat and other stuff!

Let's talk us some TV ...

Of course, you all know that tonight is Amazing Race night! As usual, I'll have a post up and running at 8 PM ET so we can gather and cheer on our teams as the show airs here on the East Coast. Everyone is welcome to hang out and party in the comments area!

But then I get into dilemma time blogging-wise. After TAR airs, I have to write up a review of the episode for TV Squad. Thankfully Cold Case isn't on tonight due to a special movie on CBS. If it was, I'd be writing up the episode for CliqueClack TV. I want to watch The Sopranos at either 10 PM or 11 PM on A&E (the episode is aired twice in a row) as I'm trying to catch the last handful of episodes.

But, throw into the mix the new two-hour episodes of The Celebrity Apprentice and I'm really getting dizzy! Although I gave up on Trump's plain ol' The Apprentice with its lackluster and grasping-at-straws last season, I enjoyed the first season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Since there is no Cold Case tonight, I'll be watching the show albeit a bit distracted as I'll be writing up TAR for TVS as it airs.

Next week I'll have to change my plans. Since I record the shows I write up in case I need to go back to clarify something and my recording technique is a bit antique and I can only record one show at a time, it looks like I'll probably be catching the repeat of Celeb Apprentice when it airs on Saturday nights. Hopefully they'll keep the Saturday night slot running with it (8-10 PM ET/PT) throughout the season. I'll be a week behind, but it's not like my Saturday night TV watching schedule is full or anything. I'm pretty excited about the cast this season and I adore Joan Rivers -- she's made me laugh on and off my entire life it seems. To be honest, I'd rather watch this show than Cold Case, but I've committed myself to the CC reviews whenever there are new episodes.

On Survivor this week we saw Jerry get voted out. Sigh. He was someone I wanted to like -- he seemed to be stable and get along with folks. However, it's been shown time and time again that if you get ill, chances are you're a goner. Well, not literally, but off the show! has a video interview with ex-castaway Eliza and Jerry. Now, Eliza was never one of my favorites, but she has Coach nailed! Jerry was interviewed in more depth by Reality TV World. Yep, a stomach virus is not a good thing in Tocantins.

Onto some off topic and a certain roof cat ...

I haven't felt too well all this past week. Unlike Jerry, it's not a stomach virus. It's basically that right knee. (The left knee replacement knee is fine.) The cortisone shot only worked a few days and it's getting progressively worse. In this economic atmosphere, I definitely need to hang onto my job although I've heard rumors that they might be offering early retirement packages to some folks and I'm probably in the eligible group.

But I need the health insurance and, to keep on working, I need to gather up my FMLA leave time so my job is protected. That should be sometime late summer. I'm going to have to go back to my orthopedic surgeon. I've been taking tons o' ibuprofen but, if I have to, maybe he can give me something stronger. I didn't want to take any heavier duty pain meds as I don't want to have a tolerance during recovery from surgery. The left knee was handled with Vicodin ES, which is amongst the milder meds in comparison. We'll see. But I must be able to work and walk until late summer.

In Roofus the Cat news, one of the local bloggers from my town has also spotted Roofus thanks to this blog. She focuses on a lot of the city politics and things which aren't covered by the local papers (which she retired from a while back as a reporter). We share an interest in local photographs and in the town although I'm not politically active -- I still like to know what's going on!

Roofus wasn't on his usual balcony roof yesterday. But I spotted him four rooftops over (click to make the image larger in a separate window) --

Then there's the commute --

Strangers on a train

One man uses his laptop while another catches a few winks while yet another one (me) uses the commute to take a few candid shots. Oh, I also read the paper and eat a donut sometimes.

Even stranger on the train

Oh my gosh, what's that in back of Napping Dude? All I could see was a hood, a nose, and mountain man beard. Oh, and a hand. Very scary man. I didn't get a better shot as he might have been able to see through the hood. He was giant, he was really hairy. Eek.

Welp, we're expecting up to a foot of snow overnight into Monday. While I don't really want the snow with my knee the way it is, no one is asking for my approval. If I can get to work, there's a lot I want to get done that I haven't been able to do as budget cuts have not only cut my hours, but made me work other jobs and neglect a bit of my own work. Priorities, grr. If I can get in and it's quiet (which it should be), I could get tons of stuff done. But, if we don't open or travel is almost impossible, I can take a day off and use paid time to cover it. I guess I'll know in the morning.


Nana in the NW said...

Good morning Jackie!

That Roofus is quite the wanderer....

Sorry to hear your knee is not doing well. It sounds like a "time-game" for you. Hopefully, the dr. can do something to get you through until summer.

I don't like Donald Trump and won't watch The Apprentice...esp. with this group of celebrities!!
Besides, my DVR is so full I couldn't add another show to it!

I know a few days ago Sydney asked if you could make a new chat site for The Bachelor finale. If all the spoilers are right we will need it!! There is going to be ALOT of chatter about Monday's finale, Monday's After The Rose show and Tues. special taping(which was done on Fri. Feb. 27th) of The Bachelor follow-up.

Have a good day. Time to get something done around the house!

Jackie said...

I thought I'd put up a new Bachelor post early tomorrow evening for the finale. Do you want one sooner?

meb said...

Jackie... so sorry about your knee. I can only imagine how it must be difficult for you to get around. I, too, hope the doctor can give you something to get you through to summer.

Your pix of Roofus on the roof and the strangers on the train are great.

RJM in SC said...

Sorry to hear about your knee and the things going on at work. I am facing the same here. With the cut backs, future surgeries and even the weather. They are predicting 4 inches here in SC and I hope they miss it althouh I love the snow because it hardly ever snows here. I broke my wrist 2 weeks ago and the crushed bones have shifted, so I am having surgery in the morning if it doesn't snow so much it is called off. Where I live we can not fuction in snow. Guess cause we seldom get it and everything shuts down here. Hope I still am able to watch The Bachelor.

Delee said...

RJM, ouch, so sorry to hear about your wrist. Hope you can make the surgery and it corrects the problem.

Jackie, I had hoped the corty would last longer. Maybe the Dr has some magic trick to get you thru for awhile.

Roofus is cute as ever. Like the different spot for him.

My daughter complains about her work. When she started there were 5
Admin Assistants, now 2. She works for a commercial real estate co in the DC area. So she has more brokers and sometimes is swamped doing one's priority items and another one yells why isn't his stuff done. She has been to HR a few times and of course, she gets an apology. I tell her be glad she has a JOB, unless she wants to live with MOM without one!

My Tivo will be very busy tonight, 2 shows have to be taped on their
2nd run after 11p.

See ya'll for AR...

Many will get a lot of snow tonight, but only flurries here. Also teens for a few nights again.
"Is it SPRING soon?"

Sydney said...

HI Jackie -- thank you so much for putting up a newBach thing. I would say if it could go up after tonight's TAR, that would give people time to start talking about it before MOnday night's final show. I just want to be sure that people who thought we stopped commenting (didn't know it kicked over to a second and third page) can find it, so if you had another post in line for posting tomorrow, then I'd put it after that, so it's first in line.

A thought: You may want to put that people should continue to scroll down and keep commenting on that page for the After the Rose show and the After the Rose show 2 that happens after it. There are rumors flying like mad and I think your faithful followers are going to have A LOT to chat about!

Thanks again!!!

meb said... sorry to hear about your wrist...ouch is right! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.. and keeping you in my prayers. Hang in there and keep us posted as soon as you can type again.

I notice that Roofus is staring at those birds up there.

Waiting for Amazing Rce... YAY. Hope our stunt men do ok tonight!

Petals said...

Hey Ms Jackie & E'one!
Thanks for the Roofus pics..made me smile.
I have a 103.1 fever, so typing is somewhat difficult. I will be lofting (I prefer "loft" to "lurk") in the attic during the show.

I don't have a team this time 'round, so I think I'll root for the lil cool stuntmen. GO STUNTMEN!

Sydney said...

RJM -- you are a die hard! Hoping to watch the bachelor after surgery! We will all be pulling for you! I know all will go swimmingly for tomorrow! Let us know!

Zoetawny said...

Happy Sunday!

I know TAR has started on the east coast but since I can't live blog with you because of the 3 hour time difference I thought I'd leave a short post over here.


I'm so sorry to read about your knee causing you so much grief. I was really hoping that the cortisone shot would give you relief. Can you have more than one shot? The reason I ask is because my bff/neighbor's husband was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and the first cortisone shot he got didn't help whatsoever. But, he got another shot less than two weeks later and it was placed in a slightly different location. He was finally pain free enough to be able to function normally. I know you know exactly what's going on with your knee but I wondered if another shot would do the trick, at least until you can have
surgery. I hope it's a snow day for you tomorrow and you can play hooky.

I'm not sure if I'll be watching Celebrity Apprentice or not. It depends on what other show is on in the same time slot. Would you believe I haven't checked my cable TV guide yet? The odd thing is even if I don't follow the show many times I still read your entries on them. My DVR is getting full and not sure when I'm ever going to find the time to catch up with all my recordings.

Roofus is something else, isn't he? Does he know that he's an Internet celebrity? It always makes me smile to see the pics that Jackie puts up for us.

The train photos are great. Do these ppl know that you're taking pics of them, Jackie? I hope nobody is in the witness protection program and tries to grab your camera.

I was sorry to see Jerry go last week. He was one for whom I had high hopes for going to the finals. He must have really been sick and it showed because he wasn't participating. His tribe members saw him as the weak link. I have Erinn in the pool and I was thinking that I was going to be a gonner but was spared.

While you guys are enjoying TAR I'm going to go fix dinner now.

Stay safe and warm!


becky said...

Jackie, great pictures as usual. I loved The Apprentice the first couple of years. After that I couldn't take any more of The Donald.

Glad to see Roofus is okay.

Sydney said...

wel, I wasn't going to watch epprentice and I still may not, but Clint Black and SCott Hamilton have integrity.

The chicks, not so much? OK Joan, wow, I have never seen her in HIgh Definition on a 60 incscreen, I think I might need to go into the kitchen and peek around the corner when she's on to get enough distance. For all the plastic surgery jokes, I have never said it but I will now. She really has gone too far. It doesn't even MOVE! wow!

Sydney said...

Men against women... somehow I think they gals won't be able to work together as much. Prove me wrong girls!

Sydney said...
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Jackie said...

Zoetawny - I've pretty much decided to play hooky tomorrow. We already have a few inches and they're going on and on about six to eight by 6 AM.

Oh ... and the people don't know I'm taking photos. Shh.