Sunday, March 08, 2009

TV Doings This Week

Yikes! What a TV week ahead of us, starting tonight! Before I get into some of my viewing plans, just a quick mention on the photo. I took this one a while back as the stereo sign lined up nicely with the double "stereo" lamp post. I liked the way it turned out messing around with a photo editor above. The original shot is at the bottom of the post and was taken in North Plainfield, NJ. And, no. That has nothing to do with television.

Sunday: Argh. I have to write up two shows tonight -- The Amazing Race for TV Squad and Cold Case for CliqueClack TV. Barring any sports delays, TAR begins at 8 PM ET and my other shows schedule is clear. Good. Then comes 9 PM ET -- Cold Case starts, but there's also a two-hour Celebrity Apprentice starting at 9 PM. Waah! I know CA will be available online tomorrow and rerun on Saturday night, but I'd really rather watch that than CC! Throw into the mix that A&E has a Sopranos episode I want to see on at 10 PM (repeated at 11) -- what a night I have!

So, my plan is: Get my Reality Clack column for CliqueClack TV out of the way this afternoon except for the TAR bit. Watch TAR with a post going here as is my standard. Take notes on TAR and Cold Case as they air. I'll write up both reviews at 10 PM, hopefully to be done by 11 PM so I can catch the second airing of The Sopranos episode. As I write, I'll have the second hour of Celebrity Apprentice on in the background. I guess I can catch up with the first hour online. Sunday nights didn't used to be this complicated!

Monday: In the 8 PM (ET) prime time hour, I'll watch The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. I will have to write up a review of TBBT for CliqueClack TV. But I probably won't do that until after I've watched Heroes. My 10 PM hour has lots of possibilities for background as I write -- Saving Grace on TNT or maybe the new Animal Cops Phoenix on Animal Planet.

But then, later on, I have to absolutely positively see Letterman! He has two (not one, but TWO) of my all-time favorite guests on! First, Jack Hanna and animals. Those segments are priceless. Not only are the animals always fantastic, but I love the banter between Jack and Dave. Then, he also has Russell Brand on. That guy's a trip to a delightfully quirky place.

Tuesday: Ah, a relatively easy TV night. Two hours of American Idol, then I want to catch Trust Me (which I haven't seen) on TNT. Letterman has Stupid Pet Tricks, always a must see segment for me.

Wednesday: I plan to check out the new cooking reality show, The Chopping Block, on NBC in the 8 PM hour. Then it's American Idol and Criminal Minds on during the second hour. I'll record CM. LOST is a repeat. Even though I know it's going to be canceled, since they promise answers at the end of the season, I'm sticking with Life on Mars in the 10 PM hour. Letterman has on Tom Brokaw, another guest I enjoy. So I'm staying up.

Thursday: Gee, I think I'll watch Survivor for a change! Heh. Of course, I'll be writing that episode up for TV Squad. I see Bones is also a new episode running up against Survivor, but I'll catch it on the FOX website. In the second hour of the night, I'll probably catch Hell's Kitchen ... a show I've been keeping up with on the FOX website for the most part this season.

Friday: I sleep. Er, I watch shows I've recorded or shows on the Internet. Or, I catch up with my Bonnie Hunts recorded all week. Or I read. I sometimes catch Wife Swap. I'm not proud.

What are your TV plans for the week?

Today's musical non sequitur:
If there’s music we can use it

We need to dance.
We don’t have that time
For psychological romance
No romance
No romance
No romance for me mama
Come on baby tell me what’s the word.
Ah – word up.
-- "Word Up" by Cameo


RBennie said...

Hi Jackie, love the pics. Wow, I can't remember the last time I was first to comment! This will be a very busy week for TV. DWTS is starting tomorrow, adding to all the many other shows I try to keep up with. I think my DVR just might explode.

Sydney said...

THe black and white picture is REALLY striking Jackie. Enough to sell in a gallery -- and you don't need to get up when it's dark adn cold and get on a train 5 + days a week to write and sell photos (hint + smile). Just somthin to think about.

You have a full week thought. I am psyched the Bach is over and DWTS is starting.

We watch Tar and Survivor religiously. And FNL.

Since Battlestar Gallactica is coming to an end, my husband won't be watching that anyone. He also catches Heroes, which I have stopped caring about. He also loves Sarah Connor, another I don't watch. But those are the regular shows in our house.

Does anyone know the fate of the current Project Runway. Yes, they were contracted by Lifetime Network or something like that but Bravo was fighting that... I know they've taped a full season because the final 2 or three showed at NYC Fashion week. Anyone know details? I'm sure JoyN is on it...

sizzie said...

Great photo and the editing, Jackie. I also have a complicated TV watch/decide which to record schedule. To add to the obstacles our local TV ABC station is showing a basketball tournament in primi time. That means Lost and Mars goes on after midnight, but not at an exact time.

I, too, am hanging on to Mars and hoping for a good finale. Not sure what I think will be good, though.

I watch House, but have missed them lately because of recording conflicts.

Sydney, I haven't hear about Project Runway, except that they are filming. I have been enjoying TLC's Say Yes to the Dress..not because they are wedding dresses, but to see the buyers and sales people.

my wv is sphiti...not sure I should try to pronounce it. : )

Petals said...

Don't forget Breaking Bad tonight!

Anonymous said...

Sydney said...THe black and white picture is REALLY striking Jackie. Enough to sell in a gallery

Jackie, have you ever considered selling your photographs? I agree with Sydney.

Are you going to set up a chat log for DWTS?

Laurie said...

Great picture, Jackie, and thanks for showing the original, too. You have quite an eye.

Looking forward to AR tonight to begin the week of good TV. Not sure what all we'll be watching. Now that AI is down to the final 12 or so, I'll be adding that to the list!

I read online that Melissa from Bachelor is going to be on SWTS. So much for going home and getting back to her regular life!

becky said...

I was Annom. My name didn't print.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the kind words on the photos. I keep telling myself one day I'll get some printed up and try to display them somewhere.

And, yes ... I'll put up a new DWTS discussion post tomorrow for y'all!

Chris said...

I watched the first ten minutes of Lie to Me and it looked pretty good. Tim Roth is always really good and interesting to watch. I think you may enjoy the show--even though it's a little, I don't want to say "dumbed down" because that's a little dismissive, but maybe saying it's very simplified is a better way of saying it. It's very simplified in the Fox kind of way.

joy n said...

Syd, try as I may, I can't find anything new about Project Runway. Still working on it, though.