Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Being Entertained (not by I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here)

Cat in a window, Plainfield, NJ

Don't ask me what's going on with that screen. I believe the cat lives inside the house or maybe he just sits there for the view. I don't know.

I'm here to report that I'm finally having a great TV night! Am I watching pseudo-celebs eat bugs and have rats bite them? Nope! I'm watching the first night of the top twenty dancers on So You Think You Can Dance. What a fantastic group!

I think my heart is going to be with Phillip Chbeeb through the season. However, my favorite number was the crash test dummies dance. I'm glad I never vote on these shows. As I'm typing this, only one performance remains. Now, this is entertainment! I don't want to be a part of deciding who's going to go home. They should all stay another week!

The only drawback to the show tonight was my sucky Comcast cable. Similar to an incident last week in which all of my NYC stations lost signal, tonight's signal for all the NYC stations cut in and out, pixeled, froze, aired with no volume, etc. That went on for the first half hour. Grr.

A very little known fact about me:
My mother made me take tap dance starting at the age of five. That lasted until I took jazz dance at eight. Unfortunately, the only dance style I ever got to be good at was square dancing in backwoods upstate New York bars when I was a teen (with my parents and their friends and their friends' kids). These were the kind of places which had signs up which read "Dance at your own risk." Oh ... and I was also heavy into disco dancing on roller skates for a number of years.

But, to quote an old Genesis song:
No, I can't dance, I can't talk.

The only thing about me is the way I walk.
No, I can't dance, I can't sing
I'm just standing here selling everything.

But I can walk.

Um. Let's make that last line ... "but I can limp."

Someone asked me if I have a date set for the next knee surgery. Not yet. I'm thinking late fall. While I don't want it so late it would spread out my deductible into two years, but an overlap of years for the physical therapy insurance limitations would be a good idea. Since that's just a co-pay and the deductible doesn't come into play, it might be worth considering. The drawback is I'd be returning to work and going to PT on ice and snow. I don't know. I just know the knee can't make it through another winter.

Leather-clad dude on Plainfield (NJ) street corner.
No, that's not where Dog the Bounty Hunter works.
At least, I don't think so.


Delee said...

Jackie, I do not vote either and after all the dances tonight I know why. Even the dance all judges said was lacking, the hip-hop seemed to me to be a wow.

This will be a marvelous SYTUCD season. All dancers bring fantastic talents to the show.

Each time someone danced I said they were the best, till the ne_t couple danced, so by the end the last couple was the best dance. NO favorites yet...

I agree about your knee and winter, unless you move to Florida. Snow/ice and walking in it will be hazardous for you. Maybe we will be lucky and winter will come late, like 2007-2008. That did not hit until late January. Know we are all behind you whatever you do.

Becky said...

Just keep us posted on when. I will be in NYC next week! I can't believe my reunion is finally here.

Laurie said...

I've not watched SYTYCD, but it sounds good. I'll have to check it out.

Right now I'm watching the first episode of Top Chef Masters and enjoying it. These chefs are funny and not all that arrogant, unlike the regular Top Chef contestants!

Jackie, you and your knee are in our prayers. Please keep us posted as to what you plan to do.

Oh, the cat picture ... I think that's a new version of a pet door!

dla said...

I just love this show!!! SYTYCD always puts a smile on this old face, and this group of kids appear to be extraordinary!

VERY impressive for week one! No standout faves yet, as I just seem to love them all.

This is just great entertainment!

sizzie said...

Jackie, I am not watching SYTUCD, and it sounds like I am missing a good show. I remember the square dancing with family nights, though. Yeah, mine were in another state and maybe a different (earlier) year than yours..but I bet we have some of the same memories of them.

Thanks for the photos and dance memories. Roller Disco, uhm?

Caroline said...

Last night's SYTYCD was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! The show is always good, but this season may have more talent than ever before.

I also loved Phillip and his partner (Jessica?) and I voted for them a bit last night.

Caitlin caught my attention during auditions and I was thrilled that she got Bollywood and that dance was amazingly good.

I thought the ballet-ish routine (2nd to last) was also breathtaking. I think that was Melissa & Ade.

And as a fan of the Hot Tamale Train...last night's was the best ever. Especially when she pulled Nigel's headphones off and then when she let them go they snapped back and hit him in the head.

Pure fun. I wish this show was on every night!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree this is the best season ever,
Does anyone else think Mary's screaming is a bit much.
Glad I don't decide on a winner.
Hope you make this a regular place for us to comment on the show.
Good luck with your knee.

Margo said...

****BB POOL UPDATE*******

So far I have
Donna in FL
Donna in AL
Nana in NW
PDX Granny

Does anyone else want to come out and play? Jump on in the waters fine. I was gonna say there is no "p" in our pool but we want Petals to participate so I'm gonna have to let that one go.
We have plenty of time I just wanted to get an early start.


meb said...

Yes Anon 6:11... Mary's screaming is very distracting. I remember by the end of last year I was ready to pull my hair out.

The talent this year is amazing. I haven't learned any names yet, but the first guy was so limber it's a wonder one of his limbs didn't just spin right off his body. In auditions I thought he probably would be one of the first to go because I couldn't imagine he would be able to dance as a couple... Man, was I wrong. He was so good.

How could anybody pick a favorite after last night. They were all so good, I would never be able to pick just one.

Jackie, is this going to be our place to "talk" about SYTYCD. We're going to need a place. Thanks for getting us started.

SueGee said...

Oh put me in the (p)ool for BB please! I'm getting ready to have some fun fun fun!! Signed up for live updates on Facebook this year too!

And I too took tap dancing starting at around 5 years old, but we took ballet too. I also remember square dancing in the gym at night in our school - professional caller and it was fun!

Sue in CA

Sydney said...

Hi Jackie -- thanks for the cat pic -- always like them!!!

I think it's a great idea to try to spread out the PT over two years, but yes, it gets into ice and snow which was my concern. I wonder if once again marshalling a few friends to give you a ride to PT on the really bad days or maybe this years BB donations will help you have extra cab money when needed????

Sydney said...

Meb brings up a good question ---

Jackie is it a huge hassle for you to post each major night that SYTYCD is on and we can comment that way , like Survivor? Don't know how it will overlap with BB starting but it seems like that is so much easier than a meet up chat side bar... those comments get so you have to go through 3 pages to comment and we lose people.

Arlene said...

I agree, this is going to be a fantastic season. I loved the Crash Test Dummies dance. I also like the dance that Adam was teary eyed over. I did not want that dance to end.

I agree with whoever said, wait until next week to send someone home. But I think the bottom couple will be 2 and 5. They are the ones the judges were not wowed about.

On I Am A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Janice needs to go home. I can't believe she urinated right in the campsite and acted surprised when it was brought up. She played along with everyone else at the gross factor of the whole idea. And when she stole that granola bar and the two guys said Swiper no swiping, OH MAN, I was cracking up because that is from Dora the Explorer. I digressed a little bit. But she took the granola bar and shoved it down her mouth and then had the nerve to look surprised that someone had taken it and then had the nerve to ask for one after she stole the other one. Go home Janice. If you are too sick to participate in any of the challenges, go home.

joy n said...

Jason Hughes of TV Squad wrote an interesting post about rating the best and worst of Reality TV shows.

Survivor is #1 and The Amazing Race is #2. #4 is Project Runway, American Idol is #6 with BB at #15.

He lists the top 20 and bottom 10. I disagree with a lot of his choices but definitely think he has the top two right. He has The Osbournes as #3. What?

joy n said...

Sorry, Entertainment Weekly compiled the list. Jason comments on the list.

Anonymous said...

Margo, Please put me in the pool for Big Brother. Thanks

Karen in California

Lars Eller said...

Add me to the BB pool.

Does anyone know who went home on celebrity?



Anonymous said...

Billy. Should have been Janice.