Friday, June 12, 2009

It's June 12; Do You Know Where Your TV Signal Is?

Wall Street has really taken an economical hit, eh? I took this photo in Plainfield, NJ.

Oh no! It's DTV Transition Day!
I hope everyone is either set with cable service, satellite, or have their DTV converter boxes and a good UHF/VHF antenna. Where I first moved when I came to NJ (about a mile from where I am now), I had actual reception with rabbit ears. I could pick up all of the NYC stations, all the Jersey ones, and even two Philly ones.

I was in the midst of moving here to this apartment when 9/11 happened. I had both places for a few weeks and found I had snowy reception of most of the NYC stations, no Philly. But then when the towers went down, I lost all reception as the transmitters for the stations were atop of one of the towers. So I've had basic cable ever since.

I didn't have any issues today and didn't expect any. Eventually I plan on getting a DTV converter and perhaps a decent in-home UHF/VHF antenna for one of my old unused 13" color televisions (or maybe the ancient 12" B&W one). It sounds like I might actually have reception with it. We'll see.

Off TV Topic, but sometimes money does fall from the sky
Oh, I'm not talking about a ton of money. I'm talking about $90. Yep, it fell from the sky. It seems I was part of a class action lawsuit with no knowledge about the lawsuit at all. If they sent me something previously, I probably shredded it as junk mail.

As it is, I was skeptical of the check I received yesterday. It was a lawsuit against an insurance company whose name meant absolutely nothing to me. I thought it was a scam -- you know, cash the check and get charged for some sort of never-ending deductions from your bank account.

So I went to the online URL in the letter with the check. The FAQ document cleared it all up. When I bought my last car over a decade ago, I paid it off a few years early. Although I had contacted the loan company for the exact balance owed, no thought was given to the insurance which came along with the car loan. I gave up the car more than a few years ago as it got all persnickity on me. Apparently the $90 check I received is thanks to someone named Poole who sued and started a class action suit against the insurance company. According to the paperwork, it's actually only 45% of my loss. But seeing as I didn't realize I lost anything, it's money from the sky.

Tonight, tonight
Right now as I type this, I have old reruns of Roseanne on from TVLand. At 9 PM I intend to watch Mental. It's the episode from earlier this week with David Carradine's last television performance. I missed it the first airing, so it's on the slate for tonight. That whole thing with his death is just plain old bizarre. I doubt that when I die it will be anything which compromises my integrity (I lead a boring life). But, sheesh ... I do feel bad for the family.

I will be watching A&E's 11 PM showing of Criminal Minds. A lot of this series is fresh to me as I missed most of the shows on their initial airing. So, even if it's an old repeat, I probably haven't seen it.

More off topic
I stopped by yesterday and visited my physical therapist who dealt with my knee replacement. He finally has his website up and I invite everyone who has aches and pains to take a peek. And, if you're anywhere in the area and in need of physical therapy, I highly recommend him.

I've been loading a lot of my older photos to my Photobucket account (linked on the sidebar). If you want to take a slideshow gander, just head here.

That's it for now. I hope you all survived the DTV transition!


Delee said...

Really like the pic of the Wall St car place, sure looks ratty now.

Had no transition, hate the cable bill but with this change glad I have it.

My evening is Property Virgins on HGTV What Not 2 Wear and the new Reception on TLC. I too have been re-watching the Criminal Minds on A&E. For some reason I am addicted to HGTV shows that deal with people buying homes, maybe it jealousy that they buy $$$ vacation homes in foreign countries or homes at or above $200,000. Our highest was $199,000 in 1992 in Montgomery AL. That was a stretch for our budget with 2 kids in a private school.

SO you are preparing your PT for the coming surgery. Not a bad idea!

Will check out your photos over the weekend! I know they will be marvelous!

WV is CONES makes me want so ice cream!!!

Becky said...

Another great picture. You can almost see the rats and roaches that probably inhabit the building now.

Boston Legal was my favorite show until it finished it's run. Mad Cow Denny always made me laugh.

Now that BL is no longer on I think that, although I am a reality show junkie, Criminal Minds is my favorite now. I do wonder about the minds of the writers. Incredible writing, but sometimes completely off the wall.

For those who watch, who do you think shot Hotch in the season finale? Do you think it is the sewer guy who escaped jail? Has anyone read on whether the actor playing him, Thomas something or another, left the show?

I loved Mandy Patinkin as the boss. I have liked him since Chicago Hope and one of my favorite movies, Princess Bride. Click here: IMDb Video: The Princess Bride . If you have never seen Princess Bride, you are missing a classic. The trailer can be seen by clicking on the link. I think it might be on again tomorrow night.

Anyway, when Mandy left the show I was sorry to see him go and wondered how anyone could replace him. However, Hotch has proven a wonderful actor too.

Sorry, Jackie, didn't mean to get so far off topic.

One more question before I leave you.... has anyone heard anything about Leverage coming back?

Laurie said...

I watched Mental for the first time earlier this week. It was a shock to see David Carradine on the show and then to see him playing such a broken old man made it even worse. I did like the show, though, and will try to watch more of it.

Our old tv broke a few weeks ago so we replaced it with a digital flat screen and upgraded our cable to get hi-def. Oh my, we may now become real tv junkies just because the picture is so good.

Delee, I am obsessed with those very same HGTV shows. Sometimes I just shake my head at the things people expect from a house. Oh yeah, the ones who have money to burn are the best at needing things that most of us could only imagine!

I do hope everyone has a great weekend!

Jackie said...

Delee - I haven't been watching the home shows. Maybe I'm just too much of an apartment sort of person.

Becky - I missed so much of the series this year that I haven't a clue who shot him. I just hope he doesn't get fed to pigs! As for Leverage, it returns on Wednesday, July 15 at 9 PM.

Laurie - I caught one other Mental episode, not a bad show at all.

Kathy said...

I like the Home shows also. Watched that Masters of Reception and it was done pretty well. Found it to be interesting all the stuff people ask for & just expect. Silly me I made any special arrangemets for stuff at my wedding,like a special cake for my Dad's 50th birthday.But that was 20 years ago.I am looking for someplace to put my photos, have heard of many places but not sure. How is Photobucket? I like you have fur babies and love to take pics of their antics. would like to find a place to keep them all together.

rohmad basuki said...

good news...I like the pic of the Wall St car place

Anonymous said...

Just in time for the DTV transition, a thunder/lightning storm killed our sattlelite. Right now we get to watch PBS and a weather channel with rabbit ears on a newer TV. The service tech can't come until Tuesday. I'm going into TV withdrawal!

lynn1 said...

We are getting free HBO over the weekend. Since we don't pay for HBO I was surprised at how many HBO channels there are. Back in the day there was one HBO chnanel and now there are about 5 or 6. It boggles my mind! LOL
We stayed up til the wee hours of the morning watching silly movies and having a good laugh at them.

Becky said...

Becky - I missed so much of the series this year that I haven't a clue who shot him. I just hope he doesn't get fed to pigs! As for Leverage, it returns on Wednesday, July 15 at 9 PM.

First, I love your kitty cat. What is her name? See, I know it is a girl because calico's are never male -- I don't think.

Thanks for the notice on Leverage. I figured if anyone knew it would be you. Are any of you Jackie Bloggers interested in the show? I would love a meeting place.

Delee said...

Jackie, HGTV actually has a For Rent show, Thurs at 10:30. Peeps hunt for a condo-house-apt to rent. See you are not left out!!!

Becky said...

Delee, when does the Rent show come on. I love to watch shows like this to borrow -- okay, steal ideas.

I always wanted to do Trading Spaces, but was afraid I would draw Hilda and end up with feathers or cardboard on my wall! Or hay. That woman should have been shot for what she did to some of the houses.

sizzie said...

I watch the HGTV shows, too. I have watched for so long, though, that when there is a hurricane on one of the islands, I am wondering about the people who bought a house on House Hunters International ! One of those has/had a website...the people who were buying for a B & B..maybe in Costa Rica?

I thought Mental was a reality show set in a mental ward. boy, do I need to listen to the ads better.

Donna in AL said...

Yay Jackie, it's raining money for you!

I have had HGTV on all day. I usually watch it or DIY during the day on the weekends. I have watched 2 or 3 of the Mental episodes and like it okay. I have last season of Leverage recorded but have not watched but 1 or 2 of them yet.

Becky said...

Donna in AL said... I have last season of Leverage recorded but have not watched but 1 or 2 of them yet.

Donna, catch up on them so you will be ready when the new season starts. The series reminds me of the old Mission Impossible shows.

sizzie said...

Yay for Becky being in blue !

Jackie, I hope you have Sunday off and a good day ahead of you. Enjoy yourself and thanks for the posts.

Lars Eller said...

I liked the picture.

Jennasmom said...

Nice picture, Becky. Glad your "in the blue!" And I agree about Hilda. That would be my fear, too. She did some weird stuff!

Jackie, is the photo on the PT website your therapist? Cute! I might need some therapy!

Margo said...

Happy Monday All! 25 more days til BB.