Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's Midseason or 2010 Winter Season TV Time - Premiere Dates

Yep, the winter season of television is here! I feel old. Y'see, I remember the old days when television shows ran about forty episodes a year and just went from fall to summer. I've gathered some of the dates of the premieres for you -- a few already started this week, my apologies. At work, my computer system had its 2000 breakdown ten years later. All of the programs I use there went kerflooey when it changed to 2010. So my work days have been manually entering tons of data using adding machines, then re-entering it into the computer after days of manual stuff. Argh! A nightmare indeed and, that's my excuse for not getting this to you earlier.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Without further ado --

I liked Southland on NBC and felt they canceled it without letting it find its audience. It's kind of like Third Watch done Los Angeles. I'm a sucker for cop shows done well. TNT took the ball and ran with it, thus new Southland will make its premiere next Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Leverage with Timothy Hutton returns to TNT. Yay!

Here's a whole bunch of new and returning shows coming up this month and next:

Monday, Jan. 4 -- The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (ABC)
Monday, Jan. 4 -- Heroes (NBC)
Tuesday, Jan. 5 -- True Beauty (ABC)
Tuesday, Jan. 5 -- The Biggest Loser (NBC)
Sunday, Jan. 10 -- Big Love (HBO)
Sunday, Jan. 10 -- Chuck (NBC)
Thursday, Jan. 14 -- Project Runway (Lifetime)
Sunday, Jan. 17 -- 24 (Fox)
Sunday, Jan. 17 -- Human Target (Fox) new
Monday, Jan. 18 -- Life UneXpected (The CW) new
Thursday, Jan. 21 -- Deep End (ABC) new
Friday, Jan. 22 -- Caprica (Syfy) new
Friday, Jan. 22 -- Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Starz) new
Monday, Jan. 25 -- Damages (FX)
Monday, Jan. 25 -- Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Showtime)
Friday, Jan. 29 -- Kitchen Nightmares (Fox)

Monday, Feb. 1 -- Kell on Earth (Bravo) new
Tuesday, Feb. 2 -- Lost (ABC)
Thursday, Feb. 11 -- Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (CBS)
Sunday, Feb. 14 -- The Amazing Race (CBS)

And, of course, we cannot forget --

I won't be writing in-depth reviews on many of the shows. However, I'll probably be posting periodically on some. If you want me to create a blog entry for comments on a show that I might not watch (Bachelor, for example), let me know and I'll get one up for you to hang out in!


meb said...

Surely I'm not the first poster today... it's almost 3:00pm.

I'm sure we'd like to have a few of the sidebar posting places Jackie... the new bachelor for sure. A bunch of us love Leverage, but don't know that we comment enough for a separate posting. I stand corrected if anyone else says yay! I'll definitely be commenting.

Damages I watch, but I haven't heard anyone else saying they watch it. Very anxious to see what happened based on last season's ending.

Lost...need I say more! YES!
You blog on American Idol, right?

ok...that's my two cents..

meb said...

joyn...happy to read on previous post that hubby is home and doing well. I think you'll be surprised that once he no longer has the after affects of the surgery, he'll feel better than he has for a long time and he'll be able to do more than he used to. My friend had it done 20 years ago when it was not so popular and she was like a new woman and never had any trouble from having it done.

Hope you can keep up with him now. LOL

Margo said...

YEA Thank you Jackie :x


Becky said...

Leverage and Lost are two of my favorites. Project Runway begins again on the 14th.

Jackie, thanks again for the writeups

monty924 said...

I can't wait for AI to begin, but I'm going to miss Paula. :(

The new season of the Bachelor would be fun to read. I won't be commenting much on it though. I've read the spoilers for the season.

Margo, your avatar makes me sneeze. :)

joy n said...

Meb, read to Barry what you wrote about your friend and he was very happy to hear it. He told me to thank all of you for the kind thoughts and prayers.

I'm skipping The Bachelor again this season and probably Celebrity Apprentice though it did suck me in again last time.

Looking forward to Project Runway and may watch Kitchen Nightmares.

Will most likely watch AI and absolutely will not miss TAR and Survivor. If mean Russell gets ousted, I hope it's women that do him in. Sweet justice!

Delee said...

I rarely watched AI last season until near the end. Not sure I will watch this season as I dislike Ellen D. I liked her on her 1st tv series but now not so much. Too loud!!!

Bachelor-P Runway-and a few more will hold my attention...oops forgot Survivor and AR...not really but figured that was a given.

I want in any pool that is started!

Margo said...

Monty - My avatar is a Jackie original. I loved it and she said I could have it as an avatar. I also have a Jackie sunflower picture that I will use this spring.
Sorry if it made you sneeze. =D


joy n said...

Simon Cowell has announced this will be his last season of AI. He's moving on to other projects. Ellen DeGeneres says if Simon goes, she will go. This from People TV Watch.

ML said...

Hi Jackie- a Bachelor discussion post would be nice!

Jackie said...

I put one up before the show started tonight. Isn't it showing?