Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reminder - Survivor TONIGHT and ...

Just a quick reminder that Survivor will be on at 8 PM ET/PT tonight, not tomorrow. I'll have the usual blog party post going on for it. Plus, I missed Lost last night and have to catch up online. My apologies. I was out later than I thought I would be for dinner with a friend after work.

Oh ... Robert Culp died. It was just on the news. Rest in piece, Mr. Culp. I was a fan of I Spy way back when.


joy n said...

That's three deaths this week of very recognizable TV Stars. Peter Graves, Fess Parker and now Robert Culp.

Robert Culp was walking outside of his home, tripped, hit his head and was knocked out. A jogger found him and got help. Culp died before he got to the hospital. That makes it all the sadder, that he wasn't ill. It was an accident. RIP, Mr. Culp.

meb said...

Sorry to hear that Jackie/joyn... I too watched him in I Spy. I always like him. Sad!