Sunday, May 02, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - May 2, 2010

Welcome to yet another Sunday of photos I've taken and reflection on a week gone by. I've had one of those hectic weeks at work -- you know the kind, when you're running around putting out fires rather than just getting stuff done. I'd rather be proactive than reactive, but sometimes things seem to work against me. Oh, well.

Television should be picking up with May Sweeps in effect. That's a good thing. I've only been watching a few selected shows religiously -- Castle, American Idol, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Letterman and the local news. I was in Texas and missed the AI in which smiley boy Tim Urban got the boot, but caught Siobahn's (sp?) swan song. No great loss (for me) on either of them. I also missed the local auditions for the next season of Big Brother while in Texas. Not that I would apply, mind you. People have been asking when BB is coming. It's always in the beginning of July.

On the home front, it finally happened. My landlord went under, at least on my building and the others in this particular LLC he set up. The bank has taken over the building but I see no difference so far -- the elevator is still broken and some fool still vacuums the hallways at odd hours. I usually mail my rent the day before the first of the month so they get it on the first. When Friday morning came, I stalled as the most recent article in the local paper made me think twice before sending payment to the landlord.

When I came home from work on Friday, there was an envelope full o' legal mumbo-jumbo taped to my apartment door. Now, I know what's going on and I know my reading comprehension level is perhaps even a bit above the norm. Yet, reading through the legalese is a bit off-putting for even me. I can just imagine the folks in the buildings who aren't fluent in English or have limited reading skills trying to get through the paper.

I don't pay the rent (now due yesterday) to my landlord, "referred to hereinafter as 'the defendant'." They named a receiver for the rents, yet gave us only a name -- no address or any way to contact him. Um. Okay. I guess I'll send my rent when they tell me where to send it. I don't suppose we get a month off for the trauma, eh?

I had a bad fall at the Baltimore Airport (BWI) on my journey and had written Southwest Airlines about it as it was mostly due to their flight crew blocking a walkway. I received an email back from them with a $100 flight voucher albeit admitting no liability on their part. I guess I'll have to fly somewhere before the voucher expires in a year.

I've put together some slideshows of the zillions of photos I took while in San Antonio. Grab some coffee and settle in ... but, first I'll show this week's shots --- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.


She left me with strangers while she went gallivanting across the country. Then, yesterday she closed the windows and turned on the air conditioner for a while. How dare she!

Isn't this illegal?

Both Papa John's pizza and In and Out Bail Bonds have tacked up advertisements on power poles and trees throughout the East Front Street area in Plainfield. I don't frequent either establishment. I don't eat pizza (yes, I'm weird) and, unless my lifestyle drastically changes, I doubt I'll ever need a bail bondsman.

I need to celebrate the squirrels of Plainfield, NJ. When I was in San Antonio, I saw absolutely NO squirrels. I know they must have them, but ...!

Near the Plainfield Train Station

East Front Street in Plainfield

If I flatten myself on the tree, no one can see me

Near the Plainfield Train Station

Jus' hangin' in there

Be gone, or I'll drop a house on you, too!

We had wicked winds earlier this week, but nowhere near tornado levels. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Trust me, it IS poison ivy

Look, there are vines. It isn't poison sumac -- that's an entirely different leaf structure. Where I've been taking my poison ivy shots at the Bridgewater Train Station, it's grown crazy. Like many plants, it grows towards the sun. Perhaps it appears in the photos that it's on bushes, etc., but it's on vines.

See? Vines.

Some of the vines are thicker than my arm as they've grown unchecked for so many years. Other new vines are spreading all the time.



That's what they are -- I found the little gardening placard.

Gone to seed

In the rain, the day after

Who watches the watchers?

I'm not the only one on NJ Transit camera in hand. He has a lot better equipment than I do. But he's a railfan headed to Bound Brook to film freight trains. I'm just a commuter on my way to work.

One day ...

... the next day, in the rain

How quickly nature moves. The day after, they were just blackened bits in the grass. Bridgewater Train Station.

Here are a few shots I liked (and played with) from my vacation ...

When Pigs Fly


The San Antonio police perch above the Fiesta at the Marketplace.

One Way

Riverwalk in San Antonio

Not San Antonio

I was bored waiting for my shuttle bus from Manhattan to LaGuardia, so I shot stuff.

Still not San Antonio

An architectural contrast in Midtown Manhattan

Outside Port Authority in Manhattan

This isn't all that far from the big bomb scare in Times Square last night. Gosh, we live in a world of jerks. Yay for the t-shirt vendor who reported the car!

Thank you for your patience with this entry and here are some Texas Adventure slideshows --


Delee said...

Sorry to hear about your building. Glad you did not send the check to the former owner as it probably would not have counted as your rent. Amazing there was nada on all the paperwork that included any contact info.

Vincent is such a "sweetie". I believe his pictures are better and better each week.

I unhooked my digital from the kitchen tv so I can record many "sweeps" items so I do not miss a thing. I will stop my tivo service the end of May. This digital stuff will stop recording 2shows at once so I would only be able to do one. Plus have to buy many connectors to allow that one. Service would still cost that same. Oh for $239.99 I can buy a new Tivo that allows 2 channels. Starting to dislike "new technology" Just makes you spend more! Sorry about the rant been in a lousy mood over this!

Amanda bought a hat from a t-shirt vendor in Times Square. I like to think that it was this hero that contacted the police and stopped a tragedy last night. Unfortunately, many have a wish to destroy us and all must remain alert.

Margo said...

Great pictures as always.

NC in GA said...

Love your photos and reading about your week. Vincent really knows how to use that sad face and pose for a picture! Such a cutie!! Hope you both have a wonderful week!

joy n said...

I finally got around to looking at your photos this week and I am amazed. The flowers,the butterflies, birds, animals, insects, the buildings and the San Antonio sights. Every time I thought the slide show was over, I saw some new things. The butterflies are particularly beautiful. Your talent with words is wonderful and funny but your talent with the camera is also exceptional. It makes me want to get my Kodak Easy Share out.

One question. The woman holding the stuffed robot? animal? or whatever, is that you or one of our blogging gang or someone from S.A.?

Jackie said...

JoyN - The stuffed toy is blog-related, but not this blog. It's a 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' robot traveling with bloggers around the country. It took the Riverwalk boat.

Sydney said...

I've finally figured out how to do this. There are so many photos I want to comment on but I lose what I wanted to say each time I see a new one... kind of like how you can't sing a song while another is playing? Anyway, I open two tabs, one in the comment area and the other is your post. Then I can go between them to look and comment!

First of all, I feel all verklempt that you posted a tribute to squirrels. Second, that is a really good head shot of Vincent. We se so many other sides to him, I don't know that I've ever just seen a straight on portrait. Love him, of course!!!

And I love the colored umbrellas under the bridge on the Riverwalk.

it IS amazing how fast nature moves. How could the mushrooms possibly grown so fast and live and die in 48 hours. SOmething very poignant about that... and if I weren't so busy packing (we move Thurs and Fri) I would have the presence of mind to say something globally spiritual and thought provoking about that... Can someone else please??? I'll buy you an ice cream soda.

btw, the building -- maybe it isn't such a bad thing. You might get a better landlord?

meb said...

OK... so I'm a lot behind in my comments, no excuse. And I know no one else is going to come back and read this, so this is just for you Jackie.

You know I love your pictures and your stories. Vincent looks so regal. Hope things work out for the better with your apartment building.

I'm enjoying your slide shows of the Texas trip and I keep seeing familiar shots that take me back to when we were there.

Everything was great about this post. Thanks!

For Sydney.. something poignant about those mushrooms!!! I'll tell you something... they are UGLY and the STINK! Now that may not be poignant, but it true!

RBennie said...

I'm just now getting a chance to look at your pics Jackie. They are wonderful and the butterfly pics are insanely wonderful!