Wednesday, May 05, 2010

TV Hash - American Idol, Lost, and TV Blogging Stuff ...

I meant to post last night, but I fell asleep. I hate it when I do that! The local news on WCBS is having a series on sleep all this week. It's too bad I'm getting so sleepy I can't concentrate enough to watch it. Had I not thought ahead to record Letterman on Monday night, I would have missed Jim Parsons (Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory). He always makes me smile.

I have several things I want to talk about -- the first being last night's Sinatra spotlight on American Idol. Oh my. Casey didn't do well, neither did the projected winner Crystal Bowersox. While Aaron did okay, I'm tired of seeing him in that one pose -- one foot forward, some odd attempts at quasi-pelvic thrusting (or whatever it is that he's doing). He has no stage presence. I can't imagine going to a concert and enduring an hour of him standing there doing that no matter how well he might sing. Big Mike looked the part and did well. But, the winner of the night for me was Lee DeWyze.

The more I see him and hear him, the more I like him. He's gaining confidence in his performance skills and I've always liked the slightly raspy tone. I think working with Harry Connick, Jr. last night improved his outlook greatly. I'd like to see a Bowersox/DeWyze finale. Of course, I'm typing this up before the results show. For all I know, one might be going home!

Jackie's TV Blog, Lost

Then there's Lost. Eek! I missed the show the week I was in Texas and, for some reason, the web site episode hangs at the very end. But I should be relatively caught up. Yet, I'm still a bit lost. We lost four people in the episode! Lapidus, Sayid, Sun, and Jin, all dead. Hmm ... maybe the finale is that no one gets out of it alive.

FLocke has to be a bad guy. But Widmore seems to be one, too. I realize it's some sort of epic good/evil battle going on, but neither of these two seem really "good." And Hurley cried. Aw, man.

Then there's TV Blogging stuff

I forgot to mention my The Big Bang Theory post up on CliqueClack TV the other night. I really have to get back in the habit of posting the links here, on Twitter and Facebook.

My TV Squad blogging gig is undergoing major changes, kind of sort of. AOL, the owner of TV Squad, has merged their Inside TV blog with TV Squad under the name of TV Squad. The blog's look has changed. The pay rate is a bit better for me, so the changes aren't anything I fear. There are technical differences for images and new contract doohickeys, but I'll get used to it all. I'm hoping that, with the changes, I might be able to do the Big Brother live feeds there this summer. Right now it's too early to tell. Of course, I'll have feeds stuff here. (But it's nice to get paid for it there!)

As for readers of TV Squad, one of the major complaints seem to be that folks can't find their shows. If you input the show name in the search box, you can find all posts about the subject. Or, it's easy to just do the site - with "category" and the show name at the end - -- I think that should work. If not, I'll have to edit this post!

Now a little late news --

We all know that Adam, winner of Big Brother 9, got busted for drugs. More recently, Matt was also charged! It's right here in this article. Plus, Matt, the apple of Natalie's eyes, has been arrested for beating up his girlfriend. Yikes.

There you go. That's what I had to say. I'll be watching American Idol while recording the new episode of Criminal Minds. Hopefully, I'll stay awake for Letterman. I was off today and even napped a bit. But I had to get up for a conference call for the blogging. By the way, Vincent jumped on me and wouldn't get off during the conference call. It's almost easier to take them at work!


Delee said...

Still have not watched one evening of Idol. But the singer was a ringer for Michael Buble! I enjoyed the clip you included.

Also missed all last year and this year of LOST. Figure I will catch up once all is finished.

Glad you caught a nap on your off day and I am sure Vincent was happy to have you home!

joy n said...

Jackie, I don't know if you or other LOST fans are interested or already aware, but this weeks Entertainment Weekly magazine is featuring several articles on LOST. There's over thirty pages of stuff. The big section is called The Complete Viewer's Guide to LOST and it's got all kinds of stuff; an oral history of how it all began, last of LOST preview, how the characters are connected, recaps of each season, a photo tribute to the dearly departed and a glossary of all the LOST lingo.

There are ten different covers. Each has a pic of the major role players. They sent me Jack, well, darn, his picture, not him. LOL!

Just FYI.