Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Talkin' TV

I know I haven't been posting all that much television talk as of late. Perhaps I'm in a bit of the doldrums awaiting Big Brother with its live feeds and a bit too ambitious posting schedule here and on TV Squad. As of now, there are still no official announcements on casting or possible twists. Since it's due to start on July 8, I expect casting to be announced somewhere around the end of June.

My latest feature article on the show is up over on TV Squad -- A Wish List for Big Brother 12. As usual, those who don't like either the show or reality TV in general are posting comments. I never understand why folks who don't like something take the time to read, then complain. There are plenty of shows I don't like. Guess what? I don't watch them, nor do I waste time reading about them! That's the marvel of living in this technological era -- tons of TV channels from which to choose, shows on the Internet, movies on demand, a collection of DVDs and books. Let others watch what they enjoy. It's a big enough world for us all.

So, what have I been watching?

I've gotten hooked on Persons Unknown, reasons unknown. It's weird, perhaps a bit contrived. But, since it's only thirteen episodes and nothing else I'm hooked on is in the 10 PM Monday time slot, there I am. It seems obvious that the "kidnapping" of the mother has something to do with the grandmother. But then, many things aren't as they appear. It leaves me confused. But I'm mesmerized for the hour. Plus, it's created by the person responsible for The Usual Suspects. That was nicely done.

I like The Good Guys on FOX. Oh, I wouldn't panic if I were to miss an episode. However, it's a fun little romp through a non-realistic world of cops and robbers. The whole timing bit reminds me of the backwards Indian wedding episode of Seinfeld.

I've been watching both So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent. Tonight I will record the latter as SYTYCD is two hours. I'm still not sure whether I like the idea of only eleven new contestants and the return of the best from the other seasons. While I enjoy seeing folks like Twitch again, it seems to limit the possibilities for new dancers on the show. I guess we'll see how it works for tonight's first real competition show. The fact that it will be live intrigues me. I'd surely fall on my butt! But, then again, I never thought I could dance. Well, at least since I stopped being a teenager.

What are you watching and enjoying?


Delee said...

I saw the first hour of SYTUCD and the last dance by Robert to Cirque music. Thought he was super. Will have my new Tivo Premiere hopefully by next week. Top Chef was a priority, but missed America's GT and one hour SYTUCD.

Thank you Comcast for making my 2 yr old tivo obsolete by going 100% digital.

Jackie said...

Thanks to Comcast digital, I can no longer watch one show while recording another on one TV. Thankfully, I have two televisions. But that's surely a step backwards.

Eller-Media said...

Great Reviews!

Anonymous said...

there is another show you should be watching, royal pains on usa
it is terrific

Sally said...

I'm not watching much TV these days, and none of the new shows has caught my interest. (I only get the broadcast stations, so that limits my options.)

The only show I make a point of trying to watch is NCIS, even though it's all reruns that I've already seen. Love that show!

I'm looking forward to Big Brother! I'm heading over to TV Squad to read your article, Jackie.

JimmyB said...

I'll be back this year to read the best BB stuff on the internet from Jackie.

It's really appreciated!

EileenM said...

Great review on BB at TV Squad Jackie! Can't wait for this season to start.

PlaidChick said...

Hi Jackie!

I've been lurking all the BB sites and of course I'm back here at my favorite place to watch the shows and get the best updates!

2 weeks to go!