Friday, July 23, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Friday Live Feeds, July 23

Who's this? Oh my, could it be ...? It's Kristen!

My review of last night's show, as well as a special HOH comp live feeds report, are up over on TV Squad. Please check them out!

Here's what's been shakin' in that Big Brother House of Fools:
  • Rachel cried because BB told her she wasn't allowed to get wasted. That gal has some serious drinking issues, methinks. She claims it's her job -- to have fun. @@
  • Brendon and Rachel questioned Matt about his wife's disease and the surgery. He reacted as well as he did in the house meeting. When put on the spot, he's a very poor liar although he lies smoothly when creating the story.
  • Matt has the rubber duckies Will had in the bathtub in the HOH room. We need a puppet show with them!
  • Matt thinks the nerdy niche market for the show will love his on-air ChenBot reference.
  • I guess I resemble that remark. I also liked her reaction. It was so much better than shutting down the one who kept calling her "Jules." Argh, I'm pulling a blank on who did that. But I remember she didn't like it.
  • The ants are all over the kitchen once again.
  • Rachel thinks there must be an "I hate Rachel" club. Why do they hate her? Because she has red hair!
  • I have red hair.
  • Mine is real.
  • Rachel got drunk even though BB told her she couldn't get wasted. Brendon can't drink because he's a Have Not (along with Enzo, Andrew and Ragan).
  • Brendon went to bed. Rachel stayed at the hot tub drinking.
  • She told Julie that Brendon is more important than the money.
  • He doesn't seem more important than alcohol, though.
  • Britney tried to convince the others that Hayden and Kristen are really twins, as in brother and sister.
  • That would be just too kinky in view of the showmance, but it's something blog commenter F.A. (formerly anon) came up with days ago.
  • Matt wants to put up Andrew and Kathy, backdooring Brendon when the POV is used. That, of course, makes the assumption that one of them (or the nominees) will win the POV.
  • The Brigade wants Rachel and Brendon out.
  • Enzo thinks Monet was a nice girl.
  • He didn't see the show edits and the diary room sessions, did he?
  • Andrew was upset he didn't win HOH because he really wanted to see a picture of his daughter.
  • While Enzo likes Monet, he spent a lot of time trashing Kathy.
  • Not to her face, of course.
  • Hayden and Kristen even have a birthmark in common.
  • Matt doesn't want to tell the others that he made a deal with Rachel and Brendon that he wouldn't nominated them, but if the POV is used, one will go on the block. Ragan is the only other one who knows that.
  • When Matt told Rachel and Brendon, he also told them he wouldn't encourage anyone to use the veto.
  • Matt told Rachel he might throw the POV comp so he's not put in a position to use the POV.
  • Rachel is worried that she and Brendon won't get chosen to play for POV and one of them will end up on the block. Heh.
  • Matt told Andrew he wants to put him on the block as a pawn with Kathy as the target.
  • Not surprisingly, Andrew questioned why the two main targets weren't going up.
  • He accepted the backdoor bit, but seemed to be a bit concerned nonetheless.
  • America voted for baby food and bok choy. At least it's a tad healthy.


Laurie said...

Yes, why not put the two of them up if they are the targets? Is he afraid they will know he lied with his promise? It's not like that hasn't happened before and will happen again!

Jackie, thanks for such a great writeup about the daily activities!

My word verif. is hozed ... as in one of those two better get hozed this week!

Anonymous said...

i think matt promised ragan to not put them up especially rachel. not sure why ragan likes her so much.
I guess he, Matt, is hoping Andrew or kathy or someone else wins the pov and takes one of the noms off.
clearly if rachel or brendon win it then the plan to backdoor will be toast.
there is always a chance that neither will get to play for pov thus ensuring one of them leaves the house. Matt will most likely throw pov since he is a schemer.
frankly I would like to see rachel gone since she is disgusting.
her drinking problem seems to be unfolding before brendons eyes.
well we can watch to see how it unfolds. sorry for the no caps of names, being lazy.

Nana from the NW said...

Since when does BB care about a person getting drunk? If they did then why supply them with alcohol?! Maybe I missed something...did Rachel do something unacceptable while drunk?

It sounds like Matt got himself in a pickle and is trying to play both sides....he is not putting up R/B because he told them he wouldn't. He is telling the Brigade that he is going to backdoor R/B because they all want them gone. Like Laurie said, this will bite him in the butt if neither Kathy or Andrew win POV(which I hope happens).

Jackie you have a way of making something out of nothing....or at least making nothing sound comical!!

lynn1 said...

Thank goodness you are creative, witty and intelligent because none of the Hamsters are.
I have watched every show but have not yet been entertained.
I read your recaps both here and on TVsquad and am honestly entertained by you observations and by the comments of the folks who post here.
CBS should write you a hefty check for saving this lackluster season for us die-hard BB fans.

RBennie said...

Well I hope BB supplied them with diapers to go along with the baby food. My babies might be 19 and 14 now, but I still remember the kind of poop baby food produces, LOL.

RyzandShyn said...

Hey, I'm a redhead too..used to be all real, now it needs some help.
Rachel's is just yicky and doesn't compliment her skin tone at all. She dyed it red to compliment her "look at me" behaviors I think.
Anyone who (truly) wants to keep Andrew in the game had better just keep him in. I think he'd be a goner over anyone but Brandon perhaps.
Happy times seeing everyone back here for another BB season!

monty924 said...

Jackie said:

-Matt thinks the nerdy niche market for the show will love his on-air ChenBot reference.
-I guess I resemble that remark. I also liked her reaction. It was so much better than shutting down the one who kept calling her "Jules." Argh, I'm pulling a blank on who did that. But I remember she didn't like it.

I can't remember the Jules either, but she called Dan out for calling her Mrs. Chen! LOL

JOJO said...

Nominations are happening right now! Please let Rachel be included in that!

Laurie said...

This picture of Brachel reminds me of this video

If Brendon can't drink and Rachel continues to drink, maybe he'll see just how unattractive she is. Not necessarily in looks, maybe he likes that look, but in actions. I can only hope!

tbc said...

Yeah, Nana in the NW, that's a good point. Since when did BB care who drinks and how much??? They want their "after dark" to be a success. So the more alcohol the better!

Maybe Ragan and Rachel are the life long friends.

joyn said...

Tried to leave comments over on TV Squad on both posts and they just disappeared when I submitted them.

Laurie said...

joyn, check your email and see if you have to reply or something to make your post show up. I had to do that a few times last year.

PDX Granny said...

Laurie, I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for your links. The youtube duckface had me laughing. Thanks for that.

But then, when checking out the CBS site, I got carried away and started reading Rachel's blog. After reading all the comments about it, I really didn't want to read it.

Dang you! You put it right in front of my eyes. Now my head is spinning and it's all your fault!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, no email, I checked, and it listed my email address and I put in the correct password. But no dice.

joyn said...

Laurie, this last comment was me. Can't figure out what's going on here.


Laurie said...

PDX, I didn't want you to miss that HOH missive. It hurt your eyes, didn't it?

My niece had that duck face video on her FB page and it cracked me up. I had to go find it after I saw Rachel's picture. Ewwww!

Joyn, sorry that didn't work. Sometimes these things a jinxed. I really thing that!

Sydney said...

Laurie, thanks for brining that link of Brachel to my consciousness. It boggles... I could not finish it. entertaining for one, and that's good on a TV show. And even under the hip language act, you can still see she's grammatically challenged.... and yet, she spelled saboteur correctly.

Go figure.