Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Bulletin - POV Meeting Over

The feeds were blocked for a long time, came back and, as expected, Annie is replacing Brendon on the block. So, it's Annie and Rachel nominated for eviction. She's not handling it well at all. Lane made the effort to console her, but she would like to have alcohol instead.


Zoetawny said...

Hi Jackie and all!

I can see you've been very busy putting up screen caps. They're great for us who don't have the live feeds. Thank you!

I know this is late and I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it. I'm still laughing over Rachael's comment: "Is he wearing a Yom Kippur?" OMG! How ditzy is she?
I see she's up for nominations. Her laughing after everything she says would be enough to put people off. If she survives being on the block she might surprise us...or not.

Well, I want to try and read everyone's comments before I have to get back to work.

Happy Sunday!

PDX Granny said...

Hey, Zoetawny! Love your latest graphic! You rock right along side Jackie!!

I'm not too surprised Annie made it up on the block. I'm not sure if she really has alliances all over the house or not, but it sure does sound like it. Or at least it sounds like she's trying to have them.

My daughter just told me she read on another site that there were two blackouts. That explains why people weren't in the same place all the time. Trying to identify those in the blackout was hard.

Now I hear that Matt had shorts on part of the time, and long pants on part of the time. Two separate blackouts would certainly explain that!

joy n said...

Lissanne, happy to have gotten Enzo. Hope he doesn't turn out to be a jerk.

Nice to hear from you, Zoetawny! Miss your comments.

Anonymous said...

Monet's the saboteur. She had a role on CBS' the Young and the Restless and is an actress anyway!