Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Bulletin - POV July 31

The feeds were here briefly, now bubbles again. Kristen did NOT win POV. More as soon as I know ...

Enzo didn't win as he told Britney two people he likes are on the block and he can't do anything about it. Rachel herself doesn't look happy. Will update this post soon. Britney won the POV.

A full report on the day's events will be posted a bit later tonight.


Anonymous said...

Brit won

Anonymous said...

Kristen has to wear a "Hippietard", Why when you wear the "tard" this and past season you leave...
I don't like Kristen so this wouldn't be a hard choice for me.
Matt and Regan know we the voters are voting on something. They were saying today that they hope its america's player and hope Brit and Regan wouldn't get it. I kind of like Britney now since she isn't around Monet. She is actually a smart player.

cha cha said...

that Anon- 8:31 was me
Cha Cha.
I am on the road today and am having problems with my iphone.

Laurie said...

So, what will Britney do? Thoughts?

chris said...

I have not voted for the new saboteur.
I kind of like enzo and think he would be funny doing the things
who is everyone voting for?

chris said...


not sure what she will do.
since the target has been taken off of her maybe she will leave it the same.
Perhaps she will plant some seed in Rachels head about Kathy and get her tell brit to use the pov and have her backdoor kathy!
I would like to see the noms stay the same and for kristen to go.
she was quiet in the beginning but really has a seemingly nasty side too.
What is up with all the mean girls.
Britney is getting nicer each day and the rest, geez!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Kathy and Kristen are whispering about how to convince Britney to use the POV on Kristen. @@

Kathy says she'll tell Britney that "Monet wouldn't approve of how you're playing." @@ ??? The ghost of Monet controls Britney? LOL...

Britney HATES Kristen! Why in the world would she have fought so hard for the POV unless she meant to NOT USE it??? K&K are Delusional!

Kristen thinks that if she tells Britney that if she (Brit) win's HOH and needs a pawn, Kristen will let her use her as a pawn. WOW, how gracious!

They think Britney won't want to use it because she's afraid of Rachel! Yeah, Britney passed up prizes to win POV ... why? So she'd have a dilemma?

Ugh! K&K are not smart. Britney is smart. We'll see.

Laurie said...

Chris, I was kind of hoping she would leave them the same and get Kristen out, too. She does seem to be a bit of a mean girl on her own. I think she could make a sweet deal with those who have power!

Fred M said...

The power move is for Brit to use the Veto, and then for Kathy to put up another Brigade member. If Kristen is smart, she can figure this out:

Talk to Brit, and tell her she has no one, just like she has no one. Then convince her to go to the power couple, and propose a 5 way alliance (plus Kathy). This should sound appealing to the power couple, since they have no one either, and would have to win every HOH and Veto to survive.

I don't see a better move....anyone else agree/disagree?

Should be interesting at any rate.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I think that both Britney and Rachel understand that if Kristen is on the jury, neither one of them will get her vote, no matter what. So it's smart on both of their parts to want to evict Kristen this week so that she won't be on the jury.

Joe in NY said...

Fred M,

The problem with that plan is that no one in the house knows about the brigade.

Personally, Brit would be crazy to use the POV unless requested by Rachel. Kathy is nuts if she's trying to get Brit to use the POV, she might well be the replacement nominee.

Personally, my favorite move would be for Brit to use the veto and then have Rachel backdoor Matt. Of course, that's just because I can't stand the DSG and his DAB. I don't see any reason why they would do it.

I think it is in every one's best interests to leave the noms as they are. Even the DAB. After all, Kristen is a problem for them now and since they have (miraculously!) managed to keep their alliance a secret, it would be better to rid themselves of Kristen. Of course, Hayden might feel differently and the DAB need Kristen out without her blood on their hands.

I think Kristen leaving also helps Brenchel since the DAB is down from 4-1/2 to 4 which evens the odds a little bit. It really comes down to the 3 floaters: which way are Kathy, Brit and Ragan leaning? Probably toward the DAB.

If only Andrew had outed Matt's lie about his wife then this house would be on fire and the DAB in shambles.

As much as the DAB really are DAs, I have to give them credit for hanging tough and keeping it a secret. This may be a record for secret keeping in the BB house. Did Hayden even tell Kristen?

And, CBS, seriously: didn't you learn anything from the Chima debacle last season. Why would you put another emotionally unstable woman in that house? Can you imagine what she would do if Brendon got ousted next week?

Sally said...

It's not looking good for Kristen. I haven't seen her enough to dislike her, but it sounds like she's an unpleasant person to be around. (Not as unpleasant as Rachel, of course...)

Ive been wondering about the new saboteur. Didn't Annie get to pick which viewer suggestions she did? That would take all the fun out of having Brendon as Saboteur, since he wouldn't willingly sabotage Rachel's game. We need an America's player.

Fred M said...


Forget the comment about the Brigade. The key for her is to convince Brit and the power couple, that together along with Kathy, they can get to a final 5. The power couple is toast otherwise, since they can't win HOH and Veto every week.

Joe in NY said...

Fred M.

Agreed. Brenchel need some friends. Problem is, Rachel doesn't seem inclined to even try and make any...

RBennie said...

I don't think Rachel would go for an alliance of 4 women and her man! Knowing her, she'd probably agree to it and then immediately start getting paranoid and try to get rid of them, LOL. Britney has not liked Kristen from day one, and I can't imagine that she would use the POV on her. She could possibly be convinced to use it on Hayden, but that leaves too much chance that Kristen would stay too. I would pay money to see Kristen sucking up to Brit though. She's always looking at her with such disdain. If I was Cathy I would zip my mouth and let what happens happen. Does she not realize she would most likely go up if either Kristen or Hayden got saved? She already believes that Matt penalized her for voting for his eviction. Does she want to add to that by trying so hard to keep Kristen? I guess it's a lot easier to see the different scenarios when you are not in that house, LOL.