Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into the Dawn, Thursday July 29

"I'll cry. I'll cry, cry, cry ... 96 tears ..."
- a nod to Question Mark and the Mysterians

A new showmance? Say it ain't so!

Okay, it ain't so on the romance. It is so on the Andrew crying scene although that's changed, too. Here's the scoop from last night in that Big Brother House of Manic Andrew and the Ship of Fools:
  • First, not really in the house, my review of last night's show is up on TV Squad. Give it a like on Facebook! :-)
  • Andrew cried about his inevitable exit all because Matt made him a pawn.
  • Enzo has been having severe constipation problems due to the two weeks of slop and its related extras.
  • While the others made dinner, Enzo begged for ExLax and went into graphic details of his woes.
  • Andrew contemplated eating as they can't penalize him anyway as he's surely going out the door.
  • Rachel talked about dates with rich men, going off to Hawaii or Aspen with them, then dumping them.
  • Britney knew those kind of dates but her dates tend more towards The Olive Garden.
  • Kristen does not have dates like Rachel.
  • I hope that Britney and Kristen's dating history is more the norm. I'm just glad I'm not in the dating scene.
  • Rachel claims she doesn't sleep with those dates.
  • Suuure.
  • Enzo finally went. And went, and went.
  • Britney told Lane that she would go after Kristen next week, not Rachel and Brendon.
  • Lane told her the rest of the house would be angry at her if she did that.
  • Rachel would like liquor. Some things never change.
  • When Matt asked Lane why he shaves his arms, Lane said that's what Texans do -- wrestle in back yards, shave each other's arms, and carry guns.
  • I thought New Jersey had bad representation this season. I stand corrected.
  • Lane lied to Enzo, telling him that if she wins, Britney will put Brendon and Rachel on the block. Hmmm ...
  • Andrew called a big house meeting, but unlike Rachel's previous meeting, there were no fireworks.
  • He apologized to Brendon and Rachel for saying he'll target them, apologized to Kristen for yelling at her, then cried and told everyone how much he loves them.
  • Then he went to his Have Not room to pray and cry some more.
  • 96 tears is probably a low estimate.
  • Later he would turn into Happy Smiley Boy. His manic behavior is starting to get me on edge.
  • The hamsters think he's way too volatile and unpredictable to keep. They're probably right.
  • But Kathy is boring. As a viewer, I find Andrew more entertaining.
  • Ragan wants to protest a day longer on slop than other week's.
  • Brendon suggested a strongly worded letter.
  • I can't help but think I might like Brendon if he wasn't glued to Rachel.
  • Enzo thinks his fan base had to increase with The Amazing Enzo shown on the POV show. Meow meow.
  • They're all asleep as I post this. I don't really expect things to change today -- it still looks almost unanimous for an Andrew exit.

Karma, karma, karma chameleon

At least Matt didn't wear the funky pajamas all evening.

Bayonne's best ... not saying much about Bayonne, eh? Well, he is better than the last BB hamster from Bayonne, the expelled Justin from season two.

Eww! Eww!


Della said...

Brendon named his "showmance" would he know the bloggers are calling them "brenchal". I find it very odd and I feel in the DR BB must be feeding them info. IMO

Jackie said...

Della - I don't think so. With the names of celebrity couples done like it, Brenchal or Rachdon are the only possibilities. Rachdon sounds silly. Not that I think much of Brenchal either. You note I rarely use it myself.

JimmyB said...

I thought the bloggers were calling it "Brachel".

...Has a better ring.

Angie in KC said...

Hey for anyone who reads the HOH Blog-- Matt's is pretty decent and tells a lot. Much better than Rachel's dribblings.

Angie in KC
Stalking your blog for 5 years! :-)

Sally said...

A recent interview with Allison Groden is posted on the Entertainment Weekly site. She says the Saboteur might be coming back and Jeff may spend a night in the house. She doesn't give a direct answer when asked about the possible long-term relationship.

Here's the link:

cha cha said...

Sally ---
we must be on the same wave length..
Here's the ling

cha cha said...

Jeff in the house for a day would be awesome although if Jordan came in with him that would be even better....
Have them as a co-hoh- on double eviction night would be the BEST..

Yesterday I was reading not sure if it was here or jokers how Haydon wants to work with the wrestlers in the future. Is there any way he knows Jesse? He seems a little smarter that that to me

chacha said...

Matt's HOH Blog is up.
Haven't read it yet but wanted to post the link

cha cha said...

Looks like tonight there will be some kind of fireworks with Andrews Speech. Lets see if he follows through. He was just talking to Hayden and the shook hands then Andrew looks into the camera and said something to like sorry Hayden its not you its Kristen..
He really seems to be mad at her

K in WI said...

I'm sure this isn't news to most of you, but based on last nights BBAD, Brendon HAS to have a pre-existing relationship with Andrew.

Brendon cooked Andrew's goose. I can only hope it was kosher.

Anonymous said...

k in w said I'm sure this isn't news to most of you, but based on last nights BBAD, Brendon HAS to have a pre-existing relationship with Andrew

can you please share why you think this for those of us who don't have the live feed or watch bbad? thanks! -jeannemarie

joyn said...

After reading Matt's HOH blog, I like him even less. He's a pompous ass.

Anonymous said...

as a fellow Bayonne-er, Enzo is definitely better than the other dude that pulled a knife LOL