Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into the Dawn, Friday July 30

Rachel reads the letter from her sister.
It was mostly about dogs.

Lots of fake cheers and excitement over Rachel's HOH room.

After the initial brouhaha after the live show (blocked to the feeds), things haven't been too exciting or volatile in the house. Rats. I want cat fights! I want fisticuffs! I want warnings from the Big Brother voice! Notice that the live feeds advertisements no longer say 24/7. It's because they block them too much. The blocking was weird last night -- we had audio with bubbles a lot. The bubbles are this year's chicken cam, spider cam, fish cam ... take your pick.

Here's what went down in the Big Brother House of Rachel RULZ OMG OMG!!!!!111:
  • Above, of course, is my own imitation of Rachel when she won HOH.
  • They ate. We're talking steak, burgers, pizza ... anything they could get their hands on.
  • Enzo's probably going to have more gastronomical difficulties after chowing down.
  • He is worried about fat and calories, though.
  • Kristen didn't want to see Rachel's HOH room. Kathy told her not to sink to Rachel's level.
  • Hayden is sure Rachel will nominate him and Kristen.
  • I think so, too.
  • Rachel keeps telling the floaters to grab their life vests. But I still think she'll go after Hayden and Kristen.
  • Hayden told Rachel that he would put up floaters if he won HOH.
  • He lied. He would definitely put Rachel and Brendon up now.
  • Hayden and Kristen consoled each other. Aw, ain't that sweet!
  • Ragan said the diary room told him they'll have a "game" tomorrow (today).
  • It can't be food, maybe luxury.
  • Kristen told Rachel to stop smirking at her.
  • Rachel denied it and told Kristen to stop making up drama.
  • Meow.
  • Brendon told Rachel that he's going to cut her off from the alcohol if she can't control her emotions.
  • Like that's going to happen, eh? Rachel loves her alcohol. She might be willing to give up the money winnings for her boytoy, but she's not going to give up her alcohol.
  • HOH reveal and Kristen didn't come up. Everyone else overacted their excitement a bit.
  • Ragan told Rachel that he trusts Kristen. Oh my.
  • Rachel told Ragan that she already apologized to Kristen and Kristen wouldn't accept her apologies.
  • Battle lines have been drawn.
  • Enzo tried to tell Hayden that Kristen is bad for the Brigade.
  • Brendon thinks they should stick with Matt until the end.
  • So, Matt's super-genius plan worked? Only because Brendon and Rachel are looking for any friends they can find in the house and are fools about it!
  • Kathy denies being a floater.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.
  • I stand corrected. BB just woke them up and told them to get ready.
  • Ready for what, I don't know.

Who wants to bet this couple won't last outside the house?

Britney is doing so much better in the house without Monet.


RJM said...

Kristen came out with the claws. I wouldn't mind seeing her go home. I hope Rachel does put her up. Call me crazy, but I like Brenden.

Anonymous said...

Matt should be careful if Brenden wants him to join the gruesome twosome. Rachel has a problem with anyone who comes between her and her man. Matt just may find himself out the door just because he befriended Brenden.

lynn1 said...

I posted before I realized Jackie had a more recent update. I am reposting here..

I am not a fan of Rachel but am really enjoying the fact that she won HOH. She is a total train wreck and a very emotionally needy woman. In someways I feel sorry for her.
I may be one of the few who does not like Hayden. He reminds me very much of someone I know but don't like, even down to the hairstyle.
I hope that for whatever twisted and irrational reasoning that Rachel comes up with that she will put Kristen and Hayden on the block. If one of them wins POV I wish she would backdoor Matt but I doubt she would do that. My guess would be that if she back doors someone it would be Kathy because she is a woman and would be seen as a threat of coming between her and her man. God I am sick of hearing that phrase.

Nina said...

Okay if Rachel puts up Kathy then I am off the Brenchal train. Kathy is not a THREAT. If she doesn't take out Kristen, it's time to take out a Lane or Enzo or Hayden. They are barely playing and skating through b/c of the Brigade. At least Matt's playing and Brenchal are certainly playing.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Shall I predict what will happen? OK, I shall. Kristen will finally bite her tongue and put her pride in check and go talk to Rachel, who has been all but bending over backwards to make-up with Kristen.

Rachel will be SO appreciative of Kristen's forgiveness and the (surprise!) reinvigoration of their BFF-edness (which coincidentally always happens during Rachel's HOH reigns), that Rachel will end up not putting up Hayden nor Kristen.

Probably Matt and Kathy will get the honor. Maybe Britney and Kathy.


joyn said...

Britney really does seem less bothersome without Monet. And she does throw some great zingers out there.

I can't imagine Brendon being with Rachel outside in the real world. I'm starting to have doubts they'll make it (together) to the end of the season. Her true colors are coming out more and more and I think Brendon's nerdy brain is finally realizing that she's not quite the sweet little sexpot he thought she was.

RBennie said...

Unfortunately, I think you could be right FA. I would love to see Kristen go. She just has this "I'm above it all" vibe about her. I really hope Rachel doesn't go with the cope out Kathy nomination. Didn't she want Kathy to stay just yesterday?

Laurie said...

Whoops! I scrolled down too far and put my post on the wrong one, too. So, this is a reposting for me.

meb, when she won and went running to Brendan, I couldn't help but wonder if she could do her usual wrap-legs-round him jump that she does in that particular outfit. Somebody was in the way so I still don't know.

I thought Andrew's little speech was great, albeit surprising. He spoke the truth which is something very rare in the BB house. Of course, nobody wants to believe it. I find that to be true in many groups, not just the BB house. (Work groups come to mind...but that's another story.)

IMO Rachel really needs to stop the hateful goodbye messages, but I know she won't. The world revolves around her and everything is about her. Must be rough to live that way.

And finally, I can't help but wonder what Rachel's future in-law (gag) think of her and what they think of Brendan ... They may be representing themselves as they really are, but there's not all that much to be proud of!

ML said...

Joyn- sweet little sexpot- Rachel? Was she ever sweet? or little? She's my pool girl and I refrain (mostly) from commenting on her but she's sexpot with a capital S, and I've never seen her be even remotely sweet. Except for free and liberal sex, she treats Brenden like crap. As others have said though, I'm happy she won HOH because it keeps Brenden in the game.

joyn said...

ML. I only meant "sweet little sexpot" in Brendon's blind eyes.