Friday, July 09, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn (July 9)

Enzo rocks the hat and looks better in it than without it.

Ragan is partial to flannel shirts. Who woulda thunk it?

Brendon sans shirt, not that I'm surprised.

Don't even ask me what's going on with Hayden in the do-rag.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the live feeds went live at 11:58 PM ET last night. It's always hard in the beginning as we've lost the five days or more that the hamsters have already been in the house. But here's the skinny I picked up on:
  • Andrew has successfully made himself disliked by many. Most think that he's the saboteur as he clowns around a lot. As the feeds went live, he lifted the blanket covering Annie and yelled, "Gyno exam!" That's a great way to impress the women, eh?
  • They've already had nominations -- Brendon and Rachel are on the block. Hayden is targeting Brendon. Apparently he thinks Brendon is the saboteur.
  • I personally would target Rachel. She's beyond annoying.
  • Kathy is all bruised up from "both" comps. Hmm. Must have been a food comp.
  • They have alcohol.
  • Monet, Enzo and Andrew were picked to play for veto with Hayden, Brendon and Rachel.
  • They're worried that if Andrew wins HOH next, he's a safe saboteur.
  • Enzo said that he will respect the HOH selection. If he wins, he won't use the veto. Of course, he's open to discussion.
  • Kathy had a long bonding talk with Annie.
  • Later, Monet and Kathy talked about how nasty Annie was to Kathy.
  • Kathy seems to be mingling well with others.
  • No one really really wants to talk with Brendon a lot.
  • He preached Buddhism by the hot tub.
  • Brendon, eye candy that he is, is a bit boring.
  • Andrew knows people are shunning him. Andrew said there's a gang against him. When he told Enzo how bad it is to have everyone stop talking when he enters a room, Enzo tried to give him some advice.
  • Then Enzo told both Lane and Annie (separately) how Andrew is annoying and has to go, reporting that he came to him.
  • Kathy told Andrew that she's on his side. Hmmm. I'm not sure about that!
  • Matt, Enzo and Hayden have allied with each other. They plan to keep it a secret and "talk smack" about each other so no one will know.
  • I know.
  • Kathy is so bad at comps that they predict she'll be on slop all the time she's in the house.
  • Oh geez ... no wonder Brendon and Rachel say they won't campaign against each other ... they're making out. @@
  • I've lost any respect I had for Brendon. He let flotation devices sway him to the dark side.
  • A few are still awake as I post this, but they're nodding off in general.


cha cha said...

I think Andrew is the Sabatour but wouldn't that be just too obvious.
Don't like him at all.
Rachels voice is annoying. I had to try and tune her out.
I think Britney will be amusing this summer.
I really liked Annie until I started watching the feeds.
Enzo who I didn't really like from his interviews isn't so bad right now.

Anonymous said...

I've linked to you. Would you link to me.
DogDave BB 12


JimmyB said...

I'm gonna have to vote that Andrew is not the saboteur. That was my gut feeling from the beginning. Obnoxious and a "practical joker"; I think he's foolishly put a target on his back. He might add entertainment value to the mix. (We need people with actual personalities)

If he was the saboteur, I'd think he'd be much more low-key in behavior.

Anonymous said...

so excited about BB. I love coming and reading the recaps and feed updates here. I love you humor. My fav time of the year! Thanks!


tamajama said...

I'm so glad BB is BACK!! Thank You for the updates!!

Sasha said...

Hi I am feeling behind before I even start! Please include me in the pool. I love to swim especially with the horrible (east coast) heat we've been having. Zoe!! Love the new logo for Jackie... looks like blue water.

Thanks to you, Jackie, love what you do here and on TV Squad. You have stamina and humor beyond belief :)

Sigh. I hardly know their names yet and already find Rachel incredibly annoying.

Sharon S said...

Oh boy. And I really liked Brendon last night.

Thanks for your hard work Jackie!

chris said...

I rewatched the last 5 mins several times
the police officer ? kathy was missing from the couch,
you could hear her voice at one point and then suddenly she reappears when talking to andrew.
the mensa guy was also missing or so i thought.
but kathy was for sure.
at first i thought kristen was the sabotuer but she did not move from the floor.
well we can keep guessing for a week

cha cha said...

POV COMP underway...
Feeds blocked since 11:00 BB Time.

That Annie is playing too hard too fast. She is reminding my of Brian two years ago.

Petals said...

As usual each season, I am kinda fuzzy on who's who. I like shaggy cute kid, and the chick cop. I do NOT like Rachel RedBreast or the bi chick that wants to showmance any guy or girl. blech
I think brendon is the saboteur. Was he the toothbrush in the dark guy? If so, then yes, I think he is the one.Shaggy cute guy and cute cheekboney blonde would make a cute couple.

cha cha said...

pov is over. Not sure if yall want me to spill.

Its funny watching the feeds and seeing how paranoid everyone is already.
I can say now is I want ANNIE who I liked yesterday OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!

cha cha said...

Brendan has won POV.

Laurie said...

Petals, you made me laugh with the Red Breasted bird comment, so I have changed my avatar to a red headed busty bird for now. Not that I like Rachel, mind you, I just like the name!

Hayden reminded me of the slow-talking country boy on Survivor. You know, the one who gave Russell the idol.

No favorites yet, but several I'd like to see gone ASAP.

Becky said...

Laurie, I am with you on no favorites, but know who I want booted real quickly.

I am really having trouble with this blog. It keeps freezing my computer up. Of all things to be freezing, my computer ain't one of them!

Any suggestions?

Alecia said...

I'm so excited for another season of Big Brother & for this blog; I enjoy Jackie's recap & comments.