Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds into Monday Evening, July 12

She Blinded Me With Science (Science!) -- They've known each other for a week.

Sunny Lane

What's the scoop from inside that Big Brother House of Meowsers? Here ya go:
  • Most of the hamsters stayed up all night. They better quit that.
  • Andrew, one of the few who went to bed at a fairly decent hour, was the first up.
  • No, I didn't see him sabotage anything. He did his prayers, then ate breakfast.
  • Only Enzo and Andrew were already up when BB tried to wake everyone at a bit after 9 AM their time.
  • After Annie campaigned to Kathy (who sympathized with her but didn't promise anything), Kathy told Rachel she has her vote (to stay).
  • So, actually, Annie has Kathy's vote if we want to get all nitpicky ... since the vote is to evict.
  • Lane is possibly the sole vote to keep Annie. Maybe Matt, but I don't think so.
  • Matt told Annie he thinks that Rachel and Brendon knew each other outside of the house. True, the showmance has gone down so quickly that it's possible. But it's more likely Matt is just telling her that, whether to pander to her or to stir things up.
  • Hayden and Ragan think if Annie stays, she's a floater and will flip. Neither can read Enzo.
  • Although there was a lockdown, there was no comp.
  • Ragan told them that Natalie was spelled as Gnatalie on message boards.
  • Brendon and Rachel sucked face. Again.
  • Not live feeds, but just wanted to mention Julie Chen will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight.



ML said...

First! Wow.

Sally said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the ChenBot being on Ferguson's show. I like his show--he has some fo the best opening segments, with his puppets, audience members and cheeky humor.

That showmance between Brendon and Rachel did develop very quickly, even if they were in the house together a few days before the show started airing, but I suspect it was raging hormones rather that a devious trick.

I'm going to miss having a Tuesday show this year. Three days between shows seems like a long time.