Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn, July 26

"Don't we have any [bleeping] face cream?"

Things still aren't all that exciting on the feeds, but there has been one noteworthy development -- Enzo and Lane now think that Andrew should go. They want to convince Matt, Hayden and company to keep Kathy. They think Andrew is a more dangerous player (he is) and it's best to get rid of him over the less powerful player. Well, duh.
  • Other than that, it was pretty much same old same old. At one point Enzo said they were entertainment and Ragan scoffed at the idea.
  • Brendon and Rachel's relationship is still creeping me out. I'm SO tired of seeing them on the screen. I think Allison Grodner likes this stuff, but I certainly don't.
  • Britney sans Monet is really doing well with the others. I actually like her now.
  • Britney and Enzo really seem to click -- NOT like Brendon and Rachel, mind you. Their discussions are fun. She loves to pick on his accent.
  • The one thing that really caught my interest other than the change in tides towards keeping Kathy was a fairly long talk Britney, Kathy, Enzo and Lane had on their hometowns and diversity (or lack thereof).
  • They each seem to live in their own sheltered worlds, even Enzo who likes to come across as so worldly.
  • Britney's high school didn't have enough kids for a football team so they had to combine with the junior high school.
  • Britney, "Integration and diversity were never a problem because there was no diversity. Everybody is white."
  • Enzo, though hailing from an almost opposite situation, was in awe at tales of the country.
  • It's weird, I know. But I thought the conversation was interesting because it shows that America is so huge and each area of the country is distinctively unique, yet in the end ... we're all Americans, despite the accents and surroundings. I know friends from England were amazed at how big the country really is.
  • I'm glad I've lived in many different settings from rural to urban -- it seems this crew on the show really knows nothing other than their own little worlds.

Matt has some funky pajamas.


Delee said...

We should write AG thru CBS and complain. Have them turn on lights when the RB undercover assignment starts. Never happen but nice to think about. Nothing like soft porn for the masses!

Read a Jokers entry how Britney and Enzo were talking about 9-11, was sickened by it. That a missile had hit the Pentagon and not a plane plus the PA plane was blown out of the sky since there was no large pieces found. Is this what that generation believes that the US did the deed? If so then we are doomed!

Anonymous said...

I loved watching Brit and Lane last night when they were "role playing" Brendon and Rach. Sooo funny.

cha cha said...

The Role playing was great. I had to rewatch that part a few times. I was just laughing so hard.

Its crazy but alot of people think that about 9/11. I have seen a few shows but usually turn them off since I think its so morbid to think anyone would do that on purpose.
I personally turn off the feeds and Showtime at night because they usually show R/B and can't stand the two of them. One has to be gone next week.
I also think Andrew is the better option to get out this week. He is a player and is playing the house.

Laurie said...

When I scrolled down and saw that picture I wondered what the heck Matt was wearing. The PJs must be his "thing". Crazy!

I enjoyed the role playing stuff last night. My daughters do that really well and never fail to crack me up when they do the dialog for others. Britney and Enzo were good at it.

I guess I'm not surprised at the lack of worldly experience with this crew. They are are relatively young and haven't seen their own states much ... forget about the country or the world.

It's shocking to read someone is thinking strategically about the game. When did that start?

I never heard that theory/story about 9/11. How can anyone possibly believe that. Horrible.

JimmyB said...

For entertainment value, I'd really like to see Kathy go. If Andrew goes instead, the boredom factor increases for us.

And WE'RE what counts!

lynn1 said...

These hamsters are suffering from personality deficiency.
From the editing, there seems to be little or no group dynamics. The little bit of interaction we are shown is either kissy face or poking fun at kissy face.
This season is almost as bad as the winter season with James and Chelsea group.
It is is like watching catatonic zombies except for the bedroom action which doesn't entice me to keep watching.
My shout out to A.G., CBS and the hamsters is WAKE UP. Do something interesting other than sex for us viewers.

Della said...

Since the show is so boring, we need to do something about it. Let's post our thoughts on how we could make this game interesting. How about this: If the POV winner uses the POV to save someone on the block, they get to pick the next person to go on the block, not the HOH. ALSO... picking the people to play for POV, the HOH gets to put the players names in the bag, not BB. What do you think?

Laurie said...

Della, I love the idea of the POV person putting someone up. It gives them real power. Oh yeah!

I think that bag for who plays for POV should be searched before it's used. Put those names out on the table and then put them in the bag!

Sasha said...

Andrew is my guy in the pool so I kinda hope he stays. And Jimmy B has 2 great points: 1. Boredom factor increases with Kathy staying and Andrew gone and 2. Of course WE'RE the ones who count. LOL.

Even so, of course they're smarter to eliminate Andrew but did I just say 'smart' in relation to this group. I mean, I know we have a DSG in Matt (gag)and some others who actually have or are supposedly getting some education but so far I'm just not seeing any brain trust here. JMO

Sally said...

I'm not buying the theory that BB is rigging the POV draw. BB has no control over which chip each houseguest selects from the bag. If BB put dupliate chips for a person in the bag, there's a reasonable chance both chips would be drawn. And if BB didn't put everyone's name in the bag, the last person selecting a chip could tell there weren't enough chips leftover.

Just because a player doesn't draw the desired name, and just because no one draws a "player's choice" chip, it doesn't mean the chips are rigged. That's just "the luck of the draw."

cha cha said...

BB knows exactly who's name is in the bag. I believe they only put three in there.
Matt said that BB wouldn't allow him to look in the bag.
I don't think the POV winner should be allowed to decide who goes on the block.

Joyce said...

I think if there really is a couple that have been friends for life it has to be Andrew and Brendon. Soooo tired to Rachel and Brendon making out.

Anon E. said...

What would spice it up would be if BB went back to the season 1 format and gave America all the voting power!

Sally said...

How could BB have only put three names in the bag? This week there should have been six names: 9 houseguests, minus the HOH and two nominees.

If there were only three chips in the bag, surely the houseguests drawing chips would have noticed that and been screaming about it.

If BB had put duplicate chips in the bag for their three prefered participants, the odds are pretty high that two people would have drawn the same name.

That didn't happen this time. Has never happened in the history of the game. Isn't going to happen.

monty924 said...

Sad but true, Delee. There is an entire segment of our population, many young, who believe that conspiracy theory about 9/11. It started with a documentary, that Rosie O., recommended (something Change?... can't remember the name of it) a couple of years ago. I watched it out of curiosity and I found it to be a bunch of HogWash!!! Again, just sad!

I'm glad that the DAB are rethinking their evict Kathy plan. I want to see Andrew gone, because he is in cahoots with R&B despite what Matt thinks.

Frank said...

POV should have the power to put up anyone they want after using it to remove someone else. GET WITH IT BB, This show is like watching the grass grow. ACTION ACTION.

monty924 said...

Frank, that would take all the power away from the HoH. What would be the use of being HoH if your only power was to nominate two people within 24 hours of winning the title/power? JMO

RBennie said...

If Lane and Enzo truly want to keep Kathy over Andrew, it will be interesting to see if Matt agrees with it. Is he really all for the DAB or just looking out for DSG. It's kind of hard to pick a winner, but I think Kristin wins for most boring hamster. I think every time I've seen her she's been sitting down eating something.

RBennie said...

I don't think it should be a permanent change, but I do think it would spice up the show a bit if for one POV comp, the winner will get to choose who to put on the block. Just imagine how hard they would fight to win that one.

Anon E. said...

Better yet, there should be a new power or an extension of the Veto that allows America to choose the replacement! The POV winner opens a risk if he or she decides to play the veto because America, not the HOH will choose who goes up. The vote could be Sunday after the nomination show even before the veto competition.

monty924 said...

The only problem with that AnonE. is that the veto competition takes place on Saturday and anyone/America with feeds already knows the outcome before the Sunday show airs.

Anonymous said...

There are so many things that were fishy about 9/11 that it's no wonder so many conspiracy theories have popped up. Just start digging into it and you'll find you've gone down the rabbit hole.

Start by reading James Bamford's books, especially if you cannot fathom our government considering harming it's own citizens.

Laurie said...

Sally, I don't think they short the bag or stack the bag. As you said, the odds are against it. I just think it would stop the griping about it happening!

I think having the POV make the choice for who goes up would be a good switch up.

Or, do what they did last season that made that Chia Pet so mad. I can't remember if they did back to back HOH or something with the POV. I only remembere she threw a hissy fit about it.

Nina said...

@Delee, well I am of that generation and I certainly don't subscribe to any ridiculous conspiracy theories with regard to 9/11 about how Bush planned it. I have heard ppl say them and it makes me sick to my stomach. The first time I heard a young adult talk about the ridiculous theory was at work, when I was working in lower Manhattan, a few blocks away from ground zero. I was deeply offended and yelled at the guy;I told him it was offensive to the innocent who died that day. And he then told me that his brother died in the twin towers that day. I think ppl like Britney and Enzo are morons.

monty924 said...

I agree Laurie...

The "Coup de tat", ala Jeff 'speak', was brilliant. It sent Chima over the proverbial ledge! :)

Laurie said...

That was the phrase. I could not think of it. Thanks, Monty.

Now, how do you suppose Rachel would say that??

cha cha said...

Rachel would say the Brendan la Brendan then do that stupid laugh she does..
Although we know neither would actually get anything america chose.

I am thinking who I would actually vote for america's player in the end to win the 25,000.00

monty924 said...


I shudder to even think! ;)

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I've forgotten what the coup d'etat was.

I remember it being a big deal in the days of Ronnie, but my brain has totally wiped it away.

Laurie said...

chacha, you are right. That's one of her three words, the others being Me and I ... never used correctly.

Monty, I know!

FA, I can't remember it clearly either. I think it was like back to back POV comps, but it might have been something else. All I remember is the Chia Pet (was her name Chima?) going ballistic and having her power taken away and things not going her way.

tbc said...

what's DAB? Dumbass Brigade?

monty924 said...

The coup d'├ętat was a power to overthrow the HoH's nominees within two weeks of evictions. Jeff didn't use it the first week, because they were safe. He did use it on the second week to remove the tattooed chick and someone else (?) and he named Natalie and Jesse. :)

I loved it because the ROAD CONE hit the door that night. :)

monty924 said...

Lydia... that was her name, LOL!