Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into the Night, Monday, July 12

"Memories light the corner of my mind, misty water-colored memories ... of the way we were."

One day, they'll look back on this and laugh. Or, at least, I will. It was a night of brouhahas in the House o' Happy Hamsters. And, they were odd and unwarranted brouhahas.
  • It could be Ragan's fault. He went and wondered who would have the first major meltdown.
  • Annie has been campaigning, using the fairly logical "split up a power duo" argument.
  • But they all like Rachel more than they like Annie, for the most part. Lane seems to like Annie okay. He already told Hayden he wants to vote for her to stay ... so she'll have a vote.
  • Then it happened. OMG!!! Rachel rolled her eyes and overly patronized Annie as she dismissed her when she wanted to talk to her. Horrors! The sky is falling! Annie had wanted to talk to her about how she felt excluded from everything. Now, what's the point? Annie is digging her own grave.
  • Annie went off on her. She ended up saying something about killing people and went for an extended Diary Room visit.
  • That left everyone else to gossip about what happened.
  • Rachel went to the Have Not room and cried until her knight came in to console her. She thinks Annie is making her out to be a bad person.
  • A bit later, Lane and Andrew had a tiff.
  • Lane asked Andrew what he was eating. Andrew just stared at him.
  • No fisticuffs. They decided later it was misunderstood sarcasm.
  • Andrew wanted to hug to make up.
  • Lane agreed to shake hands.
  • The girls don't think Andrew has any social skills.
  • Meow.


Anonymous said...

The other HG's are being really nice putting up with Annie's rants. I am not even sure who they are voting out but they are very tolerant of her while fighting the boredom of her bs.

Laurie said...

Yep, it's just about the right time for the first meltdown, isn't it? I would have had one several days earlier!

joy n said...

Well, at least there were no fisticuffs!