Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening, July 10

Kristen eats

Now, doesn't Annie have a Lily Tomlin thing going on?

Great housekeepers, eh?

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends -- the Big Brother 12 live feeds! Here are the happenings into Saturday evening ...
  • I don't believe I mentioned it before, but the Have Nots are Rachel, Matt, Ragan, and Kathy.
  • Annie talks way too much about herself and they all come across as "woe is me" kind of stories.
  • The Saboteur appeared on the screen again telling the hamsters that "two people in the house are lifelong friends or have a previous BB alliance."
  • The speculation started. Of course, it's the saboteur, so it might be just a spool of lies.
  • Some think that Kathy and Britney are mother and daughter. Both are from Arkansas. Others think Andrew and Brendon are related.
  • Annie told Ragan that Britney is turning everyone against her. There's no need for Britney to do that. Annie does that well enough on her own!
  • Britney is worried about being put on the block.
  • The target to replace Brendon (when he saves himself) still seems to be Annie with the vote going her way, thus keeping the Blinded By Science Duo intact.
  • Brendon can cook and likes to do so.
  • Lane isn't as dumb as he seemed at first. He is quiet, though. I think he's taking everything in.
  • Brendon told Hayden that if he and Rachel stay in the house, he won't be going after him (Hayden).
  • Brendon also told Hayden that he can't trust Britney as she's sure to flip.
  • Hayden is irked that Monet never cleans house. Most of them don't -- the dishes were way piled up and every room except the HOH is a disaster zone. I know they're going to scramble to clean for the live show. Don't the hamsters ever realize we see their messy rooms?
  • That's why I don't have a webcam.
  • Hayden and Kristen have an alliance with Andrew as a shaky third. He's too spontaneous and misbehaving to trust him with much information. I should note that Kristen is also kind of close to Brendon.
  • But not as close as Rachel is to him.

Brendon cooking. He looks good in that blue shirt.

Kathy from Arkansas

Britney from Arkansas. Related? Hmmm ...


cha cha said...

Wow I am first to comment?
I don't think Britney is kathy's daughter. They showed Brits mom when she was packing. I gonna stick to my fish theory. It has to be the fish.
Jackie I totally agree about Annie, she is doing herself in. I really liked her on the video interviews bit her true colors came out fast. She is totally like Brian from season 10??

Petals said...

Hm...At least it gives us some things to ponder. Who is the mole? Who may or may not know each other outside the house? How does Rachel sleep, like the elephant man? Sitting up so she can breathe?
Is there alot of alcohol flowing? In the past, BB has supplied alcoholic lubrication to get the action motoring.

Nina said...

Okay, I have a point to make. IMO Kathy is 100% the saboteur. In freezing the screencap from last week's show from the moment before the lights went out, you can count 10 hg's on the couch. Thus 3 are missing at the time. BB showed u Brendan and Andrew were missing from the couch. Upon taking a closer look, u can all notice that Kathy is the only other person not sitting on the couch at the time. Lights come back on, and Kathy is sitting on the far end of the couch; she is also the first to point fingers about who isn't in the room and targeted Andrew as the saboteur. She threw HOH for team mustard by falling repeatdly. And threw a food competition badly in which she also succumbed to "injuy." I didn't figure the frame thing out myself, it was figured out by some guy who commented on youtube. Anywho, I think she'll make a good saboteur.

Jackie said...

Well, the saboteur is a saboteur ... it's probably made up to put them in a tizzy! Annie isn't reminding me of Brian. Now that I have the Lily Tomlin image stuck in my head, she's reminding me of a killer played by Tomlin on Homicide: Life on the Street many years back. If she puts a hat with a veil on, I'm calling 911!

Nina said...

Kathy is a perfect saboteur. It's like something straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. Nobody suspects law enforcement to be the killer/saboteur. Perfect choice for BB to make and I think she has it made to make it to week 5 of the game if she doesn't piss ppl off.

PDX Granny said...

Nina, Kathy wasn't the only one missing when the lights went out. Besides Andrew, who was playing games, there was another guy missing. Brendon was sitting in a chair when they went out, but after he got up to brush his teeth, someone replaced him in the chair. I couldn't figure out who that was, but saw that Brendon was back in the chair when they were talking about the SR being locked.

Another thing I noticed ~ When the Saboteur twist was announced, after the wide open, shocked look on her face, Kathy hid her face behind a pillow. Was she trying to cover up something?

Nina said...

@PDXGRANNY, Yeah but Brendan was trying to brush his teeth. He thought BB turned the lights off b/c they were being told to go to sleep. I think that story makes sense. So I'm still suspicious of Kathy.

Sally said...

I can see the Lily Tomplin resemblence in that photo of Annie. Wonder what's up with the big flowers she wears.

Starting a rumor that two houseguests know each other would be a good prank for the saboteur--get people speculating about something other than who the saboteur is.

PDX Granny said...

Earlier I read something about Kristin and Hayden being seen together outside the house by someone else. At some kind of convention? What I was reading wasn't very clear, so I'm not sure who it was that saw them.

Both Kristin and Hayden swore they are not the two who the Saboteur claims has a long standing connection outside the house.

Has anyone else heard anything like this?

PDX Granny said...

I agree, Nina about Brendon brushing his teeth. Seems kind of silly to do that in the pitch dark, but it does sound like something he would do. I'm curious about who it was that took his place in the chair between the time he got up to brush and the discussion about the locked door.

It's hard to tell who's who in the night vision screens.

chris said...

Nina and PDX
I noted yesterday that I rewatched the last 5 mins of the show multiple times (go to
for sure kathy is missing and then suddenly appears as you mentioned Nina. and she comes out of no where to blame andrew, and take her place on the sofa at the end.
As for brendon, he was already up when the lights went off, on his way to brush his teeth.
i think kathy hides her face a lot when the saboteur comes on the screen.
I thought that matt was also missing, but in rewatching he is nearest the elimination chairs, with kristen on the floor in front of the couch
she is very suspicious.

Petals said...

I am officially jumping on the "Kathy is the mole" train.
{I use the term "mole" only b/c it it shorter & easier to type than "saboteur"}

meb said...
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meb said...

I love all the speculation of who is the mole. (Petals, I agree with you, plus saboteur is difficult to have to think about it first). Mole it is.

Kathy and Kristin ... mother and daughter?? ... wonder if it's a family where all their names start with "K"? Ahhhh, another thin reason to think they're related. LOL

Anonymous said...

Kathy and Britney are mother and daughter. On the bb12 wiki it says they're both from Arkansas and that Kathys daughter was 22. Britney ust happens to be 22.